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#PRINCEOSIRIS EXCERPT FROM BROTHERS BEHIND BARS: A @GHETTOHEAT PRODUCTION! VOLUME 2 BY PRINCE OSIRIS, AUTHOR OF TOUGH! THE DIRTY Currently, more than 4,300 are serving Life sentences. We have more of our citizenry incarcerated per capita, then other states in this union, and the majority are African American. Louisiana's history of Racial Disparity in fear of rising crimes, and the media's obsession for high ratings, has caused many to be stuck in the maze of creating laws that have no meaningful release mechanism. Our court system has bridged the gaps by setting standards so high that it's inevitable. Louisiana's harsh sentences will be carried out. Many prisoners have died in prison, & will die in prison. Unfortunately, most are African Americans with little to no education, ones coming from a broken family structure. The subject of race is inextricably entwined in every important social and political question, but has the tendency of being overlooked by policy makers, yet, we're painfully conscious of the fact that there are far more African Americans incarcerated than any other ethnic groups. The legal system, in its treatment of African Americans, has been characterized by inequality. However, I will not begin to constrain an ideological purpose for why African Americans are the majority in the prison system. There are many views on this subject, & few statistics that she'd light on the reason why. After the Civil War, the courts declared that the Constitution required separate, but equal treatment, in fact was separated & unequal, especially from our own state: Louisiana. The first Jim Crow law in Louisiana was enacted in 1890. It started an avalanche of segregated laws that disenfranchised Black Americans from their White counterparts. #GHETTOHEAT #AUTHOR #BROTHERSBEHINDBARS #TOUGH #URBANFICTIONAUTHOR #STREETFICTION #GHETTOHEATMOVEMENT #WRITER #NOVELIST #BOOK #BLACKLIVESMATTER #ESSAYIST #GHETTOHEATPRODUCTION #CRIME #NEWORLEANS #GOODREADS #PUBLICLIBRARY #URBANLIT #DRAMA #SUSPENSE #HIPHOPLIT #STREETLIT #GHETTOHEATPRINCE #STREETLIFE #URBANFICTION #IAMGHETTOHEAT #BOOKBITCHES #BOOKPORN #GHETTOHEATHOTNESS

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