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    Yes, if he is ousted before the end of his tem you win. I don't think strong convictions is the sign of a closed mind. When you fail to change your mind when evidence proves you wrong, that is not a strong conviction that is stupidity.
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    Absolutely! Sure Black people have some responsibility but the powers aligned against us are very, very powerful and effective. You asked how many pairs of Air Jordans do I own. I have never brought a single pair. I clearly remember thinking people were fools for buying them -- paying $100 for a pair while making minimum wage or doing something illegal to get them. But poor kids were heavily targeted. I never really though much of Jordan for lending his name to such an enterprise, but I'm sure it helped him become very wealthy. If we were properly educated we would much less likely fall prey to marketers -- but none of us are totally immune. 12 years ago i ditched wall street as you did and have not a full time job since. I know you left that world long before i did. Perhaps it took me longer to come to the same conclusions you did.
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    Who can forget the Juice’s famous quote: “I’m not black, I’m OJ.” Johnnie Cochran saved OJ’s ass. If Shapiro and Dershowitz were his only attorneys, no way he gets acquitted in that murder case. Black people, both powerful and poor, had OJ’s back in that case. But that’s because we viewed it collectively as LAPD vs. black people. It was also the ONE time in history that there was a chance for us to see a black man get away with killing two white people, with one being a so-called “jew.” We backed him like we did Obama in 2008 based purely on race (and of course Obama's lies). But OJ burned all his black support after that. I was disappointed in OJ for throwing away all those years of his life over that nigga BS he ultimately was imprisoned for. He should have known that white imperial society was going to throw the book at him if he EVER did so much as get a traffic ticket again after that murder case. Plus he did the crime in Nevada. There wasn't going to be a majority black jury there and there ws no powerful black attorney to get him out of trouble. Just dumb all around. Cosby is a different story because of the time his persecution happened. OJ was acquitted in the mid-1990s. Cosby got his wakeup call during and after the Obama era. The black masses had been emasculated, homosexualized and morphed into white liberal mouthpieces by the time Cosby was lynched. Black women were now on this “feminist” crap because of that ugly baboon-looking thing for #MeToo, Oprah and Obama’s wife. Cosby not only talked bad about black people for years, but also unfortunately was a victim of the times. He never stood a chance. Black people didn’t have enough power to save Cosby, like we did OJ. I'd like to see 10-20 of us pitch in $50,000 each, buy 10,000 acres in remote Nevada or Alaska or Wyoming; and each of us build a solar-powered home and bring some type of skill to the community so we can thrive. Drill wells for water. One household could make clothing. A few others would farm fish, chickens, etc. for food (concentrating on healthy diets). Only black married couples are allowed in the town. We could use the same laws that they use for over-55 communities and Amish communities to keep the population how we want it.. Just start from scratch and within 10 years, have a organized-enough community that we get representation in the state, our own police force, etc. I'm sure white imperial society could contaminate it somehow if we got successful (e.g. poison our water, plant moles, Black Wallstreet re-run, etc.). But it's still my dream, and a really rough description of it. I'm allowed to dream.
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    I want to thank those who have been reaching out in response to the first post about salawa looking for more information. We've gotten some emails but I encourage you all to go ahead and join this forum in spite of the interactions you saw with other members. It will be good to see a healthy and positive dialogue on the subject of Vodun. I'm still working on part 2 but it's taking longer than I thought because of my schedule and because it's a little more involved than part one. I'm working on it though. On to this post's topic. The sciences of studying the cosmos and recognizing which deities, (called Hun pronounced "hoon" in Aja language) as well as other spirits and energies are performing what functions in relation to that and human life is called Wezizakpon in Aja culture. Some people may refer to that sort of process as "astrology." In Vodun (also sometimes referred to as vodou or voodoo, but the west African term is Vodun) , time is cyclical. Not only is it cyclical but there are cycles within cycles. For instance, many are familiar with the so called great year which is simply the procession of the equinoxes (the equinox is called zankpozekpan in Fongbe) of approximately 26,000 years (though it's closer to 25,800) and within that there are smaller cycles of 2,160 years and then within that are smaller cycles of 540 years and so forth. Of course there is a certain energy shift that happens with the procession and also with the movement within each of the smaller cycles as well that must be accounted for. This is a part of what we do as wezizakpon. In Vodun we have all these cycles and eventually we get down to smaller cycles that occur monthly at a certain time. There are numerous monthly cycles we have with various significance (for instance we have one that is dedicated strictly to strengthening our bond with the ancestors [Kulito in Aja and Egungun in Yoruba]) but one cycle in particular deals with the energy of a certain time period and is related to a particular Hun. In fact yesterday we began such a cycle and it is related to the hun we call Hu. In Yoruba culture, this deity (called orisa in Yoruba) is Olokun. So we are in the Xwenu (season) of Hu and great care as a Vodunvi must be taken to not only be aware of the characteristics of Hu but be mindful of how that will make certain activities either more challenging or much more likely to be successful. We also would try to make an offering of some kind to Hu at the beginning of the season. This is a time where things associated with Hu will dominate so one must always be mindful of how to best take advantage of that. This is an example of the way that in Vodun we strive to "live in harmony." E sun gbede
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