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    Curves touched pressed into mine, your hand slowly moving along the arch of my spine. A tiny gap appears between my thighs, a twist of my lips; it is a glimpse of moments that have you asking why. A pair of large breast pointed up toward the sky, silk wrapped mounds are the reflection of my hips in your eyes. Caressing the back of the neck, the tasting of earlobes are a thought to reflect. Exploring the essence of the whine as it create its own lyrics begging to not be alone, Tongues intertwine to dance in one place as your hand venture into my secret space where the tune of my movements are as whimpers in the dark where the shadow of the moon tap the clit and the heart. Climactic explosions of melodies made are the twirling of two areolas as the nipples displayed. Pulling up on the waist as the body collides. The flinch to the jerk is the strike of ecstasy’s mind. then the spirit so provoked as to spin in space and the mind body and soul race back to that place where delights has them all begging for more. Yet, the thoughts of the moment repeating its self keeps them unsure. Did it happen? Was this foreplay real? Did you make love to my mind? it was so surreal. This was my thoughts at just hello, makes a girl step back to consider for him how far she will go. You had me at hello.
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    We just updated our story on the OP-NAT EYE. Marquis Jefferson, the father of Atatianna and the brotha who told white people to shove their hugs up their asses, has mysteriously "passed away." It's dangerous being pro-black, pro-father and pro-MAN these days.
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    It’s not about what they have when you meet them, It’s about what you can motivate them to be. Some others, a partner will do what is needed to keep them but that can't begin till we start, Some just need a glimpse of what can be and income and potential are true enemies. No, I ain't down for a mate that can't or won't pull his weight, but let’s keep it real, How many others really know how to elevate? I mean help others meet their goals. Help another excel no matter how old. How much doubt does it take to crush dreams? How many females are meeting broken brothers because no other female help them or just crushed their dreams, and a hustle is a hustle. I work 8 to 5, but my work is a hustle so they got two jobs to survive, We sell ourselves short when we lose compromise, and when Obama told Michelle he'd be in the White House someday, I see a woman that had to hold on tightly because that should have, as he is a black man had her running away. So yes, if they want what you got they will do what they must. A hustle or job it shouldn't matter to us. So yes is my answer. A friendship that begins with understanding and ends with love.
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    Troy Thanks I was concerned for a second or two...lol.   Kareem Both Tupac and Tyson were great at their professions. Tupac may not have been the "best" rapper, but in my opinion he was an excellent lyricist despite the content of his lyrics. But the point I was making with them as examples was that BOTH were morally depraved (not the right word) disoriented, constantly in and out of trouble for violent and socially disruptive behavior, and incidently both ended up in prison for allegedly rape. And despite this moral disorientation they were highly acclaimed in the AfroAmerican community and especially among many AfroAmerican males for their boldness and unapologetic expression of "urban masculinity". My point in bringing up King and Abernathy was to draw an analogy between them and the Malcolms and Huey Newtons of that time and how their apparently "softness" made them less popular with young AfroAmerican males the same way the apparent "softeness" of Hammer and Smith made them less popular than Ice Cube or Tupac who were considered more criminal and harder. Despite their profession.....Civil Rights Activist or Professional Entertainer....my point is that the masses of AfroAmerican males will relate more to the bolder, more masculine, "harder" figure and not the more reserved one because the bolder figures are more likely to express the suppresses frustrations of the masses.
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    Again, I was unfamiliar with Nipsey until he was murdered. I believe I understand what you are saying @Kareem. I often push back on embracing someone as a "hero" that some record executive created -- I don't recognize Jay-Z or Kanye for the these reasons. Sure, they get to the white house and are celebrated as thought leaders, sages knowledge about the Black community. Meanwhile true Black intellectuals are marginalized. At the end of the day these guys are entertainers and we can even argue about how good they are at that. I'd take anything Curtis Mayfield created over anything Jay-Z has created. I'm sure any of the retired musicians working with your students are at least as talented and certainly more entertaining than Tupac was. Could Tupac read music and play an instrument? Again, if writing rhymes and reciting them to music someone else wrote is the extent of Tupac's talent that is really not all that impressive in the context of the musical talent or rappers I'm aware of...
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    I've read two of Gregory's books, hist last, Defining Moments in Black History: Reading Between the Lies and one of his first (I believe), No more lies: The myth and the reality of American history. His most popular book is Nigger. I have not read it, but I'd probably recommend it first.
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    Baracka did quite a bit after he changed his name, but the world changed and his popularity waned. The iconoclastic Crouch would be able to relate. It wiuld be interesting to read anything negative saud about Baldwin. I can't imagine whar that might be... probably worth reading the book for that reason alone. As far as Black Nationalism if he meant within the U.S. you did nit exactly need a crystal ball. I just started: The Secret of Freedom by Vernon Kitabu Turner It is supposed to be sort of like a cross between The Alchemist and The Little Prince ...I think 🙂
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    Synopsis She was hoping that this time she got it right. That this time she'd stay sober. After struggling with a two-year heroin addiction, Shia Sinclair decided to take back control over her life by admitting herself into rehab. With her traumatizing past forcing her religious beliefs to wither, the mention of God was cringeworthy at this point. Trust didn't come easy for her which took her for a spiral when she found herself growing fond of a former addict, Dallas Raye. The missing puzzle piece she was hoping could possibly mend her torn, battered soul. With Dallas Raye holding a two-year sobriety under his belt, he returned to the place that changed his life and provided him with a better outlook towards it as well. Dallas never thought he'd get rid of his alcohol demon that attached itself to him, in his most vulnerable state, after the tragic loss of his best friend. His strong desire to help others through their addictions drew him back to the rehab center where he stumbled across the beautiful firecracker, Shia. Normally, he wouldn't tolerate such feistiness from a female but it was something about her that demanded his undivided attention. That one force he knew God was behind, pushing him into Shia’s life just as much as she was being pushed into his. Will these two become each other’s kryptonite and find themselves more damaged than before, or in the midst of a love so beautiful that neither of them ever imagined being apart of? Title: He's Always Been Here Author: Blu Zaas ISBN13: 978-0692103951 Publication Date: April 21, 2018 Chapter 1 Preview Amazon
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    Hey, thanks for sharing. I will check it out. Thanks for sharing. I'll check it out.
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    “For almost 10 years, Black Books Direct continued to bring you a great selection of books of interest to our readers. Like many other businesses, and particularly, independent book stores, we have faced considerable challenges over the years. We have reached a point where we are faced with making some tough choices. For these reasons, we will suspend our current operations, after clearing out our inventory. We are pricing everything competitively and only listing items remaining in inventory. We will ship within 48 hours and will continue to guarantee your satisfaction while we stay live as BlackBooksDirect.com.” I learned about Black Books Direct's closing in an email I read just a few moments ago. Now I don't have all the details of why Black Books Direct is closing, but as an online bookseller, I know first hand the many "challenges" they have to contend with. Another potentially great website and business closes because of Amazon's virtual monopoly of on-line book sales. Amazon's algorithms will not make up this loss. AALBC.com can not make up this loss. The web is a less rich place as a result. The worst part of Black Books Direct closing is that will go unnoticed by most Black folks—even the most conscious of us. We don't know what we are losing, and it is really very sad.
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    Just seen this via Mahogany Books. Looks good.
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    I'll be honest about this book. I'd say quite easily that a good quarter of this went right over my head. I simply couldn't understand some of the passages. Now,I'm not sure why exactly. Perhaps, I'm not 'educated' enough. It was tough going at times and I'm kind of relieved I've finished. But it wasn't all bad. The introduction left me bewildered, well the part saying that the only notable thing Leroi Jones did after 1965 was to change his name. But this was said by Stanley Crouch. Cruse himself knew Leroi and didn't particularly have a bad word to say about the man. Baldwin came under some criticism as did Lorraine Hansberry. W.E.B Du Bois rightfully came out unscathed. The young generation (at the time,1967) of Black Power individuals, though no names were mentioned, apart from Stokely, were put right. Black nationalism did not have a future.
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    The video describes the situation but not why. When you have multiple competing vendor specific platforms this lowers adoption and sales. Amazon's effective monoply and proprietary kindle has actually made things worse. Imagine if the only place you could buy and listen to music was on Apples Itunes and Apple hardware.
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    @Maurice UMe is releasing a lot of its catalog in vinyl ... I won't say I'll never buy vinyl again - but they are sure making it hard to ignore.
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    Around 15 pages from the end of The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual. Phew..... longest book I've read in a while at about 520 pages. Anyway, next up is this which I'm dieing for.
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    Ahhh, that's a shame. But it is of course available on dvd. Im pleased to say that this was one of the films shown at my daughters uni for Black History month.
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    JOURNEY WITH AN OUTLAW HUSSEIN FATAL with NIKITA RENEE' https://www.amazon.com/JOURNEY-OUTLAW-HUSSEIN-FATAL-NIKITA-ebook/dp/B07ZBJBMXP/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=journey+with+an+outlaw%3A+hussein&qid=1572073521&sr=8-1 The highly anticipated biography of rapper Hussein Fatal, member of The OUTLAWZ. This compelling journey chronicles his early life to his rise to fame in the hip-hop industry.Hussein Fatal, AKA Bruce Washington, tells the story of his THUG life as one of Tupac Shakur's OUTLAWZ on Death Row Records. Fatal takes you on his journey from his childhood in Montclair, New Jersey to his exploits in Hollywood, CA as a famous Hip-Hop Rap artist. He shares his most intimate struggles of surviving poverty and all the consequences of choice.He lays out the whole East Coast vs West Coast drama during the MTV Awards, and how it touched so many lives with the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. He also shares the heartbreaking story of the death of his friend, Yafeu Akiyele Fula, AKA Yaki Kadafi and how it changed his life.The THUG LIFE (The Hate You Give) moniker is the life he actually lived. This is a front row seat to the drama and chaos of fortune and fame in the rap music game. Fatal details how the music industry works and how navigated his success before and after joining Tupac and the OTLAWZ.So many people have a fixation with the world of rappers and hip-hop entertainers but do not have a clue to what really goes on in the industry. Fatal shares the story of an inner-city kid and the limited choices he had to survive in a harsh world, before and after making it big.
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    God I need others to see you in my very movement, please take who I am and replace it with who you intend me to be, I need your reflection. It’s your essence I need all others to see. Father please meet me every morning, please let me look upon your glory in the rising of the sun. When I open my eyes, let my ears be blessed to hear you in my morning song. Send me into a favor filled day where your mercy is what is waiting as I step outside myself. God cover me in your grace, you are all; I don’t want anyone to see anything else. Lord be my comfort as I speak to everyone. Take my words and make words inviting soul to soul, Lord push me down so that you can bubble over, to walk as an example of your love is my greatest goal. Stand in the gap so that the deep trenches can be crossed. Lord give me wings so that I soar above ungodly thoughts. Please provide the answers to those questioning who you are. Lord I need you to move ahead of me so that I can follow where you lead. I am asking as your daughter because your love is what I need. I need to be obedient to your movement in my life. I just really want to be worthy, I want to be worth Jesus’s sacrifice.
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    Patience de Verteuil left her home in Trinidad with her father for what she thought would be a short journey to America. Instead she finds herself embroiled in a struggle between powerful supernatural forces, in which an object in her possession means the difference between defeat or victory. The Long Walk is a Steamfunk tale that will keep you riveted until the final word. "The Long Walk" is a robust action adventure, filled with battles, demons, and magic . . . The story's conclusion is brilliant, and I won't spoil it here; however, it made me quite anxious for the next installment in Milton Davis's Rite of Passage universe." -Nicole Kurtz, author and publisher, Mocha Memories Press The Long Walk E-Book is now available for only $0.99 until October 31st! Read this exciting Steamfunk YA adventure from the Rite of Passage Universe and celebrate Black Speculative Fiction Month!The Long Walk
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    Dark. And. Lovely, She. Is. On . The. Prowl.. When. She. Sees. Her. Prey,She. Begins. To. Howl. . Enchanting. Smile, And. Captivating. Eyes... Fangs Behind Her. Teeth , A. Savage. Beast. Inside... At Night,Men She. Captured In Her Snare. . Beneath The Moonlight,Erotic Love Making With Her , They Share. Then The,Men. Begin Shrieking ,Blood Curdling Scream, ,As She,Transform,Into A Beast. Beneath The Moonlight. ,Upon Their,Bodies She Will Joyfully, , Feast!!!....
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    He called it a bribe. So what did he have on me? What information could he use that would have me thinking it a fair exchange. He wanted what I had but I didn’t know clearly what it was and his innocence he maintained, I couldn’t figure out in the complexity of that moment how I could ransom my soul, Considering I was in the dark and was thinking, I need to know what is that he knows. The payoff seemed high for a puzzled incomplete, I was toying with my imagination when contemplation said you’re into deep. I stood at the entrance trying to understand how had I get myself in such a mess. The settlement he requested I thought was another part of the test. He was asking for my skills, which I share with, but a few, I keep asking question not sure of what he knew, I know that this isn’t funny, I hate these type of games. Just as I was about to give in, he called out a different name, Damn Man, that is not me
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    Hello, My name is Thomas K Davis. I'm the author of the ongoing Versatile Layer book series. It's a sci-fi (space opera) series with tons of action and lots of heart. I would like to submit my latest book for review on your website. The Guilty Path: Versatile Layer book 5 ISBN: 978-0-578-59140-7 Release Date: Oct. 17 2019 Synopsis: It's been 3 years since the events of Trial by Combat. Adeola M'falme works as an adventurer for hire, known as a Farasi. She has found a sense of peace in life. That peace is short lived. When her brother Prince Kupanga seeks her out, Adeola must aid him in foiling a plot to destroy the royal family. They must travel across planet Samael to the capital city of Mazzarath. All the while, being hunted by a mysterious tribe of assassins known as the Guilty Path. Adeola's strength and faith will be tested like never before. Will she overcome her trouble past or be consumed by it. You can read the first chapter here: https://www.versatile-layer.com/blog/sneak-peek-versatile-layer-book-5-the-guilty-path The Guilty Path: https://www.amazon.com/Guilty-Path-Versatile-Layer-book-ebook/dp/B07YSWR6YN/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=Versatile+Layer&qid=1571576457&s=digital-text&sr=1-5 If you are interested, I can also send you a PDF of the book for your review. Thank You Thomas K Davis Owner of Versatile Layer LLC Author of the Versatile Layer book series https://www.versatile-layer.com/books
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    @Maurice the site's traffic is simply back to normal. The site is still not on the faster server. More later...
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    Yippee, the site and forum is up and running again 😀
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    Yes, that was it @richardmurray ! I mistakenly identified audio with musical but this is what I was referring to when I mentioned you had extensive experience with Kobo. Thank You for the update!
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    The only High St bookshop in the UK is now just Waterstones. I don't shop there as I think that they are pretty expensive. I occasionally like browsing in there as I like to see what's new. Maybe I just like to be surrounded by books. Book shops of the past that are now gone include Books etc, Claude Gill and Ottakers. So that just leaves Waterstones. Of course we can buy online but we don't have much choice there. The same goes for music. Just HMV are left. Virgin and Our Price no longer exist.. But there are some cracking record shops around though most of these tend to specialise in particular genres. As for e- books. No thankyou. Yes, they are handy and you can store scores and scores of books on them but they're not for me. Actually, though I no longer purchase any reading material from Amazon I still have a music wish list on there. Perhaps I should consider not buying from them full stop. The last albums I bought were on EBay anyway.
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    Hi Tanisca, I wish I had seen your post sooner. If it's not too late, I would like to direct you to my website - www.daviddoc.com - where you will find a variety of books, fiction and non-fiction. My latest is Body and Soul, which I titled for the classic improvised lyrical phrases of the 1939 Coleman Hawkins jazz performance of the same name. On the first page of the story, which opens in 1940, Peter Daniels plays the song loud enough to drown out the humming tubes on his living room phonograph and dances with his wife to celebrate the birth of their only grandchild, Adam Daniels, the story's protagonist. Though Adam's birth provides joy for his grandparents, it hurts his mother since her son was born bi-racial in 1940 Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The story descriptively outlines the standards of the time and even takes a look back into the early 1900s. After the look further back in history, the book details Adam's journey into manhood, during which he starts a family and a career in law. But like Hawkins adlibbed with unanticipated riffs in his song, I improvise Adam's life story in unexpected shifts that changes the setting to El Centro, CA and even into Mexico. Through it all, the story emphasizes the importance of family and the strength one gains from the connections whether through blood or embraced by choice. And like Hawkins' music, it ultimately demonstrates a new way to tell an old story, ending with a sense of glowing satisfaction. You can access the book here or through the website above: https://www.amazon.com/Body-Soul-David-doc-Robertson/dp/1791630634/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=david+doc+robertson&qid=1566154026&s=gateway&sr=8-1
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    I'm reading a few books but am primarily focused on Evil Never Sleeps: Tales of Light and Darkness, by Robert Fleming. Robert is one of America’s most accomplished writers. He has written poetry, novels, nonfiction articles, and has reviewed over 60 books for AALBC. His work spans over 40 years. It seems to me that writers like Robert should be better known, but he is just your run of the mill late-middle-aged Black man {yawn}. He’s not Caribbean or African, he’s not LGBT, he does not have a white parent, he can’t rap or dunk a basketball, he wasn’t gang banger or previously incarcerated. He is the kind of writer that I always complain about being ignored by the mainstream media. Robert's accomplishments will never go viral on twitter despite his significant contributions to our literature.
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    Cheyenne Stands. Alone. Silent,In. The. Silent. Rain. A. Few. Days. Ago,She. Gave. Birth. To A. Baby. Again.. She. Gave Birth. To. Another,Son. Her Other Baby Daddies Are,Dead Beats, One In,Prison... Men She Had. Sex With ,,From Across The Street. She,Watches Them. Her Baby Daddy,Could Be That One,That One,Or Him.. She Sells Her. Self To Men On The Street,In Pimp ,Houses And At Clubs.. Sex For Money,Never Any Love...She Adds,on To Black Community Chaos And. Irresponsible Parent,Drama.. Baby Daddies. And. Baby. Mamas..... She. Will. Raise,Her. Recent. Baby. Alone,To. Herself. She. Confess.. Find. The,Father. Will. Take. Several. Paternity. Test!!!.
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