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  2. Author: Tamar Grigsby Book Title: Little Lady Rose ISBN #: 978-1728308593 Book Summary: Rose is an inquisitive little girl who doesn’t think highly of herself until she is exposed to her mother’s uplifting, blossoming garden. This journey between a mother and daughter is guaranteed to lead to positive feelings like confidence and self-acceptance. “Little Lady Rose” illustrates that experiences, coupled with an adults encouragement and support, will foster a child’s self-esteem. I realize that 7 of 10 girls believe they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way, including their looks, performance in school and relationships with family and friends. This book sheds light on the pressing issue young girls face daily, battling self esteem. With the riveting increase in depression, suicide, bullying, and trafficking among our youngest children, it is important we foster their emotional development. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BCxuD3Nn8ByiSUBxs1O8CbxEpaasotb7/view?usp=drive_web Please provide with a book review and book highlight.
  3. Well any little girl who has a parents that would allow her to see this film has bigger problems to deal with than this film. Look, this is a dumb comedy that was critically crapped on and will have zero cultural significance. We have bigger fish to fry like Facebook's Instagram.
  4. @Pioneer1You have never lived in or around Chicago, nor Atlanta so your observations belong in the context of that. And you are apparently incapable of comprehending the difference between upper class inherited wealth and second generation middle class affluence. What might, though a stretch of the imagination, qualify for Chicago's black upper class did not make a bee-line for Atlanta (or are they summer homeowners in Martha's vineyard.) They stayed right here in the University of Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood where the newly-rich Obamas and the prominent families of such people as Valerie Jarret reside. The majority of black people who migrated from Chicago to Atlanta, relocated for the weather and the lower cost of real estate, and they were average people. The Chicago Defender is on its last legs like Ebony and other print media. Hispanics and Arabs are not driving out or taking over black neighborhoods.
  5. Good morning. I am still alive and kicking. Just trying to assess whether I'm coming or going which is not new for me. I sometimes have the tendency to lose steam after going full pursuit of some goal. That is my Achilles heel. Add to this the fact that I don't simply have "a bump in the road" when it comes to adversity. I encounter "ROAD BLOCKS". In any event, I must confess that I am in a phase of my life where I am losing faith in everything. How odd is it to age and to realize that your dream really was the impossible one. It is 7 am and I am heading out on a three day road trip to clear my head. Will be touch when I shake my demons. Peace
  6. Just surfing the unconscious I have never seen Game of Thrones.
  7. A Very Supernatural Weekend ~ It’s Raining Men Halleluiah This one short story of my personal experience one weekend back in late October of 1988 that I want to share became life changing. Actually, I am really embarrassed by my actions years ago and although I shared this story with my close friends and others at the time, I am ashamed and hope that my sons never read this account even as I also hope to publish it in a book one day. One evening back in October of 1988, I decided to glance at the horoscope in the newspaper and became so excited by what I had read that I ran out of my room and downstairs to share it with my girlfriend, Bette, a White Jewish girl sitting on the couch in our three bedroom townhome that we shared together and with another girl. The horoscope said that someone negative in my life would soon leave and Bette knew how upset I had gotten over this man that I had dated. At one point, I fell in love with him and was infatuated by his presence, but eventually, I came to hate him, and I wanted him gone; out of my life. It developed out of an office romance later, but looking back, I know that I was exploited, however, I let my emotions lead my decisions. That man, Black Doe, put our relationship on display on the job, and therefore, I was enraged. But to my surprise, Bette snapped at me in disapproval. She scorned me. She said, “You should be ashamed of yourself. You are supposed to be a Christian and here you are reading a horoscope. You know better than that.” Man! I was furious. I said nothing though. I turned around and marched back upstairs and pouted for a while before I went to sleep. I met this man, Black Doe, on the job and even though I had no interest in him at all, initially, I could see that he was beautiful. He styled a medium-sized afro. He was tall, slender, and very dark skinned and, his aquiline facial features and large eyes were mesmerizing. But, at this time of my life, I had so many other problems going on that I was absolutely not interested in dating. Also, in my office environment, there were four other men including my supervisor and we were all environmentalist at a major shipyard. One of the men, that became a part of my frustration was Black Doe’s friend, another gorgeous man, a tall, naturally tanned complexioned Native American named, John. He was well-built and, he had straight sandy brown hair which he wore long. One late rainy afternoon and months after I had been at this job, it seemed out-of-the-blue, my job troubles began. Towards the end of the weekend one day, I sat at my desk and I became completely involved in my work and became oblivious to anything happening around me. But then, I heard a voice behind me, and I looked up from my paperwork and slightly glanced behind me, and there positioned behind me was both Black Doe and John. Both leaned on the window ledge and they were looking at me, and then one of them said, “You are going to have to choose, me or him.” Oh My God—Wednesday—Thursday—Friday!” I am so humiliated to have to recount this part of my life but, because of what happened to me a few days later, I know that I may help someone if I bare this part of my soul. I now know that I should have realized that I was being victimized and made a better decision and I don’t know why I did not seek help, but I never did. What if I did report it? It would never have ended in my favor. H3ll, I’m a Black woman. Smh. Nevertheless, at that time, I never even gave it one thought, in that I was a victim of sexual harassment. I submitted because I thought, “well, they are both gorgeous.” Then, I thought back to their past conversations and how they would compete for my attention. Sometimes, I would laugh deep down inside as they would parade back and forth in front of my desk, and I thought, “they look like they’re doing the mating dance”. Then, I dismissed them out of my mind because I was having so many other personal problems, one of which was a strained relationship with my mother. On one occasion, for days, John repeatedly told me that he could tan so dark within a weekend that he could get as dark as an African American. So, one Friday, he did just that. When he came back on Monday, I was shocked at how dark he had gotten, and I watched him parade back and forth in front of my desk and I thought, ‘he’s flirting with me’. Geez. But again, I dismissed him but, on that fateful day that I was given an ultimatum, I realized that I had underestimated their intentions. Looking back, I now realize that no matter what I could have done though, I would still be a loser, and that becomes the reason I believe I came to experience a supernatural experience. I believe an intersession was made for me. I was forgiven for my stupidity. Because when I was a little girl in the 60s, I would look at the Jet Magazine and adore the Jet man of the week, I had developed a love for Black men, I fell for Black Doe. I became a product of the Civil Rights Movement. Soon though, I became furious and hated him because he put our Black Love on blast! Because I was not on any form of birth control methods, I began to fall on my knees and pray. And, I wanted him gone; out of my life. Much to my surprise, the Monday after I read that horoscope, I came to work and found out that Black Doe had put in his resignation with only a weeks’ notice and so by that Friday, he came to work for his last day. However, that was only one event amongst a series of stressful events that had been occurring in my life at that time. For the past months, I had gotten into more trouble and this would be yet another humiliating testimony that pains me to recount. I HAD BEEN BOUNCING CHECKS EVERYWHERE. I mis-managed my finances and although I had met with a lawyer and reached out to my mother for advice, I became involved in a dilemma anyway. To add insult to injury, my car was being stripped down, so-to-speak for, every time I went to have it serviced, it seemed that I was being exploited. My last escapade at a supposedly reputable shop, my gas gage needle was disconnected, and the mechanic wanted to charge me to repair it. But instead, I resorted to making sure my tank was filled with gas completely and I kept track of my mileage to and from my job and other places. So, on that fateful Friday in late October of 1988 when after I attended the office picnic party on Black Doe’s last day at the company, I became very depressed. I went to the bathroom and just cried, but however, I could not afford to cry for too long because I had a major deadline that I had to make. I had two outstanding checks at two different grocery stores and was warned that if I did not pay for them by 5:00 PM, the close of business day, I could be in Criminal court and possibly go to jail. So, after work, I rushed out of the shipyard and drove over the bridge to one store and paid the check fees and then, I had planned to drive down the road to the other store on the same street to pay for the other check. But my car would not start. It was dead. I knew I was doomed. But then, I decided to try and run down the boulevard, however, after I crossed the median to the other side of the busy street and began to run a little, I stopped and started walking slowly and I laughed. I was in heels and was in a pencil skirt. It was a ridiculous endeavor because it was 4:50 PM and I knew that I could not get to the store in ten minutes before the office closed. But just when I stopped running, I noticed a man driving on the other side of the median in a burgundy colored car pass me and then, he made a U-turn and drove towards me. He slowed down and rolled down his window and asked me if I needed help. I paused, hesitated and then said, “No thank you.” But he persisted. He said, “are you sure you don’t need any help?” Then, I laughed and explained my problem and told him that I did not think I could make it in ten minutes even if he drove me. But he continued to persist, and he said, “Well, let’s try. Come on.” So, I giggled a little but decided to give it a try, so I got in his car. I was so miserable that I did not care about my safety and had no fear of being in a car with a stranger. He was a beautiful White man with a glowing golden complexion, thick and wavy light brown hair and mustache, and he had light brown eyes. He drove quickly and made a U-turn and flew up the road and into the parking lot of the store. Then he told me that he would wait for me. I said, “Oh no! Don’t wait, I will be fine, thank you.” But, he insisted. So, I rushed in and was able to pay the bounced check and the fees. Afterwards, I walked down an aisle and stood way back in the store and looked out of the window and saw that the man was still parked in the middle of the lot with both of his arms over the steering wheel waiting for me. I threw my head back in dismay and laughed. Then I decided to stall and walked around the store and read magazines for about fifteen minutes in hopes that he would drive off. But when I checked, still, there he was in the same spot blocking other cars from driving in that aisle. I stumped my foot and began walking. I thought to myself, “I’m going to be raped. I’m going to be killed.” I got in his car, thanked him and asked him to drop me back where he had picked me up. I never said anything about my dead car. On the way back, the man never said anything, he just looked forward and had a pleasant expression. He saved me, I thought, so I will try and say something to let him know how much I appreciated his help. So, before I got out, I said, “thank you very much” and “What is your name.” He said, “Gabriel”. Umh. I thought, that’s interesting. Then I said, “I hope I did not make you late” and, then he said, “No, I am just going up the highway.” Then, he slowed down and stopped, and I got out, said thank you again, and closed the door. He drove off. At first, I was relieved because I was saved from going to jail. But then, suddenly I thought about my dead car and felt doomed again. The only one I knew that could possibly help me was my girlfriend, but she was on her job and about an hour away. I had no idea of what to do about my car. But I was exhausted so, I just wanted to get to my car and just sit down for a while. It was such a peaceful day in late autumn October, my favorite season. The weather was perfect, and I could feel the warm breeze through the huge old trees that shaded the road. But I was miserable. As I crossed the median and sidewalk and stepped through the grass onto the parking lot pavement, I saw another White man walking briskly towards me. And he said, “Do you need help”? And, I was alarmed. How would he know that I needed help? But, I laughed in surprise and said, “Well, actually, yes! I do. My car won’t start. It’s dead”. Then, He smiled softly and said, “Let’s take a look at it.” Then, I laughed and said, “Okay, but it is dead. Completely. There’s nothing that you can do.” But then he said, “Well, let me try.” So we walked over to my car and he got in and turned the key. Then he said, “Do you have a gas tank?” And I said, “No, and anyway, that is not the problem, I put gas in it this morning.” Then he said, “Well, let’s try that first anyway.” So, he beckoned me to his car and well, yes, I GOT IN! Here I go again, in a car with another stranger within minutes! He told me that he was visiting his sister and that she lived just down the road and had a gas tank. So, he drove a little way down the road and then turned into a narrow-secluded driveway past a house on one side and dense bushes on the other side, and to the secluded backyard and parked in front of a garage. I became afraid and thought, OMG, I’m going to be killed and no one will ever know. He got out of the car really fast and went into the garage and closed the door. Then, he came out with a gas tank and with a big dog! He opened the back door and the dog, a German Shepherd, climbed in. I thought, “Now, this is crazy, Don’t he know that Black people can have a fear of police dogs like this!” But the dog was calm and did not even bark. I looked over my shoulder at the dog, but he didn’t even look at me. I asked the man as he got in the car, “What is the dog’s name?” and he said, “Shep”. Okay, I am now thinking to myself… umh… this is weird. A shepherd. I asked him about himself. He was a beautiful White man, well-built, medium height, with a healthy glow to his complexion. He had thick, wavy black hair that was shoulder length and a mustache, and he had dark eyes. He wore tan baggy cache shorts, a t-shirt and dark brown leather sandals. He told me that he traveled across the country and that he was a carpenter by trade and did odds and end jobs. He also said that the last place he had been was in Texas. I became hot. I thought, ‘Am I imagining this or what?’ Then, he turned into a gas station. I thought to myself, “Okay, I am going to ask him his name, and if he says, Michael, I am going to die.” So, I asked him, “What is your name?” And, he turned and looked at me with a stern look and said, “Michael”, and then he turned and jumped out of the car and grabbed the gas tank and walked off. I immediately lost it. I grabbed my head and I lost control. I couldn’t believe it. This is no coincidence, I thought. I watched Michael walk back to the car and for some reason, he lifted the hood of the car partially and was doing something under the hood, but all the while, he stared at me with a sober face. I was flipping out in the car. I tried to play it off, I turned my head and tried to gain control. I was laughing uncontrollably and saying aloud, “I can’t believe this. I can’t believe this. Oh My God, I can’t believe this is happening. What is going on? Jesus help me”. By the time that Michael got back in the car, I had gotten a little control of myself, but I was still freaking out inwardly. Nevertheless, he was completely calm and backed out of the gas station and drove back towards the grocery store lot. I said nothing else. I was quiet. I asked him no more questions. Then, he quickly got out of his car and I followed him back to my car. He opened the gas knob and poured in the gas and then he walked around and opened the hood. Then, Michael walked around and sat in the driver’s seat and looked back over his shoulder at me. I stood back beside the car. Michael had one foot outside of the car and he looked up at me and said, “Let’s see.” Then I said, with a weak giggle, “Okay, but I tell you, the car is dead. It is not going to start.” Well, he continued to look at me while he turned the key, and well, “Varooooooooooom”, the car started up like a charm. OMG! I backed up, bent over and grabbed my face and turned hot red! I squealed, laughed and exclaimed in disbelief! Again, I told him that I put gas in that car this morning! Well, he went from being calm to being firm. He then chastised me and said, “Your gas needle is broken, your running on empty, and you leave home without the comfort of a container!? Never leave your house without a backup.” God! I felt like I had just been chastised about my faith. I was running on empty. I felt like I had just been visited by a great spirit; two great spirits. In less than one hour, I met a man named Gabriel and then a man named Michael and they completely came to my rescue and left just as quickly as they came! Michael said nothing more, he just briskly walked away and got into his car and drove off. I got in my car and leaned back. It was twilight. I cried for a few minutes. Then as the evening became darker, I drove home and told my girlfriend this story that evening and she too was surprised. Even more so, over the weekend up to the beginning of the week brought even more wonders to my life. The heavens were rainy men, Halleluiah! That Sunday, I had decided to go to a visiting Church and afterwards, I came home and fell into a deep sleep and had another supernatural happening. While I was in a deep sleep, I was awakened within a vision to a very warm and comforting sensation on the bottom of my feet. Then I heard a voice say to me, “Don’t be afraid. I will lead you, I will direct your footsteps.” Then came another message; “Your mother is on her way to visit you. When she comes, she is going to ask you to move back home. When she does, be respectful, but DO NOT GO.” Suddenly, I heard a soft knock on my bedroom door that afternoon. Slowly, I came to. I woke up and I saw my door open slowly and my roommate peered through the door slowly, and she looked in shock. Her eyes got big and she whispered, “Your mother and your sisters are here!” Slowly, I sat up in disbelief. It had been eight (8) months since I had seen my Mom or any of my sisters. What in the world! This was the first time that my roommates met my family. Slowly, I got up off the air mattress and prepared myself. I went downstairs and saw my Mom and sisters sitting down in the living room and my friends were trying to welcome them. However, my Mom seemed cold and said that she wanted to speak with me up in my room. So, they followed me upstairs and just as soon as we got inside, my Mom chided me. She said to me that she did not raise me to live with White girls. She did not raise me to live in a house with pets. My sister spoke and she went on and on about how nasty it was to live with cats and how they throw up hairballs and etc. I was quiet, dumbfounded. I said nothing. But then finally, my Mom said that she wanted me to move back home now. I almost passed out! My sister said that my Mom would “roll out the red carpet to me” …. Finally, I softly spoke and said, “Mom, I can’t because, I have signed a lease. I have to pay the lease.” So, even though, my mother’s face became threatening, she said nothing. Quietly, she turned and instructed my sisters to go. Within a few minutes they left. I escorted my family out and waved them goodbye and when I stepped back inside the townhouse, both of my roommates looked at me in shock. They said almost simultaneously, “What was that!” Then we all doubled over in laughter. I said, “Well, I don’t know, but Hey! Why do you think I’m here!? My Mom is like Joan Crawford bossy, ya know.” And so, my next day, Monday, becomes the most amazing part of this enigmatic time in my life. It was as if the Supernatural weekend ushered in the gift, the bread, at the beginning of the week. On Monday morning, my supervisor assigned me a major job, so I suited up and left the office. All that morning I surveyed a building with a team of workers who I directed to rope off the area and operate the crane while I took air samples. After I returned to my office lab and prepared the samples, I walked through the yard to deliver my samples to another department for them to be analyzed. And later, that afternoon back in my office, while I was asleep under my desk during my lunch break, I was awakened to a phone call. I thought, now who is calling me on my break? When I answered, I realized that it was the young man that I had delivered my samples to and he began to pursue me…He was a very a beautiful, well-built, tawny complexioned ‘Black’ man, with a medium sized and very black afro… He became my husband.
  8. My White Jewish Girlfriend & the Supernatural In response to a statement a few weeks ago, I shared a past and personal experience that happened to me back in April of 1994. I explained that a week prior to this event, I told my husband that I was suddenly warned about a job termination and other detailed facts that did completely come to light. At that time, initially, my husband did not believe me but afterwards, he now describes my experience as supernatural. Now, because I want to clarify another point about the voice and message that I had heard on that day in that it was definitely not a what was described as a WATCHER, therefore I will share some other supernatural experiences that occurred to me in the past that can be confirmed. A Watcher was described in this community to be something that can happened to people, but it is not G-D and also Watchers cannot intervene physically. So, based on this definition and other experiences that I have had in that past, I know that what happened to me on that day in April of 1994 could not have been a Watcher. Although there was more to the first story that I did not share, I do know that it was God, the MOST HIGH, that communed with me in the spirit. However, years prior to this event, I had other amazing experiences on a supernatural level when I lived in a townhome with two other girls in Virginia. Following would be a Short Story of just one account. Back in the latter part of October of 1988 when I had gone to work, I was suddenly given a strong message and without hesitation, I acted on it. But before I continue, I need to offer a little background in order to fully understand the circumstances that surround this time of my life. I had been living in this townhome for about eight (8) months because I was kicked out of my mother’s house back in January of 88 which happened to be around the same time that I was hired for this job. Fortunately for me, on the very day that I was told that I had to leave home, I received a call from this Jewish girl and she asked me if I could move in with her and another girl and sign the lease for a three (3) bedroom townhome. I actually had driven for about an hour to meet this girl weeks prior and interviewed for the lease, but she turned me down and had chosen another girl. Weeks prior to this second phone call, when I came home from visiting old college friends, I was abruptly faced with an empty bedroom. My mother and younger sister moved all of my things out of the bedroom and put it in the room of my youngest sister. My mother decided to give the room back to my younger sister with no warning. I said nothing, but I was furious. So, the next day, I responded to newspaper ads, and I drove around and interviewed to a couple of places. I drove nearby to be interviewed as a boarder in a townhome of a young White girl, Elizabeth, nearby and she accepted my application. However, a few days later when I came home from work, my mother and sister moved all of my things back into the single bedroom and, my mother said that she was wrong. So, I never told my mother I was leaving and did not want to upset her, so notified Elizabeth and she was upset because she had pulled the ad. Therefore, I gave her $30.00 to put the ad up again and apologized. However, the very next week, I was confronted again and this time, my Step-father became involved. This was my second week on my new career job. The week prior, I was about an hour late on my very first day of work, because, my mother barged into my room around 5:00 am, and demanded that I give her twenty dollars and I told her I had no money and she yelled at me and called me ungrateful and etc. until my Step-father got up and told her to leave me alone. But on the second weekend, and on that Friday, I came home and was burning up with fever, and took some drowsy cold medicine and laid down to sleep. My mother barged into my bedroom and woke me up and told me to drive my youngest sister and her friends to the mall and chaperone them, and I responded that I could not do that because I was sick and I drifted back to sleep. Moments later, my mother banged on the door and demanded that I get up and step into the hallway. When I came out, both her and my step-father shouted at me said that I was disrespectful, therefore, I needed to follow the new rules. I was to give them half of my paycheck every time I was paid and etc. or move out. I said nothing but I went back into the bedroom and laid back down. About five (5) minutes later, I heard the phone rang in the hallway, and then a knock on the door. The phone call was for me, so I stepped into the hallway to respond. “Hello, this is Bette. Uh, I was wondering if you are still looking for a room?” Then, I said, “yes, actually, I am.” I was totally surprised. Bette, the Jewish girl, further explained that the other girl, dropped out at the last minute and so she needed another roommate to sign the lease immediately in order to get the townhome. I told her that unfortunately, I could not sign because I would not get my first paycheck until a week later. So, about five minutes later, she called me back and told me that her father agreed to pay my portion of the security deposit and the first month if I would sign the lease… YEASSS!!! So, I quietly put the phone down and walked past my Mom as she was walking in the hallway. She had no idea of the nature of my phone conversation as she never knew that I had actually went to look for a place to live weeks prior. I went back into the room and went to sleep. On Sunday night, when I came back home from doing an errand, I found that once again, my things had been totally moved out of the single bedroom and into the twin bedroom! They done kick me out of the single bedroom again! But, moments later, I silently began to get my things and I went back and forth to my car and packed up! Then, my mother realized what I was doing, and she asked me where I was going? LOL. I was so angry; I almost couldn’t respond. But I said, “somewhere.” Moments later, my mother called one of my aunts and told me to go to the phone. So, I went and listened to my aunt babble a bunch useless words, but I basically said nothing. After she was done ‘saying nothing’, I handed the phone back to my Mom, and continued to pack up my things. I then got in my car, in the night, and began driving…crying… and driving… until I got to my new townhome which was about an hour drive distance. My new Jewish girlfriend left her air mattress in my room for me and I blew it up, popped some more cold medicine, laid down and went fast to sleep. I woke up a few hours later and went to work… THE SUPERNATURAL EVENT Eight months later after I started that job, one day I went to work and sat down at my desk and within minutes, I was given an abrupt message—seemingly Out-of-the-Blue. The desk I sat at was in the middle of a spacious office room and my back was to my supervisor, Mr. Clark Kent. I worked at a large industrial industry, a shipyard, as an Environmentalist. I was a workaholic, always on time, perfect attendance record. So, about five minutes after I sat down and began to work, I heard a voice that said, “Call your girlfriend now, she needs help.” WOW. I never called my girlfriend from my job. She did not give me any indication that she was sick or in need of any help. But, I immediately picked up the phone and called her. I knew that she was at work and I knew the phone number because I began to work there part-time. She worked at two jobs, she worked at a tanning salon and at a flower shop. Both she and my other roommate were angry with me because I ran up the phone bill, calling my mother, LOL, so I decided to work at the flower shop three nights a week to pay it down. That was still a time when land line phones were used and long-distance phone calls cost! Every time I picked up the phone to call my Mom, it was like, $1.48 per minute. So, even though, I was the one in the house that made the big bucks, however, I could not afford to just pay off the bill in one chunk. LOL. Plus, I loved working at the shop, it was relaxing. Anyway, I made the call, and abruptly, the girl that answered the phone assumed that someone had called me. She said, “I am SO GLAD they got you! Are you on your way?” And then I said, “What!? What do you mean? Is something wrong?” And then she said, “I thought someone called you. “We are all afraid. She can’t even stand up. She has to lean on the table. She looks like she needs to go to the emergency room, but she doesn’t want to go. Can you come and get her because we don’t know what to do? I’m going to walk back to the back. Here, you talk to her.” So then, my girlfriend responded, and she gave a weak laugh, and said, “Yeah, okay, they don’t want me to work.” And then, I said, “Okay, look, I am coming now. Tell them, I am coming now, but I am coming all the way from the shipyard, so it will be about 45 minutes before I can get to Williamsburg.” So then, I hung up, and slowly turned around, and looked at my supervisor. Then, I said, “I have to go now! I need to go get my roommate; I think she is sick.” And he said, “Sure, absolutely. Take your time.” So, I took off! When I got there and as I walked in the shop, a couple of the of the day shift girls ran up to me and grabbed my arms and marched me back to the back room. They said, “Oh My God, I am so glad you are here.” The manager was standing behind my friend and she had this shocked expression on her face. Baby girl was so weak she barely knew I was even there. She could not stand up but continued to lean on the table. She looked grey and her skin was waxy. I took her arm and she leaned on me all the way to my car and told me that she did not want to go to the hospital, but she wanted me to take her home. She went right to sleep or passed out immediately when I put her in the car and locked the seatbelt. I was like, ‘Shoot!’ –What do I do? Is she going to die while I drive or what!? Man! But when I got to the townhome, I helped her into the house and up the stairs and into her gown and into bed. She went right to sleep. WHEW! I didn’t know what to do! But this story gets even more interesting before the night was over. I made a mistake of judgment. However, about fifteen minutes later, there was a knock on the door. It was her new boyfriend, Bobby. He told me that she had called him and so, he went upstairs and moments later, Bette came down with him and out the door. He drove off! I was like, in shock! I decided to call my boyfriend at the time. I called him on his job and asked him for advice. He said, that I needed to call her parents. But, I decided to call around to try and find out where Bobby had taken her. I knew that he went to this Church and that Bette met him there. So, I called the Church office, and eventually found out that Bobby had taken her to a Church mother’s house, and I pushed and got the woman’s phone number. When she picked up, I told her that I was very upset that Bobby had moved my friend like that and I wanted him to bring her back to the house now! The woman tried to sass me and told me that all was well but, I told her that no, “All was not well.” The woman said that my friend had ‘broke her fast’ and so she gave her a plate of fish. I asked her did she know that my friend was seriously allergic to mostly all kinds of seafood, especially fish, and to my surprise, she said, “yes”. Then, I really lost it. She started to babble Bible phrases and I broke it off. I told her that I had to go back to work but that my friend better be back here by the time I get home because I am calling her father and I will give him your phone number! So then, I decided to call her older sister first and she was very bossy. At first, she said that Bette was grown and to let her make her on decisions, but then, she changed her mind. She asked me a series of questions and then decided that it was a really bad situation and then she told me that I did need to call the parents. So, I did, and her parents asked for me to call them that evening when I came back home from work. Just before I left to go back to work, the phone rang again, and it was Bette’s best friend, the manager of the tanning salon. And, she called and said that she wanted to thank me for rescuing Bette. Then I asked her, “What’s up? I had not seen Bette for about a week, and I had no idea that she was in trouble.” The manager told me that she had not been eating and that she had been going out with Bobby and passing out church flyers. Then I said, “I thought she was doing her usual and hanging out over your place.” Then she told me that she was afraid to call her parents because Bette was very hot tempered, and I agreed. But now, here I am, the one to take the fall. The Black girl. Smh. Right after that call, I got two other calls from the girls at the flower shop, and they too, thanked me for coming to Bette’s rescue. That night too, before I made the call, I had asked my other roommate to get on the other phone line and so, the parents began to ask us some questions. Bette was asleep in her room. To my surprise, my roommate, Shelly, a blonde-out-of-the-bottle girl from South Dakota, began to dominate the conversation and she completely degraded Bette. When I tried to intervene, Shelley got louder and spoke in this ‘cutesy valley girl tone’ and would not let me get in edgewise. She told the parents that Bobby was like some ‘Biker, Party guy’ and that he had long hair and that Bette was out with him for days. She told the parents that the Church was like a cult. She described Bette’s attire and said that Bette had looked like a slut! OMG! I flipped. She completely lied. She told balled -faced lies! And the parents were kind of quiet and shocked. I quietly put the phone down on my bed and tore out of my room and met Shelley halfway down the stairs. She was sitting on the bottom of the staircase. I said, “Shelley, Shelley,”, Then she looked back over her shoulders and saw me. I said, “Hang the phone up. Hang the phone up now. If you don’t hang that phone up, I will fight you. I WILL KICK YOUR AZ.” I was furious. Her eyes got really big, then she quietly hung the phone up and stood up and ran away. I grabbed the phone and snatched it out of the wall and ran back upstairs and picked my phone back up. I said, “Oh, umh, Shelley had to go. But, umh there is nothing wrong with Bobby. He is a Church boy.” I said, both Shelley and I went to visit that Church too, and it is an established church out of Europe; the Assembly of God. There is nothing wrong with that church, it’s just that Bobby likes Bette. He is a clean-cut kind of guy, I promise you.” But it was too late. I could tell that the father was set. The mother was relieved though, when I eased her mind about her daughter. I was afraid for Bobby because I knew that he would not be able to handle that Spanish Jew man! He was going to wrap that boy up. So the father told me that he was on his way and it would take him about seven (7) hours to get to Virginia from New Jersey. He told me not to tell Bette and that he was going to ease her back to Jersey for a few days. So, I stayed up all night on the look out for Bobby! LOL. I decided to pull out the sleeper couch and I got some clean sheets and made up the bed in hopes that the father would just go to sleep and not go out looking for Bobby. Finally, after almost exactly 7 hours, I heard a soft knock on the door. And the first thing that the father said when I opened the door was, “Where is he?” LOL. He didn’t even say, hi first. I knew he was probably ‘packin’. But, when he saw his bed ready for him, he immediately laid down and went to sleep. That morning, he woke Bette up and as she packed, both the father and I drove about 20 minutes to the flower shop parking lot and I drove her car back home. Then he asked me to start her car every day for a few minutes while she was away. Shelley left that night and I did not see her for days. But Bette packed up her cat too, and they headed back to Jersey. And, that hurt, because I became fond of the cat and he loved me. Fast forward, Bette called me a few days later and she was angry with me because I had called her father. She reminded me that she had already told me how dominant he had been and how he got mad when she dated a Black boy during her high school years and etc. She used to talk a lot and tell me a lot of fascinating stories about her Jewish relatives and their experiences in the Jewish Holocaust in Europe and etc. I knew that they were Catholic and that he was going to get angry when he found out she went to a Protestant Church. I did not respond back to her when she unloaded her anger towards me, but I just listened. After that phone call and a few weeks later at the end of the lease, Bette cut ties with me. She did not talk to me for two years. That hurt. In fact, I am still angry about that because, I was the one to take the fall, not her frickin White girlfriends. It was me, the Black girl. I am still furious. Her parents adored me though. Her mother showered me with wedding gifts and gave me her personal treasure, an heirloom ring. Her father tried to give me all of the furniture in the townhome when the lease was up. He liked my boyfriend and gave him a sit-down, father-son talk. I love that man, Bette’s father. I did reconnect with Bette and years later, she came to my rescue again when my mother had me arrested. But, even today, I never told her how I found out that her life was on the line that day. I never told her why I made that call that morning when I had just got to my job, and she was so spaced out, she probably has no idea, that no one, NONE OF HER WHITE FRIENDS or managers, called me or came to her rescue. It was me.
  9. @Pioneer1 LOL. There seems to be a lot of different themes being pushed in the film, not only that White man. This movie is connected to, I think, Girl Trip, so, I can see the similar themes. I just recently saw that movie, and don't know what to think really. I do think movies are used to push politic issues though. Oh but, because of the young girl in it, it will probably be 'intended' for little Black girls--conditioning--nonetheless.
  10. @Pioneer1 you've missed the point. Don't you see that the video I shared is part of a strategy to get a wage increase? You are speaking as if the professors are complete morons without agency. In the short time I've been teaching my wages have increased twice once retroactively resulting in a 4 figure check. Not a ton of money, but what i make working part time, from home, is the more than what some wage earners make working full time. The adjuncts are unionized. I posted the video because the claim we make poverty wages is hyperbolic and I thought it might be interesting to share my story of poverty 🙂 Look, no one will get rich being adjunct, but poverty is a bit extreme. Again, it is a part time job and if it is your only source of income, living in NYC, then yeah, you are in for a world of hurt.... Of course I also feel more resources should be directed to education.
  11. While Black architects produce extraordinary works, they account for only two percent of the profession in the United States. Many of their works exist in the Black community and have helped preserve and restore history and culture. Though architecture is often not associated with Black Culture, it is an integral aspect in defining a community and requires careful consideration of design, context, and resident relationships. This book explores over forty works by Black architects and their impact in the Black community. A wide variety of projects are featured, from residences of affluent African Americans, to historic churches, to memorials and museums of Black culture and history. Each work, through brief examination of its history and architecture, exhibits the magnificent work of Black architects from past to present, and provides inspiration to architects of current and future generations. Black Built - Hardcover (ISBN 978-1732965102) Black Built - Paperback (ISBN 978-1732965119)
  12. Clearly, @Pioneer1 we are not the target audience for this film. But the film is rated PG-13 and not intended for "little Black girls" either. While I feel you, in this case you may be reading too much into it. You know major motion pictures have to have good white people in them or they can't be made. This is par for the course.
  13. This is a clip from a new movie called "Little" which I guess is supposed to be a modern version of "Big". I'm looking for a more detailed version in which the Issa is stuttering and stammering in the presence of this White man because she finds him so attractive. So it's not enough to have adult Black women salivating and panting over White men, but now they gotta train little Black girls to do the same thing??? Training our little sisters to be all up in movies making passes as White men and acting like they're in heat for them. What kind of message are scenes like this supposed to be sending, and for whom???
  14. Yeah I watched GOT last night. I wish they would release all the episodes so that I can binge watch the final season. Waiting a whole week for the next episode is so 20th century... Man if I did not have to wait for over a year for this season I would just wait until the end of this season to to binge. I have been watching the new season of Star Trek and it is a challenge to keep watching it is so much like a soap opera. If Michael Bernum (Spock's Black step sister) cries in again in the episode I swear I'm going to stop watching -- she was raised on Vulcan for Christ's sake... ah never mind... Well, I'm glad the site is not broken. Now how do I get all the people who register new accounts to participate? While I block more than I approve there are at least 10 to 20 new people signing up each week. In fact someone registered while I was making this post, but if history is any indicators that visitor will not post. One does not need to post to read the forums or to even post comments, so it has never been clear why someone would register and never post. If I had the resources I would try to figure out why this happens.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Ahhhh.....Game of Thrones. More powerful and confident (and quite violent) White men for you and Mel to appreciate and fall inlove with, lol.
  17. I'm just uninspired and unmotivated. 'Don't have anything to say and am becoming indifferent to all the crap going on in the world. The whole political scene is cock-eyed and discouraging. Elsewhere, I couldn't care less about the fire that razed the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, a fiery holocaust that struck me as being karma for the hypocrisy and corruption within the Catholic church. i'm suspended in a zone which regularly reminds me of how out-of-kilter my sphere of existence is as things are still disappearing, then materializing in a familiar place days later, - this along with weird examples of syncronicity between unexpected occurrences. I'm also like a time traveler as my memories and dreams constantly return to the distant past. And the weather. Below freezing temps and ground covered with snow one day, then 70 degrees and sunny 2 days later...rash of fatal accidents in the area with drivers going the wrong way on Chicago's expressway, plowing into oncoming traffic...my grandson's dog becoming more attached to me, always wanting to hang out in my room...in-laws suddenly back in my life. Craziness. . The return of "Game of Thrones" did break through and pique my interest, and looking forward to seeing how it comes out is one of the few things that captivates my focus, along with the Reconstruction era documentaries airing on PBS. Oh, well. Hopefully, i'll snap out of it.
  18. Chev But @Pioneer1 I may have forgotten the actual topic and may need to re-read the early comments, but if a person has obtained a certain degree and education or TRAINING, however, they cannot force the college or government to pay them the wages they feel they deserve? right? They could if they were PROPERLY EDUCATED on unionization, organization, and how to demand more benefits for themselves.....which is how most people have traditionally gotten wage increases from their places of employment. Again, this is the difference between EDUCATION and mere TRAINING. All of these degrees and certificates and shit mean nothing if you can barely eat or pay your bills. Many of these professors were TRAINED in a very narrow specific field to do a particular job...which is teach students for the university. That's what they were hired to do, and that's what they're doing. But if they were PROPERLY EDUCATED then they would know enough about society, history, and life itself to realize that CUofNY will not just arbitrarily increase their wages and be nice to them, but they'll have to demand a wage increase and perhaps even take punitive action if necessary. Again, TRULY educated people KNOW HOW to get what they want and need. If they aren't smart enough to figure out how to demand hire wages and more benefits, they aren't smart enough....and aren't educated regardless as to how many letters they have before or after their names.
  19. Cynique   Chicago's black population has no large "old money" class. What passes for its elite, doesn't go back more than 3 generations with a high percentage of this first generation drawing from residents of "the projects" which, back in the day, were populated by respectable working-class people from the ranks of the great migration and who possessed middle class "values" but were employed in the service industries or at places like the Post Office or who ran"on the road" as Pullman Car waiters or were employed in Civil Service positions after passing tests which qualified them for these government jobs. Well Chicago SHOULD have a Black "old money" class since Black folks have been getting rich in Chicago for over a century now. The Defender was full of Black success stories back in the old Black and White days so Black wealth and power has had a strong grip in Chicago for a long time. Maybe Black Chicagoans with money should stop abandoning their city letting Latinos and Arabs take over formerly Black neighborhoods while they run off to Atlanta, California, and Las Vegas. If you go down to Atlanta nearly a third of Black folks there are actually FROM Chicago. And if you ask them why they left they'll same some crazy shit like "they didn't like all the snow".
  20. The Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) tend to be patriarchal in nature. The Abrahamic concept is founded in the Caucasian mistrust of their own women because they feared if women had too much power and freedom they'd start choosing the men THEY found attractive and wanted to sleep with instead of being forced to be with men out of dependence.....which could ultimately mean they'd choose Black men. Look at the Kardashians and other wealthy Caucasian women who openly choose Black men and other men of color as sexual partners. When women have money and independence they then have the freedom to choose who THEY want, and a lot of men in power don't like that. This is one of the reasons why unlike traditional African and Native American cultures where women tended to have more freedom, in Caucasian cultures and religions women have been suppressed and in many cases demonized.
  21. Lol......and look at what happened to the Notre Dame Cathedral. Karma is something else, ain't it.
  22. I'm not suprised. I've said this before, but the intellect of AfroAmerica has been dissolving since the 80s. Media and periodicals are an intellectual pursuit and takes a certain level of intelligence and academic discipline to operate them successfully. The simple fact is many of those in these past few generations don't have the smarts or discipline to even MAINTAIN what their parents and grand parents started....let alone build on top of it and expand it. The REASONS for this intellectual decline vary but I would say the main causes include the steady dismantling of the public educational systems in most urban areas since the 80s designed to purposely "dumb down" the population, and the poor dietary habits of most AfroAmericans since the 70s which negatively affects the proper development of the brain. Oh...and I can't leave out the powerful impact that hard core drugs like heroin and cocaine (in all of it's various forms) has had on the mental development of Black youth.
  23. Richard Murray's ThoughtCloud Tiger Tiger , Marca Worst 11 2018 , MUFC needed system 2018-2019 , PSG/Brasil needed system 2018-2019 , CONCACAF Womens Championship reflect the same reality in either gender in CONCACAF , Sarri Chelsea part 2 , My UEFA CL champion pick , 2018-2019 uefa womens champions league round of 8 to final thoughts , Womens Soccer in the USA , AWCON2018 World Cup 2019 entries , The Glyne Dame , 2019 Womens World Cup Draw and Ettie , 30 years from now , 2018-2019 uefa mens champions league round 16 , beInMourinho , atleti-juventus2202019 , Ownership or a reply to samantha weber , ElClasico 322019 , thoughts 332019 , ajax/realmadrid352019 , my reply to samantha webber's prose on critiquing prose, Morata/Griezzman/Costa , favorite team by flag , Football Crazy Replies 89, 90 , 91 , 92 , 93 , 94 , 95 , 96, 97 , ? Ownership PSG , Atletico Madrid , Inter Miami , Audio Blog Richard Murray Thoughts <Kobo>, Richard Murray Thoughts segments <Youtube> Image Blogs <Google Photos> WSplus GoalChatter Guest Blog entries Women's clubs must survive , UEFAWCL is better than NWSL in 5 reason , Botafogo Star Guest Blog entries Pereira guidance Initial Introduction When I began punditry on sport, it was confined in online locale to my material, still is. I looked and learned through various other formats or Ideas to create my own place. Past blogging, I thought to use Ebooks, my most common format. EBooks can utilize audio and are a clear way to lineate your actions. I made the Kings of London Epic Poem Series and Richard Murray's Thoughts Series reflecting that truth. But, Ebooks were and are not the most used format to messages through the internet. Sport require common channels be used, if you have not figured out how to use an uncommon channel more imaginatively while attention getting, base on saturation in sport viewers to modern media. I thought to audio blog, The Richard Murray Fanatacism Audible, while collate from some of my favorite womens soccer connections, Richard Murray's Fanatacism, or strictly from the players, The Players Say. I gained more outreach but I found myself acting in similar to what others were doing. I find myself now starting a new endeavor, in this AALBC blog entry, like the Audible but absent the strict format. Now, Richard Murray's Thoughts Version 2 is here. I will post in the comments in this blog, any are free to join me,and state my thoughts. But the content or style will now be free. I will not assume I know how best communicate to the audience or viewership,
  24. Transcript to Womens soccer and episode 97 Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, wherever you are listening, I am Richard Murray and Welcome to my audio thoughts to the womens game and reply to football crazy episode 97, Footballcrazy has Kay L Murray on twitter as kaylmurra K-a-y-l-m-u-r-r-a-y Kev Egan is on twitter as Kev_Egan k-e-v-underscore-e-g-a-n and Des norris is on twitter as partidopooper p-a-r-t-i-d-o-p-o-o-p-e-r PErtinent links are in the transcript in my African american literary book club blog post linked in the description to this video before I speak on the show In Womens Soccer...COngratulations to Olympique Lyonnais , for winning 5-0 against PSG feminin, a great dominant win and if they defeat chelsea in the semifinals over the two legs, one leg this coming weekend, onto another uefa champions league final and a possible 6th title, their fifth in a row, being only bettered by the male real madrid team through di stefano https://www.weibo.com/7030963893/Hpx4JDyZL?from=page_1005057030963893_profile&wvr=6&mod=weibotimehttps://twitter.com/DiCiccoMethod/status/1117455499090251777 who will dictate the womens us open cup format? I hope it maybe televised federally @alywagner BUT, the format to the womens us open cup need to change, don't mirror the dysfunction in the mens, 50 state cup tournaments make 50 champs, then six champ rounds to title, thoughts? INAC Kobe in the nadeshiko league, the japanese womens league have some cute kids depictions to their players https://twitter.com/inac_kobe2001/status/1118465243514990595 An article on how the football association of england stifled womens soccer for 50 years made by Gigi Choy< https://twitter.com/ggbdoo > , linked in the transcript, was shared to me by andrew orsatti <https://twitter.com/AndrewOrsatti> side steve graff <https://twitter.com/SG_Calcio > https://www.scmp.com/sport/football/article/2179279/not-so-beautiful-game-how-fa-stifled-womens-football-50-years-and FOOTBALL CRAZY SECTION BEGINS NOW TIME INDEX ? Segment, CONTENT Begin Tim stannard is in for Kev Egan, Stannard is on twitter as laligaloca l-a-l-i-g-a-l-o-c-a 1:26 Title denying, When I chose to listen to this episode of Football Crazy , NAntes was up 3-1 against PSG, a great keeper like gigi buffon has this very poor defense skillwise. But Tuchel problem started when he did not use the correct strategy to save Neymar. Neymar got injured cause PSG chose to focus on a soft midfield base since they sold matuidi. Good notice from Des Norris, I didn't know Mbappe stamped. Mbappe clearly needs Neymar on the pitch, to relieve the pressure on him. Thinking to Barcelona, Stannard actually said, think of the children think of ... ok, back to seriousness, Kay is exactly correct, bench players are not meant to be glued to the bench. The players on the bench ideally are supposed to be equal quality, just not chose cause the form to the starters is better. Juventus need a summer reboot in midfield but also defense. I hope Allegri stay, I hope Valverde stay but Tuchel must go for me. 9:59 Derbies, Kay should had asked Stannard to think of the children when he suggested Getafe is not a proper side to enter the champions league. Real Betis facing Sevilla in the sevilla derby was energetic as always BUT I am happy LO Celso is signed to Betis and not going back to PSG. He is not the midfielder kind PSG need. NEymar needs matuidi's /casemiro's/paulinho's/kante's in midfield to be the muscle , allowing him to be the roaming free artists 15:00 Atleti , Morata likes the Atleti system. Stannard is correct, with Higuain not being a goal machine and may be back to italy though i hope a chinese team. Chelsea may keep Morata but I hope Morata push to be in atleti, he is playing better in atleti. 16:53 derbies continued, the intercontinental derby is the name not turkish classico. Galata palace is creeping, the race is not over. KAy's point is excellent, many young players snub turkey where they can grow and reach nice profits. small teams in england or spain are not better than top teams in turkey. 19:05 EPL, I agree to Des, the anglo media is pushing all the cards on Liverpool and if they don't win the english title or champions league, it will be like the gerard year and the slip, which demba ba ended liverpool dreams. I repeat strategically, every klopp team weakens at the end of the season. Will Liverpool reach the end unweakened and thank you KAy, Manchester City have a extra game to play. The shame in OLe is that anyone who has eyes saw that the manchester united squad did not show a healing of problems under mourinho. 27:09 Italy Serie A, I say Icardi to AC Milan for goals 29:07 Chelsea fc, the problem is that the CHelsea owner ROman Abramovich, chopped and changed managers so much that while chelsea won many trophies, they didn't allow an identity to formulate or maintain. Now absent the money, they need an identity. 30:05 spain La Liga relegation, Stannard is cruel, he wants celta to go down to see how Iago Aspas will be influenced. Stannard made a good idea, what if relegation was based on a bell curve. MAke an average on team goals, and those under that average do not make the cut like in golf. 33:31 C.A.F. Cup of Nations, media wise for advertising or sponsorship the move to the summer and expanded team count, is good but I think the structure is still not good enough. I have stated it on my blog linked in the transcript < https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/249-richard-murray-thoughts-version-2/?tab=comments#comment-470 > 34:55 crisis in O.L. , as a long time OL supporter, it is not a crisis. PEople look at teams like Ajax one season or Monaco another and suggest that is the way youth development teams are, the truth is, OL is the standard youth development teams. OL is not a bad team but like most youth teams their lack in experience cost them as well as their untested collective response to challenges. 40:00 MLS in the USA, the whipping Monterrey gave Sporting KS need to be spoken more. The weakness of MLS teams in the concacaf champions league is equivalent to the weakness of EPL teams in the uefa champions league. anglo media hypes up anglo teams to be great, but all are poor. Tigres vs Monterrey are in the concacaf champions league final. 43:05 Joey Barton, Power Rankings 10 Leon 11 straight victories in liga mx 9 Chukweze, Villareal Nigerian goal getter 8 Bilbao has an academy product in the first team for 55 years straight, Kay mentioned Higuain can pay for Bilbao. 7 Turkish Superlig youth, Elmas 6 Norwich city leading the championship 5 Guedes from Valencia former PSG, brace in EUropa league, and great performance in Valencia derby 4 A art team made a set of scenes based on ray hudson saying. I Asked KAy about it and you can check my twitter for the reply. 3 Lille Les Dogues 2 UEFA Champions league, Europa Leauge, Copa Libertadores 1 Title denyers- psg/Barcelona/Juventus As I was composing this, Tottenham and Manchester City were in a battle, advantage Tottenham, that tottenham won. Son from south korea scored two counterattack goals , but a pundit on tnt said that the tottenham goals were based on manchester city errors, but all the goals were based on defensive errors. Sterlings first goal, the keeper was not set, a supposedly top keeper did not have his feet set for a curler from sterling, that keeper being lloris of france. The second goal, tottenham's forwards did not make the sacrificing run to cover the width that bernardo silva forced, too many players play to coaches strategy not what is going on the pitch. the two goal sub scored were common goals against pep guardiola teams post barcelona in the uefacl where the simple counterattack cuts through them. I despise shootouts in soccer, some fans, maybe most fans, definitively most pundits claim they love shootouts, but that is bad soccer, plain or simple. Both tottenham or manchester city can't defend and the aguero offside at the end was strong for me in that the pundits on call didn't call it out, they acted like it was a goal absent any penalty. Then when manchester city lost the same pundit said, manchester city couldn't have done any better and i disagree, manchester city let in three goals. they could had did a lot more. Some pundits like tim howard suggest that the forward play was brilliant from tottenham or manchester city but how great is your offense when you are up against a poor defense. Ajax and Tottenham are through to the next round, that will be an interesting battle, two teams that are full from youth or mistakes. Tottenham will not have Kane, who like Neymar is a needed talisman. But, in ajax/tottenham you have two teams nearly identical from last season both a blend of youth or experience and a stronger team having stayed together. FC Barcelona face Liverpool. Liverpool have speed but like manchester city they are poor defensively, but are only exposed by a powerful attack based on the strength of their attack trenching in opponents. Thank you https://soundcloud.com/footballcrazypodcast/lille-did-they-know-football-crazy-podcast-episode-97
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