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    These are the members I have guided into this website, an eternal pledge drive https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/9365-sabine-ziya/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRUL_JY2-Oj3tVRtnPUugvg https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/9251-maame-dede/ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=53502809&ref=br_rs https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/9366-rosa/ http://melaninmoney.tumblr.com/ https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/9384-uniquelymade7/ https://www.facebook.com/uniquesolidfoundation https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/9407-angel-alita/ https://www.facebook.com/AngelAlita77
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    Richard Murray's ThoughtCloud Tiger Tiger , Marca Worst 11 2018 , MUFC needed system 2018-2019 , PSG/Brasil needed system 2018-2019 , CONCACAF Womens Championship reflect the same reality in either gender in CONCACAF , Sarri Chelsea part 2 , My UEFA CL champion pick , 2018-2019 uefa womens champions league round of 8 to final thoughts , Womens Soccer in the USA , AWCON2018 World Cup 2019 entries , The Glyne Dame , 2019 Womens World Cup Draw and Ettie , 30 years from now , 2018-2019 uefa mens champions league round 16 , beInMourinho , atleti-juventus2202019 , Ownership or a reply to samantha weber , ElClasico 322019 , thoughts 332019 , ajax/realmadrid352019 , my reply to samantha webber's prose on critiquing prose, Morata/Griezzman/Costa , favorite team by flag , CAF womens competitions format suggestion , USWNT 13-0 victory against Thailand, French Women Euros 2021 squad , New York Knicks 2019-2020 , future womens world cup , copa america 2019 semifinal brasil-argentina , china investing in womens soccer , cameroon out afcon2019 , kawhi leonard to la clippers , USWNT global fandom , selecao win copa america 2019 , russell westbrook , cafcon r8 , the neutral fan , concacaf wcq format 2019 , CAFCON r8 part 1 , FIFAWWC viewership popularity , cafcon 2019 r8 part 2, lgbtq+ in the uswnt , sole jaimes join santos , caf in chaos , zimbabwe win netball , Lewis Hamilton wins British grand prix 2019 , nwfl value , cafcon2019 final , neymar and transfers7162019 , ? Football Crazy Replies 89, 90 , 91 , 92 , 93 , 94 , 95 , 96, 97 , 98, 99, 100 , 101 , 102 , 103, ? Ownership PSG , Atletico Madrid , Inter Miami , Audio Blog Richard Murray Thoughts <Kobo>, Richard Murray Thoughts segments <Youtube> Image Blogs <Google Photos> WSplus GoalChatter Guest Blog entries Women's clubs must survive , UEFAWCL is better than NWSL in 5 reason , Botafogo Star Guest Blog entries Pereira guidance Lyon Offside replies 6-24-2019 , ? Burn It All Down replies 6-24-2019 , ? Initial Introduction When I began punditry on sport, it was confined in online locale to my material, still is. I looked and learned through various other formats or Ideas to create my own place. Past blogging, I thought to use Ebooks, my most common format. EBooks can utilize audio and are a clear way to lineate your actions. I made the Kings of London Epic Poem Series and Richard Murray's Thoughts Series reflecting that truth. But, Ebooks were and are not the most used format to messages through the internet. Sport require common channels be used, if you have not figured out how to use an uncommon channel more imaginatively while attention getting, base on saturation in sport viewers to modern media. I thought to audio blog, The Richard Murray Fanatacism Audible, while collate from some of my favorite womens soccer connections, Richard Murray's Fanatacism, or strictly from the players, The Players Say. I gained more outreach but I found myself acting in similar to what others were doing. I find myself now starting a new endeavor, in this AALBC blog entry, like the Audible but absent the strict format. Now, Richard Murray's Thoughts Version 2 is here. I will post in the comments in this blog, any are free to join me,and state my thoughts. But the content or style will now be free. I will not assume I know how best communicate to the audience or viewership,
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    Dear Readers, I tend to enjoy reading various articles on writing , the industry, the concepts, et cetera. parallel to craft articles. These topics can be fun or engaging. As some of you know, I have a controlled electronic footprint, meaning, I don't keep old posts. This blog never had fifteen posts and never will cause I don't like ejunk. But, I realize, aside my posts to what I created and create, I need a post to just chit chat if you will. So this post will serve that function, through its comments I will posts various topics concerning writing. Work Cloud EBook List- see below , Onmyoji Contest Entry , Pacific Rim contest Entry , Bettering American Poetry Anthology Entry , White House Carol , Maple Me entry , We Happy Few Wellington Wells entry, Fiyah Magazine- , Killens Review-, ? Creative Cloud Questions to think about , How We Define Art a response , Lessons from Last Action Hero , Black Soldiers fighting for the British against the USA during USA secession why no memorial , Levar Burton Reads , Ethiopian apocalyptic film , Is Biography the biggest genre today circa 2018 , if they remade Cleopatra jones? , which cliche you dislike most? , Grammar Check , those who write love are making money, have you done a collaboration .. on a train , be your character on social media , who are afro latinos ? , a short history to the internet , What describe best the Native American experience in fiction , Get Out early - what do you think compared to the final film? , Prince and religious friction in film , Let us compose something together using these rules, what other language will you say if you can? , AALBC community book- in progress till made , not any time soon but... , A Glengarry Lead , silhouette in film , Get Out defined , inspiration listings, the return of poetry and some fun , written and sun by Aretha Franklin , Unconventional art , Der Tchrumpfs , Selections from poetry through the native female pen , a question to multiculturalism , Nonqonqo in A Warm December , Peola Edit- Immitation To Life 1934 , concealed carry models , Ann Gorman Edit- Follow Me Quietly 1949 , censoring online , MLKjr2019 , Black Party to governance , Star spangled why, Audio EXcerpts , False Civility , US , Glass submission story , code geass, ? Engineering Cloud Fixing Plastic , Blacksmithing Basics , multi electromagnetic wave observation , AMP in Email , Makers jobs or cosplay , ? Email Gazette Fragments fifth issue , tenth issue, eleventh issue , twelfth, thirteenth , fifteenth ,sixteenth, seventeenth ,eighteenth , 19/20/21/23 ,24/25/27/29/30/31/32 , 33/34/35/36/37 ,38/39/40/41/42/43 , 44/45/46/47/48/49/50/51/52/53/54 , 55/56/57/58/59/60/61 , ? EBook LIST Richard Murray Short Story Collections Kobo Link OverDrive Link JIHI series Kobo Link Overdrive Link Gospel of Joseph Kobo Link Overdrive Link Richard Murray Collages Kobo Link SanaTambo Versions Overdrive Link Kobo English Kobo Francais Kobo Portugues Kobo 日本語 Kobo 中文 Der Tchrumpfs Kobo Below is a collage i made to Ty Wilson Art Be Safe
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    In modernity many Black people speak to finding roots or gaining reparations or many other thing offline that require a collective power that does not exist or an individual power that does not exist. I am not suggesting said power will not become to a black group or black individual offline. But, I am certain it is easier for a black collective or individual task online to be successful. To that end, I cognize a nice way to show who black people are today, that can have value tomorrow , collectively or individually, is through individual sigils. The data storage for the sigils will be linked at the postend to this article. The comments to this post will be links to each sigil made, which is composed of the graphic, name, and url to main place online. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HXbBwMv3DtSogJnh7
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    Title:Harlem - June to November 2015 I am a child to Earth living side my peer, in a concentration in a night, I see... not from the Sun, many moon, shining ... many voice yell in the sky no horn or four horseman ride remind, a faint glimpse to a god kicking a free moon by know why, not I Out from the quiet Harlem Where the trees recall yesterday South from the modern Where the lights shine away... from the old song in the street Is a raccoon family Waiting for sapiens to segregate Tis a wait insane Waiting for: fish fry, jass, or roof... parties Them can not survive: mixing, security, or real estate But a darkling notice the scene He provide a path in the shade Just to a few from Harlem past... to find the Black Bath Walking outside, I ponder, where is wisdom, when the Sun can not wake me to see it, and... what can be seen from apartment 2B? concrete sequoia, surround every pane, even the baby thrush, needing parental sustenance, can't be known, and... we all ask, where with all is hope?... can I know in 9C? can enlightenment be, where no butterfly roam, even if I live or write every poem?... may I live near 2B... only down the hall, where you live in 4U, and maybe you can see or know, if you own, a pane or more from hope... will it sing, to my craft, as I walk... apartmentless, in the public dark The Trees or the Churches, are all that will stand Where is the tree that remember the land Does a church know where, the skulls from the first, was planted The collages from modern mancraft is disorganized, most ignorant I heard from one collagent ... The Pigeon who climbed a whole hill do not forget a sky never needing, to walk to one again ... do not forget an earth while sleeping to fly truly fly... to a rose beyond any sky do not forget a time when two sunflower , grow at first glance for one grow a short... distance yet, the shades them can not see prove:sky, earth, or time in chiaroscurhyme and!...this dummy still stand! pondering a turncoat dove ponderance I am comforted in knowing their finiteness though, I know a clear sadness for the collages everborn pretelling I will never know where stand the skulls, or the land What if a green speak to you one day do you think, it will speak to Giants colored grey or multicolor dirt from an annual day I say they are not signs... from the urban green not like those southern trees who know the bloodiest luxiery A salvadoran Rose, through my mind, once spoke to me We look at each other through a lens that is the moon after in the afternoon, a bluejay hope to find hopping up the fire escape to the top floor, why?! a rainforest on the third, or higher than Everest on the roof or maybe a query from the terrace fleur How do you find a place beyond time, is it galaxy wide, or smaller than an eye? Does a green, the Moon, or an avian know where it hide In a deep autumn night I think, what deep thought from those once cargo or more than likely, threw off did they saw life as hope, or a wrought did they trusted in nature, used her time as I have born in summer, a plethora from light... this fall beginning I was unwised, lived on the obvious prismal abuse suddenly pondering, why I suddenly dream to you you are not in a thought yesterday think yesterday has nothing from you? now nearest to the future what will winter be, these questions do you feel the sunlight when i do do you feel the rain are you surround between the night stars do you block their speak ... or the mirror to chaotic reality... silent fantasy from Richard Murray 2015 Check out my ebooks- the free one is noted, please read/enjoy/give me your response:Sunset Children Stories: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/sunset-children-stories Looking West and West: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/looking-west-and-west Janidogo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-janidogo The Gospel of Joseph: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/gospel-of-joseph The Nyotenda FREE : https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-nyotenda Includes a comic. The following link is an excerpt LINK
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    One Trillion Dollars! Earlier this month, Apple executives announced their 42-year-old company is worth One trillion dollars. For those unsure how to write one trillion dollars, there is a one followed by 12 zeros. Today, some believe Apple changed the world with its products. Still, there are quite a few who get along fine without Apple. For the rest, the company is a game-changer. Apple went public in 1980, and for $22, anyone could buy a share. During the company's initial public offering, a middle-aged professor, who taught at a university in Brooklyn, bought a few of the more than four million shares available. He encouraged a young widow who'd just inherited a half-million dollars to buy some too. Her goal was to leave a financial legacy for her children, their children, and generations to come. Not knowing much about the stock market or IPOs, she was skeptical about making a purchase. She passed on the offer. Instead, she kept her money tied up in real estate and her family. She thought that would be a safer deal. It wasn't. Today, most of her family is gone. She and the bank own her one home. There are a lot of reasons, why she isn't wealthy today but mainly it's because "we become what we do." There can be hundreds of articles on how Apple hit trillion dollars in valuation. The reason is this; Apple is run by people whose goal is to make money by any means. So, if you find you're in a place far different than you'd envisioned for yourself. Stop doing what you've always done. Lose the fear and make money whatever it takes to allow you to live your dreams.
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    Round 15 Audio LINK Listen to "Richard Murray Fanatacism Audible" on Spreaker. The Status to the Audible... it is closed and audio blogging will continue in other ways going forward. My search to find a better way to be a pundit. Transcripts R1 , R2 , R3 , R4 , R5 ,R6 , R7, R8 , R9, R10, R11 , R12, R13, R14, R15 Articles Botafogo Star: Pereira guidance , ? GoalChatter: Women's clubs must survive , ? Thoughts Egypt in the 2018 world cup , Argentina in the 2018 world cup, Query or list of ideas to get Conmebol, Caf, AFc, CFU to block UEFA or NAFU from winning the Qatar world cup or getting to the final , Sarri in Chelsea summer 2018 , Did Africa win the world cup when France did to you? , Non Futebol Best 11, why do we not blame owners for fiscal problems , UEFA Champions LEague 2018-2019 group stage predictions, ? Richard Murray Thoughts Series Kings of London Epic Poem Series Women Soccer Players Say Paper Richard Murray's Fanatacism Paper
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    Kween Yakini Reaching A New Milestone
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    I am learning why I must be patient when it comes to planting the seeds. For some seeds take a long time to grow like trees from the roots out of the ground until they touch the sky, and some are like bulbs that sprout up after a few weeks. Some need more water than others and some only need a few drops, but I still need to give them the time that they require to grow. For example, as I was going about my day having my first book signing event, I ran into another soul. And, this soul recognized me and knew that we would work together. My point is take every opportunity because they are the bread crumbs that will lead you to your destiny. So now I sit back and wait for my seeds to grow into what ever they are meant to be for me. The lesson has been learned, and patience is indeed a virtuous trait to have. Peace!
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    We all realize that the media really knows how to do a good job at painting Black people in a certain light. They are good at convincing us to hate on each other, and good at convincing us that nothing will ever change. But I disagree, because I was able to create a profound change in my own life by using the power of my mind. And I know without a doubt that we all have the power to change, if that is what we truly desire. So, I published my book to show them the truth about who we are, and that one of our greatest powers is the ability to change. "Woke: A Poetic Journey" (available on Amazon.com) is my testimony. So, I really hope you will read it with an open mind and heart, and let it touch your soul. Thank you, Kween Yakini Poet Writer Spoken Word Artist Blogger Self-Published Author
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