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    Making money trumps (pardon the pun) serving the community everyday of the week. Johnson made it clear the "E" stood for "entertainment," not enlightenment or education. The reality is that it stood for enrichment, Johnson's personal enrichment, and that is the legacy of BET.
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    true @Troy Just today @Mel Hopkins the mayor to new york city, blamed trumps election or racial biases publicity in the usa on rupert murdoch or fox news. He blames someone whose role is to make money through the media for placating how white people raise themselves in their community. It is not murdoch's fault that he saw a mob and played to it, to make money, in the usa, where making money is the way to anything. Again, merit does not matter. De blasio today suggest a certain philosophical merit must come before fiscal profiteering when the fiscal profiteering is the philosophical merit. One note, when chernobyl happened the soviet russian government had soldiers pick up the waste, all those soldiers died of radiation sickness. Over 10,000 have died from the world trade center wreckage, but if we all recall, mayor guiliani let those people ,fiscally poor people or municipal workers,pick up waste just like the soviet government did the military at chernobyl... ah welll
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    We @richardmurray you are familiar with your story so the images have context. Without that context, at least for me, they were random, uninteresting, images.
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    The collage makes more sense after you read the book's excerpts.
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    I can understand why sites don't allow guest posting so many abuse the privilege. It is a pain to manage.
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    That is interesting. Deviant Art requires creating an account to comment. Too bS they stopped allowing embedding
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    Richard Murray https://photos.app.goo.gl/6Xf56Bb391NQuBo66 Black meaning the most ancient black peoples aside the current black people, Red meaning the forebears to the current black people, Green meaning the history from the forebears cover one Brown fist pairing each. Brown for the skin that link nearest all black people. A yellow text phrase the black/red/meaning colored for the bind between the sun side the soul. The blue is the water in which all black peoples have forebears who were forced in through slavery or war by others. Ann-Michelle Thurmond Powell A shield of peacock feathers symbolizing strength, power, wisdom and peace, 4 teal, purple, gold, green. Cream represents the unity of black people unbounded by their shade of skin or internal biases . https://photos.app.goo.gl/RnsG4hc5CR5ojdcj9 LeQuenta Marshall butterfly on a thorny rose. Butterflies represent transformation. The rose, commonly associated with classical beauty and romance, but it protects itself with the thorns. Purple is her favorite color/signifies royalty. Yellow is bright and signifies hope and sunshine. Sky Blue for clarity, calmness, & peace. https://photos.app.goo.gl/39B1oq9zyzcy1oR29
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    The Tiger inspired from The Tyger from William Blake Tiger Tiger, burning bright, In the fairway's grown in night; What media mouth or statry, Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant green's or tee's, Burn from fire in thine ease? To what break's dare he conspire? What the hand, dare seize the iron? And what ankle, & what art, Could twist the sinew's of thy heart? And when thy heart began to beat, What dread hip? & what dread feet? What the driver? what the wedge, In what furnace burn'd all hedge? What the blade's? what dread club, Dare the deadly dimple's snub! When the bet's cash'd in their doubt's And water'd clicker's with their eclout's: Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the Lamb's make thee? Tiger Tiger, burning bright, In the fairways grown in night; What media mouth or statry, Dare frame thy fearful symmetry? The Lamb https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/43670/the-lamb-56d222765a3e1 The Tyger https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/43687/the-tyger
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    @Mel Hopkins not you think , you know or,at least, you are 100% correct . And, yes, I am not suggesting,100%, that making money must have criminality but I am telling that 99.9% does, not in alway straight but it does. Excellent example: Robert Johnson sold something worth more than any price long term and sold it for fiscal profit, and was glorified from like minded folk, black or non- black, after doing it. Many hip hop artists did likewise, betraying their youth or their home life for the imagined gangster rapper imagery, that white owned corporations preferred over social critiques or artistic mobilizers. The problem is simple, define morals. Morals are not set in stone. Second, more importantly, function. Said black folk are looking to reject or deny function to remain in some ruleset, morals, while making money. At the least, that does not serve the function of making money to the best ability or serving a communities needs.
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    You could have started and stopped right there @richardmurray
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    @Mel Hopkins Everyone,I repeat everyone, in the usa is in a mental conditioning program to suggest merit not making money is the key. My pleasure, but we all suffer from that. As someone who prefers efficient municipal structure, I do not know how many time I spoke truth to inefficiency in the usa /nys/nyc municipal structures when in truth i wasted and still waste my breath; cause said systems are not meant to be efficient but tools for those who have the most money to control. The true answer is always in the usa, very simple. Make money and do what you want. Crude, inefficient, non sustainable but that is the way in the usa. When DT first went bankrupt who saved him. new jersey and the banks led by goldman sachs who held his real estate transactions as well as alot of atlantic city property. If DT went bankrupt the first time, like many fiscally common folk <red/black/white/or other or any> Atlantic city would had plummeted in value and caused a severe depreciation in the banks. Whom we all learned later had too many DT -esque deals they were holding which is why the federal elected official class did to the banks what the banks side the elected officials class from the state of new jersey did to trump, made the later too big too fail. Sequentially, Donald trump did not strictly go bankrupt the first time and the last two were mere repetitions to the first. DT calls it the art of the deal when it is simply modern global fiscal capitalism. People who have money are deeply connected and will protect each other's finances to protect each other's finances. I don't know what they gave obama/clinton/emmanuel/et cetera for that blank check but they all paid when trump was elected as president. the party of lincoln party elders lost leadership to a man who has allegiance to nothing but his personal benefit. the party of andrew jackson was exposed as internally deeply dysfunctional. Returning, DT's fiscal condition is about protectionism from the fiscally wealthy and people do not admit it, though it was said enough to be common knowledge. We all know the truth behind DT yet we do not say it. We all know the truth behind the too big too fail but we do not admit it. Obama himself talked about the system falling down. that is a lie and we all knew. the banks falling down side all but one from the major usa car companies falling down would not had caused chaos. but it would had deleted many fiscally wealthy people's finances. And, those people used their money or power from money to maintain their fiscal wealth. Does it mean the banks or car companies are educated? how educated are the people in the banks in the center to the global empire when they have every advantage to make profit while be stable and failed? how educated are the people in the car companies when they are in the center of the global empire and yet fail to make a cost efficient technically superior automobile? How many people in the banks or car companies merited their job or were given their job? Many people allude to merit to everything else but having money and being cutthroat or coercive to keep it, no matter what.
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    Part to the end of this article is what I would had written otherwise, you wrote: "The reason, however, is this; Apple is run by people whose goal is to make money by any means. So, if you find you're in a place far different than you'd envisioned for yourself. Stop doing what you've always done. Lose the fear and do whatever it takes to allow you to live your dreams." I would had rewrote the last line:"Lose the fear and do whatever it takes to allow you to live your dreams." as "Lose the fear and make money whatever it takes to allow you to live your dreams." I know just one simple part. But, when you talked about apple's fiscal profiteering, your point is true. The USA or the european colonies that preceded it,financially, is a place for money makers. From those early whites, to the white murderers to red folk or enslavers to black, to later yellow or black folk in the fiscal illegal world, money making is the way it happens in the u.s.a.. Labels and rank don't have a value that you may find in parts to europe/africa/asia. I think sometimes people in the usa, do not speak bluntly enough to that. That is how donald trump went bankrupt three times but and came back financially from each.
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    The irony of this article dated May 7, 2018 appearing here as a post is that I believe it was inspired by awesomelyluvvie article - dated April 17, 2018 - 😐 Still, It drives home the point that unless a black woman's feelings are echoed by a woman of non-color - then those words are just another "fart in the blizzard." Further, tears of woman of non-color are assigned as the attributes of all women especially black women. And if we don't cry at the drop of a hat then we are labeled Angry black women. Or we're not women at all, or rather we're acting like "men"...because we don't act weak. When in reality women are not weak at all - but women of non-color just play men that way. Now, they've joined the me-too movement to kick men out of their offices all the while playing victim but getting the corner offices in the process. All I got to say is "well-played women of non-color; well-played. 😛
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    *What is the best fictionalized account referring the annihilation native american peoples suffered that led to the birth and modern united states of america?* Between 1776 and 1887, the United States seized over 1.5 billion acres from America's indigenous people by treaty and executive order. Explore how in this interactive map of every Native American land cession during that period. To watch the United States expand across the continent: click the icon in the top right, then See Video; Or use the tool at the bottom of the map to manipulate time and watch how things changed year to year. Click on any area of the map to see who ceded the land and when. Popup boxes contain links to treaty text. Find your home or a different address using the 'Find Places' search at the top of the map. Use the "Find Nations" tool at the bottom of the map to find all cessions by the Cherokee,the Sioux, or others.<br> Use the tool to switch the basemap to the source maps; nineteenth-century maps of land cessions. Use the tool to manipulate layer visibility Interactive map http://usg.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=eb6ca76e008543a89349ff2517db47e6 The annual Shinnecock Pow-Wow, Long Island Alison Toon
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    History is a great teacher when channeled through truth. Most potent is when a history can be truthfully known from an infancy. I remember when no Internet existed. I remember the early years when only a fortunate few had access, and later when it blossomed and later when it matured and to now, when it is mutating, into something. In the end of the day, the problem in the Internet is ever present in the miniature Facebook. Looking back, three thing did not occurred that needed to occurred. The first thing I will mention, based on mere typing chance not value or temporal occurrence in my mind ,Bill Clinton placed the lines that connected the early web and standardized the internet protocol addressing system through the IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Bill CLinton made one key error, that he had the power to change. He made the addressing a free for all, a fiscal capitalistic venture that served only those who had money. To be blunt, every single person on earth can have their own ip address. Why does it matter? The entire addressing system to the internet is where all the power reside. Most people never realize that accessing the internet can not occur if a map does not exist from you to wherever you address. These maps are controlled by the united states federal government; others who warrant through necessity or power have smaller segments from the maps, either governments or firms. But these maps you have to pay to be added into, and this is how firms control the internet. For example, someone like myself does not have an ip address, time warner does, they have many in a block and they use them to connect to the ip address centers. When I get online like most I am using an ip address from my internet service provider. Thus, when we talk about facebook or any online site owning identities, the firms you connect to the internet with from the mobile phone provider to whomever at your home owns your identity. Your credit card information, your name, your address, sent through their network which is how you connect to the internet. Not your own system through your own ip address. If everyone had their own ip address, the system through which people access the internet can be importantly other. Where people can choose to connect to each other through less steps, in a more secure fashion. To be blunt, if you are reading this post, then many firms have your personal data already. Facebook only is a target, like madoff with the banks, cause they are a less potent abuser. The heaviest abusers are too big to fail. The next thing I will mention is lawyers side bankers. Many people know but few comprehend the negative relationship internet firms have to banks or lawyers. To say it simply, banks/lawyers took over every single internet firm at some point, but not in ownership, in administration. Microsoft/Apple/Facebook/Twitter all have many bankers from when they needed money and had none or lawyers from when they needed legal aid and had none. Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs did not control every aspect to their firms and definitely did not have control over the daily operation; this matters cause when AOL started they basically piggybacked off phone networks, which was the earliest abuse. Firms have benefited from the first thing I mentioned and the people who run them, will not go against it cause they lose money or power absent it. The last thing I will mention is computer scientist o engineers. When I was in college I weekly had a speech on inefficiency in the entire electromechanical sphere. From computers to the Internet, I said everything was wrong to my fellow students. But, the truth is we were all complicit in the problem. Do you know what separates engineers? It is not mentality or wisdom, it is financing. Show me an engineer in history who created vastly and I will show you financing in some form or another. The reality is, the larger quantity of engineers in the electromechanical world never came together and made alternatives. From browsers to operating systems, some tried to create public alternatives, free for all; all those things are now for profit, in one way or another. The security people want through the Internet or in their home systems will require an entire overhaul to the basic structure of the Internet or the computing systems that connect to it; outside a complete overhaul, only a viable alternative will suffice. Sadly, an alternative today will require more work than ever before, but that is the true solution. The modern global electron based computing system is based on providing information about yourself to use at its core. The only way you can connect to the internet is to have an ip address which requires government agencies to know who you are or use another who has to know who you are. Photographer: Alan Grinberg LINK Lightning on the Pacific Ocean Caption: I waited 10 years to take this photo.
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