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  2. @elonawashington, are you looking you for only female respondents, or may anyone respond?
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  4. Who remembers being told black folk don't read or if you want to hide information from black people, put it in a book? Lately, I found several articles that disprove those notions. And it made me wonder about black women's reading habits. Please click on the link and take this 2-minute survey. When 100 respondents are recorded, everyone will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Target gift card. Thanks!! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FNGGNPB
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  6. Nope, I never did, but I still believe he'll serve out his term. The wheels of justice turn slowly and for men like 45 they rarely turn at all.
  7. Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am offers an artful and intimate meditation on the life and works of the legendary storyteller and Nobel prize-winner. From her childhood in the steel town of Lorain, Ohio to ‘70s-era book tours with Muhammad Ali, from the front lines with Angela Davis to her own riverfront writing room, Toni Morrison leads an assembly of her peers, critics and colleagues on an exploration of race, America, history and the human condition as seen through the prism of her own literature. Inspired to write because no one took a “little black girl” seriously, Morrison reflects on her lifelong deconstruction of the master narrative. Woven together with a rich collection of art, history, literature and personality, director Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’ film includes discussions about Morrison’s many critically acclaimed works, including novels The Bluest Eye, Sula, and Song of Solomon, her role as an editor of iconic African-American literature and her time teaching at Princeton University.
  8. @Pioneer1 the reason no one is trying to prove this is because no one made that claim. The idea is obsurd; why you keep forcing the point is lost on me. Now the alignment of the moving stars (planets) and fixed stars can tell you when something happened on Earth, but not what happened. I think that is what @Chevdove was trying to say, but she can speak for herself. Again, post the statement where anyone said what you've claimed about describing specific events based upon the relative positions of heavenly bodies. The student thinking he's ready, does not make so.
  9. Troy When I saw you posted in this thread, somehow I KNEW it would only be a sentence or two and most likely would NOT be an answer to any of the questions I posed to you. 1. That "battle" was just a hypothetical. It was an example for the question of how could something that happened in the past be confirmed or verified by looking up in the sky today. It doesn't mean a battle took place or that you claimed it took place, but IF someone DID claim it took place.....how could the planet or star alignment confirm this claim? 2. I see you totally ignored the question I posed to you of whether or not YOU believe that planets and moons are stars also. Lol, neither one of you (Troy and Chev @Chevdove) are doing a very good job explaining to me in a plain simple way that I can understand HOW planets and stars CONFIRM or VERIFY the claims people make of alleged past events like The Flood or Jesus walking on water. The STUDENT is ready, but where is the teacher?
  10. When black people talk about inequality and its impact on the community, typically, the focus is on racism and the role white people play in perpetuating inequality. One reason racism—the impact of racism—has persisted unchanged in America for nearly four hundred years is because black people are focused on the wrong issue. Contrary to popular belief, white people are not solely responsible for the unyielding impact of racism on the black community. Black people play a significant role in its impact and perpetuation. In a thoughtful, albeit direct, manner this book (Flawed Attitude) examines several beliefs and behaviors embraced by the black community that, inevitably, hinder the attainment of equality. The reader is moved into the psyche of black America and provided the opportunity to assess how the beliefs shape behavior and hinder the attainment of equality. Additionally, the reader is shown the origin of the beliefs and, more importantly, provided plans of action to move the black community down the path to truly attaining equality. Flawed Attitude will strike many nerves and the reader is guaranteed to walk away with a different understanding of race relations in America, his role in perpetuating the status quo, and what he could do differently to change the current trajectory. Facebook: glennybrown@flawedattitude https://www.amazon.com/Flawed-Attitude-peoples-behaviors-equality/dp/0996923705/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=g+lenny+brown+flawed+attitude&qid=1558498881&s=gateway&sr=8-1-spell
  11. Richard Murray's ThoughtCloud Tiger Tiger , Marca Worst 11 2018 , MUFC needed system 2018-2019 , PSG/Brasil needed system 2018-2019 , CONCACAF Womens Championship reflect the same reality in either gender in CONCACAF , Sarri Chelsea part 2 , My UEFA CL champion pick , 2018-2019 uefa womens champions league round of 8 to final thoughts , Womens Soccer in the USA , AWCON2018 World Cup 2019 entries , The Glyne Dame , 2019 Womens World Cup Draw and Ettie , 30 years from now , 2018-2019 uefa mens champions league round 16 , beInMourinho , atleti-juventus2202019 , Ownership or a reply to samantha weber , ElClasico 322019 , thoughts 332019 , ajax/realmadrid352019 , my reply to samantha webber's prose on critiquing prose, Morata/Griezzman/Costa , favorite team by flag , Football Crazy Replies 89, 90 , 91 , 92 , 93 , 94 , 95 , 96, 97 , 98, 99, 100 , 101 , 102 , 103 Ownership PSG , Atletico Madrid , Inter Miami , Audio Blog Richard Murray Thoughts <Kobo>, Richard Murray Thoughts segments <Youtube> Image Blogs <Google Photos> WSplus GoalChatter Guest Blog entries Women's clubs must survive , UEFAWCL is better than NWSL in 5 reason , Botafogo Star Guest Blog entries Pereira guidance Initial Introduction When I began punditry on sport, it was confined in online locale to my material, still is. I looked and learned through various other formats or Ideas to create my own place. Past blogging, I thought to use Ebooks, my most common format. EBooks can utilize audio and are a clear way to lineate your actions. I made the Kings of London Epic Poem Series and Richard Murray's Thoughts Series reflecting that truth. But, Ebooks were and are not the most used format to messages through the internet. Sport require common channels be used, if you have not figured out how to use an uncommon channel more imaginatively while attention getting, base on saturation in sport viewers to modern media. I thought to audio blog, The Richard Murray Fanatacism Audible, while collate from some of my favorite womens soccer connections, Richard Murray's Fanatacism, or strictly from the players, The Players Say. I gained more outreach but I found myself acting in similar to what others were doing. I find myself now starting a new endeavor, in this AALBC blog entry, like the Audible but absent the strict format. Now, Richard Murray's Thoughts Version 2 is here. I will post in the comments in this blog, any are free to join me,and state my thoughts. But the content or style will now be free. I will not assume I know how best communicate to the audience or viewership,
  12. Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and Welcome to my audio thoughts to the beautiful game and reply to football crazy episode 102, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as kaylmurray K-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev Egan is on twitter as Kev_Egan k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as partidopooper p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video before I speak on the show... In Womens Soccer... Congratulations on Olympique Lyonnais for defeating FC Barcelona and winning a treble. Their thirteenth domestic championship, eighth domestic cup, fourth uefa cup, brilliant, I know all the french players on Olympqiue Lyonnais have their eye on one prize, the world cup which will be held in france. https://www.weibo.com/7030963893/HuO9vswav?from=page_1005057030963893_profile&wvr=6&mod=weibotime And to the world cup, Heather O'Reilly tweeted against Ada hegerberg in a negative way, the link is in the transcript. I think in the future many female players from the usa may regret their successful past when uefa may have a powerful era in womens soccer starting with the french world cup. But, the reality is, the confederation of african football or c.a.f., the asian football confederation or a.f.c., the confederation of sudamericano futebol or conmebol and the confederation of central and north american and caribbean football concacaf have only themselves to blame. UEFA didn't start womens soccer over a hundred years ago. We all watched as UEFA grabbed womens soccer as a confederation while all the other confederations seemed totally disorganized to do the same, even though fiscally womens soccer in uefa , the union of european football associations, is not financially a juggernaut or unreachable. All the confederations outside UEFA simply have ran the race poorer than uefa but all the confederations started at the same time. Shame on them , players like oreilly from the usa, being bitter toward a uefa player is missing the better point. why couldn't ussoccer or concacaf simply do better? it wasn't money that failed ussoccer or the rest of the football world outside UEFA, it was and is organization, the structure to their bodies. https://twitter.com/HeatherOReilly/status/1131234114756120576 Also, I linked in the transcript a Great video from the German womens team - didn't know they were given a tea set when they won the first time https://twitter.com/dw_sports/status/1128306663226843137 FOOTBALL CRAZY SEGMENT BEGINS NOW TIME INDEX IN FOOTBALL CRAZY Segment, CONTENT Begin to 0:52 segment, Gary Bailey joins Kay, mr bailey is on twitter as g-a-r-y-underscore-b-a-i-l-e-y-one 0:52 La Liga segment, Zidane coach of Real MAdrid, comprehends that with alot of money demands alot of focused control. Every player counts, every position counts, and synergy matters. Bailey suggest that Zidane was nasty to Bale by not playing him but I suggest that Zidane is one of those players who treats players as he want or was treated. A no nonsense way. I agree that Real Madrid is risk reward for Zidane,but I think that is why Mourinho went back to CHelsea and went into Manchester United. The challenge matters. Quique Setién, recent former coach of Real Betis, Kay suggest Setien may go to Juventus. Bailey made the truest point to Valverde, results paper over problems, to any coach. The real problem is post Messi. 13:51 Mbappe/Neymar segment, Kay suggest he is speaking to move or have more power. But, I think his point is, I am not thinking about moves, and I want to do better no matter what. I still feel neymar/mbappe is better together in PSG. Bailey's point that Mbappe may want to go for the opportunity. What people forget is that Neymar has won the top trophy for everybluc he has been on. 18:38 title defense segment, PSG/BAyern/Juventus/Barcelona/Manchester City all defended their title. Galatasaray even made the double. but they are financially not in the top tier in uefa. Kay suggest it leads to a superleague. 6:06 And here is my U.E.F.A. superleague will be speech. Assuming the UEFA super league will be, what is the basis to the league being created, what are the problems, what are the solutions. The basis of the UEFA super league is money, that is well known, commonly stated but I think not put in context properly. A league based on financial entry doesn't relate to the football association geographic mold. That is why Ajax can make it to the uefa champions league final but will never be in the , will be, uefa super league. Ajax is too fiscally poor to be in the uefa super league. THis means any uefa super league will have to not be participated in by all member football associations of uefa. The basis of a uefa super league is a league where finances is the determining factor to entry and it will exclude most of the football associations in uefa. Now, the problems, in the form of questions, If england has a top six financially, shouldn't the countries to the fiscal similars to the english top six outside england in uefa get the same number of spots? What happens when a team's finances change: leeds, sunderland, saint Ettiene, Malaga, Marseille all used to be big money clubs at one time or another. Their finances changed. If Chelsea's owner change his fiscal strategy, what happens in the super league? What happens when a fiscally weaker team is better? the reality is, monaco in france, leicester in england, dortmund in germany over came their fiscal betters at one time or another recently. How do you reward quality from fiscally weaker teams when it is better than fiscally stronger teams? What about the anger from the poorer fiscal teams that they are denied the media attraction of facing the fiscal top clubs? what do you tell the champion on Ukraine when they are unable to face a big money team? What happens if so many teams are above the fiscal bar that the uefa super league requires relegation or promotion? What happens if a team outside the western europe top five countires warrants the fiscal entry? The answers... The idea of teams earning into the super league by finances is fine, but while finances is the key, merit is the shoes one wear to walk through the door. Meaning, no matter how many spots a country get into the uefa super league, their tier one domestic table decides what teams are in that spot. For example, when monaco defeated PSG in the ligue 1 race, monaco should get the spot into the uefa super league PSG's money earned. Make the fiscal top earners warrant a spot but don't give it to them based on money or some can act like the new york knicks in the nba in the usa, new york rangers in the nhl in the usa, new york yankees in mlb in the usa, teams that are the highest earners financially but in recent times perform as a bottom team athletically. Make sure PSG/Manchester United are even more eager to finish in in the uefa super league places. The concept of finance earning a spot but it being given to the one who sit in a certain place in the domestic table is the best defense against, financial wobbles. Again, just cause a team is wealthy now, does not mean they will be wealthy tomorrow. If Chelsea or Atletico MAdrid financially stumble, and drop midtable in la liga/epl, why should they be in the uefa super league? What if they drop off quality while in the superleague? do they warrant to stay in the super league? I don't think so. You can't guarantee fiscal quality long term so protect the system by not giving it in perpetuity to a club. Now what about the quantity of teams. Lets be honest, by the current idea floated, england has six, spain three, france one, italy one, germany one. that is twelve teams, fifty percent are from england. That can't be acceptable to any other country or UEFA. The best thing to do is look at the number of games from the group stage to the final in the uefa champions league and the number of countries the top fiscal clubs come from. From the group stage of the UEFA champions league to a uefa champions league final is fifteen games, let us add another for meats and that is sixteen games. Sixteen games equate to eight opponents or a nine team league using the round robin model. If we assume, england/france/spain/germany/italy, five countries have teams that will play their domestic top championship while this uefa super league, It will take four more teams to equal the nine to reach sixteen games for all clubs. Now, assume Bayern/PSG/Juventus wants in but can only accept one entry from all countries. Then we are short the eighteen matches. but, two more spots can be given into the uefa super league, one is the champion of the uefa champions league, the other is the champion of the uefa europa league. IF you have one country from the top five leagues and the champion of the champions league plus europa league, that make seven teams and twelve matches for each team. The champion of england/france/italy/germany/spain is given automatic spots. Twelve matches is a more than most of the top money teams get in the uefa champions league now. Now what if england demand the financial top six in england must be in the uefa super league. And the others accept it. then you have, thirteen teams, or twenty two matches round robin. I can't see why countries will accept uneven entry numbers in a fiscal entry league. That will only favor the country with the most members. But, if they do , then the domestic championships are replaced by the uefa superleague. For example, in 2019-2020 chelsea/manchester united, manchester city, liverpool, arsenal, tottenham, fc barcelona, real madrid, atletico madrid, psg, bayern, juventus are no longer in the english premier league, la liga, ligue1 , seriea, bundesliga. They will be in the 2019-2020 super league. But what happens in zenit st persburg becomes very fiscally wealthy and AC Milan/Inter Milan raise their fiscal profile, and Galatasaray increase their fiscal profile. Sooner or later, the super league will need a relegation and promotion. Sequentially, the uefa super league will eventually need relegation and promotion. but why will someone look at second or third tier uefa super league over the epl or la liga, even barring the english top six or the spanish top three. I repeat, a clubs fiscal worth is the key but the merit is the door that opens it, and the merit need to be even, instead of accepting every teams whose financial ledger is above a rank, rank countries based on the fiscal height of their wealthiest club. Thus if St PErtersburg grow fiscally stronger than bayern munich, the german league is relegated and russia takes its spot. In this way, the number of countries remains five and the fiscal quality is the basis for relegation and promotion of a league having an entry. So at this point, the uefa super league is a seven team league with fiscal relegation or promotion by country, with country slots filled in by top flight champions, with the champion from the countries with the five largest clubs financially, delineated by geography. That means the 2019 -2020 edition will have manchester city/psg/barcelona/juventus/bayern munich/liverpool or tottenham as the champions league winner/chelsea or arsenal as the europa league winner. They will provide using a round robin style, twelve matches. But what of the smaller clubs or bigger clubs regionally... I have a simple solution. A confederation wide league/cup rule. The rule is, every club must be in one league/one cup, one off tournaments like super cups of the club world cup are not included. What does this mean for 2019-2020.. in england, manchester city is in the epl and the uefa super league, liverpool/tottenham/chelsea/arsenal are in the epl and the champions league, manchester united/wolverhampton/everton are in the epl and the europa league, all the remaining teams from 2018-2019 season in the epl and all the teams in the 2018-2019 in the english championship outside the relegated are in the football league cup. The remaining teams in the english table are in the fa cup. All the smaller fiscal clubs are getting a cup competition warranting their position. Each with a higher fiscal reward. In leagues like france or england that has two cups and warrants a super cup entry, they will work as I described them. In leagues like spain/germany/italy where only one domestic cup exists, while they warrant a uefa super league entry, the top tier champion will get the uefa super cup, the next four the champions league, the next three the europa league and the remaining the copa del rey/coppa italia/dfb cup respectively. In all the other leagues in uefa, top two or three will get the uefa champions league, the next two or three will get the europa league and the remaining will get the domestic cup aside their domestic championship duties. It decongest uefa, gives more ability for smaller teams to compete for something valuable at their level in terms of cup competition. While also maintains the honesty of relegation and promotion. Over time, maybe russia/turkey will join england/spain/germany/italy/france and warrant seven teams, As the number of countries grows, to the uefa superleague then the europa league winner will go back to gaining entry into the champions league and the champions league winner will alone gain entry into the superleague absent a financial condition. This can mean an ajax/porto/galatasaray/zenit can still get into the superleague. And, over time if multiple seasons progress where at least two teams are over the financial bar for the superleague from at least nine countries then the an 18 teams league made up of two teams from nine countries each can be made. Two spots given to each from the nin country in a round robin mold, replacing domestic championship play.the uefa champions league winner still gaining entry. and the super league participants joining the top domestic cup competitions in their country. In this way, money dictates the super league but it slowly grows from a short championship replacing the uefa champions league for a select few and grows into a standard size championships that replaces domestic championships for a select few based on financial conditions. And, relegation and promotion can still apply. The bottom three drop down from the uefa super league into their domestic championship and the winners of their top domestic championship promote upward. Thus, keeping teams honest. Well, that is it to my superleague idea. what do you think? Contact me on my aalbc blog linked in the description to this audio or on my twitter page, thetenner10 t-h-e-t-e-n-n-e-r-one-zero NOW... 25:40 UEFA Champions league spot segments, Gary Bailey's reasoning to why getafe is better off in the europa league explain why the league/cup rule i stated for my super league structure concept mentioned before has value. one cup one championship makes it smoother for all clubs to focus on two competitions based on their level. In italy, I am happy Juventus drew with atalanta, I hope the goddess can rise. Conte to Inter is unfortunate. But, Kay made a great point, Allegri or Spaletti in publicly speaking on issues, aided their way to the door. 30:11 Relegated segment, Girona is stunned but they are another case in la liga where away form is better than the home form. Monaco are not relegated but got a win over amiens, but they are not safe yet. 32:53 liga mx segment, Leon versus Tigres, Liga MX final first match is the today 33:01 Mls segment, San Jose wandolowski broke the all time record for career regular season goals, congratulations 33:57 Gary Bailey's career segment, Kay ask gary to speak on the differences on the generations. Good point he made on how goal keepers were not protected and thus had to be very physically tough to be a keeper. Whereas today, a keeper is protected by referees. Today, clubs owned the contract whereas today, the salary is safe and players can rest. I think his point is interesting in a fitness way. People say, players today have better fitness but in the way gary bailey explains it, the truth is, players yesterday, were given no option but to play cause their salaries were too small to risk not getting paid and were only given upon appearances and success, especially in UEFA. I argue that in conmebol, many players at clubs are still playing under rules where they need to appear, need to perform, and thus changes the culture to the teams, as failure is costly. I like how kay mentioned that when she was a kid players had to live in with residents in the cities they played while today, gary reflects on how sixteen year old kids at the training grounds for manchester united are millionaires. Bailey admitted how he came from relative opulence in south africa, and was luckily to be strong enough to survive the hard living and unsocial isolation to being a youth player. I love his honesty to george best not handling it at manchester. Interesting point, Gary said in england, bobby robson was an early user to describing tactics heavily in england. Gary was lucky to play for Robson and Ferguson. Gary admitted that being locked in a contract made him appreciate being in manchester united, he learned to make the best of it. An interesting personal lesson from him on what one had to do if they wanted success 49:43 Power Rankings segment 10 Galatasaray turkish champions! 9 Big names moving on or retiring, danille de rossi, barzagli, diego godin leaving atleti 8 Arjen Robben and his beer tipping, in his last game for Bayern 7 La Liga debutante, sergio cameo, atleti debut, perez for barca 6 Cazorla is back in the spanish flag team, great work to get back to being the best. 5 Defending league title, manchester city, psg, barcelona, bayern, juventus... gary suggest time for a superleague but if none win next season does that mean, the system is just fine? 4 MLS no goal king Wondowlowski, career goal king 3 Mancester City won the domestic treble, epl/efl cup/fa cup 2 Olympique Lyonnais feminin thrashing FC Barcelona women to win four straight uefa champions league. 1 Cryptic messages, Setien, Mbappe, Zidane special messages, Messi 6th pucici, Iago Aspas 20 goals saving celta, Gary Bailey did very will in his virginal football crazy Thank you LINK https://www.beinsports.com/us/uefa-champions-league/news/mbappe-and-zidane-go-public-football-crazy-po/1197917
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    Yes this is a Google ad. I'll remove that ad unit from my homepage. Looking at that screenshot, QBD appears to be hijacking my homepage
  14. Dude, no one wrote anything like this. Please provide a quote.
  15. Or even better; give the money directly to the university so that the students did not need to take the loans on the first place... A billion dollars is a lot of money and there are a lot of ways to spend it -- at least as many ways as there are people. What homeboy did was quite commendable.
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  17. Your definition of a wandering star says it's "ancient" astronomy. She says the scientific world TODAY defines planets as well as the moon as stars. Again, this is the first time I'm hearing that science STILL calls planets and moons "stars".
  18. Maybe the pink blooded ones critiqued their bikinis.
  19. Merriam Webster star noun Definition of wandering star : any of the seven planets of ancient astronomy fixed star noun Definition of fixed star : a star so distant that its motion can be measured only by very precise observations over long periods. Going back to the sidelines.
  20. Troy Is this a serious question to me? Don't be silly 🙂 Besides @Chevdove never asserted that. Well, you're supporting her assertion that you can look at the stars and planetary alignments to verify historic events so I'm just asking you for specifics of how this is done. If a claim is made that a battle was fought on April 20th 1791....how can I look up at the stars or planetary alignments and confirm this today? Do you also believe that the moon and planets are "stars" too?
  21. I appreciate our brother doing this for the students. However I think that the money he's pledged to pay off their debts would have been a MUCH better spent if he would have guaranteed the same amount of money to each student toward their OWN BUSINESSES. Or atleast gave them the option for that money to go towards debt payoff or towards businesses. I think this would be more of an INVESTMENT than simply paying off debt because it would generate far more money for them in the long run.
  22. Troy Few can recall something from Ebony with the same level of fondness Perhaps Ebony should have become a Black men's magazine the way Essence caters to Black women.
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