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  3. #Copalibertadores night 82122019 #Flamengo vs #Internacional Currently Watching NO Goals so far
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  5. A buddy forwarded me this video, I watched the whole thing with interest listening to the numerous examples of white people who held racist views. It was not until the 7:38 mark where he states that we are "...supposed to think that race doesn't even exist." That I realized that I was watching white racist propaganda. This is really well done. The speaker is likeable measured and "sounds" reasonable and rational. Intrigued, I went to youtube to find more videos and my suspicions were confirmed as this video about Trump's comments about Baltimore illustrate. @Pioneer1 do you understand why a belief in "race" is so destructive? I can easily see how a white person uninformed about how Black people were treated in this country, and who also believes in the concept of race, would suck this up. Get ready for another four years of President Trump.
  6. Yes I remember this. You haven't aged a bit! As far as the parties, I would not let my daughters have boys grinding on them in my basement with the lights off, or down low -- and now I know they could not go to a party a Ms. Hopkins house LOL! I did A LOT of things has a kid that I would discourage my kids from doing even though some of those things were fun at the time. We we went to seedy little clubs in Harlem during the early days of what would be known as "Hip Hip." I was like 12 or 13 and you go up to a girl to "dance," but basically you were just humping each other. Sometimes you put the girl in a "sandwich" with another guy -- grabbing her breasts and butt. Sometimes there would be a train of preteens just grinding on each other in a sweaty frenzy. It seems crazy as I reflect on it now, but it is what we did and there were places like this all over the city. Of course this experience informed our (young Black men in the inner city) way of dealing with women. I'll go out on a limb here and say the experience was not positive. Clearly, how we see this video is a reflection of our personal experiences. I suspect the impact, good or bad, on any individual will also be based upon individual experiences.
  7. Ive quite a few books on Hendrix but as yet not this one but I'd like to share this for any fans of Jimi.
  8. @Troy I never censored how my daughters dance or what they wore. Even when my youngest was going through her goth phase - I just sucked it up. lol - Today, the twins barely wear clothes but that's their self-expression. My oldest daughter is more conservative and that's her style choice. I had nothing to do with it. Anyway, I'm not prudish ... And neither did my parents censor me. EDIT: I had a lights off rub-em-up sweet-sixteen party in my basement. It was great! Also Do you not remember this? This was our senior fashion talent show - I was 17! Kim Coles, Vicki and I dressed like this and even the high school administration allowed us free expression! And yes, this was a one-night only performance - but still creative arts require raising the Serpentine fire/Kundalini! In fact, if we see more of those performances like in Normani's video and less gang-banging - our current "drive-by - mass shooting" culture will change for the better.
  9. @Mel Hopkins yes I was beautiful, and as a gymnast the athleticism was not lost on me. Yes I remember doing the "Freak," but we were not filiming it and watching it constantly. Did you think the freak was appropriate? I know at least one guy that ejaculated while freaking (no it was not me 😎). So while I don't disagree with anything you wrote Mel, I find it hard to believe you would host a party where your teenage daughters were dressed and dancing like that. Would you you let them "freak" or dance "rub-a-dub style" in the basement with the lights off? @Pioneer1 if you are familiar with those dance styles, same question.
  10. http://www.freshbookfestivals.net
  11. #CopaLibertadores night 8202019 #GRemio vs #Palmeiras It was a great match. The round of eight has pure conmebol battles in the copa libertadores, Teams are not separated by huge distance in salary or quality. Felipe Melo was a general in midfield but his reputation led to his two yellow cards and meant palestre italia sao paulo was down a man against palestre germania porto alegre. But when Palmeiras had the numbers disadvantage, Gremio did not reply with patience. Gremio attacked like the last few minutes was to win the copa libertadores, not the end of a first leg in the round of eight. The second leg will be in sao paulo , but palmieras absent Felipe Melo as well as the fact that Gremio had more possession in this match, bolds well for a victory for gremio. Surviving twenty five to thirty minutes down to ten absent your defensive general is not the same like a full ninety minutes. Palmieras do have the counterattack and if Gremio's emotion late in this match is a sign, gremio will lapse and break before they settle and mature into the kind of emotion they need to play with. Gustavo Scarpa goal https://www.weibo.com/7030963893/I3de1m1bZ?from=page_1005057030963893_profile&wvr=6&mod=weibotime
  12. The dancing in this video is beautiful! And look at all those chocolate young women and men!~ They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing! It reminds me Janet Jackson's "IF" video but with a majority of beautiful black people. And @Troy don't you remember how sensual we were as a teenagers and young adults? Google can't promote what comes naturally - Young people are sensual, curious and carefree with each other. This choreography just communicates this age but with pure athleticism mixed sensuosity and grace.
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  14. David doc Robertson's new book Body and Soul was named for the classic improvised lyrical phrases of the Coleman Hawkins jazz performance of the same name. On the first page of the story, which opens in 1940, Peter Daniels plays the song loud enough to drown out the humming tubes on his living room phonograph and dances with his wife to celebrate the birth of their first and only grandchild, Adam Daniels, the story's protagonist. Right away, Robertson's sensitive description teams with Hawkins' tender jazzy lyricism and allows the reader to see the couple in step and undeterred by improvisation that makes it so seductive. This vision presents the structural purpose of the book, which takes the reader beyond the story and into the novel itself as participants. Doc parallels the ballad by appealing to a body's senses, including smell, taste, etc. "If a character smells fresh bread or falls in love, I want the reader to savor the aroma or experience the emotional sensation." He points out that the novel shares a variety of feelings and reactions, both joyous and painful. Though Adam's birth provides joy for his grandparents, it hurts his mother since her son was born bi-racial in 1940 Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The story descriptively outlines the standards of the time and even takes a look back into the early 1900s. After the look further back in history, the book details Adam's journey into manhood where he starts a family and a career in law. But like Hawkins improvised with unanticipated riffs in his song, Doc improvises Adam's life story in unexpected shifts that changes the setting to El Centro, CA and even into Mexico. Through it all, the story emphasizes the importance of family and the strength one gains from the connections whether through blood or embraced by choice. And like Hawkins' music, it ultimately demonstrates a new way to tell an old story, ending with a sense of glowing satisfaction.
  15. Some police just picked up about 4 young white men for plotting to commit mass murder.I think this is a step in the right direction. However Pres. Trump doesn't seem to be interested in the safety of his American people when he remarked, "Guns don't kill.People do".That doesn.t explain why crazy people should have military-style weapons.
  16. "Harm" many not be the right word. So I can't answer your question as posed. No the video is not XXX porn, but surely you'd agree the video is pretty provocative for prime time. If you don't find it sexually suggestive then you may be too old to have those feelings any longer :-) I know I wanna go out right now and find me a 20 something to get busy with I dunno man, I can only imagine what the average teenage boy wants to do after seeing this video. Again it is not just one video. This type of content is everywhere. This video single video will have been watched at least 20 million times in less than a week. That is more people who come to this site in an entire year. Look, scantily clad women gyrating in this manner were around when I was a teen too, but you had to go to a strip club to see this stuff. Today it is in the palm of your hand, on demand, 24/7. I'm not convinced there are no adverse consequences as a result of this -- are you @Pioneer1?
  17. Ldvirtue

    The Goddess

    Created in the image of he that created all The Goddess or deity stands in heaven’s halls, Making her way into places many fear to go, Her desire for knowledge surpasses excellence, While her story remains untold Her experience is apparent, it is found in every facial fold, Her beauty defines her fortitude; your future is her Goal To see tomorrow’s child and watch their dreams unfold To understand the fight yet venture past the obviously unknown The Goddess is the spirit that mothers from afar, Who lifts the broken hearted and with love helps us to embrace the scars. She is in essence that voice that says it is okay, she allows us to breathe, she sees each of us as special, this just seems to be her way. She is the smile, the butterfly, the call from an old friend, the encouragement that we needed to press pass what we deemed the end. She is that gentle touch of God, the directions in the dark, she watches from afar, but resides in every heart. She is as divinity, one that cannot be explained, so she is titled the Goddess but she goes by many names, some will call her mother, others see a friend many see a soldier, her names have no end, her attribute can be found in Proverbs 31, she as the deity is the wish each mother has for a son. Created in the image of he that created all, the Goddess or deity stands in heaven’s halls. Making her way into places many fear to go. Her desire for knowledge surpasses excellence. While her story remains untold. Genesis 1: 26 And God said let us make man in our image. Let them have Dominion over all (sickness, finance, relationship, ect, ect. Ect) 27: So God created man in his own image, in the of God created he him, male and female he created them, (We are products of he that created us, but how often we forget)
  18. It's similar to a degree over here. UAF I think are virtually all caucasian with hardly anyone from the British Caribbean community or Asian (as in Muslims or Hindus). But they do a good job standing up to the far right as well as others like Stand up to Racism and Hope not Hate. These organisations are ALWAYS present when the far right demo. The latter do seem to have a good mix of people.
  19. Maurice I have suspicions about this "antifa" group as well. They are supposed to be this far left organization yet I don't see any AfroAmericans or Latinos as members nor do I see any of them in real life....only on television.
  20. Troy Oh don't get me wrong, I totally respect the right for whoever to get themselves all tatted up if they like. But I don't like this "monkey see monkey do" attitude of just because you see a lot of Caucasians doing something you feel an automatic urge to imitate them even without knowing the meaning. Infact, I make the same complaint about so many AfroAmericans wearing suits and ties as so-called "business" attire. Common sense should tell us that one's ability to do good business pertains to what's going on in their head and their ability to sell their ideas and effectively communicate.....and as long as their clean and neat whether or not they have a suit on should be irrelevant. But since the founders of this society (Caucasians) established that you should wear a suit and dress shoes to business (and church) many of our people just go along with it unquestioned. ....but that's another topic all together, lol. Listen, I'd lke you to think about my question carefully....... Exactly what (as in what scenes can you point to) in this video do you think would actually harm a child by them looking at it? There is no nudity. No one is even having sex. It's just a bunch of people dancing and shaking and showing a lot of skin (and tatoos). How could this be detrimental to a child's development or psyche?
  21. #Coachcam- The #NFL has started a coach cam. Ian joy @JoyPaulian suggest #klopp or #guardiola having a coach cam in manchester city or liverpool but I think his query lead into a bigger issue. The goal in media is to entertain, but not all people are entertained the same way. Millions of fans want to see their favorite sport absent higher referee activity or higher electronic assistance or higher pre-during-post match assessment. Millions want to simply enjoy their favorite sport absent many of the modern media adjustments. Millions of fans want to see their favorite sport using more than current referee activity, electronic assistance, pre-during-post match assessment. Millions enjoy their favorite sport with more media activity or electronic activity around their sport that is used in modernity. But, what is the problem? Millions want both ways. It isn't that all want one and few want the other. Many want both so how can media enterprises serve more than one master? https://twitter.com/JOYPAULIAN/status/1163201368108097536
  22. News. Says. New. York. White. Police. Officer. Fired. For. Using. A ,Deadly. Choke. Hold. On Eric. Garner,Killing. Him.. Surprised.. Amazed. It. Took. This. Long. White. Police Are Not Asked By White News,Media Why They Do Not Fear Neo Nazi When They Have,Guns, KLAN Wearing Klan Hoods With Rifles....News Media ,Not,Talking About Racist White Police Fired For Being. Klan Members, Passed 10- Years...Black Police Are Silent...
  23. The #BlackQueens are unable to study- Naa Bardina @NBSports_Live quotes ghana coach Madam Mercy Tagoe-Quarcoo in her lamentations about the lack of structure in ghana to the womens game to prepare players for competition when called up. The first thing all have to realize is most selectable female players, over 95%, for any flag play on the land that flag stands. sequentially, female soccer is not the place like in mens soccer where flag teams can be developed through the global transfer of players. You see this in the mens teams of ghana/ivory coast/croatia side many others. Absent france's ligue1 or similar leagues that accept a high percentage of players from outside their domestic land or confederation many flag teams will stifle cause the domestic leagues under those flags are not developed enough to aid the development of players to improve. Womens soccer is not in that place, sequentially, womens soccer flag teams demand a higher quality domestic league to aid in player development. And in ghana's case, the development of the womens system internally is closer to dead or absent than growing or blossoming. The problem going forward is the solution? how does a country absent a strong natural resource, absent a potent fiscal community, find the money or resources to develop an athletic environment? I do think the answer is in crowdsourcing, accessing people from ghana living abroad to finance through a collective financial system to specific agendas is key. Functionally, I see it as the socio model through crowdsourcing. The first type of product financed are basic: pitches, boots/kits et cetera , objects that are about aiding players or all teams. For example, all teams in the first tier, need a pitch so provide a crowdsource that will collectively make all pitches needed for the teams. For other actions, like salaries a person pays a certain amount of money they get a vote to vote on who gets a contract. The idea is, crowdsourcing can access the money outside ghana from the people of ghana. article https://nbsportslive.com/tokyo-2020-queens-coach-bemoans-lack-of-competition-head-coach-black-queens/ referral https://twitter.com/NBSports_Live/status/1163478855539187713
  24. From Authors Publish “These publications accept creative nonfiction, including personal essays and memoir. Most of these outlets accept other genres also, like fiction and nonfiction. A few also publish translations and artwork. All of them pay writers, from token to pro rates, and are listed in no particular order.”
  25. Congratulations #DTigress thanks for sharing @Queenjohn4 @NGSuper_Falcons #AfroBasketWomen https://twitter.com/NGSuper_Falcons/status/1163208715740299266
  26. Sex sells. Sure, but what are the selling @Pioneer1? I don't understand people with dark skin getting tatoos myself, but I have no "problem" with it. The only really problem I have with video is that I don't think it is appropriate for young kids and Google does not appear be exercising any control over who sees their vidoes. The video has over 14 largely due to Google pushing it. I see now that Google is selling tickets to a concert Normani is performing in... slick.
  27. After the trouble in Portland ,Trump now see some it to label Antifa as terrorists. Is he kidding? As far as I can tell,all they did was confront the far right. Says a lot about him,doesn't it ?
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