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  2. @Pioneer1 Yes, me too! I am wondering is part of this due to a push for more healthier food? Maybe some people believe Soul Food is unhealthy. I don't think it is unhealthy anymore that other kinds of food, but I wonder if there is a movement to stop eating Soul Food for this reason. I think Italian food has also gotten a bad rap, but people still love it and there are still restaurants around. And then, there may be other reason for the lack of Soul Food restaurants such as economy.
  3. So for now, what I am sharing is ancient events that are connected to certain star phenomena such as the rare TRIPLE CONJUCTION that occurred when the planet Saturn first came into orbit. You have to imagine a periwinkle sky around 6:00 PM when the 'almost full moon' is visible and then there are two 'dull yellow' planet stars nearby the moon, Jupiter and Mars, STRAIGHT UP OVERHEAD. This is part of the re-enactment shown in planetariums. Planets look like a dull yellow tiny ball with the exception of Mars. Then all of a sudden, another star [moving star] seems to come out of the dark sky and moves FAST!!! Then the NEW MOVING STAR comes very close to the other 2 stars and then, because stars show RETROGRADE. One star appears to MOVE BACKWARDS... But actually, the planet Saturn is moving so fast, it causes Jupiter to appear to be moving backwards. Finally, the fast moving, incoming star SEEMS TO STOP MOVING!!!-- And, the 2 stars along with this new star show a TRIANGLE PATTERN near the moon.-- TRIPLE CONJUNCTION. In actuality, the tree stars are in a straight alignment and they are on their OWN PLANE. Each of these stars have their own unique system! The planet Jupiter has its on moons!!! And imagine that when Saturn moved into orbit our solar system, it also came with its own moons!!! Amazing!!! Not only did the planet Saturn come into our orbit, but at some distant point, the planet Jupiter, Mars, EArth, and etc. moved into position to become a part of this SOLAR SYSTEM. And, ancient people wrote about these happenings. Today, we have to sift through mythology and facts to try and better understand... The modern planet Uranus MARKED HISTORY around the AD 1600s when it was FIRST RECOGNIZED. So, it marks certain historical periods such as the age of Exploration, and when telescopes were advanced, and etc. I love this stuff!! It is so fascinating to me! === COMET OF 1811 By Guillemin, after Smyth - Amedee Guillemin, The Heavens (London 1886), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=7274366 The Great Comet of 1811, drawn by William Henry Smyth, from Amédée Guillemin's The Heavens The Great Comet of 1811,[1] formally designated C/1811 F1, is a comet that was visible to the naked eye for around 260 days, a record it held until the appearance of Comet Hale–Bopp in 1997. In October 1811, at its brightest, it displayed an apparent magnitude of 0, with an easily visible coma. @Pioneer1 LOL okay, this is good! This question is relavent to who is doing the writing. A priest-scientist or an unlearned person? Also, it depends on the magnitude of the celestial event or star configuration, being important enough to cause people to MARK it in connection with something that is also important happening on earth. For example; Let's say an ancient ruler of Egypt is having a Sed Festival for ruling for 30 years, and at this time too, there happened to be A METEOR STORM that actually strikes the earth! Then, you would probably read ancient recordings of this meteor storm in, not only ancient Egypt records, but other civilizations of those times may have their own record systems and smart people to write books and record that meteor storm. But in Egypt, it would also be marked by a particular ruler and a sed festival too. Some ancient people may not have recognized certain celestial events as being all that important as others. For example, i've read the ancient DOGON priest were wise men who knew how to read signs in the sky and so, their records may help to date certain time periods when they lived. Certain celestial events helped to synchronize ancient calendars and such. THE DOG STAR I can't remember this one for sure, right off hand, but I think this star position in the sky and it's movement relative with the constellations and or revolving earth, is how the Egyptians MARKED THEIR CALENDARS EVERY YEAR in order to prepare the the Nile flooding! It was so precise that they could predict with accuracy when the floods would occur. At one poing, it appears very low on the horizon and near to a certain constellation, and this signals something. And once it appears just above the horizon, it marks a 70 day period of intense heat and no rain...
  4. Female respondents for now. Would you mind sharing? I only need 34 more females. Also, I'd love to talk with you about some ideas for independent bookstores and black authors. I saw the Amazon thread....
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  6. Chev and Troy Well you two STILL haven't sold me on planets and moons being stars, but OK...I'm beginning to understand. It took a minute, but I'm beginning to comprehend how the stars and planetary alignments and their patterns can verify the times of alleged events. But this is beginning to lead to new questions for me............. These alignment patterns.....as consistent as they may be....would seem to only verify when something took place IF those who are recording the event MENTION that particular celestial alignment during the event itself. For example if a great battle took place at a particular time and those scribes looked up in the sky that night and said, "On this night Saturn is here, Venus is there, the Virgo constellation is here...ect..." I understand now. But most historical events that I've read DO NOT mention celestial alignments with them. They just say "Such and such took place" and leave it at that. So again, how can we verify the actual occurence of the EVENT when the alignments aren't even mentioned as is the case with MOST historical events we read about?
  7. @Troy Thank you!!! That is what I am trying to convey!
  8. @Pioneer1 This may be a relative statement. It depends on who is looking at the star configurations, at what level of understanding do certain people have regarding being able to recognize star configurations, and if there is a significant occurrence like THE TRIPLE CONJUNCTION. A few days ago, or nights, as I was driving, I thought about this topic when I saw the moon and nearby a large star. It was so beautiful. That triple conjuction that occurred about 2000 years ago and then again in 2002, was also written to be MARKED by 'an almost FULL MOON', a WANING MOON. You see, Pioneer, that was rare happening. Another rare happening would be SUPERNOVAS. One today that can be seen, if my memory serves me right would be THE PLEAIDIES [sp?]. This 7 cluster of stars located near another MARK is said to be the result of some kind of supernova in ancient times. Another MARK would be the AD 1066 COMET, I think HALEY'S comet that was marked by certain ancient people all over the world. This event marks certain historical events such as what was going on with the NORSEMEN, and the kind of Native Americans in Southwest North America, the ones who marked this comet, and etc. This Halleys comet, I think was MARKED about 2000 years ago too, and was mistaken by some ancient scribes to be 'the star of bethlehem' or something like that, but it later was proven scientifically, that the comet came in the month of JANUARY and was visible for a few months and then moved out of view. Comets [stars] have a specific description. Then there are the famous METEOR STORMS, [ie. falling stars, shooting stars or etc.] that also have been known to MARK HISTORICAL TIME events. Certain historical meteor storms have a specific description as they are, i think, said be from some kind of comet [?] and based on certain constellations when they can be seen, they are named. I saw one in NOVEMBER 2001-- THE LEONIDS, because this meteor storm marks the constellation LEO, and it marks the HISTORICAL TIME of the recent 911 TWIN TOWERS CATASTROPHE that occuured 2 months prior. I can keep going on and on, and perhaps, I will when I can think of other events, to hopefully help you understand how star configurations have been recorded to MARK HISTORICAL EVENTS on earth and etc. THE COMET OF 1812 This coment was seen and recorded by many and is believed to be what led to the WAR OF 1812-- 2nd WAR OF INDEPENDENCE It marks this historical time of the WAR OF 1812 [ie Madison's War]. A few weeks prior to the appearance of this comet, in December of 1811, there was a violent earthquake that later was thought to be on a 9 ricter scale. the after shocks continued through the month of January 1812. The comet appeared sometime at this point and was seen for months. NOVEMBER--------- the 9th Month------ NOVA MONTH------ NEW YEAR At some point in the distant time, this month NOVEMBER became A NEW YEAR and it was said to be due to a METEOR STORM and is what eventually led to the Roman New Year of January and later being a time when FIREWORKS were displayed to mark the new year.
  9. yes!!! @Pioneer1 Yes!!! The term 'Star Worshippers' in connection with the ancient Romans and their worship of Jupiter, Mars and other bodies in the sky is common knowledge, but like you, many people are not making the correlation to the fact that Jupiter is regarded as 'a star'!-- MOVING STAR. @Delano Yes, thank you.
  10. story isn't over, and I can tell you are not following the news.
  11. https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/science/universe-may-be-billion-years-younger-we-thought-scientists-are-ncna1005541
  12. Considering DT's continued shirking of established legal norms, brother Troy, it's not even about the wheels of justice, which 45 wields effectively, it's about mounting frustrations of Congress (on both sides) and public opinion, that inevitable road of process. While anything can happen in 18-months (?), the destruction he could cause, pretty much, marks the end of democracy, America as we know it. Especially for White folk looking to capitalize on their newfound progress at ultimate hegemony; and civility in the US. That too is just around the corner, but the fickle finger of fate may demand a delay on that destruction. Fate won't permit DT until 2020.
  13. @elonawashington, are you looking you for only female respondents, or may anyone respond?
  14. Who remembers being told black folk don't read or if you want to hide information from black people, put it in a book? Lately, I found several articles that disprove those notions in addition to learning that the Pew Research Group stumbled upon the fact that college-educated black women read the most books. And it made me wonder about black women's reading habits. If you're an AA woman, please click on the link and take this 2-minute survey. When 100 respondents are recorded, everyone will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Target gift card. Thanks!! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FNGGNPB
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  16. Nope, I never did, but I still believe he'll serve out his term. The wheels of justice turn slowly and for men like 45 they rarely turn at all.
  17. Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am offers an artful and intimate meditation on the life and works of the legendary storyteller and Nobel prize-winner. From her childhood in the steel town of Lorain, Ohio to ‘70s-era book tours with Muhammad Ali, from the front lines with Angela Davis to her own riverfront writing room, Toni Morrison leads an assembly of her peers, critics and colleagues on an exploration of race, America, history and the human condition as seen through the prism of her own literature. Inspired to write because no one took a “little black girl” seriously, Morrison reflects on her lifelong deconstruction of the master narrative. Woven together with a rich collection of art, history, literature and personality, director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ film includes discussions about Morrison’s many critically acclaimed works, including novels The Bluest Eye, Sula, and Song of Solomon, her role as an editor of iconic African-American literature and her time teaching at Princeton University.
  18. @Pioneer1 the reason no one is trying to prove this is because no one made that claim. The idea is obsurd; why you keep forcing the point is lost on me. Now the alignment of the moving stars (planets) and fixed stars can tell you when something happened on Earth, but not what happened. I think that is what @Chevdove was trying to say, but she can speak for herself. Again, post the statement where anyone said what you've claimed about describing specific events based upon the relative positions of heavenly bodies. The student thinking he's ready, does not make so.
  19. Troy When I saw you posted in this thread, somehow I KNEW it would only be a sentence or two and most likely would NOT be an answer to any of the questions I posed to you. 1. That "battle" was just a hypothetical. It was an example for the question of how could something that happened in the past be confirmed or verified by looking up in the sky today. It doesn't mean a battle took place or that you claimed it took place, but IF someone DID claim it took place.....how could the planet or star alignment confirm this claim? 2. I see you totally ignored the question I posed to you of whether or not YOU believe that planets and moons are stars also. Lol, neither one of you (Troy and Chev @Chevdove) are doing a very good job explaining to me in a plain simple way that I can understand HOW planets and stars CONFIRM or VERIFY the claims people make of alleged past events like The Flood or Jesus walking on water. The STUDENT is ready, but where is the teacher?
  20. When black people talk about inequality and its impact on the community, typically, the focus is on racism and the role white people play in perpetuating inequality. One reason racism—the impact of racism—has persisted unchanged in America for nearly four hundred years is because black people are focused on the wrong issue. Contrary to popular belief, white people are not solely responsible for the unyielding impact of racism on the black community. Black people play a significant role in its impact and perpetuation. In a thoughtful, albeit direct, manner this book (Flawed Attitude) examines several beliefs and behaviors embraced by the black community that, inevitably, hinder the attainment of equality. The reader is moved into the psyche of black America and provided the opportunity to assess how the beliefs shape behavior and hinder the attainment of equality. Additionally, the reader is shown the origin of the beliefs and, more importantly, provided plans of action to move the black community down the path to truly attaining equality. Flawed Attitude will strike many nerves and the reader is guaranteed to walk away with a different understanding of race relations in America, his role in perpetuating the status quo, and what he could do differently to change the current trajectory. Facebook: glennybrown@flawedattitude https://www.amazon.com/Flawed-Attitude-peoples-behaviors-equality/dp/0996923705/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=g+lenny+brown+flawed+attitude&qid=1558498881&s=gateway&sr=8-1-spell
  21. Richard Murray's ThoughtCloud Tiger Tiger , Marca Worst 11 2018 , MUFC needed system 2018-2019 , PSG/Brasil needed system 2018-2019 , CONCACAF Womens Championship reflect the same reality in either gender in CONCACAF , Sarri Chelsea part 2 , My UEFA CL champion pick , 2018-2019 uefa womens champions league round of 8 to final thoughts , Womens Soccer in the USA , AWCON2018 World Cup 2019 entries , The Glyne Dame , 2019 Womens World Cup Draw and Ettie , 30 years from now , 2018-2019 uefa mens champions league round 16 , beInMourinho , atleti-juventus2202019 , Ownership or a reply to samantha weber , ElClasico 322019 , thoughts 332019 , ajax/realmadrid352019 , my reply to samantha webber's prose on critiquing prose, Morata/Griezzman/Costa , favorite team by flag , Football Crazy Replies 89, 90 , 91 , 92 , 93 , 94 , 95 , 96, 97 , 98, 99, 100 , 101 , 102 , 103 Ownership PSG , Atletico Madrid , Inter Miami , Audio Blog Richard Murray Thoughts <Kobo>, Richard Murray Thoughts segments <Youtube> Image Blogs <Google Photos> WSplus GoalChatter Guest Blog entries Women's clubs must survive , UEFAWCL is better than NWSL in 5 reason , Botafogo Star Guest Blog entries Pereira guidance Initial Introduction When I began punditry on sport, it was confined in online locale to my material, still is. I looked and learned through various other formats or Ideas to create my own place. Past blogging, I thought to use Ebooks, my most common format. EBooks can utilize audio and are a clear way to lineate your actions. I made the Kings of London Epic Poem Series and Richard Murray's Thoughts Series reflecting that truth. But, Ebooks were and are not the most used format to messages through the internet. Sport require common channels be used, if you have not figured out how to use an uncommon channel more imaginatively while attention getting, base on saturation in sport viewers to modern media. I thought to audio blog, The Richard Murray Fanatacism Audible, while collate from some of my favorite womens soccer connections, Richard Murray's Fanatacism, or strictly from the players, The Players Say. I gained more outreach but I found myself acting in similar to what others were doing. I find myself now starting a new endeavor, in this AALBC blog entry, like the Audible but absent the strict format. Now, Richard Murray's Thoughts Version 2 is here. I will post in the comments in this blog, any are free to join me,and state my thoughts. But the content or style will now be free. I will not assume I know how best communicate to the audience or viewership,
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