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  3. lewis hamilton 2019 russian grand prix win https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9fydoJJw?fid=1034:4422017232125954 Japan grand prix #f1 #Blacksilver!!! ferrari Red Bulls out! six successive double world championships for MercedesAMG , congratulations to Lewis Hamilton side Valtteri Bottas , the rest of the championship is yours to battle each other opening lap https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IbiyXcRfu?fid=1034:4426928304881740 first three laps https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IbiCQ3E3O?fid=1034:4426930083060089
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  9. I like buck and the preacher, josie wales, or the white buffalo in the film world, but what is the best native american soldier film. I recall the geronimo tv special , but that wasn't a movie house film. but, I liked the action. native american veterans memorial article https://newsmaven.io/indiancountrytoday/news/video-breaking-ground-on-native-american-veterans-memorial-m4wfJf7RfkqBJlTAPVtqXg/?fbclid=IwAR0sgc51z9cgC4GukuwjLTLgSHNmhoW9I-vhWgfcSN_0jX4JfYxs-BkV01A
  10. Dear Readers, I tend to enjoy reading various articles on writing , the industry, the concepts, et cetera. parallel to craft articles. These topics can be fun or engaging. As some of you know, I have a controlled electronic footprint, meaning, I don't keep old posts. This blog never had fifteen posts and never will cause I don't like ejunk. But, I realize, aside my posts to what I created and create, I need a post to just chit chat if you will. So this post will serve that function, through its comments I will posts various topics concerning writing. Work Cloud EBook List- see below , Onmyoji Contest Entry , Pacific Rim contest Entry , Bettering American Poetry Anthology Entry , White House Carol , Maple Me entry , We Happy Few Wellington Wells entry, Fiyah Magazine- , Killens Review-, Audiobook list , ? Creative Cloud Questions to think about , How We Define Art a response , Lessons from Last Action Hero , Black Soldiers fighting for the British against the USA during USA secession why no memorial , Levar Burton Reads , Ethiopian apocalyptic film , Is Biography the biggest genre today circa 2018 , if they remade Cleopatra jones? , which cliche you dislike most? , Grammar Check , those who write love are making money, have you done a collaboration .. on a train , be your character on social media , who are afro latinos ? , a short history to the internet , What describe best the Native American experience in fiction , Get Out early - what do you think compared to the final film? , Prince and religious friction in film , Let us compose something together using these rules, what other language will you say if you can? , AALBC community book- in progress till made , not any time soon but... , A Glengarry Lead , silhouette in film , Get Out defined , inspiration listings, the return of poetry and some fun , written and sun by Aretha Franklin , Unconventional art , Der Tchrumpfs , Selections from poetry through the native female pen , a question to multiculturalism , Nonqonqo in A Warm December , Peola Edit- Immitation To Life 1934 , concealed carry models , Ann Gorman Edit- Follow Me Quietly 1949 , censoring online , MLKjr2019 , Black Party to governance , Star spangled why, Audio EXcerpts , False Civility , US , Glass submission story , code geass, Juju webseries official poster , acting , lee daniels workshop , black anti immigration , silent sundays , a positive child bride story? , a fictional character to be president of the usa? , Ta-Nehisi Coates , George Lucas , open marriage in fiction, kobo audiobook , ? Calligraphy Mirror Kiss of a dagger , Angelique Noire , ? Engineering Cloud Fixing Plastic , Blacksmithing Basics , multi electromagnetic wave observation , AMP in Email , Makers jobs or cosplay , ? Email Gazette Fragments fifth issue , tenth issue, eleventh issue , twelfth, thirteenth , fifteenth ,sixteenth, seventeenth ,eighteenth , 19/20/21/23 ,24/25/27/29/30/31/32 , 33/34/35/36/37 ,38/39/40/41/42/43 , 44/45/46/47/48/49/50/51/52/53/54 , 55/56/57/58/59/60/61 , 62/63/64/65/66 , 67/68/69/70, 71/72/73/74/75/76 , ? EBook LIST Richard Murray Short Story Collections Kobo Link OverDrive Link JIHI series Kobo Link Overdrive Link Poetry or More Kobo Link Visasiki Kobo Link Gospel of Joseph Kobo Link Overdrive Link Richard Murray Collages Kobo Link SanaTambo Versions Overdrive Link Kobo English Kobo Francais Kobo Portugues Kobo 日本語 Kobo 中文 Der Tchrumpfs Kobo Below is a collage i made to Ty Wilson Art Be Safe
  11. My AudioBooks on Kobo Poetry or More Series https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/search?query=Poetry%20or%20More&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=06baba96-5af5-5d24-9b8a-f06360287dc9 2015-2016 https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/audiobook/poetry-or-more-2015-2016 2017 january-june https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/audiobook/poetry-or-more-2017-jan-jun 2017 july-december https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/audiobook/poetry-or-more-2017-jul-dec The Visasiki series https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/search?query=Visasiki%20Series&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=965aea81-4e13-53fe-8bc8-22fcb6d28a39 Free https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/audiobook/the-visasiki-free-version complete https://www.kobo.com/ca/en/audiobook/the-visasiki-complete-version
  12. Midweek 10/1/2019 10/2/2019 #UEFACL #CopaLibertadores 10/1/2019 Real Madrid vs CLub Brugge- the second half change, Areola on for Courtois and then the great marelo in wide back was telling from zidane. Areola is better at mobility than Courtois, plain or simple. For belgium, courtois had a defender like vincent kompany and midfielders like nainngolan or fellaini. to be fair, the club brugge captain made a dangerous tackle on viniciusjr, viniciusjr to his credit didn't make a big deal of it, but it could had been devastating for the young player Mignolet save https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9y1rrClb?fid=1034:4422757115710326 Kroos attempt- he had one after, if on target, the score would had been by halftime 2-2 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9y74b7vt?fid=1034:4422760454389372 Emmanuel Bonaventure 2 - purely on fire, but the second was a real madrid mistake from Modric. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9y95q70w?fid=1034:4422760970003473 Sergio Ramos goal - the angle originally shown makes ramos offside, but people have to remember the lens are curved and distort angles. the flatter overhead shows he is onside. , but the real key is marcelo, he came on and the modulation from defense to attack, the craft, rose by heights, he truly is a galacticos. I will love to see marcelo post real madrid in the inter miami project. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9yl0sZ58?fid=1034:4422768981144033 Casemiro goal- a player hated when he came in, but a true winner. THe reality is hazard is the player at chelsea. HAzard was never a big enough goal getter, but he has been brought in that role. Vinicius jr/hazard/rodrygo are all the same sort of player, that attacking midfielder that isn't a high goal getter. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9yxHnfFx?fid=1034:4422776325384169 Bayern Munich vs Tottenham Hotspurs Kimmich goal- lovely placement side power. The spurs goal was from a mistake. the first bayern goal was from class. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9yZQuQfz?fid=1034:4422794411478202 Lewandowski goal- it was from chaos in the box. But lewandowski is the biggest man in the pitch. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9z0YfjfV?fid=1034:4422794944155406 Gnabry 1- he just burned tottenham on the flanks, ala robbery of yore, and tore a new intestinal tract into the north londerners https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9z8fsxJq?fid=1034:4422799368854809 Gnabry 2- repeat part 1 but it began with an error. Bayern is not the bigges team, but they are one of the quickest https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9zhJv06K?fid=1034:4422800765559505 Gnabry 3- Aurier tried to play offside in the tottenham half, Gnabry again bruned tottenham on that flank https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9zmSCwbs?fid=1034:4422808550195471 Lewandowski and Gnabry 4- Coutinho assiting lewandowski again in that number 10 role and Gnabry enjoying life away from england https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9zoCwr06?fid=1034:4422809267720090 River Plate vs Boca Junior- I said River 2 Boca 1 . I love big conmebol nights. All the top teams in conmebol are full of true footballers. Nicolas De La Cruz is the player of the match. The best midfield play from him. But overall, River was a faster team as a collective. MArcelo Gallardo is a great coahc, my favorite Conmebol coach. The Olympique Lyonnais or inter miami's of the world need to get him Rafael santos borre goal- it looked a penalty originally, but the experienced referee let the game play then video assisted referees pulled it back https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9AV07sGl?fid=1034:4422866662268267 Ignacio Fernandez goal- the first touch passing, but honest movement on the pitch. THis isn't forced, the team is moving together in varying postures, not the forced play from the guardiola/barca way. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9Bpe8hgp?fid=1034:4422886841091057 10/2/2019 FC Barcelona vs Inter Milan I said it before, Inter Milan has a history of upsetting the barcelona media machine. Conte like Mourinho from yore, has a proper footballing side. Inter Milan kept cutting FC Barcelona a new anus. The pundit said inter milan is out barcaing barca, no inter milan is playing futebol Martinez goal - FC BArcelona have to defend through possession at a high level, meaning above 95% https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9IdF7mvy?fid=1034:4423147630601486 Ter Stegen save- lovely dive, the header was placed well, Ter Stegen proves, barclona's defensive setup is not good enough, it rely to much on the keeper. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9IdF7mvy?fid=1034:4423147630601486 Suarez goal- a golazo, truly zidanelike https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9IAi3rZm?fid=1034:4423162306491314 Luis Suarez 2- a golazo, started by Messi in midfield https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9IM1iKqD?fid=1034:4423170002981616 Chelsea vs Lille I just want to say, The player the fans hate Willian scored the winner, just saying Ol vs Leipzig OL defeated leipzig and earned a clean sheet. When some OL fans , in offside beat suggested a coaching change My thoughts on leon offside episode 10 This is the beginning of the sylvinho era under the juninho management. We must have patience. Aulas is a planning man, he is not one to give the reigns absent someone who has a plan. LEt us give the plan time to mature. OL are seven points behind the best of the rest leader Angers. The season is long, angers/nantes/lille/om/ognice/bordeaux/rennes/reims/montpellier will drop points. let us take it easy. Last season Atletic bilbao in spain were fighting against relegation, look how high they are on the table now. you have to let a plan play out. Sylvinho or juninho leaving now, will be totally disruptive. We have to give them the season. ... Someone shared a video, that said senior players run the locker room. the problem in OL is we don't have many leaders in the mens team, in parallel, the womens team is full of leaders, has leaders on the bench. You guys point on sylvinho focusing on defense is parallel to mourinho pushing pogba to give more energy defensively. SYlvinho is asking these attacking players to defend with as much vigor as they attack, it is tiring, but it is possible, look at atletio madrid. Players have to rise to the challenge. OL do need to be better defensively. Not for me, give sylvinho the whole season. It is time to push industriousness into OL, we are a youth team. We develop and sell youth. We need to get the culture to change. COnmebol teams players are ready to defend as a team and attack in brilliance. Let the conmebol way come into Lyon. Look at Santos/Flamengo/ many conmebol teams culture have that defense first, attack sharply, fight for 90 minutes. excellent point Arianna, if you can't give time to a coach, then what coach wants to waste their time. We are one, yes, juninho will burn every bridge as a sporting director, juninho in choosing sylvinho and backing him means both have to go if one go, but aulas said he wanted juninho as the sporting director, so if sylvinho/juninho/aulas can not all be fired based on each giving the later the blessing. I agree OL will work it out, prove it to the players that this team works on a project. ... the problem with the two other pundits is neither gave a name, name names to replace sylvinho. ... a name was mentioned, mourinho? aulas is not willing to spend the money mourinho want, second mourinho will want to replace all these lackluster in defense players. Mourinho had a young team in porto when he won the uefa champions league, but he had a few senior team leaders and some world class young players on that team. OL mens do not have that kind of squad. article https://lyonoffside.com/2019/10/01/podcast-episode-10-samba-cut-short/ tweet https://twitter.com/AScavs/status/1179079369945485313 FLamengo vs Gremio People like Ray Hudson say that this is the new modern football, but I disagree. LEagues are not forced to use goal line technology or video assisted refereeing. Just cause western UEFA side the USA champion it does not mean any other league had to follow, they chose to. If I ever control a league I will deny the use to both tools, cause they are not needed. IT is well known over 90% of the calls in futebol pre goal line technology or video assisted refereeing were correct. So neither technology was about getting calls right, but reaching a @gabamado the problem in #VAR is encapsulated in FLamengo Gremio leg 1, if flamengo lose the tie, pundits will go on about the modern game, but that is a lie. this is about how a flawed system is interpreted based on human interpretation in a video room on top of human interpretation on the pitch. why can't pundits accept human error on goals when they accept human error everywhere else on the pitch? VAR take Flamengo 1 from Everton Ribeiro - the gremio player clearly flopped, the problem with a system designed to follow the rules strictly is the actions of players are being deceptive, thus must be taken into account, but when a system says the rulebook is the beginning moddle or end, then it is a foul, but it is clearly acting by a gremio player. And to be honest, VAR can not allow for referee interpretation cause it loses all functionality. you don't need var to get referee interpretation. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9KwdfaXn?fid=1034:4423236058868203 VAR take Flamengo 2 from Gabriel Barbossa- https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9KAjo9Lx?fid=1034:4423237841388939 Bruno Henrique Goal - VAr may interpret ribeiro or barbossa false but var is not denying Henrique! https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9KUWvUO4?fid=1034:4423252442072216 VAR take Flamengo 3 from Gabriel Barbossa https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9LcO2wYl?fid=1034:4423262097354952 Pepe goal - Flamengo were denied three goals, two in the first half lifted up Gremio.VAR is not a neutral system and that is the problem. Aiding one side that is playing poorly is unfair naturally. Beyond the fact that human choices , no matter how many video screens are available are human choices, no other than the ones being made on the pitch, the augmentation to success is extremely negative to the team that scores and this match proved it. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I9Lga3Vvt?fid=1034:4423264186130898 in amendment https://twitter.com/Jaimefmacias/status/1179589818268958722 el ganador es VAR, VAR se hizo cargo de un partido. Cuando eliminas tres goles de un equipo en la carrera, fuera de casa, estás ayudando emocionalmente al equipo contrario. VAR ganó. Los expertos no necesitan proteger a VAR de las críticas, ni intentar igualar (1/2) incluso cuando no fue así. VAR pesaba a favor de Gremio, es así de simple. No es simplemente quitar los goles, es un desafío para un equipo revigorizarse continuamente cuando debería tener un mayor control del partido, eso es injusto.(2/2)
  13. Yes, that was it @richardmurray ! I mistakenly identified audio with musical but this is what I was referring to when I mentioned you had extensive experience with Kobo. Thank You for the update!
  14. Watching this at the moment. If you have Netflix, recommended.
  15. Come on folks,I'm nosey. What are YOU listening to ? This album is bloody brilliant.
  16. Weekend 9/28/2019 #RMWEekend Chelsea vs Brighton Hove Albion in England People say Willian need to score better but Willian's ground play was the best on the pitch. For the number 10 on a team that is the first and foremost. Tammy Abraham had a few chances but he slipped up twice, he needs to work on his center of gravity on the turns. I comprehend he is tall but he has to work on it. Jorginho/Barkley/Mount at times have issues in midfield. Jorginho is a nice passer but his recovery and speed of passing gets slower especially at the end of a half. Mount is not as composed in his own half as the opposing half. Barkley holds on the ball too long for the modern chelsea, that in attack, are looking for one touch. … I enjoyed Chelsea's play; the best goal scoring chance was in the 40th minute. Cross from Jorginho or barkley to MArcus ALonso. He needed to place it low and he placed it to the sky. … Some will say, look at the goal attempts, but most of the attempts were not far enough from the keeper. IT is better to challenge then blast it, but the strikes need to be a little farther away from the keeper. … At the half, I repeat to what I said when the season began. The current chelsea squad is a great team, absent a huge goal getter, who play a midfield game. So every match is a battle, every match is close. … The constant of team defense from Chelsea all season I like alot. circa the 70th minute Brighton pressured or attacked more and the team's lack of a clean sheet all season showed itself. Jorginho penalty- it was earned by a mistake from Brighton. The issue I have to them is , they let Chris Houghton go. why? This season proved Brighton are not the smooth attacking team the new coach is trying to make them into. If they get relegated, it will be all down to Chris Houghton being fired. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I952J5Vdt?fid=1034:4421642663744193 Willian goal- good play overall today. He did a lot of recovery work, high speed passing percentage completion. Lead by example, the 10 by example. Kill a Lion https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I953ywT9N?fid=1034:4421643431510462 photo of willian https://twitter.com/ChelseaFC/status/1177975071794749440 truth about why pulisic is out https://twitter.com/TheBiigJay/status/1177975190246088704 PSG vs Bordeaux in France Too often Neymar is in midfield deep for PSG, that is what got him injured twice. PSG never have the right midfield setup, when is tuschel going to realize neymar wants it faster and needs to be in a midfield zone with more attackers ahead of him. Between the 30th and 35th minute the miscommunication in PSG is telling. Verratti cannot be in midfield. PSG was saved a penalty but PSG again, win through a goal from neymar, that is a problem in strategy. Three of neymar's three goals were game winners, that is a problem. Tuschel's system is not correct. NEymar’s goal- the assist was from mbappe, so that is an excellent sign. In the end, the media made the reports about their schism or dislike toward each more than existed. https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I95VchSfI?fid=1034:4421673068264737 Neymar and Mbappe the video https://twitter.com/hadrien_grenier/status/1178053390682734593 Atletico MAdrid vs Real MAdrid in Spain with Atletic Bilbao dropping more points. The Madrid derby became a bigger match in the table race. Neither team will want to lose points with Barcelona gaining three, but neither team want to lose points with bilbao dropping points, whomever wins will win big, whomever losses, will lose big. Morata must be hurting getting card accumulation before this match. … Thomas partay has been brilliant, like willian for chelsea, he has not scored by the 31st minute, but his passing, midfield play is stellar. … again, partay's passing clinic september twenty eighth two thousand and nineteen. … Great match, enjoyed the whole game. Atleti had chances, saved chances, got some luck. Good game. Introduction https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I96Eob6CO?fid=1034:4421701237422560 Oblak save- BEnzema positioned himself well and placed the header, but Oblak danced in a hover https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/I96Z7dFEu?fid=1034:4421717557481308 IN AMENDMENT largest victory in the rio state leagues in the womens game, from Flamengo women, mengao https://twitter.com/Cynegeticus/status/1177998874440601601 The steel roses of china win third in the AFC u16 womens championship https://twitter.com/theafcdotcom/status/1177899499467018240
  17. https://edition-m.cnn.com/2019/09/27/politics/donald-trump-impeachment-democrats-nancy-pelosi/index.html
  18. Ancient Museum?-- & Moses What Do They Have in Common? MUSA JUNO by Donald L. Wasson published on 08 April 2015 Juno was the Roman goddess who protected the nation as a whole but also kept special watch over all aspects of women's lives. She Juno was the wife and sister of Jupiter, the chief Roman god, and the two of them were worshipped along with the goddess Minerva on the Quirinal in Rome. https://www.ancient.eu/Juno/ Juno's name comes from Greek and Roman mythology. The god Jupiter drew a veil of clouds around himself to hide his mischief, and his wife, the goddess Juno, was able to peer through the clouds and reveal Jupiter's true nature. — NASA[11] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juno_(spacecraft) The spacecraft also carries three Lego minifigures representing Galileo, the Roman god Jupiter, and his sister and wife, the goddess Juno. In Roman mythology, Jupiter drew a veil of clouds around himself to hide his mischief. uno was able to peer through the clouds and reveal Jupiter's true nature. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juno_(spacecraft) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ I guess the closest term to an Ancient Museum would be a temple or PANTHEON, which would be an ancient temple where idols or statues of kings, rulers, gods, goddesses, and etc. were housed. So, in ancient civilizations then, the more ancient idols and artifacts would also be housed in their temples or other form of sacred shrines. The actual word ‘museum’ stems from the earliest form of script too from MESOPOTAMIA, as would be many other similar word structures, however, to start with the Classical Greek usage of the terms ‘MUSE’ and ‘MUSA’ without these terms being connected to a much earlier origin would be a confusion. Pioneer, you believe the term ‘MUSEUM’ means ‘MUSIC’ and connects to the name of ‘MUSA’/’MOSES’ but again, without gong back to a much earlier origin, this would be a confusion. So, I will share my research as it applies to dates and times when certain root words were used. [1] MUSEUM- Again, this term would not have been used in ancient times, but the closest term would probably be a PANTHEON, ‘Pan’ and ‘theos’ or Pan of gods or idols. But the root word ‘MUSE’ does stem from the earliest and most dominant civilization of which would be GREATER BABYLON. Specifically, this root term ‘SUME’ for todays’ MUSEUMS do seem to directly correlate to this time period of GREATER BABYLON for a major reason! This amazing civilization was completely developed and headed up originally by the ancient Black kings known by their Biblical name of CUSH HAM during the 2200-2000s BC, however, even in ancient times and in the Bible they were also called SUMERIANS; and this would be where this root term MUSEUM stems from. [2] THE SUMERIANS of ancient SUMER [ie Shinar]—the inverted root word SUM---MUS would be the confirmation of the origin of the term MUSEUM and so many other terms. So, to base this term during the Classical Greek times around the 400s BC would be way more than a 1000+ year gap of time! The word ‘museum’ agrees with this ancient history too, for a major reason that revolves around how this Babylonian empire eventually went from a high to a low point and in how the ancient Sumerians eventually became completely overthrown and many of them forced marched out of their own lands. The ancient Sumerians, Cush Ham, defined themselves as ‘KINGS’ and this means that they dominated their lands based on ‘INHERITANCE RIGHTS’. In other words, they existed in a ‘kingdom’ and were originally MONOTHEISTIC [ie. one-theist, one-god]. But because of the foreign Asiatic-typed pagan people that migrated from the east into their lands and flattered them with IDOLS that were created in their images, these Sumerian kings began to demand that their own people begin to worship them as being ‘gods’ and so, eventually, their lands became flooded with idolatry and so, their original ziggurat temples became pantheons. So, if you only regard today’s scholars and Classical Greek references, you will not get the origin of these terms as they completely omit this fact about the Sumerians and claim Greater Babylon for themselves and Assyrians. You need to regard the root terms and dates and times when these terms were in usage. Then too, you will also understand that the term MUSLIM stems from these very origins and not from the Aram Movement! [3] MUSLIM—is a term that refers to MONOTHEISM and this goes hand-in-hand with the original Sumerian kings before they began to oppress their own people and resort to the practice of slavery. The term ‘MUSLIM’ [ie MUS-LIMA], and so many other terms stem from the ancient Sumerians. Likewise, the term MUSA stems from these very origins. [4] MUSA—This term ‘Musa’ was used in Classical Greek writings and they applied it to their rendition of a more ancient time. Their myths are CODED. Their myths about JUPITER and JUNO includes strands of the earlier times of the Sumerians. But, I will be brief in a general reference point: The term MUSA and MUSE stems from the god ‘Jupiter’ [Apollo] in that he was ‘mischievous’ and his sister-wife JUNO did not like it. The deeper storyline though will not be understood without the Bible records. This deeper story includes the history of ancient India and in how the Biblical JapHeth was ‘mischievous’ in the viewpoint of his wife. The original Black people of India and the civilization developed based on ancient GREATER BABYLON and the Sumerians [Cush Ham] and therefore, these Kemet people were inter-mixed. So, the Greek myth tells of these early times in code in how APOLLO was communing with his MUSES, meaning his [black] Sumerian singing women. The actual Biblical breakdown on the generations of the Biblical JapHeth also reflects this too, in that all but one of his sons listed come from different women that were NOT his wife of the ark. The only son listed that comes from his wife of the ark was GOMER. The Greek mythology reflects that Juno was not pleased because she could not control her husband. So, the term MUSA stems from this basis that goes back to the 2000s BC and long before the Greeks wrote their myths. And so, the term ‘MOSES’ does stem from these early origins, but MUSA would be a term that came long before the term MOSES and etc. [5] the THUTMOSIS—the terms ‘THUTMOSIS’, ‘MOSLEM’, ‘SOMALIA’, ‘MAURITANIA’, ‘KHAMOSIS’, ‘AHMOSIS’, ‘MOORS’, and etc. all stem from the original SUMERIANS of Sumer, but the letter-vowel ‘O’ shows a distinction. MOSLEMS are later people from the original MUSLIM RELIGION that was set up during Arab times in the AD 600s. The term ‘MAUR’ [ie Ham-Ur] would be Moors that stem from the original movement but they became concentrated in the region of North Africa. The ancient Roman mythology of the founders of Rome REMUS—SUMER shows the coded history of how the ancient Sumerians were intermixed with their relatives the Phoenician Canaanite-Moors and it was these kinds of Moors that migrated from ancient Greater Babylon into Assyria and Italy and etc. Likewise the term THUTMOSIS shows this dated history in how the military man, Thutmose became apart of the 18th Dynasty in Egypt and then more than a hundred years afterwards, the Hebrew Moses was born and given this name. [6] MUSA versus MOSES—So yes, the name of Musa can be referred to as MOSES in certain translations today but, the names are distinct in their original usage and reflect a long history gap from ancient Sumeria around 2000s BC to the 18th Egyptian dynasty that began the NEW KINGDOM PERIOD. So, the Hebrew Moses would had nothing to do with the history being made in the Caucasus during the 1500s BC. Moses, in fact married Zipporah who was a CUSH HAMITE woman!—So it would be obvious that his name stems from these origins via the 18th Dynastic names of those KINGS! The Egyptian dynasty pharaohs were mostly defined as ‘kings’ and they were strict about passing the rule down from son-to-son, however, we also know of these conflicting issues in that very dynasty. The founders of this very dynasty were said to have come from a certain region but later, their line was interrupted by Thutmosis I, who technically began another dynastic line! Even though he was said to be from the south, technically, this man was a Hurrian and from the northern civilization of Ur of the Chaldees in Babylon. But he took the dynastic name of ‘Mosis’ and continued the line when he married into the line. But The founders of this dynasty were from the south of Egypt as they were oppressed by the Hyksos-Hurrian system and they had to overthrow this oppressive two-capital system.
  19. The word MUSEUM would more likely be associated to the ancient term PANTHEON and even though I posted scholarly references of today, I will share my own research and how I have come to view the MUSEUMS of today in relation to the ancient PANTHEONS of ancient times. Today's museums house many ancient artifacts, but mainly too, they show a wide collection of ancient statues that were IDOLS and diefied as either, heads of governments and/or gods and goddesses. The root word 'PAN' would be the key word used today but also in ancient times to reflect this aspect of Idols. The root word 'PAN' can also mean 'LAND' in association with specific cultures and governments and where they set up their systems. ****** JAPAN [ie JAP-LAND], PANTHEON [IE PAN of gods in Mesopotamia ziggurat, PAN of gods in Egypt temple, PAN of gods in Rome temple...], PAN-AMERICA [ie all america]... ***** Again, this is an ancient terms that still has retained this same definition. So museums today, could be viewed in association with these ancient PANTHEON TEMPLES that housed statues of kings, gods, high priest, and etc. But the term MUSEUM defined as MUSIC or MUSES from a Greek perspective is confusion, because that was way far in time after the PANTHEON system had been developed. The term 'museum' absolutely stems from the early MESOPOTAMIAN PANTHEON BUILDERS-- KINGS, but the definition of Museum with the Hebrew man, Moses is completely off. So, I will share more about this...
  20. MUSEUM in Ancient Times!? Versus the word MUSA or MOSES @Pioneer1 The closest equivalent term to the definition of Museum today would probably be PANTHEON. So, you need to go back to this time span to better understand the word MUSA of which distinctly variated from the term MOSES. I do agree though, that the word name 'Moses' does stem from the word name 'Musa' but your explanation is pure confusion. You breakdown with no valid reference, imo, is a perfect example of why 'formal education' is the key to the advancement of civilizations and all humanity. There needs to be some form of formal methodology applied to understand truth and history and also, how some information has been corrupted and therefore needs to be re-addressed. Pantheon (Rome) - Front By Roberta Dragan - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1597477 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Mesopotamian Pantheon Article by Joshua J. Mark published on 25 February 2011 The gods of the Mesopotamian region were by no means uniform in name, power, provenance or status in the hierarchy. Mesopotamian culture varied from region to region, from city-state to city-state and, because of this, Marduk should not be regarded as King of the Gods in the same way Zeus ruled in Greece. While Marduk was venerated highly in Babylon, Enlil held that place in Sumer. ... Ziggurats were part of a temple complex, a set of buildings devoted to the care of the gods and to all the businesses of the temple. The temple complex was one of the economic centers of the city. https://www.ancient.eu/article/221/the-mesopotamian-pantheon/ About the Editor Scott Michael Rank, Ph.D., is the editor of History on the Net and host of the History Unplugged podcast. A historian of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey, he is a publisher of popular history, a podcaster, and online course creator. https://www.historyonthenet.com/ziggurats-and-temples-in-ancient-mesopotamia
  21. Oh yeah. So true. I just stumbled across this video that was published in London this year in May 2019. Some of the comments that Cynique made in this thread also shows how many of us Black Americans have been so conditioned to not like our own hair and this video brings this out. Many people of African descent, right now, today, still beleive that natural African-typed nappy hair is 'Bad Hair'. Some of my relatives on all of my extended families sides still use these terms 'Good Hair' and 'Bad Hair' and they say it oftentimes in casual conversations and have no reservations about their beliefs at all. Hidden Camera: Public Reactions to Afro Hair – Natural Hair Documentary NAPPY ROOTS
  22. @Pioneer1 LOL This is crazy! You have provided NO references, NO Dates, NO proof at all! @Troy Thank you! @Pioneer1 You reference to "MUSIC" with "Muses" is dated at 450 BC-- Oh no!!!-- Much to far in time and does not speak to the origin of the term MUSA, nor MOSES, nor MUSES nor MUSEUM. Plato nor Homer nor any of the Classic 'White' Greek scholars can be the beginning of this ancient term "MUSE" but, yes, their source may lead back to a much more earlier origin, and much more earlier than Moses, the Hebrew. Thank you! LOL! Can you elaborate. What did Sigmun Freud touch upon about Moses and Monotheism? I repeatedly say this to Pioneer, but yet, he still provides no dates, of which if he did, he would recognize himself how historically inaccurate his beliefs are. "EXACTLY what parts of my statements do you find inaccurate?" @Pioneer1The lifetime of Moses set in Egypt was during the 1500s and 1400s BC, by this time, The original areas of the Caucasus and the people were exposed to the earlier massive civilations of Greater Babylon and in India and elsewhere. Moses was born hundreds of years after Greater Babylon and the SUMERIAN KINGS whose civilization affected many areas in that region. The people of the Caucasus would never had needed Moses by the time he was born, because they had been well exposed to civilizations stemming from BLACK BABYLON around 2000s BC and even longer before that time. They had been exposed to the Cuneiform clay tablets and scripts and massive and extensive trading and technology and etc. You are way off. It's not about whether or not you or anyone believes in the Bible, it is about TRUTH and if Historical subjects discussed are factual and by using BIBLICAL RECORDS along with other BOOKS and secular publications on the same subject are VERIFIED would be the point; this would cause certain Biblical subjects to be TRUTH, whether you believe or not. You don't have to believe that Julius Caesar existed, but if he has been documented by many different sources, especially contemporary to his lifetime, to have lived, then this sort of TRUTH is not based on you. LOL. It's based on other methodologies. NOT YOU! I can absolutely appreciate this statement. And, I hope to address the topic of 'the parting of the Red Sea' soon, from a scientific basis.
  23. This band are a bit of a cross between Hendrix and Sly. Never made it but they are known for being the first all black rock group. This album is outakes and demos but still very good. Compliments their first two original albums from the early 70s nicely. https://youtu.be/lsBDjNEQcdU
  24. Kobo Audio books- Kobo has set up an audio book system. It is straight forward. I already had audiobooks in their system but they were accessible through the kobo app, which i mentioned in their description. I made versions that I will link to in the newsletter and this post in the near future. Video Article https://kobowritinglife.com/2019/09/27/breaking-news-kobo-writing-life-launches-direct-audiobook-upload/ you see the video, it is that straight forward, I am considering continuing my sport audio blog through it now. @Mel Hopkins @Troy
  25. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/live/2019/sep/27/donald-trump-ukraine-live-news-latest-us-politics
  26. I may have been off by one year. Mid January 2020. Instead of December 2018.
  27. Hello, I am writing to ask if you could review my first children’s book? It is the first book of a series that will explore various social issues I encountered with students as a former classroom teacher. Below I’ve included the requested information: Title: Act Your Age Shawn Trenell! Author: Breanya C. Hogue Publication Date: May 8, 2018 ISBN13: 978-1717551863 Instagram @authorbreanya Website breanyahogue.com
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