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  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=heaHle2PDT8
  3. Yetide Badaki as Bilquis, a goddess of love, identified with the Queen of Sheba.[6] Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy (recurring season 1; main season 2), the Ghanaian trickster god Anansi. He works as a tailor.[8] Mousa Kraish as the Jinn Demore Barnes as Mr. Ibis (recurring season 1; main season 2), the keeper of stories past and present, the Egyptian god Thoth.[8] Chris Obi as Mr. Jacquel, the Egyptian God of the dead, Anubis.[9] Also Orlando Jones is a Consulting Producer.
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  5. That question can also be asked in the case of a teen-aged white girl accusing a white man. Nowadays, the credibility of every accuser is questioned because all teen-aged females know how to be seductive, thanks to the media and the internet.
  6. Obviously, you've never lived in or around Chicago or Atlanta. So in answer to your question as to whether you have, my response is "no". Case closed,
  7. Hello All, Please Join Us! Spring Into Action! Writers Empowerment Series is an interactive panel discussion with authors, Guy Jazzy Rainey and Julia D. Shaw. Hear their perspectives on writing, get tips on publishing, principals of success and overcoming obstacles. There will be an interactive Q & A session following the discussion. There will be door prizes and authors’ books for sale. The Early Bird Sale Ends on Friday April 12th! About Guy Jazzy Rainey: Guy Jazzy Rainey is a Harlem native; happily married with four children. His passion is his family, motivating people, life coaching for the past 10 years, DJ’ing and public speaking. Guy is better known in the music business as DJ Jazzy G. and in the Hip-hop world as The Hip-hop historian (and he wears that title proudly). Back in the days, Guy made his bones as a DJ and club promoter in some of the top clubs, retail record shops, radio stations and indie record companies in New York City (Harlem World, The Rooftop, Downtown Records, Downstairs Records,107.5 WBLS and Select Records) just to name a few. He is also producing a documentary film about the life and time of the New York City club DJ's from the past & present. Throughout all of his success, Guy Jazzy Rainey felt like everything was going wrong when His wife had tested positive for breast cancer, his mother had congestive heart failure, his real estate business had taken a nosedive and his best friend was murdered. Despite it all, Guy remembered the principles he was thought and shares that in His book is entitled: "The FACTS of Life....Faith, Action, Change, Truth and Service." About Julia D. Shaw: Julia D. Shaw is the Lead Consultant at Shaw Biz Consulting (SBC) formerly Shaw Literary Group. SBC provides traditional and non-traditional consultation services supporting business growth and development. Shaw's insight has proven beneficial to entrepreneurs, small businesses, publishers, authors, corporations, radio stations, educational institutions and non-profit organizations. Shaw's professional experience spans over twenty years. Her latest business venture is a publishing partnership with Toni Coleman Brown compiling Delayed But Not Denied: 20 Stories About Life and Resiliency. Julia consults with the Network Journal Magazine's -40 Under Forty Achievement Awards and the 25 Influential Women in Business Awards. Shaw and/or her clients have been featured in the NY Amsterdam News, NY Daily News, NY Times, USA Today, the Network Journal Magazine, Black Enterprise Magazine among a host of newspapers, blogs/websites, TV and radio shows. Shaw is a contributing author to the Amazon Bestseller, Network to Increase Your Net Worth, compiled by Toni Coleman Brown and was featured in Steppin' Out with Attitude: Sister, Sell your Dream, by Anita Bunkley. Julia is the proud mother of two daughters with three grandchildren, residing in Queens, NY. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spring-into-action-writers-empowerment-series-tickets-59971780209 Best, Inspired Ink NY
  8. Happy Hardcore Easter 🙂



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  9. So the next time a little Black girl accuses a grown White man of sexual assault, will she be believed? Or will people have this image buried into their subconscious of how overt and seductive even the LITTLE Black girls can be when "tempting" White men.....and take that into consideration for justifying any behavior inflicted upon her?
  10. You tell me....lol. You JUST SAID that I didn't; so what sense does it make to ask me NOW? Seems to me a question like that should be asked BEFORE telling someone where they have or haven't lived, not after....lol.
  11. Troy Seriously, why didn't those folks, on the job, call 911 when the girl looked like she was about to pass out? Why didn't you drive her to the emergency room? Trust me, if you looked "gray" and "waxy," and then passed out in my call we'd be headed to the nearest emergency room. Why didn't the boyfriend take her to the hospital or to see a doctor? That's the same thing I was thinking. Why didn't Chev or the boyfriend just take the girl to the hospital. But I know some people like that. If something goes wrong the FIRST thing they think to do isn't to call an ambulance or even go to the hospital, but to call up a friend or relative and ask for help. Chev @Chevdove Alright, it's Easter Sunday and I finally got enough time to sit down and read this story......lol. I've been meaning to read it all the way through for days now. For some reasons I thought it was cute how you were just trying to get some sleep and kept taking cold medicine while people were constantly bothering you and barging into your room. I also though it was funny how after you threatened that one girl she quietly put down the phone and then stood up and RAN AWAY.....lol. I would have loved to be in that house just to observe the daily going's on.....LOL. But aside from something telling you to call your friend's job, how is this "supernatural"? Further...... There's been a lot of talk on here about "watchers" and who they are. Much of it is based on mythology found in the Book of Enoch, but do you want to know the TRUTH about Watchers? Although spirits and guides are real, the TRUTH is that the original Watchers were the Black soldiers placed at the southern border of the Caucasus mountains to keep wild tribes of Caucasians from coming back down and disrupting the Black civilizations south of them like Sumeria and Kemet. These Watchers were Black soldiers and as evidence of this some of their descendants STILL continued to live in that southern Caucasus region thousands of years later......called Colchians.
  12. Afro Times News Update Apr 20.19 Government corruption - Sexting to prison pipeline - Criminalizing America - Medicare vs Insurance and much more. These people have lost their minds. Little by little, they are losing control of their reasoning.
  13. When white supremacy touches home is when Black people begin to even acknowledge it. Systemic injustice, face-to-face bigotry, videos of police brutality close to home or white folks in your neighborhood flying the confederate flag being revealed as racists. It's sad because for years I attempted to remind people that racism is still there but Black folks browbeat me using the "don't blame the white man" excuse, but now its clear. Yep, Black politicians are complacent and most Black folks are also until it actually hits home. Sorry about the delayed response. I try to get over here as much as possible and engage but I have learned that talking to people is sometimes just useless. So yep, I hit and run and then return.
  14. https://www.foxnews.com/us/urban-decay-to-be-replaced-with-farmland-in-detroit https://www.michiganradio.org/post/detroit-s-urban-farms-engines-growth-omens-change
  15. Hi. Would it be possible to add our festival to your listing? Our information is below: Chappaqua Children's Book Festival, October 5, 2019 in downtown Chappaqua. Free. www.ccbfestival.org We have over 140 authors including Jerry Craft, Sharee Miller, Eric Velasquez, Bryan Collier, Tiffany Jackson, Tracy Baptiste, Lesa Cline-Ransome and James Ransom, TR Simon, Ronald L. Smith, Jerry and Gloria Pinkney, Nikki Grimes. Thank you! Dawn Greenberg, executive director
  16. Not being able to make enough money to independently support yourself involves so many extenuating circumstances that its ridiculous to make the above statement. During The Depression people from all walks of life including highly qualified and educated ones were not able to make enough money to live independently. How can you not take the economy and the stability of the government or even the health of a well educated person into consideration when making such assertions? You want to dumb down life. What your argument amounts to is that educated people who use their information to think creatively are to blame for uneducated people who are too ignorant to think in the abstract. You refuse to consider that education is one of the things that separates the winner peer groups from the loser peer groups in the arena of success.
  17. The writer Neil Gaiman also wants to do the Anansi stories as a stand-alone. And has made it clear that the lead has to be Black. Hollywood suggested a white lead.
  18. Yes an opponent need not be an enemy. Opponent Adversary Nemesis are not quite the same
  19. My input in readily available for the choices you make. You know i'm better at responding than initiating. 😉 I wonder myself what my final thoughts will be on GOT, whose characters have become like friends - and enemies to me. I have my own theory of how it all will end but i hesitate to reveal it. Daenarys is my favorite character, naturally. A strong woman. @DelanoI have access to American Gods because i have Starz but i've never watched it... Maybe i'll check it out. As for me needing a worthy opponent, can a worthy opponent also be a soul mate? 😮
  20. Isn't the hook of this comedy that the "little girl" character is actually a grown woman who through some fluke has suddenly become trapped in a 14 year old's body? The kid playing this role is a very precocious young lady who is a co-producer of the movie and for whom it is a showcase to introduce her acting skills. This film is a spoof not to be taken seriously.
  21. Have you ever lived in or near Chicago or Atlanta? Here's your opportunity to correct me for basing my conclusions on the things you stated with such inflated confidence.
  22. Troy This is a major film and it's getting heavy endorsement and advertisement. I think you're taking this too lightly or not looking into the implications of it deeply enough. With all of the uproar and hell being raised about R Kelly and Elijah Muhammad's interactions with girls and young ladies..... Now some of these same people who were making the most noise are now silent over a film that in a back handed way seems to sexualize a 14 year old girl and make it seem as if she has the hots for a grown White man. Again, what kind of messages are they putting into the minds of young Black girls depicting another young Black girls who can be seen over and over again giving a grown White man "bedroom eyes" and overtly flirting with him? Who's sick ass fantasy is this? Did Issa Rae think this was cute?
  23. Oh, I haven't??? Ok....well.....thank you for correcting me on MY residential history, lol.
  24. Troy I'm not sure what YOUR point is, but MY points remains the same that whether you are a professor with a Doctorate or a floor mopper who doesn't even have a GED.......if you aren't making enough money to live independently and support yourself YOU ARE NOT EDUCATED. And again, the first priority a person should have is the ability to sustain themselves and their family and obviously since you and others are complaining about the wages at CU of NY being inadequate....whether or not they are in actual, relative, or hyperbolic poverty is irrelevant. The fact is they aren't earning the wages they'd like to earn or even NEED to earn to make a decent living.
  25. Haven't seen it yet but from the little research I've done on it already, I don't like it. Just more racist stereotypes hidden (and not so hidden) in well planned acting and directing. You got a Black man called Mr. Nancy (short for Anansi but still a woman's name) in a clown suit gritting his teeth and looking crazy. He's known as a "trickster" And another Black man named Shadow Moon who is an ex-convict. I don't give a damn how well you dress it up or how good the acting is...... It's just more stereotypes of Black people acting stupid, crazy, and criminal while the White characters are running the show. Poison will still harm you regardles of how great the food it's slipped in tastes.
  26. So....... After reading that story, my initial reaction was to shake my head and say: "It's not enough for Mel and Cynique to proudly proclaim how attracted and appreciative they are of powerful confident White men......but now even Chevdove is on here posting stories about how "beautiful" White men with golden hair (if that's what you want to call beautiful) are coming to her rescue and comparing them to and calling these White men angels !!! Because of earlier Christian conditioning, too many of our people and especially our women have a deep down conditioning since childhood to see White men as their angels, saviors, and protectors which is why our women tend to be so much more inlove with "Jesus" than most Black men." But you know what? I wasn't there and don't know what happened nor what you went through so I can't condemn it or praise it with my arm chair philosphying. I'm glad you got the help that you needed sis. I just hope that The Supreme Being continues to send ME help when I need it. I prefer that the humans sent to help me come in the form of BLACK men and women, but I'll accept them in any color.
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