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    Hi everyone, just want to wish everyone a safe weekend coming up and a sound piece of mind in these trouble times of ours. Have a safe weekend while not letting the sour times get in your mind, by destroying you mood, instead throw on some funky toons to get you in the up and coming weekend groove.... Jaws R.
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    Legendary pianist died.
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    @Chevdove you were probably to young to remember tbe concert Wattstax. They made a documentary film in the 70s with same name. I saw the film in the theater and I recall wnjoying it a great deal. I own the DVD -- check it out
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    Okay, WOW! I am going to make a notebook to keep up with this information. Thank you @Mel Hopkins I am going to break this down and digest this. OMGOSH! I can understand this.
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    @Chevdove Thank you for asking!!! (I'm so excited)...ACCESS = LOCATION and refers to where people are most likely to get information about something that interest them. Example - If you are interested in creole cooking - you're are likely to show up to a location that either serves creole food or teaches creole cooking. You will most likely search for creole recipes and even find a creole history club to join locally or the internet. You may even show up here AALBC to look for books on the origins of creole culture or if experts post here. You might even start your own thread about creole culture. NOTE: business owners provide what customers need so the customer can get what they want. Your interest in creole cooking means either you or loved one wants to eat it. So business owners fills the need - by selling a cookbook, opening a restaurant or inviting you to take a trip to the source. So, someone who is promoting, lets say Louisiana travel tours, will make sure they share their information at all those access points where you are likely to show up. They will be at the places where you might look for information creole cooking. It may be advertisement or even information about authentic creole cooking spot on the tour - or even the best dish and include a recipe... Now they have your attention you may even jot down their information for future reference - and remember them when you plan your trip so you can get some good food. This is how the best marketers are getting noticed in today's marketplace. EDUCATION = A MOVEMENT A lot of independent authors think they don't know their audience. My suggestion is to start of movement of one. Ask yourself, "what do I believe needs changing?" I did something similar when starting this blog. I believe Marketing = Change. Marketing is a force that shakes up the status quo. I believe independent authors are unaware they use marketing in the course of their daily living. Therefore, my mission is to help authors realize they can create change through intentional use of the marketing techniques they unwittingly use daily. I was the first person in my "marketing is a four-letter word" movement. I was the first one in the audience. I'm so passionate about this topic, I just want to spread the word to anyone who will listen. I believe, "If you don't believe in your movement or are passionate about it - no one will be." Creating a movement of one is the first step. It will help you clarify what you intend to change. Then, you will be able to identify the people who are interested in your subject matter. You'll notice there are "followers" who will agree with your mission. (note: it might not happen immediately - that's why you have to be patient and passionate.) These people are your core audience. Don't waste your time trying convert anyone who is not interested. Focus on those who are interested. -These "followers" will become your ambassadors who will bring other like-minded people to the movement. How to start a movement: Now, the best thing about being a writer is ideas and words are our movement. We just have to educate others and lead them to the goal we he hope to accomplish. If we didn't believe in changing something we wouldn't write in the first place. And the best way to help others make a change is by sharing information (Education). So when you start your movement answer "Who, what,where, when, why and how." from there you will understand what information you need to share to build your audience.
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    There is no scientific evidence that human civilizations have been here for millions of years. But I agree, Western civilization will absolutely collapse. We can debate the timeframe, but it will happen and we are seeing indications of it today.
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    I can't any more than I can explain to you how the warpage of space/time causes the Earth to revolve around the Sun. You see the entire planet reacting to Covid19 in ways they do not act in reaction to the flu. You are so distrusting of all the planets doctors and scientists that you would ignore all of these signals indicating how highly contagious and potentially deadly this virus is and dismiss them as a conspiracy or stupidity. I'm sure there is NOTHING I can say that will help you understand. No, there would be nothing negative about it. Sometimes the different perspectives help me think about things differently. When humans come into contact with one another there is risk of fighting. Crowd them into really harsh conditions and you will have conflict. People wanna blame poor Black people for the higher levels of crime in their neighborhood, but when you live in a big house, with land, and everything you need you don't; need to bop you neighbor over the head for their welfare check. @Chevdove, of course I did not have malintent against Kareem. Honestly, I think he was in a bad mood that day, because I've been critical of his sources in the past and this did not cause him to leave in a huff before. Look, the man posts a video of some guy purportedly being thrown out of a store for wearing a mask;he takes the video at face value and rans with it. I wouldn't do this, because this is how fake news and conspiracies propagate. Some people are inclined to believe in conspiracies and I understand this, but you can't continue to entertain a conspiracy when there is a preponderance of facts, science, and objective evidence which rejects the conspiracy. Some people really believe the world is flat. There are sources on the web to support this belief. Now if someone wants to assert that the world is flat then leave the forum because I strongly rejected their world view and there evidence in favor of reality, is that being closed minded and dogmatic?
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    Neither did I @Chevdove, but people have to make their own decisions. If your ideas can not be questioned or challenged then this is not the forum for -- indeed no open forum would be. Sometimes people take (or make) disagreement personally. Others just want their worldview supported; social media is vast and it is very easy to find filter bubbles that support any world view, where these people would be happier. Of course forums need participants to survive, but having one in which there can be no expression of and working through the differences in opinion is not one I'm interested in running or participating in. Expressing differences is easy, working to getting closer to truth is a heck of a lot harder.
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    Wow! I see people wearing masl in Walmart and other stores all of the time! I was also told that police are writing tickets for people who gather more than 50+. And, I just read that New Orleans is becoming an epi center fast. Yes, both 'mistrust' and 'misinformation' Things are happening so fast.
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    @Chevdove YAAAY!!! More to come!
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    Troy Still, I trust them on vaccines because we've seen polio, whooping cough and other diseases disapoear ... at least until recently. Many of these diseases disappeared not because of vaccines but because of better living conditions. People raising their meats and poultry better, washing their hands more, taking more baths, and better nutrition.....making them less susceptible to disease in the first place. Many of the diseases you mentioned were unheard of in Africa or the Americas BEFORE the coming of Caucasians because the people tended to live more in harmony with nature and their diets were superior to what so many of us eat today so they were much more healthy and balanced. Kareem I know I'll die later in a shootout, but I'd rather die with dignity like that versus trusting cops to act like humans. With THIS shit going around....... A person probably WOULD be better off taking their chances getting it over with from a gunshot to the head rather than laying up in some crowded hospital bed (or on the floor) slipping in and out for days before finally expiring. People are just scared to talk about anything contrary to what government feeds them. I'm not. I'm always the guy screaming alone versus the obedient crowd. The entire purpose of this is FEAR. The more you instill fear in the public the easier they are to manipulate. You wouldn't believe how many people I've met who are BEGGING for Marshal law today. They actually want the state and national goverment to "protect" them forcing EVERYBODY in their homes for a few weeks and putting the military on the streets to enforce this in hope that this thing will be over quickly. A week ago Trump was talking about shutting down America and made plans for it, but now they've done such a good job scaring the public that when he gets on television talking about loosening the restrictions and opening up America by Easter... the public is now saying "NO! NO!" They WANT him to shut everything down and keep everyone in their homes and even encouraging him to use marshall law! Reminds me of a Pimp and his ho..... At first the girl is scared and trying to get away but after dropping his psychology on her, in just a few months he can't RUN her away! He goes upside her head and drives her off and she's back within 24 hours. Not only does she stay with him but she actually starts recruiting OTHER girls for him and eventually starts telling him how soft he's getting and how much harder he should be on them....lol. Am I lying? Cuban doctors sent a drug called Interferon to China and it apparently works to cure coronavirus as China is getting back to normal I remember this drug because from the 90s when Dr. Alim Muhammad of the Nation of Islam was using it to treat (and cure) HIV patients!   Delano Trump wants to end the isolation. Don't believe this populist rhetoric. Trump and his administration along with other government officials are the ones who made this a big deal and said this was a "war" and the biggest threat since World War 2. Now he's sitting in a chair telling a reporter that the flu killed more people than this did but didn't warrant the nation being shut down....lol. Actually this is what the American people were saying weeks ago in response to HIS and the government's draconian measures. He's just trying to echo it so when the shut down comes he can look like the one who didn't want it.
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    Unless Spain Germany and the US adopt strict procedures they will resemble Italy.
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    I don't get into the left/right political soap opera. What I do know is that Trump tried to buy the rights to vaccines and research from CureVac, a German pharma company, for $1 billion. Of course he and CureVac deny it now. But several non-US media outlets confirmed it. Everything Trump does is for himself. He only cares about himself. Talk of sending $1,200 checks to people means there's something in it for Trump. The $500 billion slush fund in that "relief" bill that Trump and Mnuchin have complete, 100% control over tells you all you need to know. Democrats are desperate to get their version of a dementia-suffering pervert (Biden) into the WH so of course they will politicize anything and everything. Cuban doctors sent a drug called Interferon to China and it apparently works to cure coronavirus as China is getting back to normal. Of course you don't hear about the drug in US media because it's made in Cuba and big pharma companies cannot cash in on it. Of course pharma companies advertise a lot on US media. Again, they don't care about people. They care only about themselves.
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    Yes, it is a jacked up position to be in. They've lied so much overvthe ceruries you'd be a fool not to assume they are lying when they say anything. "White man speak with forked tongue." Still, I trust them on vaccines because we've seen polio, whooping cough and other diseases disapoear ... at least until recently. I also believe Covid19 is real too. Mainly because the alternative theories seem too far fetched to me.
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    This is Ready Steady Go, a very popular music show in the UK from the mid 60s, a Otis Redding special. Enjoy.
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    @Kareem who is behind that blog? It is full of misinformation. The opening paragraph should give you a clue" "The United States has about 14,000 infections and 200 deaths. That means Americans as of today have a .0043% chance of contracting the virus and a .000062% chance of dying from it." No, pecent infection does not equal probability of contraction. This reasoning is a function of a failed education system or a deliberate attempt to mislead people. Whatever the motivation it is bad. @Pioneer1 i joking said that Africans are immune myself, but there are demographic reasons to help explain this that have nothing to do with melanin. We know younger people are less effected than the old. African countires are much younger than European and asian countires like italy and china. We also pretty sure the outbreak started in chins and it makes sense that the epicenter with a much older population would be impacted much more severly. Than a young, less mobile, population much further away -- At least at the early stage. Think critically and view everything on the web with skepticism.
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    @Pioneer1 Yes, the Brady Sluders of the world may not be stopped from partying but he'll, fingers crossed, be stopoed from reproducing more numbskulls.
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    I'm sure that is the least sanitized place on the planet right now lol.
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    Just checking in with the family. I haven't posted in a while because I've had a lot on my plate and spare time is dedicated to sleep, lol. Hope everything is going reasonably well with you considering the global "crisis" that seems to have been developed over the past few weeks.
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    @Troy I have not checked my email in weeks! Nevertheless, just as some of the posters here in this forum, my initial draw to this community is because I want to come to a place where African American book writers and scholars and everyone else comes to contribute because I feel it will help me develop myself as I would like to publish a book one day. Also, my interest and passion revolves around my African American culture, so this was a great draw for me. This is good.
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    Chev I would like to say, that I thank my Creator for the Protestant Movement here in America because had it not been for them, White European people, I would never know about ancient Kemet. About 2000 years ago, the Black African world threw the ancient books down at the cross completely in exchange for the law of the Roman Empire. Well sister you know the Protestant Movement didn't start in the United States; it started in Europe with Martin Luther. But what did you mean by this statement about Black Africans throwing their ancient books down at the cross for Roman laws???? I have an idea about what I THINK you mean, but I'm not sure so I'd like you to clarify please. this would be one of the reasons why Solomon wrote this book SONG OF SOLOMON (Canticles), which became described as one of the greatest written works of all time. For this reason, at times this book would also be titled The SONG OF SONGS. Solomon wrote this book, again, when he was old and did so, as if to ‘right a wrong’. In it, Solomon uses deep analogies upon which, without a deep understanding of certain scientific background, it would be impossible to understand how Solomon was able to anchor his writings and dispel a lot of later deception. Sister, I believe we went over this before....lol....that Solomon didn't author that book. It starts of with the author saying, "Let HIM kiss me.......". Certainly if it was a book BY Solomon himself instead of about him it would be "her" instead of "him".
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    In general I have little to no arguments or discussions. However I am glad you posted this.
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    Hello Everyone, My apologies for not being as visible as I could be. Life has thrown me in more ways than I ever could have imagined. That being said, I am super excited for all that is taking place and for the path being an indie author has created. I thank those who have paved the way and continue to do so. What's new for me? Well, I have three books in illustration with another 12 fully edited and ready to go. For those who have followed me, know that initially, my MC were various animals. Just recently, I added on actual people and more recently, children of African American and Latino decent. I have also published my first two chapter books (one is a book of faith) that are doing extremely well. I am also actively promoting my second annual book festival! This is super exciting news. For those who have written chapter books, have you ever considered turning the book into a script for a movie? If so, what was your experience. I am chatting with two producers now and would like any insight you may be able to share. This comment is for Troy. Troy, is than an app for the site that I may add to my phone to have instant access? This would greatly help me to be more active by being just a click away Florenza
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    Hello! I am brand spanking new to this forum. Like Mel-Robert, I simply stumbled across this forum while searching for sites that have a focus on books written by African- Americans, in my case, children's books," after a colleague of mine asked me why I was not on a list of African-American authors. I decided to investigate. I also released a self published book in late 2019 and wanted to bring attention to it and I know nothing about marketing. I have yet not had the opportunity to explore the other aspects of this forum, but I look forward to checking it out. Lori Elayne
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    I simply stumbled across this forum while searching for sites that have a focus on books written about the African American experience. I released a novel in late 2019 and wanted to bring it to the attention of audiences that would likely be receptive. The American Mathematical Society (AMS) published my book Mathematics: Rhyme and Reason in 2018. All I did to support this book was make it known to family and friends that it had been released, and actually giving quite a few of them a copy. I left the general marketing to the AMS. However, my novel is self-published and I'm a complete unknown in literary circles. Marketing is up to me. I know nothing about marketing, but I'm trying to do what seems reasonable. Joining this forum seemed to be a reasonable step. The AALBC may offer other benefits beyond being an opportunity to push my novel Just Before Too Late. We'll see. Mel Currie
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    @Maurice I just now reached out to forum member who have previously participated. Any results will be evident here.
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    Discover the amazing tales of the Cassad Empire! 'Excellent collection of intriguing Space Opera stories.' 'Mind blown...and then some! 'Space opera storytelling at its finest.' The Dark Universe saga tells the origin story of the Afrocentric Cassad Empire, from its ambitious beginning to its evolution to the first great human Galactic Empire. Both anthologies are filled with amazing stories by some of the best Black Fantastic authors, stories that will keep you engaged from beginning to end. Available from MVmedia! #afrofuturism #spaceopera #blackscifi https://www.mvmediaatl.com/product-page/dark-universe-duo https://www.mvmediaatl.com/product-page/dark-universe-epub https://www.mvmediaatl.com/product-page/dark-universe-the-bright-empire-epub
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    I was asked a question If you're willing to do so, would you mind expanding upon this concept? I'm a white writer carefully reading this thread, but I'm a little confused by the phrases "still alive obstinate" and "change their minds against them." Trying to better understand! No pressure obviously https://twitter.com/Brianna_daSilva/status/1239685850926960640 My Reply is Well, in the beginning there was darkness:)... I do not mind communicating to any writer, even if you are a writer of white supremacist fiction. All artists must remember, our purpose is to provide messages, not to choose the messages people want. That is what separate the artists from the proselytizer...Anyway, the best method is to use examples. I will use a tweet sequence, I tried to make it as few as possible. But I placed a link at the end to read it whole. ... I will use three character. The little black brother in V<the television sci fi series>, a native american female character in a short story in a sci fi magazine i read years ago, Eric Kilmonger in the black panther film. Yes, the native american woman is not black african but native americans come in all phenotypes, and are definitely people of color, people of color defined as those non white europeans or of non white european descent. The black panther film had black writers but the base characters were written by a white man, the great stan lee. All three characters start off obstinate to the system. System defined as the culture of white european characters in the particular story. The little black brother in V, admits he is gaining opportunity with the green lizard aliens, he never did in the white human order. But, once his big brother is murdered by the lizards, he replaces his big brother to get the world back to the way it was, absent a mention of how his past activities may play out for him or anything else. He is alive but no longer obstinate. The native american woman is serving the aliens. In the short story which is a blend of "They live" meet "To serve Man" the aliens have got the whole planet forgive me, but they don't need to hide. The white protagonist is trying to do like in V, get earth back. He see an old acquaintance, the native american woman. They fornicate. She hands him to the alien lawmen. She says, this is revenge for the plight of the native american brought upon by the white order. She is alive obstinate. Finally, eric kilmonger chooses to die rather than live in prison. He dies obstinate. And, yes, wakanda is the most advanced community on earth while also Black, but their policies of non involvement relinquished the world control to less technologically advanced whites, which is kilmonger's base problem. To quote agent smith, we are free but not free. A long multilog to the writers choices concerning that is for another time. But, of the three obstinate characters, the native american woman, still alive obstinate is rarest by white writers. Obstinate characters themselves are less common than colored friends by white writers. The older black brother in V the common colored friend. But, that is why I said, I will like more Black characters from white writers like the native american woman in that short story I read years ago, still alive obstinate. Now if I am honest, I comprehend why it is rare, and I don't disagree to it. White writers nor Black ones nor any , have to cater to anybody, or any idea. All writers are free to write the worlds they want. Why would white writers commonly produce worlds where non whites are dominant? Fiction is just that, not reality, and caters to ourselves. what makes us comfortable. That is why I also replied what I want from Black writers. Black writers don't need to reflect peaceful integration desires in the real world.
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    This is crazy times! You see, this is one of the reasons I am glad I never developed a liking to wanting to travel far away, nevertheless, that nasty virus came over here anyway! One of my sons was over there!--in China! I prayed for him because he just would not listen to me. He was over there in December when this thing broke, but according to the news, the Chinese government kept it secret until after January when they knew they could not control it. I have been so stressed. You all just don't know. My son came back after January, and he was totally okay. But, I was telling him and he never even knew what I was talking about! LOL. Last week, he contacted me and said, "Mom, be careful. There's this new virus going around called Coronavirus..." I was like, "BOY! I told you that when you were in China!!! Man!" he said, Oh really... smh.
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    And here's Jimi Hendrix playing the blues.
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    What's up man? The pandemic has different reacts depending upon where you live. NYC is shutting down. The college I teach has cancelled all instruction for a full week and will then resume all classes online. They have shut down Broadway theaters, museums, at events too numerous to count. Stores have no hand sanitizers, cleaning products, toilet tissue, water, etc. many people are wearing masks. My boy told me about a guy that sneezed without covering his mouth. He got cursed out and almost caught a beatdown. In Florida, some events have been cancelled but walking around in stores it is just a regular day unlike NYC where civil society is beginning to break down.
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    @Troy Yes, I don't remember anything about this as I grew up, however, about two years ago, I heard of it. I saw a small portion of it, but this time, I was able to watch the whole video and it was so great! I did learn something new today! I thought it was called the Watts festival and now I see that it is WattStax and I now know what Stax means as well. Richard Pryor was so funny! The Black National Anthem sung by Kim Weston?--Never heard of her before, but she is so talented. There's so much history and so much about this film that electrifies me. Also, there is a hard truth too, that I see in that we are still faced with some of the same negative issues today that occurred then. @Maurice I watched the whole video and it was so great! I never knew! Wow! HIs music was introduced at the Carnegie Hall! There is so much history during those times, that I never knew about. Also, in this film, they mentioned Eric Clapton! I definitely loved the sound of the Blues; it is so unique. Yes, I also love the music of Curtis Mayfield but again, I don't know much about him as I was young when he was popular, so I look forward to listening to this video soon.
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    Looking for a good read this weekend? Look no further! Take a space bakkie ride to Cape Town to encounter aliens, Africans in space, gender bending shamans, and enchanted waters. Set in post-Apartheid South Africa, no fiction collection is complete without a story or two about Nelson Mandela with an Afrofuturistic twist. Feminist and womanist, Colin Cloud Dance's strong African women characters create a new South African future. Colin Cloud Dance's Cape Town Curios is a collection of stories which transports readers into the heart of South Africa. These are Urban Fantasy tales of the weird, the supernatural, and even the alien...Cloud Dance's Cape Town Curios is an Afrofuturistic collection which I highly recommend. - Valjeanne Jeffers, author of Immortal and Mona Livelong. The cover is certainly a standout in this collection of South African stories infused with speculative fiction...If you’re curious about African culture and how it might morph into the speculative, Cape Town Curios is a book for you. -Eugen Bacon, author of Claiming T-Mo and Writing Speculative Fiction. Available now from MVmedia and anywhere books are sold! #afrofuturism #blackscifi #urbanfantasy https://www.mvmediaatl.com/
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    There’s only one way to become a bestselling* author. Get a lot of people to buy your book. - Simple, right? Yes, but it’s not easy for independent authors who must get their book in front of enough people to gain global sales. Well, at least it wasn’t easy before the internet and the growth of eCommerce. Back then, it was nearly impossible to make global sales without a prominent publisher. Now any writer can sell worldwide. So why do so many independent authors insist on selling their books exclusively on Amazon.com? And to their detriment. There are plenty of viable outlets available that will lead to better sales and robust revenue. Yet many stop there and then wonder why they can’t make a living as an independent author. Possibly some of the reasons for poor sales include lack of knowledge, not enough preparation, and not setting an initial sales goal. Fortunately, there are simple fixes for these oversights. For example, Setting a SMART1 ( Specific, Measurable Achievable Realistic Time-based) sales goal. i.e., Using several distribution channels, Independent author will sell 300-1000 units* during the first week of publication. You are identifying viable outlets to sell the book. Direct sales, eCommerce sites, book distributors such as Ingram, hand sellers, independent bookstores, retail bookstores, specialty outlets, etc. Make sure at least one of your outlets is also a reporting agency to NPD Nielsen BookScan Delaying publication to prepare a sales strategy, and to solicit presales. Now that you’ve considered a plan to sell 300 or even 3000 books during the first week of publication, it’s safe to tell you the rest of the story. Determining where you will sell to your customers and how you will get your books to them is also known as Place. It is the 3rd P in the marketing mix. So, deciding Amazon as the exclusive Place to sell books is unwittingly using a marketing tactic that may negatively impact your book’s sales revenue. Note: although Amazon is referenced throughout the article it’s not the focus. It’s about getting you, the independent author, to consider a solid book sales strategy that allows you to make your book available in multiple locations. * (3000 -10000 books sold is the statistical count for WSJ or NYT bestseller, respectively.) ** Post inspired by @Troy 's Tweet (1/7/2020) ~Mel Reference 1. https://www.smart-goals-guide.com/smart-goal.html What is a smart goal? | acronym smart goals 2. https://www.publishersmarketplace.com/bookscan/stores.cgi (npd publishers marketplace BookScan stores reporting 3. https://www.npd.com/wps/portal/npd/us/industry-expertise/books/ (NPD BookScan book market trends) 4. https://www.ingramcontent.com/publishers/distribution (book distribution worldwide |Ingram content group) 5. http://www.bowker.com/ (Connecting publishers, authors, and booksellers with readers)
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    Yes, thanks! Great article! You wrote: S = solution - show us how your product helps us solve our problem. A = access - consider how your readers decide to make purchases... V = value - ask how does this product (book) benefit your reader. Every book is not for everyone. So first find out who reads your type of books - and then share with them how your book fits their desires. E = education knowing who your readers are allows you to share information on topics they enjoy. If your book is a romance - then romance readers would be thrilled to learn the latest - like a romance industry gossip website will bring them to you - and you can engage and build a community around mutual interests. I love this! I am very shaky on the 'A' for access aspect. I have no understandable clue as to how to market a book and find interested readers! And the 'E' I do not understand how an author can really know who their audience might be.
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    I really need a team of people to run this site. That is the next boundary the site must deal with. As smart, hardworking, and mission driven as I am, there is only so much I can do by myself. At any rate, I hope to have the rest of the site restored this evening 🙂
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    While we're at it, this video was very recently uploaded by Reel Black on You Tube. Otis Redding.
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    One of Curtis' finest tracks. From his debut album,Curtis.
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    Whether its ACA or otherwise, average white people's wealth almost doubled under Obama, and continues upward under Trump. Black people are still near ZERO today for wealth. Obviously being forced to pay for something when you have no money to begin with is a financial burden. White people gained more money under Obama, thus didn't take a hit being forced to buy insurance, which does nothing more than enrich the executives at Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, etc.
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    I just finished Genesis Starts Again. It is a novel written for preteens but I would absolutely recommend it to older readers and even adults. I currently rereading The Mis-Education of the Negro because if it actively speaks to our current predicament, I'm going to actively sell it in the real world. I'm also read The Famished Road as it generally regarded to be a great work of literature and I need to read some great literature now. I was pleased to discover my copy was signed to me by Ben Okri years ago (I'd forgotten 🙂)
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    You are giving a clinic now @Mel Hopkins. DT PollarUsed to posr here quiet regularly. He really was cranking the ebook several a year (or so it seemed).
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    Hey @Marion Hill here is a link to all the event on the "Circuit" that I'm aware of: https://aalbc.com/events/list.php/ The list also includes the festivals of many types around the world, but you have no problem identifying the event on the "Circuit." 😉 @Mel Hopkins I'm unsure too, but perhaps you are right.
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    I'm reading a few books but am primarily focused on Evil Never Sleeps: Tales of Light and Darkness, by Robert Fleming. Robert is one of America’s most accomplished writers. He has written poetry, novels, nonfiction articles, and has reviewed over 60 books for AALBC. His work spans over 40 years. It seems to me that writers like Robert should be better known, but he is just your run of the mill late-middle-aged Black man {yawn}. He’s not Caribbean or African, he’s not LGBT, he does not have a white parent, he can’t rap or dunk a basketball, he wasn’t gang banger or previously incarcerated. He is the kind of writer that I always complain about being ignored by the mainstream media. Robert's accomplishments will never go viral on twitter despite his significant contributions to our literature.
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    It should be noted that horror, sci-fi, and fantasy are 3 difference genre's that follow different guide lines. Below is an excerpt from an Editor's explanation explaining what distinguishes these genres from each other. "In horror the storyworld does not need to make rational sense; in fantasy it needs to make sense internally, but not externally; in science fiction it needs to be plausible both internally and externally. I’m not, by the way, suggesting that it’s easier to write horror than science fiction – far from it. Creating the suspension of disbelief necessary to make you scared of an implausible monster is a tough trick." So, Dracula would be an example of horror; Lord of the Rings, fantasy; StarTrek, sci-fi. I guess you could say these 3 types are actually subdivisions of The Supernatural.
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    This is a timely post. If I had more time I could cover books appropriate for the season in more depth. I just discovered a Scifi writer yesterday: Cerece Rennie Murphy of course there are many more
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