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  2. A few moments ago I was hunting around my Google Home app trying to figure out how to change my "assistant's" voice. Google presented me with the following video. The video's preview image -- which is carefully crafted -- grabbed my attention for, what should be, obvious reasons. I watched the video in it's entirety. I'm not alone; the video was posted less than 24 hours ago and has almost 3 million views. Normally, I'm pretty good at ingoring the stuff that social media throws at me, largely because I actively avoid exposure, but this one hooked me. I don't think I'm being a "gruppy old dude" by complaining about Google's use of videos like this. I just can't image being a kid today, regularly exposed to videos like this. It must be hard not to objectify women when you see these images all the time. Now this is the same Google that banned my old discussion forums from displaying ads because of content, but they can push this in front on millions of people. I've posted a similiar video on Nicky Minaj sometime ago, so I know these video are not unusual. What seems unusual to me is that no one seems to think this is a issue. Maybe it is just me... I guess I have to ditch my Google Home too.
  3. Sorry if I gave the impression that the show was scripted. It isn't. However, what they chose to focus on is the dysfunction. Often it is subtle, but that subtlety is what makes the show more interestingly. Maybe it is a cutaway to the weird shoes a professors are wearing or funny looking kid... it is artistic different people will see different things. The showcasing of dysfunction was spread eveningly. The head coaches -- all white -- presented like volatile, hypermasculine teenagers. Often the players were more mature. The last few seasons of GOT had a sister on prominent role. Indeed, she was involved in a relationship with... get this... another Black person. I know, rare to see Black on Black love; but it ended horribly if course 😞 I just watched season 4 episode 4 of LCU. My team lost; now I'm in a funky mood. I'm getting ready to go hang out though; Mrs. "Right Now" is waiting for me 😉
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  5. I am very disappointed in what women have subjected them too, what we as a gender consider tolerable, it’s in every encounter, in the very way that we move. It disgust me, leaves a foul taste in my mouth, because what they have done is neglected the truth, forgotten what doesn’t change is the so called golden rules, we are caught up and off by lies and deceit, by thinking it takes a man for a woman to be complete, and I have said it before and I will say again, you don’t have to lower your standard or be a beneficial friend, Friends with benefits, it’s not conducive to the plan, he’ll fall short from his responsibility if you don’t require him to stand, Why do you need him to determine your worth, you were placed a solid spirit beautiful at birth, Why does the way he sees you make it okay, for you think or speak or move a certain way, you see we are powerful in our purpose and simply by design, created to help men find the strength to climb, to grow, to build, to set spirits free, we give them the joy that comes with their need, Their need for us, the air that they breathe, our definitive goal is to help them achieve, be the miracle that add detail to all they believe, we pick them up when they tumble, not to critique their progress, accepting they’ll stumble, and out into reality we send them again, so they realize some days we lose and others days we win, we move apart but together as one, like the melody and words or the rising of the sun, it’s the melding of spirits that make separate okay, that allow two complete aura to blend in a perfect way, but women that forget and lose that unique twist disappear in the loudness , where the essence of a wife fails to exist, not there in the dark where they tolerate pain, where they lose what they believe to become a statistic in the game, where left becomes right and right is wrong and confusion is the vice that keeps her running into the disappointment, it’s yet another man’s arms, because he told her she couldn’t breathe without him when the fact of the matter is without her he cannot win he can’t embrace his future, he can’t wake to a dream, he was wandering a mist the madness, there is no king without a queen, she solidified his purpose, gave meaning to his plan, listened to his desires, so he would understand that he was not alone and never had to be, equal but unequal, This knowledge will set us free but not today, there is a struggle going on, purpose is not learned and woman tolerate what is wrong, so can we return to our purpose, can that be the plan, can we be responsible and until we find that worthy one who will move within GOD’s plan
  6. 🙄 welp, there goes that! Why not write it true to life? It could still be dramatic! Hell, if they got those degrees after the kid was born the absentee-parent would still be valid! This is why I can’t stand watching most “black” dramas. Show runners usually let us down. I don’t know why you want to get me started! 😡 I was ready to root for this show! Oh! By the way, I watched one episode of GoT and the black man was a “prop.” I didn’t see any black women - so I never went back. Don’t get me wrong, I indulge in Film & broadcast programming but it’s mostly romcom, rom-mystery, holiday romcom, mysteries, thrillers and the supernatural. Most of the time, even with a black cast, Hollywood does a better job with those genres.
  7. Ldvirtue

    Get up

    Hello world, I am here, it may not be significant to you, but it means the world to some, in spite of the dim sunrise my smile is attempting to be on display, We all should get up and at the least feel that way, there are arms waiting for us all, even when it does not appear that we are important to anyone, the truth we are more than important to someone because everyone is linked in one fashion or another, we are connected in a stare glare smile, or swear, we impact one another, we affect each other, we matter, we are important precious divine one of a kind gifts of light, embarking on a darkness that needs our presence to have a purpose, seems strange, but strange is far from what we bring to the table, we feel transparent, like we can be looked threw, we desire at times to walk like tomorrow will disappear into yesterday, well my yesterday was not yours to dismiss, I see you even when you think your silhouette is large enough to hide your hue, I still see the beauty in you, your colors so filled with royal shades that they captivate to eyes that dare peer in your direction, your spirit contagious, your laughter so powerful its infectious, you are only limited by what you select to run from, I will not run
  8. Richard Murray's ThoughtCloud pia sundhage in brasil , USSoccer vs NWSL , corporate joga bonito , FIFAWWC expansion , mannschaft 2014 , atleti preseason 2019 , financing in womens sport, iwobi/zaha at arsenal , inter women maximin , South African Womens national league first announcement/initiation , COSAFA Womens Championship 2019 group results , UEFA women advertisement variance , gender equality or bonding , African Premier LEadership Awards , Balotelli in brazil , Futsal in japan , Female players in Kenya , Banyana Banyana win COSAFA 2019 cup , Nat King Cole and female athletes , referee quality, aritz aduriz begin the la liga 2019-2020 season , ? Copa Libertadores 2019 1 , 2, 3, 4, ? Matches OL vs Monaco 892019 , OM vs Reims 8102019 , Chelsea vs MUFC 8112019 , 2019 uefa supercup , ? Prior ThoughtCloud : 8/9/2019 , CURRENT IS ABOVE
  9. #Aritz #Aduriz- the Lion of Bilbao, scored a golazo off the bench to begin barcelona's season with no points. I think he has a great role in that way, Inaki williams is the starter and against lesser teams will score more. Inaki is not a center forward to hold up the ball so when Bilbao is in a trench he only offers an outlet running to goal not back to goal. Bilbao to me showed a depth, a sharpness, that can bear a top four in laliga or copa success. I asked a simple question in twitter, did this match prove fc barcelona need another talisman besides messi. My answer is yes. what is yours? Aritz Aduriz first la liga goal of 2019-2020 any team https://www.weibo.com/7030963893/I2zHUeUPO?from=page_1005057030963893_profile&wvr=6&mod=weibotime Twitter query: does fc barcelona need another talisman after the results from the first match of their 2019-2020 la liga season? https://twitter.com/Thetenner10/status/1162458913427644416
  10. GoDaddy (AALBC's hosting company) is simply wrong for not allowing the use of the free SSL certificates. I'd go broke if I had to pay for SSL certificates on all of my websites 🙂
  11. Well I can't speak to "acuracy," cause anytime you put cameras on front of folks you change things. But the stories were still compling. Let us know what you think @Mel Hopkins One of my boy's sons, played on the same high school team, in Titusville, with one of the players highlighted. My boy and his wife have graduate degrees (his mom has a PhD), but the kid's mom on the show was locked up for 4 years when he was a kid. So it is a "slice" and not the full African American story. *I know you know this Mel, but I emphasized the point for other readers who might not know.
  12. You took the words right out of my head! 😆 I didn't want to give google or godaddy any airtime it would interrupt my flow. Thank you for the added information! (Quiet as kept, I counted on you adding it! lol)
  13. Thank you @Troy ! I really enjoy slice of life stories - especially when the medium portrays our slices accurately. I'm going to check it out.
  14. Basically the program tells the story of a couple of Junior College (JUCO) football programs. The teams roosters are made up of guys (mostly Black) who failed to make, or were kicked out of, Division 1 (D1) football programs. The guys all talented athletes with a menagerie of stories who are trying to make it back to the D1 level and ultimately to the pros. They battle with keeping their grades up and dealing with the challenges that landed them at a JUCO in some all-white-one-horse town. It spoke to my experience on some level. I could relate to the young men. I also used to teach guys this age, and background, trying to help them get a GED and it was not easy, so I could relate to the teachers that were trying to help these young men graduate. It also, indirectly, speaks to the business of collegiate football and how it really screws up the lives of so many people -- mostly Black -- without them really understanding what is happening. I don't watch sports, unless I have money on the game or am hanging out with my boys, but the way they edited the program made all of the games very exciting. Season #3 was particularly good in this regard. See I'm the kind of guy the will travel to Mississippi or Kansas just to watch these team play live and check out the communities covered. It was just a well done human interest story that speaks to the experience of everyday folks in a way that I'm not accustomed to seeing. My daughter who turned me onto the program told me not to get carried away -- "it's not like it is better than Game of Thrones." I loved GOT, but if I had to pick one. I'd pick Last Chance U.
  15. Search engines, like Google use also use this as a ranking signal. In other words, all things being equal the site that uses https will out rank a site that simply uses http (not secure). https uses end to end encryption, which means the communications between your device and the website you are visiting is scrabbled and unintelligible to the bad guys lurking in cafes looking at your data over an unsecured wifi network. As far as I'm concerned all of the websites on the Internet should use https. You can get a free SSL certificate from https://www.sslforfree.com/ unfortunately greedy website hosts, like GoDaddy, do not allows the use of this free SSL certificate on the websites they host.
  16. I missed you, you were here and then gone, no one even saw you go, you didn’t wave, I just didn’t see those eyes anymore, and yes it was lonely, wondering what it was like to have someone like you, I felt like I think a piano would if some keys were missing, I could get threw some of the melody but a lot of it was messy, the keys didn’t flow right, I fought for the right tune, the correct tone, but with the origin of the stokes missing the melody changed, it was gone. It was rough, there are times I forget you, but I always at the same time knew you were missing, I heard myself asking questions to turn for an answer to almost hear you whisper as your silhouette faded into the sky, I was trapped on the other side of us fighting to get to that familiar place that I knew existed within me as child, I hear myself calling out your name in my sleep to wake to a hand that was empty, my strolls long and colorless where fraught with battles that I thought I had to fight alone, I was missing me in you because you made me think, we, us, two, but I was one, sister without a sister, looking and being blessed with sisters learning that no sister can be a sister within a sisterhood without the strength of her sisters, I want to hear those songs again, the ones that sounded so out of tune when you were no more than a memory, I want that melody, those walks and talks, and sleep overs and moments, I want to move forward, because at some point I think I stopped, hoping I did find you, hoping you’d catch up, hoping you see me walking past a store and notice my movements and remember and say to yourself in that childlike voice I remember her, I had a sister like her, she was one of my first friends, my first confidants, she played in my hair and took my dolls, we colored and danced and fought our brothers and dare them to tell if they hit us back, I pray for you always, hoping you’d run up behind me and pull my skirt tale just to look into those eyes again, what moments I have lost, what moments I have missed, what a different world I would know, if I had gotten the opportunity to watch this little sister grow, sorry it took so long, but today is now and we get to move on. So what, to my sister that have keep me sane for you, who have held me up when there was nothing I could do, I thank you all and ask you to continue to be the best, yes you are the very best part of me, the voices, that help me make the choices to live life not allow life to live me, I love all my sister and pray I could be as good a sister as some of you have chosen to be. It took 30 years to find my sister
  17. Some of us were not socially conservative but fiscally conservative. We believed in the bootstrapping way in life. -That was until I woke the eff up and realized that was a lie too. (Pre-Obama) I was actually a card-carrying republican appointed official for two years. When I moved to Illinois, the GOP preyed on me like I was a lost native venturing too near to the door of no return in West Africa. They snatched me up and appointed me an elected official. Once inside, I saw the GOP for what they were really are; gang members.- The political party system in America is nothing more than a bunch of thugs and gangsters. Prior to my two-year GOP stint, I was strictly independent and only voted issues - and that's where I've returned. I vote for folks who represent legislation that I believe is best for the nation.
  18. @Troy what moved you to recommend this show? What's the plotline? Is this a lot of testosterone and chest beating - or are there some real life lessons? C'mon, give us the 411? 😉
  19. YOUR WEBSITE!!! First, thank you for updating and managing your digital platform. We book lovers, and avid readers enjoy visiting you and purchasing your books directly. We like finding out about your appearances and events. We appreciate your photos, videos, blog postings, and podcast. We especially like updates such as information on when you'll release your next publication. Those of us who don't use social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc., like knowing we don't have to sign in just to read your thoughts. We trust you with our email address, and we appreciate that you won't track us throughout the internet. Since we're on the topic of email addresses, did you know if you don't secure your website - you leave us, visitors, vulnerable? An unsecured site makes it easy for bad actors to get our information if we visit and purchase anything from your website. Now, before you say it, yes- big corporations are hacked all the time; this is why I'm asking you to secure your website. Visitors are hack-weary and if we see a not secure notice on your site - we may bounce. Let's make it easy for your supporters to do business with you. PLEASE SECURE YOUR WEBSITE with a digital certificate such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate. More on Digital certificates from Verisign. https://www.verisign.com/en_US/website-presence/online/ssl-certificates/index.xhtml
  20. One of my kids turned me onto this show on Sunday and I've been spending 4 hours a night watching. I just finished season 3 (perhaps the best of the 1st three) and am about to start season 4. I highly recommend it.
  21. Last week
  22. One body, One individual, breaking off into many pieces all flowing in different directions, Each of us represent a different choice made, and to think there are just that many choices, There is one end for us all where we return to the beginning. Imagine one man, and each part of him walking away, knowing what they desire with no real plan, never thinking to look back, because every part thinks they understand. Picture the ocean in spite of the sea, never apart, one body, but the reality is every part is a separate drop. some rise into the sky, take flight embrace life. others breakaway to form ponds, rivers and lakes. More beauty in life may await them but they will make so many mistakes. Mistakes made before they become that landscaped view, that so many in life will plan, even crave to flock too, and others will beat against the rocks fighting to live at all cost. Many will just sit at the shore, see life but refusing to exit the door, the possibility to unsure, with the promise of so much more. So many will travel for a while all alone, push against the flow, desire a place to be the energy that only the father knows. Some will be comfortable in the place that they find realizing that many drops fell so they could have this life. Some will dry up as they attempt to walk without him on land, while others will sacrifice and return to the original plan, which goes back to say, we all are one body that will walk on the land, representing the father, the one true (Great I am) Father..
  23. Referee quality- I quote a post from Ian Paul Joy @JOYPAULIAN Graeme Souness believes Stéphanie Frappart doesn't have the experience to take control of such a game . My problem in his statement is two fold. First is this statement click bait. Making statements online that contest an individual or a groups character usually gather replies or responses. Sequentially, they are intentionally given. From the kardashian clan's physical modulations on instagram, to donald trumps tweets on twitter. Souness maybe simply baiting interest. I defend that position dissecting his message, that is the second problem. He is suggesting based on a referee's performance, it proves a referee require more experience to handle the quality of a game. By default every game has a rank of media intensity. Sequentially, all matches can be used to rank based on souness's point. The problem, I watched many matched where a male referee had bad spells, or moments I deemed dreadful, in the match. All those male referees were given an opportunity in matches at the same or higher media or energetic level. Sequentially, Souness's point from a historical point of view has no value. No referee in the recent past was demoted or denied varying levels of matches based on prior results, or perceived prior results. FRappart is a human being, like all other referees. The players or coaches or owners are human beings like all other players/coaches/owners. When an owner employs a player whose results don't warrant the money or the aspirations, that is a mistake on the owners part. When a coach sets up a strategy that fails on the pitch, that is a mistake on the coaches part. When a player performs an action improperly that they trained for it is a mistake on the players part. When a referee breaks their own consistency or performs a favoritism unintentionally, that is a mistake on a referees part. Souness's position may be commercial bait, which this post has fallen into. Has no historical value based on the resultant from matches where a referee is deemed below quality. Lastly or dysfunctionally suggests an inhumanity in a human position. https://twitter.com/JOYPAULIAN/status/1161907460744945666 In Amendment about online bait why is it, only one person videotapped this event in an irish pub with mcgregor? I smell media bait. https://twitter.com/i/events/1162019253328830464
  24. 2014 was an excellent year for critically acclaimed books written by Black authors. The number and quality of books published that year, by my reckoning, was perhaps unprecedented:
  25. Troy

    Black Love

    This line made me smile. This and some of the others, I bet, would not be understood by many Black people. Even this line says a lot -- at least to me -- it communicates location (use if "tennis shoes" vs "sneakers"), it communicates class and age upper middle class girls don't buy vaseline and they diffently not prepping with it before a fight for a dude...
  26. The current mayor of Newark is Ras Baraka. I first became aware of him as a poet and the son of the icon writer Amiri Baraka. Both guys would be considered activists and far from being sellouts... But politics is such a scummy business. I don't believe anyone who enters politics today, and is elected to office, is worth a damn to the people. After seeing Ras and the rest of Newark bend over for Amazon, I was not impressed. So Newark has lead in their water (news to me BTW) and nothing is being done about it by their elected officials -- why is anyone surprised?
  27. #ChelseaFC vs #LiverpoolFC 2019 #UEFASupercup -Absent Ngolo Kante, Chelsea were walloped by MAnchester United in the first match of the English PRemier League season. HAving said KAnte, against Liverpool in the UEFA supercup we were able to compete against the reigning UEFA champions, earning extra time in the match. Ngolo Kante is the center of Chelsea football club today and for at least a whole season. I don't know what is wrong with Willian outside of fatigue, but Willian is the top goal scorer in the club at the moment and chelsea do need goals going forward, so he will need to be integrated into the team. GOALS Jorginho goal- his face taking the penalty is classic https://www.weibo.com/7030963893/I2h1pxvVU?from=page_1005057030963893_profile&wvr=6&mod=weibotime Kepar save https://twitter.com/MattPyzdrowski/status/1161739719505588226 AFTER THE MATCH Again, Chelsea's most important player is Ngolo Kante, in the same way Real MAdrid's or Brasil flag team is Casemiro, either player allows the rest by being powerful engines in the midfield. As a historical note, it was Vidal that served that role in Juventus, allowing Pirlo the deep creator and Pogba the free attacking midfield. But, I am content Chelsea will do well. Lampard has to breed a better density in our defense but the chelsea squad seem full of non complaining team players. Liverpool better hope Allison return sooner rather than later. The backup keeper is good but he lacks Allison's experience of sharpness. Onto the season , this will be an interesting UEFA Champions League run for chelsea, let alone league season.
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