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    @Kareem I feel the same way about Kamala, but I also appreciate everything I know about her is fuction media hype and political posturing. So I'm reserving judgement. @Pioneer1 we defintely have different tastes in women 🙂 Kareem, I aslo agree with you on Tariq. His public battle with Umar revealed an immaturity that was unexpected. It would be interesting to read your response to Pioneer's question:
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    @Mitchell Z I agree. I'll post my review within the next 30 days.
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    Hi, Every Feb, I'm the author. While the book is no longer just-released, it has not has a vast amount of attention (though some valued accolades*). I think a review of it here would still be of value to readers, no? Mitchell * 1960s civil rights leader and hero Diane Nash called the novel “enthralling” and wrote: “Family saga, freedom song and cryfor justice come together in Mississippi Reckoning.”
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    Here is a link to an article where I describe my 10 favorite Black-owned, brick-and-mortar bookstores.
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