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    I just can't get enough of this silly song. Why, I don't know. My grandson even threatened to shoot a video of me singing it so he could add it to YouTube's collection of diffent covers of it. This link provides one of the more interesting versions for those of you who are tired of serious subjects. http://youtu.be/lEsPhTbJhuo
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    Unless you're blind and deaf it's hard to avoid life's little aggravations delivered to you on a daily basis courtesy of the media in all of its forms. This is the motivation for me letting my pet peeves out of their cage. The top 10 things that make my eyes roll upward The gloating eagerness of celebrity moms to reveal how quickly they’ve regained their slim figures after relieving themselves of the baby bumps they were equally anxious to show off to an indifferent world. So called “right-to-life" zealots who don’t realize that, by applying their warped standards, a female’s expelling of an unfertilized egg every month is the equivalent of an abortion. ( An example of what can be concluded when one group imposes its beliefs on another.) Black Americans who wear the synthetic Rasta dread locks that are exhibitionist rather than significant. At least weaves are indigenous of the ghetto-fabulous culture. The food nazis who take the joy out of living by telling you everything you like to eat is bad for you, hoping to turn you into a stomach-growling label reader. Or worst yet, a smug vegan. Making a big deal of coming out of the closet. Who cares how you prefer to “get it on”? It’s not as if straight couples can’t make-out in bed the same way as Gays do. The way public officials regularly embezzle huge amounts of taxpayer’s dollars, living lavish life styles until they are caught and given a slap on the wrist. Because they are perpetrators of white collar crimes they are apparently deemed less guilty than petty drug dealers doing 10 years in prison for selling weed. How boring wedding dresses all look. Brides nowadays seem to have no more imagination than to choose the same style of wedding dress as everyone else; a sleeveless, strapless gown designed to show a lot of skin while featuring the requisite heart-shaped bust-line that squashes your bulging boobs. Dufus comedian Steve Harvey’s limited range of common knowledge that is exposed every time he’s surprised when a contestant’s answer matches the survey on Family Feud. Angelina Jolie, who looks like a poster girl for anorexia, concerning herself with world hunger and needy children while dragging that rag-tag brigade of waifs around accompanied by a deer-in-the-head-lights-Brad Pitt. Politicians instructing God to “bless America”, the implication being that this be done while kicking the rest of the god-damned world to the curb.
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    O black woman, do you know who you are? It is you for whom the birds sing when the dawn opens itself for inspection. It is the glow in your eyes that the stars imitate when they sparkle. It is the color of your flava that makes the rainbow dull in comparison, and it is via your beauty that we can physically witness God’s artistry.-Gibran-• O black woman, do you know who you are? You are the secret that only reveals itself when a man is truly ready to experience the joy of having his dream transformed into reality. You are God’s private blessing to men who know what to do within the point between birth and death. To dwell within the kingdom of YOU is where heaven begins. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are both the starting point and the finish line for everything I could ever aspire to be. You are a force of nature that has broken my shackles so that I can walk freely. You have erased my doubts so that I can think clearly. You have repaired my broken wings so that I can soar beside you. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are the magic that awes the universe, the splendor that amazes the earth, and the glory that makes men heart beat with pride when they attempt to possess u. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are the beautiful gift that God left on the doorstep of my heart. You are that special moment in time when nothing else matters but most importantly, you are YOU! Unmistakably YOU! -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are the sunshine that lights my life from within. You are the fire that warms every fiber of my being and that illuminates my path so that I am never afraid of the darkness. -Gibran- • O black woman, did u know that when I stare in the skies the stars spell your name? I feel your touch in the wind and I see your face in the clouds. And when I stand under the shadow of your smile, I find shelter from the storm. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are that warm safe place where all roads lead at the end of a day when I have slayed all my dragons and find that all of my strength comes from you. You melt on my life and I become complete. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who u are? You are chocolate, dipped in mystery, a specially-designed flava whose smile is brighter than the rainbow. -Gibran-
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    Best Wishes,Respect For All The Black -Mothers,Grandmothers,Aunts, On Mothers Day..It Has Been -Said That Black Women .Are The Strength Of,The Black -Community...Extra Respect For Black Mothers Raising Children -Alone And For Black .Mothers Grieving Over their Sons --,Murdered By Nazi Terrorist Police And Street Gangs...I Think --,Cynique Is A Mother And Grandmother..A Perfect Song For -Black Mothers And Girls Is Black Pearl,By Sonny Charles -And,The Checkmates.....
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    AALBC.com is continuing to expand. We are just a few months away from providing book printing services. I'm excited about this because this is one of the final pieces needed to becoming a full service publisher. The other great thing is that I'm working with an established Black owned printer who is producing a quality products at competitive prices. I'm setting up the website now (which is slowing up the AALBC.com upgrade, but it is worth the effort). I also plan on publishing great books that agents can't find publishers for, I'm about a year away from this, but there's some great potential here that I can't wait to begin working on.
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    Everything seems so incidental after seeing the heartbreaking Facebook video posted by Diamond Reynolds as her boyfriend Philandro Castile, is dying after execution by a Minneapolis police officer because of a broken taillight. Compounding the tragedy is the sympathetic voice of their four-year-old daughter who witnessed his brutal slaying. Day’s prior a similar horrific depiction in New Orleans ((Alton Sterling). The pattern is statistically unavoidable---minor traffic infractions, selling looseys or CDs, wearing a hoodie, are a pretext to stop, frisk, searches and shoot black people, see http://mappingpoliceviolence.org/unarmed/. Profiling of African Americans is sanctioned for government control, historical/contemporary oppression and revenue. We must candidly face the systematic devaluation of black lives in all our institutions, not just criminal justice system. When all else has failed the courts and prison become societies response to racism, disparities, poverty, unemployment and hopelessness. The prison removes the reality from view and is the least capable institution to resolve the racial chasm. Maybe the visual of Philandro’s death at the hands of state action will awaken the self-denial of the majority. I have to assume humanity, empathy and truth will prevail. But I recall saying the same thing after witnessing Rodney King’s brutal beating, Trayvon Martin, Walter Scott, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice and seeing in Jet magazine the open casket of Emmet Till. To the African American spirit that has suffered for so long, this must end. Hearts and minds, in a just society, can no longer accept the inhumanity and ugliness including the police assassinations in Dallas that we all witnessed this week.
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    Well, we were acquaintances, not friends since we did not run in the same circles because she was, as we used to call them, "sanctified", a member of the Church of God in Christ which back then forbade its women to wear lipstick, and frowned on drinking and smoking and dancing and playing cards. So her life was pretty much what it would've been had she been raised as a member of the NOI. Her name was Beatrice and she was an attractive girl and a choir soloist with a beautiful singing voice and a pleasant personality and was cherished by the congregation of her father's church. But her life took a detour when she was not only whispered about for being a daughter of Elijah Muhammad, - something that didn't come out until we were in our 20s when the black Muslims had become well known - but for what happened later when she again became the subject of more gossip after she was left "standing at the altar" in her white wedding gown because the groom never showed up for the rumored reason of being gay. She never wed and became an evangelist and died young, in her early 50s. i have no idea how she felt about the circumstances of her birth but she did have kind, loving adopted parents. There were a lot of little interesting back stories and skeletons in the closet among the black population in the small town where i grew up...
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    Discovering that Elijah Muhammad had a harem of young girls, many of whom he impregnated, was what drove Malcolm to leave the NOI and start his own sect. I personally knew a girl in my hometown who was fathered by Elijah Muhammad and was later adopted by a local minister of the Church of God and Christ, and his wife. Also, according to Malcolm's biography by Alex Haley, Malcolm was a pimp in his days before he went to prison and converted to Islam. Of course, Alex has proved to not always tell the truth in his books. Recently there have been reports that in 2010 Farrakhan became interested in Scientology and began to explore its concepts and encourage followers to study the disciplines of Dianetics in order to become coverts and learn the "auditing" procedures utilized to recruit and monitor others. i also read where Farrakhan has converted to Christianity, accepting Jesus Christ as his savior. I read about the Muslims and Dianetics in Wikipedia, which of course, draws criticism from certain people on this board. But i have always found well researched information there, and since the living people and the heirs of the dead people it profiles have an option to challenge and correct information about themselves or their works, i assume that what i read there is as good a source as any for information. As far as what i believe about black men automatically defending their women, i don't think doing so is a priority of theirs or something they do as a custom. Individual ones may do so in the course of protecting their families, the same way they would do if it came to their car or any property they valued. It's not something i dwell on. i remember a while back when one night my husband and i were awakened by a noise that made him wonder if someone was trying to break in. He immediately got up with the intention to go down stairs and see. i protested, asking him what did he think he could do? He continued out the room, saying he didn't know but would think of something when he got there. While i had my hand on the phone, i think he grabbed an object before he made it down the stairs where it proved to be a false alarm. So i guess "situational ethics" can trigger impulses. 😏
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    DUH. i think your response was highly opinionated. But not the expression of a self-centered person. What i said about me being self-centered was that i thought this was how others viewed me. i don't view myself as self-centered however because i am too busy focusing on contradicting what others say. So i guess that kind of ties in with Troy said. Note that i never bother to capitalize "i" when it stands alone and this is for a reason... Once again i have a confession to make. i didn't join this thread until late because sometimes i stay on the sideline and just let others go at it, especially when it involves videos because as i've gotten older my attention span is short, and both spoken and written comments have to instantly grab me or i lose interest. So, when Del asked my opinion on black women marrying white men and Chevdove shared her thoughts on the exchange between Malcolm and Evie, i back tracked and checked things out closer, which is to say i actually watched the video. And it was, indeed, like going back in time. In 1961, i was 28 years old and immersed in the blooming civil rights struggle. This was during Martin's and Malcolm's hey day, their friendly rivalry kinda like a Michael and Prince thing; different sides of the black coin, one edgy, the other smooth. This was also when TV had really come into its own having just started to command a wide audience in the mid 1950s. So "M"&"M" were superstars, thanks to the exposure granted them by the MEDIA of TV as well as talk-radio which was also an up and coming outlet. The thing about what they were both saying back then was although it was revelatory to white people, it was familiar to blacks, and when these 2 started spreading their messages, black folks immediately identified with them. They weren't saying "Oh, Wow", they were nodding "Right On". The things Malcolm was saying about whites i had grown up hearing to my daddy say, something that was common in all black families who lived in a racist society. i never had any illusions about the guilt of whites but my particular environment also enabled me to see benefits of what Martin was saying about integration. As soon as i heard Malcolm's resonate voice on the video, telling it like it was in response to the shrill, high-pitched enunciations of Evie, the years fell away. Now, as then, i have mixed emotions, - which is what it means to be black in America...
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    Hmh.......... Let me see .......... When my high school history teacher and football coach seemed to turn up in places when I got off the city bus in big ole San Diego, way on the other side of the city ....... there he was in his van------ offering me a ride...... when he told me I had to do after school study or I'd fail and could not graduate, and even though I took my friend with me..... he demanded that she leave because she was passing and then, she left....... he pressed against me..... i was 16 years old..... a virgin...... and I beg him to get off of me..... and later find out that he did this before and was basically just 'slapped on the hand' and sent to another school......my school.... to do it again!!! Fortunately, he did not continue and he did leave me alone that day.... or 9 months later, I would have had a half White-Italian baby. I was terrified. I did not like it at all. I felt like Kizzie..... as this was the rage during that time. Yes, I do find assertive men attractive, but not creeps. In college, too, and like this situation, there are many creeps. But to do this to ARiande Grande on such an occasion, is unbelievable. Come on, @Pioneer1 on national television! Yes! That is awful. Did you see how he was holding her? That was just ridiculous. Is he married? If he is, then how would you expect his wife to respond. I would completely flip out.
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    @Troy Join Tiger Woods and Jim Brown who both just said Trump was being unfairly treated by the media who doesn't respect the office of president, and pounces on his every word, constantly criticizing him. BooHoo. I've predicted that 45 will pick up more and more support because everybody has a gripe and he will eventually get around to bitching about one that matches up with one shared by someone who doesn't like him. Multiply this by a thousand and the numbers will groooooow. i give up. Let the chips fall where they may.
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    @ChevdoveI'm trying to figure out why this conversation is necessary. i have on numerous occasions expressed a disinterest in Africa and on other occasions kidded about my RH negative blood. You seemed to have taken my latest musings on this subject personal, and pioneer, who is one of my least favorite people in the world, decided to inject his obnoxious self into the proceedings doing what he does best which is to spout his made-up versions of things, - lies that are rarely grounded in truth or fact. But, rest assured that you can agree with him to your heart's content, because i couldn't care less, contrary to what he imagines. This site needs all the contributors it can attract and other people's approval is not required when it comes to posting things. I'm glad when you and Mel come aboard because you both always have input of substance. So keep on doing what you do, You're a welcome addition to this board. And thank you for your kind words.
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    I would argue that the work had two protagonists: Hurston herself because of her goal to keep Kossola talking and thereby transcribe his life to text, and the other being Kossola because the text was his story, and wow, what a story. There was so much grief in such a small work – loss of family, loss of community, loss of health, and the loss home. And equally as painful as the grief was Kossala’s remembering the part Africans / Dahomey played in the slave trade. Kossala’s goal was to stay alive, and his antagonist was the Peculiar Institution of American Slavery with its long reaching and lasting tentacles of racism. He was kidnapped, placed in a barracoon, a slave ship, and on an auction block (all life threatening situations) due to American slavery. I believe, the establishment of Africatown, was his strongest blow against the reaching effects of slavery; freed slaves reestablished an African community on hostile American soil; that was miraculous. Kossala didn’t die due to slavery, but he suffered during and after; the lashes of racism ripped at his spirit and his body most of his life. Kossala was never able to return to Africa, and this denial was directly linked to slavery’s tentacles. The main message the text left me with – was that culture was king. Kossala’s culture was his strongest and consistent weapon. He relied on his culture and African traditions his entire life: in the bowels of the slave ship, he and the other kidnapped youth cried through traditional songs to ease their burden, as soon as he and other recently kidnapped Africans were freed they danced a traditional dance, throughout his youth and senior days African parables and fables guided his actions. When his family was taken, his culture remained; he took on the traditional role as griot for Africatown before the loss of family and remained in the role after the loss as an elder. Motifs in the text included valuing family, adapting to change, self-sufficiency, and surviving despite oppression. The text was loaded with descriptive language but what remained me was Kossala calling his wife his eyes, and when he lost her/then he was finished. The most memorable scene was the image of the Dahomey attacking his village; woman warriors entering the village beheading elders while the men blocked the exits kidnapping those who tried to escape the carnage. I believe the work will become one of the most important slave narratives in the canon. Hurston brought the skill of a fiction writer to the task of recording a biography; she converted Kossala’s biography into a story. In addition, Plant’s editing is informational and instructional. I will continue to read both writers. https://ndigo.com/2018/06/27/barracoon-wakeup-reading-paul-king/
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    @Delano Since I spent several years in broadcast news - I don't trust anything I hear on the radio/television. I understand how broadcast news works. If it's of interest to me or if I need the information for survival - I verify with the proper agencies. I know not everyone does that but when you work in news you have to get your information from primary sources - second at best. So if I hear on the radio there's a case of salmonella contamination with the current crop of romaine lettuce chances are I'm not going to purchase romaine lettuce. I haven't tested it - nor do I have the tools to confirm or deny there's contamination but since I got a notice from Georgia's department of agriculture stating there is ... I'm going to trust it.. So yes, outside of opening up my own lab in the basement, I'm going I trust the departments we've set up to check our food. Is it an objective fact? Who knows maybe another type of test will turn up no contamination - but I'm simply going to avoid all romaine lettuce for awhile. By the way, isn't saying there are no objective facts, is in fact an objective fact?
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    QueenX, I wonder if you would feel differently if Bill drugged and sexually abused you, or your daughter, or your mother?
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    The ongoing discussion blowing up the board, started out with the question "is science the new religion", and proceeded to morph into a slugfest over whether science espouses religion. As a debate, it exemplified the "irresistible force meeting an immovable object" axiom. The passion with which participants proselytized their arguments was akin to religious fervor, with everybody trying to exorcise the demons of those with opposing views. From another perspective, the heated exchanges were also a war of words, aiming verbal weapons that missed as often as they hit their targets. Truth was twisted and facts were bent. What had an equally interesting effect was the side-liners who chose not to enter the fray or take sides, not to mention a mediator who injected challenges. In the end it was, not surprising, me against Pioneer. Me, trying to rise above my ad-hominem arguments, to say in so many words that they're 2 sides to every question, and Pioneer probably sticking to his guns. This brouhaha was more of a showcase for a clash of personalities than anything. Very little was resolved before the subject meandered off on another tangent, asking whether acknowledging religion was on a par with accepting it. Conflict seems to be a very dominant factor in human interaction. Most people are not only looking for reinforcement of their views but for conversion to them. Everybody wants to be right and in the process the end doesn't always justify the means. Kudos to those mature enough to be open-minded good listeners, and who make enlightenment their priority. When i grow up, i want to be just like you. This is knowledge i have come to comprehend and it's going to the top of my bucket list.
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    Say what you will about the blockbuster film Black Panther, love it or hate it, I could care less, you cannot deny it’s brilliance. And that brilliance begins with the emergence of Erik Killmonger. A young man driven, not just by his hatred of the oppressors of black people, but by the animosity of those that live with peace in the private kingdom of Wakanda. I believe a lot of writers could learn a great deal from a character like Killmonger. Marvel purposely set out for everyone to feel compassion for the bad guy. That was a new twist in itself. Marvel wanted you to understand, to relate, to fear the bad guy’s demise. They gave Erik, what so many others did not have, a soul. How many of us walked out of that movie theater believing ol’ boy had a point? How many Killmongers do you think is out there right now because of the injustice of black people in America? How many black families feel left behind by other black families that found a way out of the ghetto? You see my point? We can relate to his assessment. We understand his compassion for revenge, for validation. So many novels, fantastic novels, lack the character growth of their villains. You never care about why they are trying to take over the world, you just know they need to be stopped, by any means necessary. And usually, if not almost always, the bad guy’s reasons for the hostile takeover is for self gain. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, is better than reading a story that involves an antagonist with a heart. An antagonist that is so complex and conflicted with himself you begin to question your own beliefs. Erik Killmonger may not be the greatest bad guy of all times… but he damn sure is the most relatable one.
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    I forgot to add to my previous post that I prefer science to religion, because science consists of examination and enlightenment, and religion is about instruction and obedience. Science stimulates; religion stagnates. Religion claims the power of prayer, but to me, praying is an exercise in energizing positive thought waves, and has its counterpart in the "wishing" indulged in by the non-religious. Whether prayers or wishes come into fruition depends upon Fate, which is not wedded to the hopes of mere mortals because it is fickle. A meme which always pops when a national disaster occurs. Just substitute "Florida"' for "Texas".
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    When I was ready my astrology teacher was looking for a student.
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    @Delano, Yep! choice and freedom go hand and hand. Freedom, to me, means I'm exercising the right to act on my behalf. I have a sense of agency. If I'm only allowed to make decisions then someone is acting as an agent thereby usurping my freedom.
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    @ Antonio, you aren't the first newbie to react the way you did to the tone of this forum. They all seemed a little shell-shocked, and soon faded away. i like how you handled it. Hang in here. We can all learn from each other. My grandchildren are all millennials, and we are rarely on the same page. I think it's because everything new to them is old to me and i've become jaded. My screen name is a derived from the word "cynic". Over time, i have gravitated toward being an iconoclast and in discussions, i frequently take on the contrarian role which requires people i am debating with to examine and defend their beliefs. And this is beneficial to both me and them because we can both learn something. As an aspiring writer you should always be seeking truth and authenticity.
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    This was a fluff piece, to get my foot in the door. Later my submissions were much more militant, so much so that the newspaper was flooded with complaints from whites, something the op-ed editor loved, assuring me that they wanted to provoke reader response. I also got a lot of hate mail that scorched my ears...
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    @Elva D. Green of course, it is! where would society be without its optimists. By the way, I'm the " pragmatic" Pleased to meet you!
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    This could be considered an unflattering picture of Viola. But it is an untouched candid photo of her taken taken at some time on some happy occasion of her life. And millions of black women look like this. The idea that dark women shouldn't grin or wear red lipstick resonates with Uncle Tomism. Implicit in this caveat is that black skin should be muted by dull colors so as not to draw attention to it, and this is a form of self-hate. Nowadays black women wear their hair any style or color they want and many are not hesitant about celebrating their lips with bright red lipstick, no matter what their skin color.Welcome to 2017! I, myself, hate dread locks and spiked hair that looks like its owner stuck their finger in an electric socket, but I realize that it's a new day and standards of "beauty" have changed and are in the eye of the beholder. TIME's selection is only racist if black people buy into the idea that black women who look like Viola's picture are someone to be ashamed of and ridiculed. To ignore TIME's blatant slave master gesture is to thwart their contemptuous mischief. At a recent awards show, Viola sported a bright yellow gown and noted that there was a time when she wouldn't wear bright colors because of her dark skin but that she had moved past that negativity and was now proud to finally accept herself as she was and wear whatever color she chose. She was also wearing red lipstick when she said this.
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    You can theorize something unknown by the effects it has on the known. Which is how yhe outer planets were discovered. Philosophy, Logic and imagination are useful in navigating the unknown. There's a few questions in philosophy that may be unknowable: Is reality a simulation is one of them. Since it is difficult to think outside of your consciousness. However I like your methodology @Mel Hopkins
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    Troy, this is the overall issue with using third party platforms. As I told you I went from making 30-50K a month with Amazon and one change in the system and now I'm driving Lyft as I redesign my website and build it in a way to garner some of the major money being floated around in the sneaker industry right now. People have integrated third party sites so thoroughly into their lives that it's very hard to overcome without considerable consumer education. The consumer/user is the only person that can stop the bleeding and unfortunately comfort and ease of use rules the day. I need to explain how I was wiped out, but I have done videos discussing how I was setting myself up, but I couldn't stop like a junkie and I eventually was forced into rehab. I probably already talked about this, but it has to be presented again. Amazon a month ago decided to make all items over 35.00 bucks require free shipping. If your items did not meet the requirements for how they wanted free shipping presented, your listings were removed. I went from having almost 1000 listings available on Amazon to zero listings showing up. I contributed slow sales to post holiday hangover and I didn't check my inventory. After a week of zero sales I looked into my dashboard and realized that the listings were Active but not active in the buying area. Every listing had to be deleted and recreated. This would take countless man hours and I realized that I'd waited too long to build my website up because I was mainlining Amazon so hard I was shooting up between my toes and in my dick; which I had been cutting off by using third party platforms to reach my customers all of these years. When you talk about being hijacked by Google, it's the same thing Amazon has done by mining data provided by third party sellers and then releasing their own private labels to sell what is hot. Amazon and Google are genius business models and pure capital engines. They exist as a medium providing no inventory of their own until they have mined the data to make sure that success is a certainty. Once they make the decision to replace you or change the rules, you are doomed if you haven't been building up your platform first. I commend you for taking the time to rebuild. It inspired my current work and while the benefits aren't 30000 a month, I will drive Lyft until I work through the process of garnering the revenue that is flowing through the sneaker biz at this moment. My website growth has been tremendous since I've started the work which shows that people are looking for information. In February of last year my ARCH site had 2000 Unique visits. This Feb 2017 my site got over 17,000 Unique visits. I'm selling a few shoes through the online store and the checks are coming faster from Adwords. Ultimately the goal is to garner media sponsorships from Verizon and other sites as I push the Uniques towards 100,000. You know like I know one endorsement could do this overnight, but more than likely like AALBC I will be working towards this on my own.
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    You can derive a proof that no one understands. Versus something that is unknowable. What ishe nature of consciousness may be unknowable. Since we have to use consciousness to answer thr question about itself. Unprovable may be because currently the technology is non existent. The difference is one is a matter if time or knowledge. Although I may have to give it some more thought.
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    Cynique Will Hillary pass up a chance to create a great legacy or just go along with business as usual? When people allow candidates to symbolize their hopes and grievances, are they setting themselves up for disappointment in view of past history? If a Democrat like Obama couldn't keep his promises, what kind of results can a Progressive independent like Sanders have in initiating reform? Would a Trump presidency allow America to openly become the bigoted anti-thesis of democracy that it has always been? Great questions you raised. I actually was FOR Hillary over Obama during the '08 election. Not that she was a saint....as I knew she wasn't, but I figured that she'd be more of a fighter on certain issues dear to Black and poor people than Obama who just came across as too cereberal and professorial.....and now I'm CONVINCED that this is the case. I think that regardless as to whether Trump actually gets in office or not, the damage has been done. He has indeed did what he was promoted to do....which is make racism and facism more acceptable in public discourse. His entire presidential run was about dismantling the idea of political correctness. However I don't know if his backers and promoters anticipated the backlash among progressives and especially progressive youth who have been challenging him at every turn lately. Last week they hemmed him up so bad somewhere in Arizona they forced him to run out of his car for safety....lol. As someone who has been retired for 24 years during which time, whomever was president made little difference in my day-to-day life, how many others are there like me who have simply stayed under the radar? Why should I even bother to vote? Well, if the WRONG person gets in office and eliminates social security and pensions like they've been doing on a LOCAL level to many retirees....you may have to come OUT of retirement and find a job again just to eat! I'm sure you won't feel like posting much on AALBC after spending a day splashing around down at the carwash, lol. Troy Pioneer the board has life because of folks like you; it is simple as that. Ahhhh....lol....ever seen a Black man blush?? I didn't know Thom Hartmann was still on the radio. I used to listen to him all the time when I lived out West. Him and Mike Malloy. as Trump supporters seem more motivated... like Bernie supporters Trump motivates his supporters the same way Sarah Palin did, by talking in a highly charged by very simple way that appeals to the lowest intelligence of the demographic. As with Palin....many people who support Trump has no idea what he actualy stands for but he talks so base and low class that they can easily understand HIM and what he's saying in his speeches. I've read stories where people who've lost thier factory and lumber jobs in rural parts of the nation see Trump as a savior if elected. They really believe that he'll help them even though he doesn't even patronize them with a lie that he will. This man simply gets on stage and tells people that they are unemployed because their factor closed down....that's it. Or he'll tell a mother that she can't afford medicine for her children because the cost of medicine is rising....and leave it at that. He doesn't say who caused these problems NOR does he offer a solution to them....he basically tells people what they already know. But they see it as him speaking to their needs and that's enough to win their support. Who knows....with any luck Hillary will choose BERNIE as her running mate and that would almost certainly bury any chances Trump has of winning. Mel This has been my reason to vote since before I left Brooklyn in the 90s... EVERYTHING happens at the local level. Thanks to the Republican party in Illinois, I saw this from the field...They put me in the game. And that game is brutal and those dudes are gangsta. I mean, drive-by gangsta too. You brought up another good point I forgot to mention. Black people need to stop focusing on party affiliations and focus more on the actually ISSUES themselves. This calls for us to be more ANALYTICAL in our thinking. We have to be able to decide who has our best interest in mind at any given election and go with THAT candidate regardless of their party affiliation. Which means on a local level some times we go with the Democrat, other times we go with the Republican, and other times still we go with the Independant. But we go with whoever promises to and continue to carry out our agenda. I learned a lesson studying African immigrants around the United States. Many of the Nigerians down in Texas are actually Republican. When you ask them why it's not just because of family values and business, but also because Nigerians are extremely intelligent and business minded and heavily involved in LOCAL POLITICS as a way of fortifying their business success. They talk with their money and Republicans know it and cater to it.
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    Hello Fam, it's been a while since I posted here. Feels great to be back. I'm sure most you are aware of SOME of what's going on in the city of Flint Michigan. But being from Detroit and having traveled to Flint many times and having friends and family up there, what's NOT talked about as much is Flint's high crime and violence rate. And there is a CLEAR link between lead contamination and not only violence but also low IQ and poor academic performance. Check out this amazing article I found from Mother Jones Magazine linking lead and violence: Mother Jones Lead and Violence If this is accurate, and I believe it is....then it would explain the high crime rates and dismal academic performance plaguing many inner city communities. The fact is, lead and other toxins are most likely contaminating the water systems of urban areas all over the nation. I think we should all get together and come up with some sort of plan to rid the cities of all heavy metal toxicity and this would probably help tremendously with the problems that seem to have been plaguing so many of our communities for decades.
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    Mel I believe if you're a man of any color and can't make in a world set up for men, then too bad. This IS patriarchal system...no doubt. But even in a male dominated partriarchal system it is commonly understood that only CERTAIN men will ever have any meaninful power while the fate of other men are little better than the women and children of that society. Infact, in most patriarchal cultures the men in charge not only prevent OTHER men from acquiring power....but while they may subjegate and abuse the women....they often KILL off the other men to avoid the threat of competition and resistance. So I suppose the key is a more equal egalitarian system that treats everyone fairly and power is delegated toward individuals who are qualified to posses it.
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    Well, Troy, this is where we get into the abstraction of gender as opposed to sex. What is feminine behavior? Not slouching in your desk, paying attention in class, and not slurring your words or bullying others? I wasn't aware that sitting up straight is a strain on males; it's certainly something the military stresses. Is being aggressive, disrupting the class room, not doing your homework, and sassing the teacher masculine behavior that should be tolerated. Behaving yourself has nothing to do with sex or gender, it's just being disciplined. IMO
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    I am presumably what you all would refer to as a consummate consumer, a status I acquired about 10 years ago. I no longer own anything, which means that I am not burdened with high property taxes or utility bills, I do not have to worry about maintenance and repairs on my yard and my house, The same with a car; no note, no repair bills, no insurance payments, no output for gas. I do pay rent, but at a price I can afford at a place which supplies free heat and air conditioning, Transportation? it's just a phone call away. I am catered to by those who want me to buy what they are selling and I luxuriate in all the conveniences that have replaced the hassle of the ownership which entailed having to do for myself. The pension I collect is a result of the money I worked to earn and now use to finance the things that take the drudgery out of life. When I die, my children will not be fighting over property, they can divide up whatever money I will leave to them. There is something to be said for simply being a consumer. If we somehow become a race of producers instead of consumers, will this really benefit the average black person? Or will it just create black capitalists to ascend into the one percenter ranks as the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. (We are already a race of producers, our product being a surplus supply of fatherless babies that will grow up to meet the demands of the prison industry.) LOL. I say all of this because it is my nature to question everything. Why? Because Life is so uncertain.
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    Caution: This contains strong language. What The Fuck Do You Want From Me? “Son,” she said, “got to do yo’ work.” I ain’t got to do nothin’ Yeah, I’m angry—so what? What the fuck do you want from me? So now it’s all my fault. She can’t read or write eitha. Don’t want me around. He can’t read or write eitha. Neva wanted me from the beginning. Naw, I can’t read and write and fuck math and science--can’t do that neitha. “Son,” she said, “keep your head up and listen.” “Fuck you, leave me alone. I don’t know this stuff—hardly seen any of it befo'. School ain’t my answa—no real support there. They say, too old, foundation crumbling--my existence cracked and weak. Fourth grade come and gone, test scores way low. Can’t recall or retrieve it, too late for me—brain cells said so. What the fuck do you want from me? “Son,” she said, “open your book and read along.” I can’t read this shit. Don’t you think I would if I could? I tried. You know I tried. She persists—always persisting, even encouraging. Better than the one who gave me life. Fake the shit, read somehow. Omit some words, stumble on more, makeup others--satisfy her, make her proud. They laugh at me exposing my weakness and shame. I silence them with my stare. I told you I can’t read this. Leave me alone—Bitch get away from me. Son,” she said, “you’ve got to do this.” Didn’t have no books—she didn’t buy any—no magical blue train engine with his friends, no thousand acre forest with a whimsical bear named Winnie the Pooh and his slow friend—the clever, gray ass— nothing like that in my formative years. “Son,” she said, “don’t you want to go to high school?” Stupid questions coming at me from everywhere—all the time—from all of them. I dream of high school—even college—want to find me a good job. I see myself standing in front of the class reading my report written last night, seeing her face delight in my scholar. But that’s not me—can’t be me. I can’t read so I can’t write. I can’t write so I can’t read. Why am I here? Vicious circles all around me—lying to me, always lying. What the fuck do you want from me? “Son,” she said, “you’ve got to try.” I’m here for you, right here, right now. I’m a big ass teen, big as any man; she said I’m on a third grade level. Don’t you think I know it? I know it all too well. Fuck you, fuck her, fuck him, and fuck all of this reading and writing. Papers with hurried marks ripped and tossed, my pencil splintered in yellow wooden pieces on the floor. What the fuck do you want from me? My aim was straight—my target in range. His image mirrored mine. The bullet hit him square in his back. Blood flowed like red and black ink onto the ground. He could read and write, “literate,” she said. They spun me around, punching and kicking—them at me, me at them. Metal bracelets clench my wrists. Oh fuck! I can’t read, I can’t write, I don’t exist. What the fuck did you expect from me? “Life!” he said. Life with no chance of patrol—I’m sixteen years old. What the fuck do you want from me? What the fuck did I expect from you? Shirley G. Perry-Church, 12-4-2015
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    Hummm that's interesting. Especially since the scientific community has been apprehensive about the future direction of this iconic magazine which was recently purchased by Fox media mogul Rupert Murdoch who, incidentally, has been referred to as "anti-climate".
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    It never ceases to amaze me how readily we allow for equal opportunity while we are never given the same chances. Kudos to you Troy for representing the true quality of what is supposed to happen in the US.
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    Shirley, this used to be the most vibrant community on the web! I used to be a lurker, just hanging around and not commenting. Then I got into the shoe business and I kind of gave up on the idea of being a writer so I stopped visiting altogether. I then realized that I was contributing to the demise of the site by giving all of efforts to Social Media. I was always writing on my blog, but I needed to make sure there was a viable Black community I was contributing too. I told Troy that what I started doing was putting the information he had on my site. I always had a link on my blogroll on my homepage to AALBC, but I added the Power List. I started interacting because if I give social media time, I need to counter it with the support of an independent platform. I respect Troy's work and I think he is the type of influencer who can help me in the writing world and that is valuable enough that I need to support his work. I agree with you though, it would be nice to see more comments, but the people will come and start just like I did. What you need to know is that their visits are just as valuable as their comments. The way a website makes money is through ad revenue, selling services, selling goods, affiliate marketing and donations/subscriptions. Those people who visit provide impressions and possibly clicks on ad revenue and they may contribute in other unseen ways. It can always be more, but sometimes getting a little is just as good as earning a lot. Slow growth is better than no growth.
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    I agree with KC. I found a list a while back of Black banks in the US. Surprisingly, Memphis' Tri Sate bank (with three branches) wasn't even on the list. This shows how fractured the banking system is for Blacks and Black owned banks. I don't know if you two have heard of the banked and unbanked populations in the US. Blacks tend to be the most unbanked people in the country. This means that when they get paid they go to supermarkets, check cashing places instead of utilizing a bank. When this population needs access to credit they go to Title Max or title loan places and the like that are predatory lending. If Black banks simply focused on getting the unbanked to bank with them they would grow in one month into really solid institutions. The reality is they don't even spend the time attempting to do this. They spend most of their time and energy funding Black churches or funding different city projects with companies recieving government contracts. They pursue guaranteed money vs actually doing the work of investing and building wealth for the banks. They don't have a real small biz program in many instances and require the exact stringent requirements or even more requirements for biz loans than their counterparts in the white community. They don't have any business relationship with the HBCU and their online banking and websites are abysmal. I'm all for supporting small biz/black biz, but only if the service is at least serviceable.
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    Thank you, I was confused when I posted previously, and did not realize that I was kicked out right after I had logged on, so I posted as guest and then realized I needed to log back in again. I used to live in Charleston, SC many years ago, and I remember that church very well. Yes, I also agree that we have the same oppressor, but they are so dumb and controlled and can't even see it. What a shame. But what can we do? They are rising up and being encouraged to go in this direction by the 'people in high places'. They too, in my opinion, are being used to keep up White Supremacy.
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    Every age has an engine. It use to be man power, then machine power, now it's intellectual power. I believe the next is the power of intuition. And it will become again about the idea. And I believe People of color will find the wheel is turning in their favor.
  43. 3 points
    There are still lots of authors who write for the love of it and not for the money. There is I believe a priority that should be placed on things versus an all or nothing choice forced. Writing can be profitable but writing for profit only is not something I'm comfortable doing because that would mean writing stories I'd never read. This is the problem for me. I don't write in the genre's that most African American's read because it isn't my cup of tea but I'm sure I could make more money if I did. Writing clean fiction, suburban Christian fiction (my category), urban Christian fiction, serialized fiction (coming in 2013) and devotionals hasn't put me in the "baller" category and I accepted a long time ago it might not ever put me on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Writing" but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop. Publishers told me my writing was solid but were concerned about stories my subject matter and didn't want to take the risk so I brought the books to ebook and POD markets on my own. I love the creative expression self publishing affords me and I take improving my craft serious, my stories aren't perfect but they're from my heart. I believe passion for the story and reason for writing if not founded in something more than monetary gain will be the best vetting system for the people writing for profit and if that doesn't work readers are smarter than some publishers give them credit. Readers want to read a story that the author believes in not just something written for profit.
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    Here's the video of our presentation at Dragon Con. It was a packed house and an interesting discussion.
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    Del please try not to copy what I just wrote. Here you've done it back-to-back. Again if you are responding directly to what I just wrote it is unnecessary and creates clutter which make it harder to shift through and read your thoughts. As far as your response; I'm confused bruh. Maybe that is a good indication we've gone as far as we can with this one
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    The Quiet Revolution: Black America's Solution for Complete Liberation, defies all mainstream tactics in Black America's war for equality and liberation from America's white supremacy oppression. Without marching, protesting or taking up arms, the Quiet Revolution disarms white America from weapons of racism and discrimination using an approach above their comprehension, political authority and legal jurisdiction. Not only will Black Americans benefit from this approach, but other minority groups also that have struggled against white supremacy for generations. The Quiet Revolution solves the issues of widespread unemployment, mass incarceration, political disenfranchisement, and also rebuilds Black character, image, and pride. The plan is laid out in simplified terms and is easy to implement. However, it cannot simply be read, it has to be done...Learn More
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    @Pioneer1 Most likely, but I don't know. He never informed me. At the least, let me know who the women are just in case they'd tried to run up on me. When I was married and my oldest daughter's father " and his wife came to visit our daughter and us; my ex had a fit. In fact, Ex was extremely jealous of my close relationship with him. My daughter's father and I were not and are not sexually involved. So I figured our marriage was closed. I was attracted to other men but I didn't act on it - if I wanted to I would've told my X-husband. It's mutual respect especially for those you love that is the foundation of all relationships. In fact, those are the type of people I associate with closely. I have respect for my daughter's father's wife and she for me, I suppose. She knows I wouldn't do anything with her husband without her consent. He has actually come to visit his daughter (us) with their children and she's remained home. Thinking about now, I realize that I just deal with very mature men and women who have no time for sneaking around. Which brings me to this. It's not about negotiating; it's about informing. The consequences be what they will. No one can tell an adult what they can and can't do. Now if there's a law against adultery on the books in the state that one lives in - then no amount consent will avail. If not, however, then engaging in intimate relationships might help with one's growth.
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    Well, social media is all a-twitter over the trending topic fueled by actress Meryl Streep's politicizing her acceptance speech at Sunday's televised Golden Globe's ceremony where she was being honored with a Life-time Achievement Award. Without mentioning his name, she called out Donald Trump for the incident where he made fun of a disabled NY Times reporter during his campaign, saying she was appalled that such a man was about to take office as president. Naturally the room, which was filled with Hollywood's liberal community, was in accord except for a few notable outsiders like Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn whose stricken faces were panned in on by the TV cameras. Of course the on-line debate about this is divided along party lines, and Trump supporters are saying Streep was out of line, as they become increasing frustrated because Dems won't concede Trump's victory and give him the respect they think he deserves. Meanwhile, Liberals are full of praise for what they considered a courageous gesture on Streep's part and are lambasting and lampooning Trump. Predictably, he took to Twitter to whine about Streep being an overrated actress and branded her as a Hillary groupie before denying her accusation about what had actually been captured on tape. All of which exposes him as the lying scoundrel that he is, and adds to his lack of credibility. I'm glad Meryl defied protocol and took advantage of her platform to take a dig at Trump who is the one that has set the tone with his disregard for tradition, and his ego has proved to be an Achilles heel that provides a target for arrows to wound. In these crazy times anything goes and thanks to the Internet, people have at their finger tips the power to use mockery as a weapon. Just like terrorists, tweeters can do great damage by plowing into the Trump Tower of pride, making him the object of the ridicule that hurts his feelings. Maybe Progressives won't make much of a dent in the Republican fortress, but they do stand a chance of getting the last laugh.
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    Not Long After The Great Muhammed Ali Is Laid To Rest.Hollywood,ESPN Sports,Which Ever Has O.J. Simpson Made In America.As Mohammed ALI Speaks Against Vietnam War And Draft,Bill Russell,Jim Brown ,Lou Alcindor,Take Stands Vocally,O.J. Simpson Distance Himself From His Blackness And His Race.Reason He Was Embraced By White America.O.J. American Made Shows.He Was Loved By White America Until The Murders ,And The Trial.Black People Supporting O.J. Simpson ,Knowing He Did Not Care About Black People Or His Race.White America Will Not Stop With Their Hating Obsession.O.J. Simpson Years Ago He Was Not Black He Was O.J. .Lot Of Black People Act Like That..
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    Family is all there is Troy. Mentoring is the next best thing, but even that is limited in it's reach.
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