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  2. Stanley Crouch wrote this album off, this track is Blisteringly Hot.
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  4. @daniellegfny please, don't wait on mr feel free to expand the discussion.
  5. I see you agreed with this. But your utopian culture does not allow people express their homosexuality, transgenderality does it? It is impossible to debate you because your perspectives are founded on the false believe in a genetic basis of race which is deeply confounded by a belief in stereotypes. I have no more interest in having multiple wives than have in having 10 children. Does this mean I'm not Black or have been brainwashed with a Eurocentric mindset, as you see it?
  6. Racist. Terrorist. Police. Who. Murdered. Breonna Taylor. Not. -Being. Charged. . No. Surprise. Racist. White Police Are. Trying. To-Provoke. A. Race. War. ,To. Help. Trump. Protest. In. Louisville -I -Believe. The. Racist. Terrorist. Militia. Is. There. The. National Guard-Will Not Attack The Terrorist White Men With Guns ,They Will-Attack The Protestors . A White Police Officer Said On Tape -Said I Cannot Wait For The Race War ,I Begin Shooting -Niggers -That. Racist. White. Officer. Was. Fired. In. North. Carolina. -Few -Racist. White. Poli
  7. During. Sex The. Moans and. Groans. Louder. Than. A. Marching ,Band's. Drums.. He. Was. So. Nice And. Friendly,After. Learning,,You,Are. Pregnant,He. Becomes Gruesome . Like. Otner,-Single. Black. Mothers. Raising. Children. Alone. You. Have., Become ,.. Before. Sex. ,Black Women Demand He Wears A-Condom .!!! Many Black Men Do Not Care About Being, Dead -Beat Father Bums. Their Children They Joyfully Shun. Having Sex-With Men Who They Know Are Irresponsible ,Black Women. Are-More Idiot. And. Dumb. Before. Sex. Black. Women. Demand. He -Wears. A. Condo
  8. Troy Because Tariq behaved like a child reacting to Umar. I always viewed Umar with suspicion. Ok, that makes more sense. Actually I agree with you that Tariq not only OVER reacted but BOTH of them reacted in a petty/juvenile way towards each other with the name calling and threats. Those two seemed to have saved their most potent venom for each other instead of the racist Caucasian they both claim to be fighting against. The stuff about spaghetti. alcohol, and numbers of partners is too riddled with stereotypes to address seriously.
  9. As I Google myself I find more references to my father. Here are two books he was in. I may get around to writing a Monograph on him based on materials I gather.
  10. Working remotely has it’s challenges. I think that when working with an English speaking Freelancer a video chat might be more efficient and effective. Here are two submissions that were created just from email conversations. If you are using images from the internet to express the characteristics you want make sure to let the artist know that the model isn’t your model and should just be used as a reference. This is to avoid copyright issues and complaints of unauthorized use of a persons image. I know that a lot of graphic artist and print shops just grab
  11. This is a wonderful concept and activity. I have to see how to get my books listed.
  12. KmStanley Crouch may have not understood Miles Davis Bitches Brew. It is a scorcher.
  13. Maybe a foundation should be inclusive that permits all people to express themselves in their totality.
  14. Because Tariq behaved like a child reacting to Umar. I always viewed Umar with suspicion. Yes, i too would like to sit down and craft codes of behavior for everyone else to follow, but again cultures are not created that way. The stuff about spaghetti. alcohol, and numbers of partners is too riddled with stereotypes to address seriously. In your culture we have multiple wives but can't drink? Dude that will never work lol!
  15. So let me get this straight.................. The 2 race-soldiers** who SHOT our sister to death get to go free with no charges. But the 1 race-soldier** who discharged his weapon but DID NOT shoot our sister is the one who gets charged??? A damn joke. ** In the system of White Supremacy, Caucasians who put on any type of uniform and show a willingness and desire to harm people of color while in that uniform are NOT to be referred to as "police officers" because they have broken their oath and have disgraced their profession. They are to be referred t
  16. AfroAmericans seem to have some of the strongest genes on the planet! Our brothers and sisters ROUTINELY live up into their 80s and 90s and even into the 100s! Let me tell you how deceptive this media is....... If you look it up RIGHT NOW who are the oldest people living they will show you somebody from Japan or Turkey, but 2 days later they'll show you an AfroAmerican man or woman who just passed away at an even HIGHER age and think everyone is not smart enough to catch the lie they just told.
  17. Troy Seriously why disparage the Black "subculture?" Our culture is derived, necessarily, from multiple sources. indigenous, European, African, etc. It's a sub-culture of death and humiliation. It's a CORRUPTION of the original Caucasian culture which works well for Caucasians but leads to a lot of diseases, crime, broken families, and humiliation for too many of our people who practice it. Eating tons of spaghetti and macaroni works well for Caucasians but will give some AfroAmericans diabetes. Drinking gallons of liquor everyday may make Caucasians happy and free
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  19. I watched the local news yesterday and when I look at the photo all I can see is a forest fire consuming me and all of my belongings or that river over flowing it's banks an washing everything I own away... More seriously; I guess were are in the midst of autumnal equinox. Here in Florida that is usually heralded by a drop in the humidly, the end of the afternoon thunderstorm, and the arrival love bugs. Since the tree leaves don't change color and die here it is like the springtime. @rosa "...with someone" is the important part. That experience would be goo
  20. -Language (Ebonics)-Diet (Fried Chicken, Hog Maws, Souse, Chitterlin's, Mac-n-cheese, candied yams, okra, collards, etc-Mating/Marriage Custom (Jumpin' the broom)-Religious/Moral Code (prosperity ministry, holy roller, sanctified, negro spirituals and gospel music) Seriously why disparage the Black "subculture?" Our culture is derived, necessarily, from multiple sources. indigenous, European, African, etc. What do you want to do manufacture a culture our of whole cloth and expect everyone to simply embrace it? You know it does not work that way right? I did
  21. I would like to live in this painting (the house by the river) with someone.
  22. I've begun compiling a list of books to mark the 100th anniversary the holocaust which too place in Tulsa: https://aalbc.com/books/category.php?name=Tulsa+Massacre
  23. Dr. Sebi Speaks of Dembali is a nonfiction book. Part memoir. Part social commentary. It's steeped in the observations of alkaline herbal medicine specialist Dr. Sebi, legally named Alfredo D. Bowman. He coined dembali to address why we reject the good in matters of health, race, family, and culture. Dembali is the lens he used to observe these challenges. It is the same lens he viewed solutions. From rage to solemnity in a Honduran setting reminiscent of a fireside chat with the author--that's Dr. Sebi Speaks of Dembali. You can view the book's cover in this blog. https://www.sojourntohondur
  24. Recently my brother Tariq Nasheed held a conference down in Atlanta on the importance of unifying and embracing ourselves as AfroAmericans (or as he refers to us as "Foundational Black Americans") I'm not sure if anyone on this site attended but if you did I'd like to hear (read) your thoughts on the event. I've been saying for years that AfroAmericans NEED an actual culture. We don't have our own culture. We have a SUB-culture which is a modified form of the dominant Caucasian culture of the United States; but we don't have an actual culture of OUR OWN that includes all
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