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    My laptop is realtively high end, but the built in video camera is trash. I'm going to Best Buy tomorrow lol!
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    Interesting responses. I admit I have to stop myself sometimes from making superficial judgments. It doesn't take long for me to remember skin color is not a reliable indication of one's allegiance to a culture. A Black woman in a MAGA hat (I've seen it!) may not likely have more in common with me than, say, a Latinx or Asian woman raised outside of the USA. I don't mind taking pleasure in seeing an impressive Black couple like Barrack and Michelle. But I also recognize my reaction is based on appreciating the odds they must overcome to find on another. Being a Black male in some environments sometimes feels like being an endangered panda or something. The odds of finding a similar mate in the wild is daunting! The search starts with compromises. You may both be in complimentary professions and share hobbies, but you live in different cities and have a socially questionable age gap. That sort of thing. I've trained myself to not make assumptions. I know how hard it is out there. Some have to work with what they have, even making concessions on what they thought their partner's skin color would be. I've never found a wife, so I'm not the best to give advice. This is just my point-of-view at this moment.
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    @Troy NOPE! Clarence Thomas is hateful period. We just hate his ass the same way we hate Kavanaugh. Aside: Candace is a sellout period. I doubt she believes anything she says. She's a good looking tool and the sexist misogynists GOP appreciate good looking women period - and if they can use them to achieve a goal - they will. And they reward/pay folks well. Especially good looking smart black women. I'm sure that's true of all politicians but they don't make it a secret. If you married a white woman - I already know she'd be down for the cause. She'd be fit, fierce and fine - because you can't be slipping when you married outside your ethnic group. Since you are one of the good ones - you can't settle for less. Some of us black women have a saying - "We' glad you took him. hon'. Maybe his genes will have a chance" - Kinda like what we said about Jay Z and Beyonce when it came to the looks department. [ok that's all just awful - charge it to this sore throat I'm dealing with this morning] But I digress. That's how it works when you marry a compatible partner no matter what skin they're in. If you met my ex - you'd see how much a like we are. It's how we ended up raising successful daughters - we share similar perspectives on life. I'm also reminded of the guy from Power -Omari Hardwick (?) his wife is anglo and I swear she is more militant than I could ever be. Maybe she's more militant because she is anglo and therefore gets a pass - but still she's a roughneck when it comes to championing the Black cause and Black lives matter. I don't find anything you wrote as racist -because while you can be bigoted/prejudice you need to hold the power to be racist.
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    Oh no, I do not see women as being the same as men. Yes, I do agree. Oh yes, I do agree. However, when it comes to inter-racial relationships, I do not see a difference in White men loving Black African women or Black men loving White women, meaning normal! NORMAL, what is normal; I believe that racism cannot be ignored so then when men and women engage into inter-racial relationships with this understanding then they are acting responsibly but when they engage out of 'a spirit of racial superiority' then they are submitting to racial superiority. Too many times I hear Black men and Black women want to engage in relationships with White people because of something they hate about being Black and that is not normal. That kind of 'White Supremacist' is operating out of racial hatred. It is difficult, I believe though, to NOT blame the whole gender for experiencing Black-on-Black oppression, but I feel that we as Black people need to try to look beyond 'self' at times and look for the positives and then if you decide to engage in inter-racial relationships, it won't be out of 'race hatred'--Black Self Hatred. That kind of motivation will lead to a bad relationship for sure.
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    I'd like to read about the life of Curtis Mayfield, one of my favorites. I rarely read music biographies. But his music was so good...
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    Thank you @Chevdove if nothing written here prompts you to consider your current views or exposes you to new ones, then you missed the point. Too many people get mad because of something someone typed. I was trying to figure out how I missed you being a Black Israelite. I figured, if true, you must have gone rogue cause I don't think I seen a public facing female Black Israelite. As Pioneer says, welcome back we missed you.
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    @Troy "... spend most of my time adding content to the site." FACTS. This is a special topic! To be clear, I'm not anti-social media, rather, pro-time management. Feeding into your website, craft and community will grow your audience for the long haul. Then, it's imperative that you're ready for the evolution and attention garnered. When you envisioned the perfect audience, what did h/s/they look like and where did they shop, dine and play? Are they into giveaways or more inclined to utilize your work for scholarly reference? Once the assessment of your target reader is complete, use that data to set-up mental real estate in their minds; this is the fun part! Are they coffee drinkers who read and sip? *Pre-pandemic approach* - $5 gift cards with a nice note from an author (sending them to your platform) would brighten the day of most. Be ready for the views! - Time Commitment = 45 mins - Budget = $25 - Subject = 5 customers --> informal author meet & greet (WOM, brand recognition) - Goal = Brand introduction to your market. Your neighbors now have an "Author" in their midst... groovy AND lends credibility. - Assess = Review platform analytics to gauge success... Set-up an email capture and constantly quality improve your process. Are they the group of ladies who sip and chat? *Bonus pandemic strategy - Zero F2F interaction* - Gift a copy of your work to a professional book club for the sophisticated ladies. - Time Commitment = 30 mins - Budget = $0 --> always have a few promos on hand. Otherwise $7 postage/handling. - Subject = 1 base --> WOM w/i the (target) community of people who ENJOY leisurely reading - Goal = Brand introduction to your market while building loyalty - Assess = Review platform analytics to gauge success. Always follow up with a handwritten note... they will remember you, and most people appreciate kindness. I could go on... However, "Guest Who?!" isn't going to write itself. Social media, in my humble opinion, is more or less, a branch on your growth tree. Focus on watering, nurturing and strengthening the roots. Then, branch out. Pun! Stay safe.
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    Before I start to answer your wonderful question, I would ask if you have heard of the Bronze Shields? They are an Black Police organization. To start with my father was Marxist Leninist Communist who met both Kruchev and Mao. The books I was exposed to were the Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital, the Selective Works of VI Lenin and The History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. When they were protesting for the amnesty of rioters in Newark and Philadelphia my parents brought me with them. Rizzo brought them in for processing they took my footprints because my fingers were to small. I also was exposed to the Little Red Book of Mao. My father emphasized Scientific Marxism and used that philosophy to successful organize in Unions and get some of the first Blacks elected to Political Position in Newark NJ and Nationwide. It was his understanding of Politics which lead to the election of the first Black Councilman Irving Turner and the First Black Mayor Ken Gibson. Baraka had failed because his understanding of politics and organizing were limited compared to my father. I am grateful for that upbringing because I can see the shortcomings of that philosophy and it actually bringing about Happiness. Number 1 it was about the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. I don't want to live in any type of dictatorship. Number 2 It was the rejection of Private Property. You can not be free if you don't have the right to personal and private property. Now both Dr. Ben and Dr. Clarke were opposed to Communism and Capitalism. When I was in college they would be frequent guest speakers at African Echos in East Orange. When I left college and started a limousine business, I had the please of driving them to and from lectures. Dr. Clarke opposed Christian and Islam he called them both murder cults. The most important thing about both men were that they were well read and took their studies seriously. Pan Africanism was the philosophy that I would say best sum up Dr. Clarke. Dr Ben would have be characterized as an Ero Sensei in an Anime. He loved the Black Woman and the power she had to make Black People. My only regret is that I was too arrogant to fully appreciate and take advantage of my time with them and my father. I have more information about my on my Facebook page. I hope that I was able to answer you questions.
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    Hello Everyone. Thank you for allowing on the site. I hope I am making this request properly. I would love for qualified people to do reviews of this book. UBER DRIVER TURNED AUTHOR DURING PANDEMIC *** New Book Alert*** *** Available in Paperback*** Contact Information: Clarence Coggins 973-943-4073 daniellegfny@gmail.com Twitter @danielle_from Instagram @daniellegfny ISBN-10: 0578721783 ISBN-13: 978-0578721781 On July 31, 2020 Auntie I Don’t Want You To Get Married; Danielle The Girl From New York is released. This is the first installment of the new multicultural Illustrated Children’s Book written by Clarence Coggins. Danielle is a young girl who travels from New York City to Georgetown Guyana to visit family for the first time. When she gets there she has all types of adventures. This is the tale of when her Auntie Julia is trying to find out why Danielle doesn't want her to get married. THAT WAS THE CUTEST STORY I EVER READ IN MY LIFE. I AM CRYING. I REALLY WANTED TO KNOW WHY SHE DID NOT WANT HER AUNT TO GET MARRIED. IT KEPT MY ATTENTION ALL THE WAY THROUGH...” - Carol D Mitchell, Author of Debi Thomas What Really Happened About the Author  Clarence N.M. Coggins is a big fan of Japanese Anime. Raised on Golden Legacy Comics, Mr. Coggins learned at an early age that Blacks had contributed to the development of the Western World. He graduated from Kean University in Union, NJ with BA in Economics. He worked in the Public and Private sectors as a consultant and IT professional. Mr. Coggins is a Radio Personality who has hosted the show “A New Day is Here”. He currently lives in city of his birth Jersey City.
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    The best thing I've done in recent times was NOT to buy from Amazon anymore. Nothing. To hell with them.
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    Hello, all. I'm new here, so I'll attempt to be brief: I would like to suggest my book for review consideration. Alphabet of Black Cultures by Jeffrey Daniels, ISBN-13: 978-0976050827, published July 2020. Description: From A to Z, Alphabet of Black Cultures is a friendly introduction to the diverse and evolving cultures of a world connected by African heritage. Learners of all ages are invited to explore the music, inventions, games, foods, customs, and more. It's a 32 page, full color, hardcover book intended for juvenile nonfiction readers aged 6 to 12. The book has garnered some local interest prior to release here in the southside of Chicago. It's a years-long passion project, and I hope you may see a space for it among AALBC's reviews. Review copies are available in digital format and physical copies may be available by request. I made a website to elaborate on the book’s mission, but I'm not sure if external links are permissible (it's "sleepingelephant dot com slash abc"). Thank you for your time.
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    100 New Audio Books You’ll ♥ When I started my boycott of Amazon over a year ago. I was fully prepared to completely give up my stream of income from selling books online. The boycott forced me to consider other options and that was one of the top 3 things I ever did with this website! I not only did selling books directly dramatically increase my revenue through online book sales, I also get my customer information which Amazon kept for themselves -- never sharing with affiliates. Sure, it is much more labor intensive physically, and administratively, selling books directly, but the revenue, from book sales, is an order of magnitude higher -- more sales and larger orders. I've hired someone to do the extra work. I'm able to sell audiobooks through a partnership with Libro.fm. I've already made more money with Libro.fm, in less than 6 months, than I did selling Amazon's Audbile ebooks and subscriptions in the past decade! Libro.fm shares customer information with their partners too! I recently started working with Hummingbird to sell ebooks. Unlike Amazon's ebooks, which you can only read on a Kindle; you can read your hummingbird's ebooks on ANY platform -- including the Kindle. Libro.fm may begin selling eBooks too. If they do, I will like switch over to them. As far as buying books that are not showcased on AALBC, you can always use Bookshop.org. They share 10% of the book's price with AALBC. You do not need Amazon. Boycott them for your book buying needs and improve the book ecosystem -- especially for Black books. Look, the pandemic is going to kill some Black-owned bookstores. A miracle occurred in late May, and white folks flooded Black owned bookstores, like AALBC, with record levels of sales. Some stores, overwhelmed, could not handle the surge, and did not benefit from the store-saving business. To be clear we will still lose some Black owned books stores, due to the pandemic. Bookshop.org helped some stores by giving them a platform to sell books on the web, but those sales do not benefit the stores nearly as much as being able to sell books directly. Unfortunately, most Black-owned bookstores do not have the ability to sell books on the web, if they do, they don't have the ability to scale. Over the long term Black-owned book stores and websites like AALBC continue to need your business not just to survive but to grow. The last 12 month has been phenomenal for AALBC. Records in every measurable category: traffic, book sales, and advertising -- during a global pandemic no less! This is ONLY because some of you have chosen AALBC over Amazon -- full stop! This has allowed AALBC to improve tremendously! Readers, authors, and publishers all benefit for having an additional platform celebrating Black literature.
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    In Rome Slave could become citizens. The US use Matriarchal lineage, so that any slaves born of a slave were also Slaves. I believe that was unique to US's system of slavery.
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    Yes, I do agree. Definitely (a) Racism More correctly, the term is not actually 'Racism' though, but Colorism and White Supremacy, that came first before slavery. The motivation comes before the act. Slavery is a response to the issue of hating Black people and people of color.
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    The Answer is Slavery, Slavery goes back a long ways. However the American Slave trade create the concept of White Superiority to justify slavery. So in the South you have White Women being the ideal and being seen as chaste. With Black Men being seen as sexual brutes, and Black women being temptresses. However that falls apart because White Plantation owners were raping Black Women and selling their own offspring. So you have a situation where Black Men can't protect their women, Black women are seen as sexually loose, and White women having to reconcile their perceived status with the reality.
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    Interesting video........... My thought on it is that while it IS interesting and informative to a certain extent, we must keep in mind that it's being presented to us by a CAUCASIAN.....so stop right there. Anytime you have information being presented to you by a member of a group of people WELL KNOWN for being masters of confusion and deception, you must take it with a grain of salt and be very suspect of all of the information being offered. 1. He starts off with confusion by referring to Europeans as "Westerners" when geographically speaking Europe as just as far west as Africa. If you mean "European" or "White man" then SAY THAT, and stop masking it up in confusing terms! 2. He focuses on Africa and why Europe was so successful in conquering Africa but only makes passing references to those same Europeans being able to conquer Asia as well as both American continents EVEN MORE thoroughly than Africa! What were his intentions in making it seem as if Africa was an anomaly, when the rest of the world shared the same fate under the Europeans? He does a half-way decent job disproving what Jared Diamond says in his book but when it comes to explaining what HE believes is the reason why Europe was able to dominate and colonize so much more of the planet than any other group he doesn't offer an alternative answer. In fact, he dismisses it by saying that we may "never know the answer" at the 1: 25 minute mark. And we know that ALL questions have answers. Which makes me wonder if the THINKS he has the answers to the question but doesn't want to reveal them. But on the flip side I DID learn something from this video. I learned about the Great Benin City! Although I knew of Benin as an empire, I hadn't remembered even hearing of Benin City until this video. Now I'm going to do more research on this great West African pre-colonial city. Thanx for the video.
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    There are at least a couple of biographies on Curtis. The most recent one I've listed on this thread. Highly recommended. I love Curtis and rate his debut album very highly. Keep on keeping on.
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    What country do Blacks call their own. What Language what culture, other than what grew out of Slavery. Yeah they got a few Casino what did we get?
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    Every society's life is based on myths or historical cultural values. Whether that is: fairy tales; fables; books; music, television or movies. Identity like race is a concept or rather a construct. Otherwise it would be self evident what it meant to be Black, White, Man or a Woman.
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    She has the straightest hair I have ever seen. 😐
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    it is only an "excuse" if it stops you from trying -- which no one here is advocating.
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    ROFL! True! You know, I think you're right! LOL! Okay, I dying of laughter here! @Mel Hopkins Yes, me too.
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    We are in agreement on all points.
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    I don't know about this @Pioneer1 WOW That is interesting! YES! You're right!!! I am a product of what you are saying here! I was a latch-key kid for these very reasons! Black women were indeed encouraged to do just what you wrote about! And yes, it caused a lot of damage to the Black family structure.
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    The FIRST bookstore in Oregon you should check out (if you haven't already) is POWELL'S CITY OF BOOKS. I used to frequent it a lot when I lived in Portland and fell in love with the joint.
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    True. Almost. You won't get anywhere focusing solely on injustice, but you won't get very far ignoring it, or making believe it does not exist. How can you work your way around it if you refuse to recognize it? Right?
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    Absolutely. It could be but people often want to be around people like themselves. This attitude is short slighted because many brilliant people are overlooked. Maybe. Probably. Would you prefer to like with people who share your culture and background or people who did not share you language, religion, or any aspect of your culture? Does that mean that you "hate" those people? Does it mean that I hate white women because I balk at the prospect of marrying one? I agree, but it is so often shoved in you face like when a white police officer murders an unarmed Black man for some alleged petty crime. @daniellegfny do these Brothers "chose" to be killed? Maybe because you think women are just men without penises and see the differences as a double standard. Men and women, in general, think differently. I know into today's world men and women are "equal," but we are indeed different. Wouldn't you agree?
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    It is just that simple huh? There is no subtlety to your game @daniellegfny, everything is Black and white. Would you agree that most people would consider poverty to be an undesirable state? If so why then do you think so many people, the majority, "decide" to be impoverished? Did you know this is one of the first generation of kids in a century who are less well off than their parents? Did a whole generation of kids decide to be less well off thatn their parents? Last question do believe in exogenous factors that disproportionately impact Black people hampering the ability to obtain wealth? You probably don't you strike me a pull-yourself-by-your-own-bootstraps kind of guy.
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    Great interview! I appreciated learning about the history of this place in the creator's own words. A fortunate intersection of skills benefits us all.
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    So what that’s what freedom means. The ability to accept and reject. If OTHER people are making the laws and enforcing them, then YOU don't have the ability to accept them or reject them. The only choices YOU have are to either OBEY or DISOBEY (and face the consequences). There is no such thing as a "free" civilization, by the way. If there are rules and laws (as there SHOULD be) then there is no "freedom" by it's very definition. If most Americans were truly "free", so many wouldn't be locked up in jails and prisons.
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    Oh no I agree non-Black people certainly don't like it when AfroAmericans complain about their establishments. But it RARELY HAPPENS that AfroAmericans complain to them. You go to most ghettoes and the ghetto is FULL of non-AfroAmericans (Koreans, Arabs, ect....) running shitty businesses, selling rotten meat, selling liquor and cigarettes and other things to children. Most AfroAmericans either ignore it or if they complain about it they do it to EACHOTHER but not to them. One brother spent 15 minutes complaining to ME over Arabs selling cigarettes to children instead of going down and yelling at HIM about it. But these same negroes who won't get up in an Arab's face and yell at him about selling GREEN pork-chops with worms wiggling around inside the package...he'll go into an AfroAmerican store and raise HOLY HELL and start doing flips up and down the aisle about why a can of pork-n-beans costs $2. "Man....wha'choo chargin' 2 dollars fo' dis shit fo' ???? I can go to wal-mart and get dis shit for 25 cent a can ! Da' hell you tryna do...nicca....ROB folks ???? You tryna ROB yo' people.....DAMN! " .....and even slap bags of potato chips off the counter as he storms out the door. Our people are often times MUCH harder on eachother for even the SLIGHTEST hint of mistreatment or injustice.
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    Poverty is a Choice in America. You may be born into it but you don’t have to stay in it. Ofcourse you don't have to stay in it. You can just go to PRISON....where you're no longer officially listed among the poor....by engaging in behavior in your pursuit to escape it! It's interesting how they lock so many AfroAmerican men up for attempting to escape poverty.....but they aren't locking up the MILLIONS of illegal immigrants who are sneaking in here for the same reasons. Infact, they make EXCUSES for illegal immigrants breaking the laws but won't make any for YOU if YOU break it! It seems to me that SOMEBODY is picking and choosing who they want to stay in poverty and who they are helping to get out.....lol.
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    I was notified last night that my debut novel, Mirrors of Life, is honored as an Award-Winning Finalist by the 2020 International Book Awards in the Fiction: Cross-Genre category. To all aspiring authors and writers, continue to believe in yourself and follow your dreams, because dreams comes true with patience and persistence. https://owenspublishing.com/
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    They loved and references Dr. King all day every day when he was preaching non-violence and begging for Caucasian acceptance....especially as an alternative to a more militant Malcolm X. But 3 things changed MLK's perception in Caucasian America: 1. Malcolm X was assasinated. So there was no more "boogy man" alternative to point to for those who wouldn't accept King. 2. As MLK got older, more mature, and wiser and ESPECIALLY after meeting with Elijah Muhammad.....he realized how ingrained racism was in America and he also saw how evil the society was and wondered whether or not it was worth integrating his people into a "burning house" ruled by people who were on their way to hell. 3. He started preaching against the war in Vietnam and sent veiled threats of Russia taking over. Those 3 things....all occurring in just a 3 year time span between 1965-1968.....soured the taste of MLK in the mouths of so many Caucasian Americans so much that in some places when it was announced that MLK had been assassinated the public actually CHEERED! 😟
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    Man! You ain't jokin! @Pioneer1 YES. I agree. And I know a lot of births defects occurred during this time too, due to alcohol Fetal Syndrome.
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    " Yo hold up....uhh ....did he just say "poppycock"??? " You must choose a different word than "race" to the describe the phenotypical and psychological differences of people. Lol, And you're gonna have to choose a different word than "poppycock" if you don't want me to question your "Blackness"....lol. *You must have gone ahead and married that White woman even when I told you not to. I KNEW she'd change you....lol.
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    White people like most people aren't monolithic. There are differences some people you can reach with reason. However in my experience I can't say what characteristics leads people to be reasonable. Travelling around the US you will experience different types of racism. In the South people were more polite even a hustler and homeless person were polite to me. So manners are really important n a place that had slavery. Whereas in NYC specifically between 1977 - 1999 the pecking order revolved around style ability and innovation. Leaving the US it is amazing to not feel the weight of race. I am not saying that racism or discrimination doesn't exist but the layering is different. If I were to weigh the joy versus the pain, I would still choose to be alive. However I have been incredibly fortunate and lucky, to have a good support network around me.
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    This book caught my eye somewhere. Originally published in 1966.
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    I've never heard anyone else describe the war between the states as an indication of white unity. It is like debating whether the earth is a sphere or flat. I don't even know where to begin. I get the focus on Brown people -- this site is a reflection on that. What I'm trying to understand is why you are so hard on Black people. White Americans rebelled from the British, then from the northern and southern states, and now between the republicans and democrats, the Jews and the gentiles, and communists versus capitalists. They have never demonstrated unity locally or globally, but you easily dismiss this in order to make an assertion that Blacks lack unity. Listen, I'm not auguring that Black people can not use more unity -- especially today. What I'm saying is that Blacks are far more unified than white folks. We had to be. We would never have survived the American Holocaust otherwise.
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    I received two years probation and a fine. It doesn't matter to me what other people received. And I have been moving on from my indiscretion.
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    Young. John. Lewis. Wanted. To. Be. A. Preacher. He. Was. Put In -Charge Of. The. Family. Chickens. He. Thought. Chickens. Made. A -Good. Congregation. . He. Begin. Preaching. To. The. Chickens....He-Did A. Lot. . .Book. By. Jabari Asim ..
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    "For authors who are unknown advertising is as much about exposure as it is about sales." Agreed. My two cents include establishing a baseline viewership, etc., to legitimately track the effectiveness of various marketing strategies. Also, consider the notion that earning the attention of readers doesn't necessarily require creating a social media shrine. Build a group of loyal, real enthusiasts, as word of mouth is arguably one of the most impactful advertisements available, and free. Stay positive, navigate missteps early and don't be afraid to venture beyond the realm of "traditional" strategies. Lastly, feed into your network within the literature community and hopefully "it" will feed you, in return. Best of luck.
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    "Black Cancel Culture" does not exist, because we have no media to speak of. Here your opinion of Carson gets equal weight to Pioneer's whose assessment is diametrically opposite. On social media opinions like yours are buried or used as fodder to help elevate opinions like Pioneer's. Which create the impression all Black people have no tolerance for your ideas like yours. Twitter and the white owned media are doing the "cancelling." A minute fraction of Black people express themselves on Twitter -- far from representative of us all. I was being sarcastic @Pioneer1. Diane looks like that puppet from Waylan and madam
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    Today I sold a few copies of Ibram X. Kendi's How to Be an Antiracist. Ibram is a critically acclaimed author who won a National Book Award in 2016 (I recorded Ibram's acceptance speech). Despite posting video and publishing a review of his latest book. I have not sold many copies of his Kendi's books. However, today I may have sold enough copies of How to Be an Antiracist for it to make my next bestsellers list. This piqued my interest; why is there increased demand of Ibram's work on the site? I decided to check Amazon and discovered that Amazon is currently charging $44 -- minimum price for a used copy! The book's price is $27 new -- Max. Amazon has 3rd party booksellers competing to sell over priced, used copies of a book that is still in print and less than a year old! How many unsophisticated book buyers will Amazon trick with this scheme? The reader is overcharged and neither the author or publisher earns a penny on these sales, but Amazon will, as usual, make money no matter what. Sure, people falsely believe Amazon sells books at the best prices, and maybe some customers feel compelled to buy overpriced books from Amazon because they are already paying 10 bucks a month for a Prime membership. But price gouging on books during a pandemic ... how low can you go? I think people are beginning to see Amazon for what they truly are. They don't care about the books, the readers, authors, or publishers. All they care about is getting paid, and on that they have executed brilliantly. (left) Amazon screen shot* (right) AALBC screen shot (taken 5/31/20) *Yeah, I know I'm breaking my own rule of not allowing links to Amazon, but in this context I think it is appropriate.
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    You raise some very valid points Troy. When referring to economic studies I was thinking of things like the Osiris Revolution describe in Civilization or Barbarism and also the Economic Plan laid out at the end of Destruction of Black Civilization. There could also be information gained by looking at some of the reports made by early European Colonizes. Of course you have to filter out the cultural bias. I am also reading Black Athena now. So many books, so little time. 🙂
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    @daniellegfny welcome to the forums! You already have a leg up by creating an account and commenting on another post. I pay extra attention to these types of authors, as opposed to the ones who do the drive-by-guest-post never to be heard from again. The only negative is the promotion of Amazon. If you post on site that sells books and it is immposible to link to the site you are on, it is best to link or mention your own site. Personally I boycott Amazon. Every woke/conscious bookseller should.
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    For Immediate Release Contact: Esther Productions, Inc At 202-829-0591 Esther Productions, Inc recently published ESTHER'S DISCOVER ME.. WITHOUT YOU BOOK Available April 4, 2020 (Washington, D.C.) - At last, we grasp the long-lasting effects of father absence through the voices of confident and powerful teen girls,” writes girls and women advocate Ana Acevedo in the preface of “Discovering Me…Without You: Teen Girls Speak About Father Absence.” In this groundbreaking book, published by Esther Productions Inc. Books, two dozen girls ages 14 through 17 tell their personal stories about the impact of father absence on their lives. It is edited by Jonetta Rose Barras and published by Esther Productions, Inc and Jonetta Rose Barras. For more information, please visit https://www.estherproductionsinc.com/shop Esther Productions, Inc. is dedicated to using a variety of vehicles—traditional and nontraditional—to develop communities throughout the United States and Europe. A special emphasis is placed on youth and underserved communities. The corporation uses the arts, social services and networking, and business development to enhance its targeted populations. For more information please contact Ms. Barras at estherproductionsinc@gmail.com. Visit: www.estherproductionsinc.com Ms. Jonetta Rose Barras is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author. She has more than 20 years experience reporting and commenting on national social, political, and cultural trends, including as an opinion writer with The Washington Post, Washington Examiner and Washington City Paper. Ms. Barras hosted her own weekly radio show on the 50,000-watt WPFW-FM radio in Washington, D.C. Following that stint, she served for more than six years as the political analyst for NPR affiliate WAMU-FM radio, where 75,000 individuals listened each week to her. She also has appeared on CBS (60 Minutes), C-SPAN, CNN, PBS (This is America with Dennis Wholey) and Fox News Channel’s The O’Reilly Factor. Ms. Barras founded Esther Productions Inc. in 2004 after the publication of her Black Board bestseller Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girl: The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women (Ballantine 2000, hardcover—2001, paperback). She has spoken at more than two-dozen national and international conferences and symposia, and many consider her the foremost authority on the affects of father absence among girls and women. Understanding the need to offer solutions to Esther Productions Inc.’s target audience of fatherless girls and women, Ms. Barras wrote Bridges: Reuniting Daughters and Daddies (Bancroft Press 2005). That book is a step-by-step guide for girls and women hoping to reconcile with their fathers or simply to come to terms completely with the affects of father absence in their lives. Ms. Barras communication expertise combined with her management skills has made her a highly sought consultant. Through Esther Productions Inc. she offers her knowledge and experience to other nonprofit organizations and individual entrepreneurs. Ms. Barras has expertly used the art of personal essay to take readers inside her world, hoping to help them understand and assess important local and national issues. Her writings have appeared in the Washington Post, The Hillrag, The Washington City Paper, Essence Magazine and the New Republic. Ms. Barras has written three nonfiction books and two collections of poetry. Her fiction and essays have appeared in numerous anthologies and journals. Visit http://jonettarosebarras.com
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    Interesting. I've heard of this too and how astrologist regard certain eclipses. I think though, that eclipses and so many other star configurations help us to measure time and dates with regards to our earth movements. And then, as a result of this, certain predictions and prophecies can be made.
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    I can,t find the name of the man who made the prediction .But he did say Trump would win and a Great Depression would follow Well if he did, that's not much of a prediction because a Great Depression is ALREADY HERE and it was here BEFORE Trump took office. Trump and Covid 19 just made an already existant Great Depression EVEN GREATER. Before Trump took office, and even before Obama took office........a large percentage of Americans (especially AfroAmericans) were out of work, homeless, and living in destitute conditions. They manipulate the figured but atleast 25% of the working age population of the United States is NOT working for one reason or another which is beyond the Great Depression figures of the 30s which was around 20%. And even among those who ARE working, less than 40% are making enough to actually support themselves and most must get help or live with other people and pool their incomes together to make ends meet. It used to be that ONE PERSON could support the entire household.....or atleast themselves....with ONE INCOME. Now most people have to shack up and live with somebody (boyfriend, mother, cousin, friends, ect…) and fight and argue with eachother over the bills because neither one is making enough to be truly independent. Besides having more social programs to help people today, there are only 2 major reasons why the Great Depression of the 1930s SEEMED more severe than the current economic Depresssion of today which is actually MORE severe: 1. Unlike the 30s where the poor were allowed to lay around on the streets and line up at soup kitchens, the policy since Reagan is to LOCK UP many of the poor and destitute and get them off the streets and into the prisons where they aren't seen. Plus a lot more people commit suicide now than in the 1930s. 2. They have smuggled in MILLIONS of illegal immigrants from Latin America and Asia into the United States to fill up the gaps and keep the system going while millions of Americans have dropped OUT of the system because of drugs, imprisonment, homelessness and other reasons. If they hadn't imported so many doctors and nurses into America from foreign nations, many of the hospitals in America would COLLAPSE because too many Americans are on drugs and too jacked-up mentally to properly care for sick people.
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