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    We are all aware of the mainstream media's negative narrative about black men. We are constantly bombarded with stories of high incarceration rates, black on black violence, deadbeat dads and of course police brutality. From the outside looking in it appears that black men are destined for failure and there is nothing that can be done to change the implied negative trajectory that black men are on. But is the media's narrative true? Are black men really an endangered species? I believe the answer is an emphatic no and I have made it my life's to work to support and empower black men to overcome the negative stereotypes and to create extraordinary lives. In order for black men to succeed the first thing they must do is understand how societal conditioning contributes to creating a negative mindset and attitude about what it means to be a black man. Too many black men feel hopeless and powerless as a result of the constant barrage of negative images and stories coming not only from the white biased media but also from the black media that definitely contributes to the negative narratives about what it means to be black. So what can be done to support black men in overcoming the multiplicity of challenges they face on a daily basis? How can we help change the mindset of black men and empower them to know they have unlimited potential and the future is extremely bright for those who are willing to put forth the effort? I believe the key to resolving a large percentage of challenges facing black them is to support them in changing their own inner narrative about themselves. The good book says; "be ye not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." Herein lies the key to transforming black men's lives. We must be willing to encourage black men to examine the internal negative beliefs and perceptions they have about themselves. We must engage them in a dialog about what they believe, how they feel and what they think about being black. Too many times their inner dialog about themselves is so negative they have no choice other than to act out that negative internal dialog. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to change their inner dialog by providing resources that support them in changing their negative mindset and attitude. This can be accomplished through things like workshops and seminars, reading books, listening to audio programs and creating support groups that provide safe spaces for them to speak openly about the highs and lows, joys and pain of being a black man. When we help them change their inner dialog about themselves it will give them a sense of optimism and hope for the future which will then encourage them to develop a positive mindset and attitude that will keep them from falling victim to negative media generated narratives about who they are. It is definitely possible for any black man to live an extraordinary life. We are all capable of creating inner peace, dynamic health, great relationships and financial abundance. To do so, a black man must be willing to take 100% responsibility for his life turning out the way he wants it to. The only way to do this is through changing his inner narrative about himself and recognizing that he has the capacity to do anything he sets his mind to.
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    The first 24 hour Black News Channel is expected to launch November 15, 2019 @6:00 AM. The cable network is the brainchild of J.C. Watts, Jr., former U.S Representative (R-Oklahoma) now BNC chairman and Veteran Journalist Bob Brilliante who will serve as the cable network's CEO. BNC Newsroom management made their rounds at the National Association Black Journalists Job fair in Miami, FL earlier this month. The news channel, headquartered in Tallahassee, Fl, will broadcast to 33 million households nationwide with a major presence in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York. ~MH You can read the release here: https://blacknewschannel.com/wp-content/uploads/BNC_NABJ-Press-Release_2019.pdf
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    I just gave away my copy of Marable's book (I often gift books to guests who come to my home). Marable's book was particularly controversial because it mentioned (or implied I never actually read the specific text), that Malcolm has sex with white men for money. A Lie of Reinvention: Correcting Manning Marable’s Malcolm X by Jared Ball and Todd Steven Burroughs corrects issues raised by Marable. Marable died just before the book was published. I often wondered about his untimely death in the context of the publication of his book. The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual: A Historical Analysis of the Failure of Black Leadership by Harold Cruse was a classic. I bet Cruse could go to town in 2019!
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    @Mel Hopkins yes I was beautiful, and as a gymnast the athleticism was not lost on me. Yes I remember doing the "Freak," but we were not filiming it and watching it constantly. Did you think the freak was appropriate? I know at least one guy that ejaculated while freaking (no it was not me 😎). So while I don't disagree with anything you wrote Mel, I find it hard to believe you would host a party where your teenage daughters were dressed and dancing like that. Would you you let them "freak" or dance "rub-a-dub style" in the basement with the lights off? @Pioneer1 if you are familiar with those dance styles, same question.
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    Honestly I had not heard of him before he died myself. I imagine i must have heard his music, because i do hang out, but to this day I cannot tie his name to a single song. There are apparently some conscious rappers out there but they are underground (obscure) and enjoy very little mainstream notoriety, for the reasons previously described. I hope you brothers don't remain depressed. That is wasted energy. Work to change something -- anything -- for the better every little bit helps and you'll inspire others. As you've inspired me -- knowing there are others with similar attitudes who support what im doing -- who can also disagree without running away but hopefully take something away and maybe look at something differently and build upon what they have. We need warriors. The newsletter I mailed today was dedicated to the warriors who oppressor tried to erase from history. A couple of the books shared i discovered here fron y'all. As you make progress and grow depression will be a distant memory.
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    I wish I could disagree with this, but I cannot. I will qualify my position with the fact that black people succeeded in building our own cities in the 1910s and 1920s, only for white people to destroy them. Black Wall Street (Tulsa, OK) gets most of the press in this regard. Rosewood, East St. Louis, Omaha, Kirven, TX...there were probably 100 cities/neighborhoods that former slaves built from the ground up from 1870-1930, only to have them destroyed in "race riots," meaning feral, jealous white people torching and looting the cities, and killing thousands of the ancestors. I think after that, ADOS collectively gave up. We're damned if we do, damned if we don't. But nothing you said is inaccurate. Its the main reason I don't watch TV and movies. I just can't stand seeing black people as willing, bojangling coons. This is very important. I've argued with many brothers and sisters that we were FAR better off before so-called "integration." The statistics don't lie. 89% of black babies were born to their married mom and dad in the 1960s. Black business ownership (meaning businesses that creates jobs in black communities and had black patrons) peaked in 1963. There were fewer than 150,000 black people in prison/jail in 1960. Today there are over 2 million. The most chilling stat of today - 80%+ of black babies in the USA are born to a single mom. Instead of improving ourselves, we pick a master (liberals or the Trumps) and try to be the best slave possible. That means alphabet-cooning for liberals and shoulder-monkey-cooning for Trump. Those who don't succeed at one of those end up in prison and drinking 40s in front of the liquor store. The remaining 20-25% (you, I, Troy, Chev, etc.) are going to be extinct by 2050. I've maintained that forever. The black man and woman in the USA will not exist in 30 years. This was the white imperial plan since 1619 and its come to fruition. Troy mentioned how I'm out of the loop for not knowing what Wakada is. I don't know anything about any of these rappers today; couldn't name one song by any of them. When Nipsey Hussle (sp?) died, that's the first time I heard of him. A lot of black folks seem to respect him. I'm curious of your opinion of him? I NEVER understood the obsession with 2Pac. I mean, he's a typical nigga to me. Rappers like KRS-One, X-Clan, Chuck D/Public Enemy, Paris, etc. were who got me into rap. I mean, I'd listen to Sir Mix-A-Lot, Too Short and other stuff because I'd hear it played around the house. You also notice how disco was the last CREATIVE genre of black music...where we actually played instrument and MADE music? Today disco is clowned as some circus act. They made stop MAKING music and created "rap" where you sample other people's music and talk over it. They even steal our creativity. You are absolutely right re: hood movies. Seriously, all these black filmmakers can't come up with black love stories, business stories, intelligent comedies, etc.? Hell, when I first saw Boyz in the Hood and Menace 2 Society, that shit shocked me. I'd never seen anything like that in real life. When I started trying to "talk black" after seeing those films as a kid, my dad and uncles beat my ass! This is true. But we know its coming. Bottomline is that we're still trying to impress a master, whether its liberals (probably 60% of ADOS) or Trump (probably 15% of ADOS). We've been conditioned to beg them for paychecks, for dignity, for respect, etc. We have no way to counter it. The most powerful black people in America are pushing white agendas. I'm going to be so sad when Minister Farrakhan passes away. He's the last of the true black power movement. the destruction of black America will accelerate quickly thereafter. That and the fake preachers like Creflo Dollar, Sharpton and Jakes will keep flying around in private jets preaching fear and submissiveness to poor black folks. Now I'm feeling depressed!
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    AMP, developed by Google, is also used to rank pages in search by mobike devices. All of my Wordpress websites use AMO fir this reason alone. I even considered making the entire AALBC website AMP. I decided against it for now. But given Google's dominance I may be forced to implement there nonstandard HTML markup... I'll check out your story now. BTW @Mel Hopkins the link to the Black Enterprise article is broken. I seem to remember reading it before but it would interesting to reread it now.
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    This is one of the reason I'm so adamant about using the proper TERMINOLOGY and insist on separating RACE from ETHNICITY. Africans are a race which most of us are apart of, but we as AfroAmericans are an ethnic group separate from other ethnic groups within that race and we need to recognize that. Now this may set me at odds with you brothers over this issue but I think SOME of the way Africans feel about AfroAmericans is actually JUSTIFIED. Let's look at it....... Troy and Kareem you both are intelligent, educated, well spoken Black men and if YOUR TYPE were the majority of the AfroAmerican men there wouldn't be a problem with Africans, Asians, and probably not even with most Caucasians. I believe one of the main reasons for Caucasian racism is the STUPIDITY of so many of our own brothers and sisters who make it so easy for them to victimize them! Often times I fantasize about where would we as AfroAmericans be as a people if all AfroAmerican men thought just like me....lol. We probably wouldn't be college educated but I'm pretty sure the brutality and imprisonment of AfroAmericans would grind to a complete halt inside a week or we'd all just be eliminated and wouldn't have to deal with it any further....lol. But anyway....... If all or even just HALF of all AfroAmerican men thought like you two and those were the kind of AfroAmerican men these immigrants were encountering when they came to the United States I'm certain there wouldn't be near the amount of tension and disrespect between AfroAmerican and immigrant (African and otherwise) communities you see happening all over the nation. But yall know good and dog-gone well most AfroAmerican men aren't like that. When Africans come to this nation most of them see the typical "nigga" hanging out smoking dope, selling dope, and acting a straight fool in the street going in and out of jail and getting in and out of trouble. Why would them or anyone else with good sense even RESPECT people like that let alone want to "unite" with them and work with them? In truth, we as AfroAmericans having been here for over 400 years actually should have already established communities in America where African immigrants (who choose to) can come and feel at home. Instead, you have negroes hanging out on the corner begging African students and business owners for money or a job in an African restaurant. On top of that, many Africans HAVE to take over the roles of AfroAmericans both on and off the screen because they STILL can speak properly, are not obese, and have enough sense to follow directions and stay out of trouble. If you look at most African immigrants and their children today, they remind me of ourselves AfroAmericans back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s BEFORE integration and the poor diet screwed up so much of our community and values. They are hungry and "coming up" for education, jobs, and self improvement......I can't get mad at them for that.
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    I honestly think it was deliberate. The 1980s is/was the closest the USA will ever get to racial harmony and its because of television. The powers-that-be recognized that too and realized capitalism doesn't work unless you have people to capitalize on. "De-chattelizing" black people was a bad business move for them, so they quickly reversed course. I never cared for Oprah. But you're right about Arsenio and Montel. In fact Arsenio's show was cancelled because he had Minister Farrakhan on as a guest, against the network's wishes. He knew he was going to get fired too, but he chose blackness over bucks. Bill Cosby also threatened to quit his show when it was at its peak in the late 1980s. Theo had "End Apartheid" posters on his bedroom walls in the show. The network ordered him to take them down. Bill Cosby told them the poster stays or I go. Guess who won that battle. Loved Bill Cosby for that. You're more hopeful than I am brother. Some of the worst cases of police brutality and police state murder with black victims was done by black cops. The Dymond Larae Milburn sexual assault (Texas) and the Sean Bell murder by NYPD involved black cops. I'd rather we get back to the Huey and Bobby method, and police our own communities. Cops are paid to kill and terrorize. The US Supreme Court has rued multiple times that cops have no obligation to "protect and serve." I was part of Phoenix Copwatch. We used to film cops during arrests. Man they HATED it. But we were organized and armed with knowledge and protection (Arizona is open-carry). I would bet we prevented several murders and assaults just for being there. The community loved us. Coincidentally or otherwise, one of our Copwatchers (and a good friend of mine) was killed by Mesa AZ cops. Another was framed for a crime and sent to prison for 20 years. Just is what it is. I've been following that story in North Carolina that you posted closely, and have been in contact with a city official down there. Thanks for the update. We'll be publishing a story on it tomorrow.
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    Read. 400- Years. Ago 1619 ,Slave. Ships. With. Kidnapped. Africans,Begin. Coming. To. America. . The. Slave. Ships. That. Did,Not,Sink... .Not. To. Forget. The. Slave. Ship. Jesus..There Is,Confusion Among Black People ,When Black People Became,Christians. Myself And Other Black People ,Belief,Christianity. Was Forced Upon Black People. Slave Owners,Used The Bible To. Justify Slavery. . . How ,Many ,Black,Preachers,Preach About Slavery In The Bible? Bible,Supports,Slavery,War,Murder,Abortion ,Rape,Child. Rape..How,Many. Black. Christian. Bible. Readers,Want. Reparations ,For. Slavery. ? Bible. Supports. Slavery.. Listen. To. The. Ojays Song-Ship. Ahoy It's. About. The. Slave. Ships....
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    Only found about this Netflix documentary. Watching it right now. Saw the trailer first on You Tube and read some fairly strong comments there amongst others.
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    To be clear, their were Africans in the Americas for THOUSANDS of years before the Great Ma'afa (Trans Atlantic Slave Trade). And while the first slaves were brought to the United State in 1619 (before it even was the United States), slavery actually started in North America around 1555. The reason there's a 64 year difference in the dates is because of a very horrible fact. In 1555 the first few boats of Africans were brought to the ISLANDS of the Carribean like Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, ect...... These Africans were beaten, tortured, and trained to become slaves and their children were taught this also. They were forced to forget their religions, thier languages, their diets.....and forced to adopt Christianity, learn English, and eat rotten food that wasn't good for them. This was called "breaking". THEN after 64 years of torture and breaking down the will and bodies of Africans and making them fit for the dehumanizing conditions of slavery then THEIR CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN were brought to the mainland to be slaves in 1619. To learn more about this process of slave-making and buck-breaking, I suggest a book by a brother named Alfred Ali called 64 Years To Make a Negro.
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    Talking of You Tube, there's a pretty good channel on there that yourself and others here might not be aware of. Reel Black is the channels name. Get you regarding your YT stuff. Probably better on here.
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    Kareem Yes sir, I'm aware of the foundations of the modern police departments of the United States and their origins as slave "patty rollers" and patrolers as well as their current official status as protectors of property and property owners. I guess having grown up in a Black city (Detroit) and seeing so many AfroAmericans in positions of power like Mayors, judges, police officers, and lawyers, ect.....it gave me a different perspective on the police than a lot of AfroAmericans from other parts of the country. i didn't grow up in the ghetto but in one of the many working class Black neighborhoods in Detroit so most of the police we saw WERE AfroAmerican and for the most part only got on the silly negroes who WERE actually committing crimes and being violent. Not to say there were no corrupt Black cops, but that wasn't the norm. Most of them were like "Officer Smitty" of Sanford and Son, lol. Coleman Young who was Mayor of the city at that time FORCED a more even and balanced police department and didn't allow Caucasian officers to patrol the city by themselves. In a sense he SHELTERED his AfroAmerican citizens from the vicious racism so many other AfroAmericans around the nation experienced. Even the concept of AfroAmericans having a hard life and stuck in the ghetto was FOREIGN to me as a kid because I saw AfroAmericans living in the hardest slums of Detroit AS WELL as in the nicest mansions and all points in between. It wasn't until I got old enough to start traveling myself and seeing how MOST AfroAmericans lived around the country and what they went through that things like NWA and other rappers were talking about began to make more sense. You didn't see Black men on the street homeless or begging in Detroit when I was a kid! I didn't see it in Chicago where we used to go. The first time I saw that shit was in Ohio....lol. Now you see Black men around the country homeless and begging. As far as more AfroAmerican police officers and even more AfroAmericans in the military......... I think that if we are in able to achieve not just the grunt positions but also the positions of POWER in these institutions.....then the good will outweigh the bad. During the riots of the 60s a lot of dust being kicked up was coming from the AfroAmerican men with military training fresh back from Vietnam. If they had never went into the military, they wouldn't have known what little they DID. As long as we LIVE in this society I think it's best to seek power in it at ALL levels for our own security and survival.
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    I last looked at this site a few months ago. Until today,that is. But what pissed me off was that the doc had a screening in London a month ago. No prizes for guessing who missed it. I've yet to see it. https://www.jamesbaldwinproject.org/
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    I think changing the inner narrative is a great start. A habit I had to break a long time a go and still occasionally find myself engaging in every once in a while is that "negative scenario" game where you want to do something but you talk yourself out of it by playing the same scene of it ending in failure over and over again. -You see yourself being denied the promotion you asked for. -You see that girl dissing you or laughing in your face after you ask her out. -You see the car salesman turning you down to buy that car you want. None of this shit has actually happened, but you've just played it over and over again in your mind and you figure you might as well not even try. I had to tell myself (sometimes literally) that I can plan all I want and anticipate this or that, but the fact is I don't know WHAT the outcome will be until I actually try doing what I set out to do. The biggest fight you ever have is the fight inside yourself.
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    Just do the opposite of what you see most people do. And I can guarantee you will be either successful or happy.
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    Alright....... Well, after seeing a particular post that you "liked" in another thread, I think I have a pretty good idea of what's going on now. It seems that once again, the "usual suspects" are applying their Tricknology tactics to divide, conquer, and break up the Black family. It seems that "Gog and Magog" (lol...you like that Chevdove?) are once again making mischief in the land among the Original people.....lol.
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    Thanks @Chevdove I like to think I think.
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    Kareem Obama was their most powerful weapon. He emasculated black Americans AND sent more troops into African nations than Bush did. He basically re-colonized Africa and diaspora Africans. But hey, at least his liberals and Zionists love him. Brother when Presidents are PLACED (not elected) into office they're usually put in that position to accomplish 2 agendas during their term: 1. A Foreign agenda 2. A Domestic agenda Obama's being an AfroAmerican served a crucial purpose for both agendas that the powers who put him in wanted to accomplish and those were: 1. For the Foreign agenda he was to convince more African nations to allow more U.S. troops in like you said. 2. For the Domestic agenda he was to get the majority of AfroAmericans to accept homophilia and transgenderism. BTW, I consider myself Liberal (in the classical sense) but I'm not too crazy about him....lol. Especially when he went to Flint and did a photo-op with a racist Republican Governor who tried to poison that predominately AfroAmerican city. You alluded to it here and in another thread. Polygamy should be legal in the USA. In fact, I'm a paralegal and prepare a lot of court documents for corporate and criminal lawyers. If there's ever a black man and 3-4 black women who all want to be married, I'd write all their court briefs for free until it got to the Supreme Court. They would have to legally recognize polygamous marriages based on the same arguments that used for homosexual marriage. They ruled that "one man one woman" was discriminatory and violated equal protection. Thus one man/three women should also be legal. The difference is that polygamy is a historically African tradition, while homosexuality is historically European. So you can do the math there. But it'd be fun to use their own words against them. The gay marriage push a few years ago would have been an EXCELLENT opportunity for AfroAmerican men to have promoted the legal right of polygamy. If we were united and on point we could have used it as political leverage for a compromise and said we would support the right of homophiles to get married IF and only IF you legalize polygamy also. Perhaps a Constitutional argument can be made about the issue. Meaning, forget about all these little local and state bullshit laws banning this and banning that....what does the CONSTITUTION allow us to do or prohibit us from doing? Maurice I think i can smell homophobia here and I've got to be honest, I don't like it. By the way, I'm straight. Lol.... Damn, you mean you're MORE offended by what's being said about homophiles (a more accurate term than "homosexual") on this site than what's being said about White people??????? I'll let Chevdove and Kareem speak for themselves, but as for me I don't think "homophobia" is the corrrect term to use. I don't fear or even dislike homosexuals as a group. I just see homophilia as a sexual abnormality that shouldn't be treated like a racial or sexual group. However personally I have no problem with them engaging in whatever they want as long as they aren't trying to FORCE their behavior on others. Also, it should be pointed out that the anti-homosexual views are not reflective of this site in general. Troy has on many occasions expressed his disagreement on my positions and comments on homophiles and homophilia in general.
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    Book. About. Class,Race,Hopelessnesss.. Book. By. Jamil. Jivani . Saw,NBC News. Lester. Holt. Talk. About. Prison. Reform. Many,Black,,Men. Behind. Bars. Some. In. There Teens. When They,We're Sentenced To Long Years In Prison...
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    This little baby arrived today. Been meaning to buy it for ages now. Getting a bit of a stockpile of books now. Hard to resist a good one when you see one. I sometimes feel I'm rushing through a book to get to the next .
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    Chev What does QIA+ reference? Queer, Intersexed, and Asexual....lol. Troy If CARDIAC B did it....it almost certainly is NOT part of our nature as Africans. She's, along with Nicki Minaj and another one called "Megan Thee Stallion" are a group of mulatto women who are getting paid to promote vulgar degenerate sexuality in the AfroAmerican community.
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    Yeah this was the first time i watched a cardi b video myself. I have not really watched music video since Yo MTV Raps! and boy have they come a looong way. The topless women surprised me. I guess soon they will just have intercourse in music videos. @Pioneer1 of course will say that is beautiful and our nature 😉
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    @Troy Hillary Clinton is a warmonger. All she ever talked about was blowing up this, obliterating that, etc. Hillary Clinton is the face of toxic feminism. Hillary Clinton used black prisoners for free labor at the governor's mansion in Arkansas. Hillary Clinton is just another corporate Democrat. We had two Bush's. We didn't need two Clintons and the black Bush named Obama, who is the biggest warmonger of them all. Warmongering instantly disqualifies candidates for me. The only Presidents since WW2 who weren't warmongers are JFK (the only President in history I admire and respect) and Carter. @Pioneer1 Bernie talking about population control wouldn't shock me at all. He also recently had security remove a black man from a town hall because he asked about reparations. @Maurice Trump is the 45th President of the United States, thus "45."
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    I think where we can have the most impact is in LOCAL elections. Electing Aldermen and Councilmen, Mayors, Sheriffs, County Executives, ect..... The key is to have an AGENDA. The main problem with most AfroAmericans is that they don't have an AGENDA for the people they vote for. They just hope they aren't as racist as the person currently holding the seat. AfroAmericans need an AGENDA and a VISION of how we would like to see this nation. Fuck what OTHER people want to see and how THEY think America should be governed, we need to push what WE as AfroAmericans collectively want to see. And that's often confusing because our community has become so fractured both culturally and morally today.   Kareem Bernie Sanders, who I do not support, but appeared to be the best candidate at that point I'm glad Bernie is starting to show his true racist colors now. Did you hear what he said about population control and abortion as a solution for "poor nations" ?
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    I wouldn't say "surely." Bill (and Hillary) Clinton's 1994 Crime Bill extended and strengthened the federal mandatory minimum "five years in prison no questions asked for possession of a grain of crack" law. Bill also gave $10 billion to private prisons in that bill. Hillary never openly or even semi-resisted that bill. 45 was elected because Democrats (the DNC/Wasserman-Schultz to be exact) picked the worst candidate possible...Hillary. Bernie Sanders, who I do not support, but appeared to be the best candidate at that point, probably would have won in 2016. But toxic feminism prevailed and now we have Trump.
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    @Mel Hopkins I was asking about that specific video (linked below). All of the points you mentioned are subjective and have meaning in context. A simple thumbs up or thumbs down on the specific Cardi video I shared would be helpful to understand where you draw the line. I don't think the problem with this Cardi B. video is consumerism. It take my concerned about the Normani video to the next level. It is being viewed at a rate of 1 millions views a day since it has been posted thanks to Google profiting off concert tickets sales and God knows what else. Many of these very same people also voted for Obama. People are desperate for change -- for things to improve. But even these people were not in the majority. Remember 45 lost the popular vote by about 3 million votes if memory serves. So you don't think money had anything to do with Universal's motivation to create these "slutty" videos with our sistas shaking their butts non-stop? Of course an utterly complete disregard for how we are represented in the global media makes this possible. Shaka Zulu?! Staring David Hasselhoff? Ni99a phulese! Next you'll be citing marvel's Black Panther representation of Black culture. Greedy rich white people will do anything for money. White people will murder us at a clip 1,300 (mostly other white people) through the sale of cigarettes -- far-and-away eclipsing opioid overdose by a factor of 7! The people running the NFL, UMG, Facebook, Phillip Morris, whoever, only care about money. Any harm done to Black and white people is purely incidental. Of course they will use race to keep us at each other's throats, when the need arises, to keep us distracted while they poison us, destroy the planet, and fleece of all our wealth.
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    A Lie of Reinvention: Correcting Manning Marable’s Malcolm X is published by Black Classic Press, and Black owned company based in MD. The book is also written, printed, and distributed by Black owned companies. I sell this book by redirecting readers to the Black Classic Press' website. So when you write you would not have heard of the book were it for not for this site. If you buy the book online it is important that you buy it from the link I provide or and Indie bookseller -- otherwise these books will not be published.
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    Fried taco? Looks more like a veggie omlette to me....lol. But I ain't mad at ya homie........lol.....go 'head with yo bad self ! Just make sure you walk around the block a few times after each meal to burn off some of that grease and give your gallbladder a break.
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    @Pioneer1 I could nit help think of you when I made this.
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    @Troy That cracked me up! Dave is the only brother in show biz who doesn't give a damn. He knows his fans will always be there and he doesn't need network money, so he can do and say what he wants and feels. That interview he did with Oprah years ago said it all - when he told those white producers to go f*** themselves when they wanted him to wear a dress in the movie "Blue Streak." That's also why I started my own business right out of college and invested in Bitcoin years ago. As long as your paychecks (meaning your food, water, shelter and well-being) come from white people, you have to obey them and live by their rules. Which circles right back to this new black network. I have to believe you need white money to start a TV network. So we'll see.
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    @Kareem you don't know me well enough to know that my use of the term "Cishet" was tongue in cheek. i think the term absurd, like many other terms used by woke folks (including "woke" itself) are silly. I have no clue how Cishet is pronounced, and I only discovered the term recently and have never heard it used verbally. However I would not be surprised to see it on applications or maybe a future census. Maybe I'll refer to my myself a "Cishotephet Brother" Ya heard it here first!
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    Pioneer1 You have to think like a white imperialist that steals everyone’s identity and land, and claims it as their own to get the definition of Africa. Frio is actually a Latin word for “break” or “crumble.” It’s a verb. White people’s little Spanish language (from Spain) changed it to cold, an adjective and noun. Frico is another form of the original Latin frio, but also means “chafe,” another verb. The present-tense infinitive of frico is fricāre. We know the prefix "A" meant "not": atypical, asymptomatic, etc. Africāre is probably the first white version of "Africa," which technically is gibberish. But again, thinking like a white imperialist who steals and claims everything as their own, it means "not cold." I wrote about this in my college linguistic class. Language and etymology are always fun to decipher. Another interesting term is lesbian. There is an island in Greece called Lesbos. Since Ancient Greek society mandated men be homosexuals (kind of like modern USA and Europe - its their normal culture), particularly their hoplite soldiers, they exiled all women to the island of Lesbos before trading many of said women to Egyptians as sex slaves (which is likely how Egyptians lightened up, if you will). The women ultimately had sex with themselves because there were no men, thus the term "lesbian." A few Greek men would impregnate women, but those men were considered low-class slaves, strictly for breeding to keep the population growing. But today, the people of Lesbos (men and women) are called Lesbians, just like people from Mexico are Mexicans, etc. There was actually a lawsuit filed in Greece like 10 years ago to stop people from using the word Lesbian as a homosexual term in the country because it denigrated the people of Lesbos. Here's an article about it. Interesting stuff. https://operation-nation.com/?p=50
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    Kareem You kind of summed up my feelings of skepticism about this channel. Although AfroAmericans desperately need our own INDEPENDENT media, I have to wonder is this the real deal or will it just be another FRONT to push the LGBTQIA+ agenda as well as other forms of self-destruction on AfroAmericans.
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    Well, I'm definetly opting for the Ball and Burroughs book. Thanks.
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    I worked with a women and she said she could Not respect a man that did everything she asked. My guess is that some women will like a man that's kind and gentle but not soft. I think Chris Rock said in the bedroom he called his partner a b!+ch. Buthe that's the only place he can say it. I also had to check my boss's boss. Since it was just the two of us he didn't mention it and did he disrespect me again. Really
  39. 1 point
    @Pioneer1 No. I find that behavior repulsive in humans period. I will never understand nor want to understand why humans have this desire to control anyone but themselves. This trait is the main flaw in humans. A lot of types of men exist. Like isn't a strong enough emotion to be bothered; there also has to be a desire. Still there's only one kind of man with whom I've ever found sexy enough to get naked. A brutish man would never make my list.
  40. 1 point
    She is mimicking what she see at home, she is be exposed to hatred from those she loves the most
  41. 1 point
    Troy I'm not so sure if "no" women likes wimpy men or not. We may want to believe this but I've ran into quite a few women who CLAIM that macho tough acting men irritate them and that they like the more gentle and soft men. And we both have seen how so many women have gay male friends today. It's hard to believe that the same woman who has a great time hanging out with a feminine acting gay man can ALSO find masculine assertive men attractive at the same time. I know people don't always mean what they say, but I'm getting to the point where I'm DEMANDING people speak their mind and be honest as to avoid confusion. If there are indeed women who like aggressive, confrontational, and even violent men I want them to clearly state it and why. And if there are women who like soft, gentle, mild-mannered men who would never fight or inflict violence on a soul...I want them to clearly state this too and why. The more I study and listen to Neely Fuller Jr. the more I'm learning how to nail down and drill down on questions to get the answers I'm looking for without all of the games and the role playing this society loves to engage in.
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    When did I lose my trust? in love?, in man?, in the state of the economy. It has never had any real love for me. It could never set me free. It is an illusion, better yet a falsity, not real to the ear, to hear, unclear, what you think, even unclear is how you place your trust in a man that does not understand or care, and then you a child of God complain unaware of the true state of affairs, The questions from God, is how? do you dare?, you dare to compare my love for you to anything that man can do, is it the righteous voices that you hear that are clear to your ear and conjure up fear? He had a plan a long time ago, long be for office, or officers, this is a thing that every child of God should know. Worry the cancer that would pollute the mind and you on pins and needles trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn’t even exist, if it is not in God mind why ever visit it! The gloom and doom of a nation gone mad, turning from bad to worse, it is so sad, for those who don’t know or have experienced his wrath, the influx of his measure pushed down running over, it’s for us who know him like an Irish man with a four leaf clover. I trust all he says and I look to the east because with the breath of his caring their panic will cease to be and they will see what it is that we have always known that to be a child of God is to know he controls it all from his heavenly throne, It is to know he is here, that he cares and share in all that we need, to stand in his shadow, to bathe in his grace, to trust him and honor that place that we stay, we are not longing or waiting for the next word that is said, We are living our lives, knees hitting the floor before bodies hit the bed We are thanking and praising the dawning of days because it is the calm before the storm that’s the time to pray, a lost art, which laid foundations, where families were governed by God, prayer bound past generation, salutation, coming and going in peace, incomplete until the old and young meet, dancing and singing, praying with one voice, we raised up as God came, it was in our suffering we learned to rejoice Now a new day and a new dream where we forget that he is still king, He is still listening for our praises, always promising with every thought brighter better days, where prayers go up and blessing come down and nations take their knees to the ground, where families are freed by the choices they make and rage becomes malice that leads past the hate, You know it is the things that we hate that lead to change, mothers against drunk driver sought another day and other groups have turn hurt into love, as simple as it seems it is the only way, to turn your ear to a word, seldom hear, but a thought none the less of God that promises only the best, lean he say on him and he make your path straight, take us past the place where the politicians play, he has got the future is what he has to say, like an echo in my heart I hear him speak to me, it is not what you gain that will set this world free, no this place does not have love for you and as I feed the birds how much more for you my child will I do, Now there are those that wonder if it will be okay, he says put your trust in him, he’s a sovereign God that way, he has you, yes he has got you, in him there is no need he will not meet, he will answer all you question if you listen you’ll hear him speak, slow down and listen to things his has to say, fear not my children, saying rest in me, I govern even when it seems they refuse to believe, nothing happens without his approval , nothing without his say, and if he allows it, it means it came to lift you up to brand new better place, according to his glory it all works for the good of those whose choice is to love him like each of us should, Now is the time to find him alone and stand on the promise that guarantee home a place we are safe and free to believe that the problems of a nation can be solved on our knees, The questions from God, is how? do you dare?, you dare to compare my love for you to anything that man can do, Worrying like the cancer that would pollute the mind and you on pins and needles trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn’t even exist, if it is not in my mind (God) mind why ever visit it!
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    I suspect the "free man" bit sounded hyperbolic. I never spend so much time on Blog post. The first draft, you read, was almost 1,800 words, this version is down to about 800. I considered using that "free man" language in my article, but I chose not too because it struck me as too angry -- despite it being how I feel. Basically, many of us are enslaved to the Amazon's of the world -- doing their bidding and getting little of real value in return. We are evening paying Amazon for the priviledge of doing business with them -- and happy to it! If you can image a plantation where slaves are actually happy, that is the world Anazon has helped create. I say "Hell No" to Amazon. I've already rejected Facebook last year and this year will be the best year in traffic AALBC has recieved from Facebook ever. I suspect their algorithm is designed to drive traffic to brands not engaged on the Facebook inorder to get them to buy ads to further increase traffic. I'm not going for the okie doke any more. Free men (people) are not dependent upon Amazon or any greedy plantation owner. Free people depend upon themselves and other free people.
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    1. No, again because there only one race. Believing in multiple races and the inherent differences of those races makes one racist. 2. Ok so then why take Cynique out of the so called black race solely because of her skin color? Genetically, there are more differences bewteen Africans than there between you and any given white person. You have more in common genetically with jared taylor than you do with many of the native people of Africa. 3. Humanity, homo Sapiens, did evolve out of Africa. That does not mean they are less evolved or have remained frozen in time. Again not nearly enought time has elapsed for any of the ancestors who left africa 200k year ago to evolve into a diffetent race. The are a lot things that scientists believed 200 years ago, that has since been proven false. They have naturally moved and so should you.
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    Extraordinary Women in Publishing a Conversation Hosted by Tori. Tracy Sherrod, the editorial director of Amistad; Yona Deshommes, Associate Director of Publicity at Atria Books; and Cherise Fisher, a literary agent at Wendy Sherman Associates Literary Management. All of these Sisters are have been supportive of AALBC for years and provide keen insight into the publishing industry
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    Pioneer1 Hmmm,you may have a point there. But as I said,as with the group Stand Up to Racism, when they appear on the street, the crowd is extremely diverse. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the main focus is Islamphobia. Many Muslims do turn out for this,particularly when opposing far right groups. Thankfully violence doesn't occur that often and the two sides are often kept apart .
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    Ive quite a few books on Hendrix but as yet not this one but I'd like to share this for any fans of Jimi.
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    The dancing in this video is beautiful! And look at all those chocolate young women and men!~ They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing! It reminds me Janet Jackson's "IF" video but with a majority of beautiful black people. And @Troy don't you remember how sensual we were as a teenagers and young adults? Google can't promote what comes naturally - Young people are sensual, curious and carefree with each other. This choreography just communicates this age but with pure athleticism mixed sensuosity and grace.
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    Hey @Dak I see you already discovered The State of Black Science Fiction club here on AALBC all is needs is some participation. Sometimes you have to help create the thing you want. Here are some sci-fi authors to check out @Valjeanne Jeffers is on the list. You can chose related categories to find even more. Here is a list of Black book sites, some maintain blogs that may be wirth checking out: https://aalbc.com/booksites/ Here is a list of Black blogs: https://aalbc.com/blogs/ Admittedly it is a neglected portion of the site, but you might find something there.
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    I thought it only fitting to leave a departing message since I've contributed a lot comments to the culture, race & economy forum. It appears the conversations here have deteriorated into hateful and fearful rhetoric, zero-sum comparisons and nothing good comes from those ideas. So, I bid this forum adieu. I'm signing off here but not AALBC's readingblack.com ✌️
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