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    Right. All those 1s and 2s. Four, of course, is divisible by both. Spirituality is apparently quite numeric. Didn't think this thread would actually become this interesting.
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    It's pretty clear that @azacotogan and @àgɛ̀lògbàgàn are the same person/persona since they like each other's own posts and both profiles were created in the last 4-5 days. Dude, just share info and be cool. Some of the stuff you post would be interesting if you weren't such a douche.
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    Azacotogan What you don't seem to see is that if I have to "provide evidence" of African concepts to an "African" then it is already a lost proposition. ....and most of our people are lost. The fact that most Africans in the West are "lost" to the knowledge of not only their own culture and spirituality but indeed THEMSELVES should be enough reason to readily provide valuable knowledge to any African who sincerely enquires. I am an African, not black, as you called yourself. There's HUGE difference from a psychological perspective. You're new to this site. If you stick around a while you'll realize that I actually DO call myself an African. I just use the term "Black" in conversation with many people to avoid confusion because despite it being an innaccurate term, it is the most commonly understood term for our people in English speaking society. But it's clear now you're not going to get it. Maybe not now....... I used karma as a reference because most have a general idea of it but not because the two are parallel Kind of like how I use the terms "African" and "Black". Where are you getting information from? There is no African culture that I know of that has this stance on these things. It certainly isn't like that in Vodun. You are just speculating. There is so much more to these things in Vodun but you write as though you have it all figured out. Smh. But you are focusing on karma. The article is about salawa Exactly what part of my statement that you are commenting on is false or inaccurate? You think that I have to share certain experiences I've had with you as strong evidence that what I'm saying is correct? No, you don't "have" to. But it would be nice. You come on here and promote your spiritual concepts yet refuse to share key aspects of the spiritual abilities you should be receiving from it. Anybody who is able bodied can just "go through the motions" but how do we KNOW that what we practice is truly spiritually transforming if it doesn't bring you face to face with THE spiritual kingdom? Are you serious? Yes, show me the money. That's your criteria? Part of it. That could easily be made up. I could tell you anything and you would have no way of truly knowing if what I'm telling you is the truth. However I've dealt with spirituality and spiritual people enough to recognize whether or not your experiences share the same patterns with those who ARE legitimate.....which would lend more credibility to your claims.   Not clear what you're referring to but in general if an African refers to themselves as any kind of american then caucasians have succeeded in conquering their Ori African is a race, American is a nationality....the two can easily be reconciled.
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    Would love to hear your positions on this. I wrote this article a couple weeks ago. Lots of petty beefs going on with so-called "new black media" lately. We're doomed. Shame that these folks are our representation. But at least our demise keeps me entertained.
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    Yes, if he is ousted before the end of his tem you win. I don't think strong convictions is the sign of a closed mind. When you fail to change your mind when evidence proves you wrong, that is not a strong conviction that is stupidity.
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    Absolutely! Sure Black people have some responsibility but the powers aligned against us are very, very powerful and effective. You asked how many pairs of Air Jordans do I own. I have never brought a single pair. I clearly remember thinking people were fools for buying them -- paying $100 for a pair while making minimum wage or doing something illegal to get them. But poor kids were heavily targeted. I never really though much of Jordan for lending his name to such an enterprise, but I'm sure it helped him become very wealthy. If we were properly educated we would much less likely fall prey to marketers -- but none of us are totally immune. 12 years ago i ditched wall street as you did and have not a full time job since. I know you left that world long before i did. Perhaps it took me longer to come to the same conclusions you did.
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    The concept of Salawa and its ramifications for Maroons/ how it creates Maroons Part 1 will focus on defining salawa and its function This Aja word has no direct translation to english but it references, among a number of things, the ramifications of living or not living in accord with Divine Law, what we call in Vodun, Gbesu. Many people are familiar with this concept, often times through the hindu terminology of "karma." Salawa isn't good or bad in itself per se, it simply is. It is more or less the effect of human activity. So there is individual, family, clan and finally national salawa that must be accounted for in all aspects of life and planning. But first you must assess your individual, family, clan and national salawa. How does one do that? At Ganlodo, being a Xotome rooted in Vodun and Isese, we utilize the spiritual building blocks of Aja of and Yoruba culture respectively. The most powerful building blocks used to assess salawa is divination through Fa/Ifa. In particular, the Axosu is trained in the Ipile Fa (roots reading) system, and this system has been proven to be an integral part of developing a clear understanding of all degrees of salawa that an individual possesses. I will post the link to a video done by Ayinon explaining what roots readings can do for New Afrikans and why they are so powerful. Another important building block is one's Zoto reading. This divination provides one with the identity of the ancestor who has worked the hardest in the ancestral realm for that individual and watches closest over that individual. They are assigned by Mawu Lisa (the creator) and in some cases, the current individual getting their Zoto Fa, is a reincarnation of their Zoto. One may ask how that works but that is a little outside of the scope of what we are discussing here. Zoto Fa readings will provide the individual with this ancestor's life story, possible unfulfilled destiny info, and ways to get this ancestor back on track in the ancestral realm. But in regards to salawa, the individual becomes aware through this reading and their roots reading of certain actions that this or/and other ancestors may have taken to "setback" the family, clan and nation through their behavior from a salawa perspective. It will also highlight ways said ancestor contributed positively to lineage salawa. To put this in perspective, let's say 200 years ago, I have an ancestor who engaged in certain negative behavior, not only socially but spiritually. Their actions set in motion a chain of events in the physical world but also the spiritual realms as well. So because of the reading I am equipped with information that will allow me to not only be knowledgeable of what happened, but also identify some of the root causes of relationship problems, for example. I inherited a certain salawa that made successful relationships almost an impossibility, but I had no idea! Now I know what the situation is and I also know what to do about it. Ideally this newfound information would facilitate a change in my overall thinking but I'll also receive spiritual steps to address it as well. Often elevation and appeasement must be done for certain ancestors, among other things. So this is an example of how we inherit family, clan and national salawa. This is on top of our own behavior and how it will impact our selves, family, clan and nation. Given the overall significance of that this places on our actions, this one may be far more thoughtful about what they do and say so as not to create unnecessary complications in our lives. Part two will focus on the connection to maroonage. Azacotogan Fajise Syenxwe of Ganlodo Kilombonu Xotome https://youtu.be/q_uLx3FOrLk Here is the link to Axosu Agelogbagan Agbovi I explaining Ipile Fa (roots readings)
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    Come on this journey with me. Come have some fun in my new domain where you can't have enough of me and what i would love to let you read because i love you. https://hubpages.com/@kenechukwuobi
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    Who can forget the Juice’s famous quote: “I’m not black, I’m OJ.” Johnnie Cochran saved OJ’s ass. If Shapiro and Dershowitz were his only attorneys, no way he gets acquitted in that murder case. Black people, both powerful and poor, had OJ’s back in that case. But that’s because we viewed it collectively as LAPD vs. black people. It was also the ONE time in history that there was a chance for us to see a black man get away with killing two white people, with one being a so-called “jew.” We backed him like we did Obama in 2008 based purely on race (and of course Obama's lies). But OJ burned all his black support after that. I was disappointed in OJ for throwing away all those years of his life over that nigga BS he ultimately was imprisoned for. He should have known that white imperial society was going to throw the book at him if he EVER did so much as get a traffic ticket again after that murder case. Plus he did the crime in Nevada. There wasn't going to be a majority black jury there and there ws no powerful black attorney to get him out of trouble. Just dumb all around. Cosby is a different story because of the time his persecution happened. OJ was acquitted in the mid-1990s. Cosby got his wakeup call during and after the Obama era. The black masses had been emasculated, homosexualized and morphed into white liberal mouthpieces by the time Cosby was lynched. Black women were now on this “feminist” crap because of that ugly baboon-looking thing for #MeToo, Oprah and Obama’s wife. Cosby not only talked bad about black people for years, but also unfortunately was a victim of the times. He never stood a chance. Black people didn’t have enough power to save Cosby, like we did OJ. I'd like to see 10-20 of us pitch in $50,000 each, buy 10,000 acres in remote Nevada or Alaska or Wyoming; and each of us build a solar-powered home and bring some type of skill to the community so we can thrive. Drill wells for water. One household could make clothing. A few others would farm fish, chickens, etc. for food (concentrating on healthy diets). Only black married couples are allowed in the town. We could use the same laws that they use for over-55 communities and Amish communities to keep the population how we want it.. Just start from scratch and within 10 years, have a organized-enough community that we get representation in the state, our own police force, etc. I'm sure white imperial society could contaminate it somehow if we got successful (e.g. poison our water, plant moles, Black Wallstreet re-run, etc.). But it's still my dream, and a really rough description of it. I'm allowed to dream.
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    I want to thank those who have been reaching out in response to the first post about salawa looking for more information. We've gotten some emails but I encourage you all to go ahead and join this forum in spite of the interactions you saw with other members. It will be good to see a healthy and positive dialogue on the subject of Vodun. I'm still working on part 2 but it's taking longer than I thought because of my schedule and because it's a little more involved than part one. I'm working on it though. On to this post's topic. The sciences of studying the cosmos and recognizing which deities, (called Hun pronounced "hoon" in Aja language) as well as other spirits and energies are performing what functions in relation to that and human life is called Wezizakpon in Aja culture. Some people may refer to that sort of process as "astrology." In Vodun (also sometimes referred to as vodou or voodoo, but the west African term is Vodun) , time is cyclical. Not only is it cyclical but there are cycles within cycles. For instance, many are familiar with the so called great year which is simply the procession of the equinoxes (the equinox is called zankpozekpan in Fongbe) of approximately 26,000 years (though it's closer to 25,800) and within that there are smaller cycles of 2,160 years and then within that are smaller cycles of 540 years and so forth. Of course there is a certain energy shift that happens with the procession and also with the movement within each of the smaller cycles as well that must be accounted for. This is a part of what we do as wezizakpon. In Vodun we have all these cycles and eventually we get down to smaller cycles that occur monthly at a certain time. There are numerous monthly cycles we have with various significance (for instance we have one that is dedicated strictly to strengthening our bond with the ancestors [Kulito in Aja and Egungun in Yoruba]) but one cycle in particular deals with the energy of a certain time period and is related to a particular Hun. In fact yesterday we began such a cycle and it is related to the hun we call Hu. In Yoruba culture, this deity (called orisa in Yoruba) is Olokun. So we are in the Xwenu (season) of Hu and great care as a Vodunvi must be taken to not only be aware of the characteristics of Hu but be mindful of how that will make certain activities either more challenging or much more likely to be successful. We also would try to make an offering of some kind to Hu at the beginning of the season. This is a time where things associated with Hu will dominate so one must always be mindful of how to best take advantage of that. This is an example of the way that in Vodun we strive to "live in harmony." E sun gbede
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    @Kareem it's not 4 but 2. Duality is needed so that there is difference. So your feeling about 2 being special is on the money.
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    Because of your statements on 64 hexagrams for I Ching, 256 for Ifa , and your equation that netted 32 for Kabbalah, I've been poking around the numerical aspects of this seeking some preliminary explanation for the past couple days. I've particularly focused on the number 4. It's funny because the first number I can remember ever being fascinated with was 2, because it is the only EVEN prime number. Mathematics is the only universal language in the universe. That why math, computer coding and Gematria have always fascinated me. But to answer your question, I've been a seeker since childhood. I talked about my experience with [potentially] the supernatural as a child in these forums. It convinced me that there is definitely more out there that is beyond our human comprehension. Or is it? My little sister and I, when we were as young as 6-7 years old, always used to talk about a "big bald-headed baby" that is just playing with us as his/her dolls, their action figures. As I got older, that "baby" evolved into a CPU that facilitates this potential human simulation. Are we even "real?" What is real? Religion, in my opinion, is a cop-out answer to these difficult, and perhaps unanswerable questions. Anyway, every question I have about "who am I" and "why am I here" is always answered by more questions. I do believe we learn the answers to at least some of these questions when our human bodies die. I've never been afraid of death because I'm curious as to what happens. But I also am not done studying this world, so I need a few more decades before I'm "ready" for death! :)
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    The strategic use of black people by white imperialists to commence detrimental agendas is simply slavery. White imperial society knows our minds, bodies and souls like no other people on Earth. They have literally raped us, cut us open while alive for their fun torture entertainment, burned us alive, etc. They know our reactions to literally any and all imaginable human torture and manipulation. Obama introduced this homophile agenda because his Euro-Zionist masters knew it would work, and ordered him to do it. That alone, in my view, makes Obama just as evil as Adolph Hitler, who also was a tool of Zionists. Obama and his top lieutenants, Oprah and Tyler Perry, are killing black people in the most deliberate, evil manner. Damage is irreversible now too. How have black people stayed at only around 13% of the US population since the 1970s? No growth at all, yet ni**as are out here with 5-6 kids. I think the United States deliberately lowers the black population numbers. If black people knew we were in the 20-25% range of the US population, which may very well be accurate right now, that may give us the "devious" idea of uniting and voting for our true politics. They don't want us to know that we're still multiplying and growing despite their deliberate, wanton agenda to kill us - cops killing us, dumb nigro stuff in hoods, Planned Parenthood, school-to-prison pipeline, AIDS, etc. The homo agenda is Obama's mad scientist way of making black people voluntarily eliminate themselves from the planet. Obama will be forever lionized and protected in white supremacist society because he did his masters a huge solid. Killing Gaddafi helped Obama's rep among his masters even more. He did exactly what he wanted to do to black people.
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    The I Ching is 64 hexagram, the Ifa has 256. The Kabbalah has 10 Sephira and 22 paths = 32. Happen to come across this looking for the significance. I don't practice the I Ching however I have looked at the numbers. Since it like the Kaballa Ifa are base 2 divination system. In a way astrology also works with polarities. Even though it isn't base 2. It uses multiple sets of numbers that aren't number based ie binary or digital. I am contemplating creating another I Ching sequence. I gave one away.
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    Delano You have helped me see there is a link between the following cosmologies: Ifa; Kabbalah; I Ching. I'm not sure about I Ching, but the connection between Jewish mysticism (like Kabbalah) and West African spiritual systems like Ifa go waaaay back. Infact both have their origins in ancient Kemet. When we went up into the Caucasus mountains to civilize the Caucasians we raised up a group of smart ones to master them known today as Jews. Most of their mysticism comes from our ancient Kemetic sciences. But they only received a FRACTION of it. This is one of the reasons African centered systems like Ifa, Santeria, Vodun, ect.....share so many similarities with the ritualistic practices mentioned in the Bible like sacrificing animals and sprinkling blood and herbs.
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    Thank you for posting. You have helped me see there is a link between the following cosmologies: Ifa; Kabbalah; I Ching.
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    @Troy, yes, it's a publication. It's linked to http://taniscawilson.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Knowing-Why-Education-Matters.pdf. My apologies for the delayed response. Hi Christie, We got it--thanks for sending.
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    This is for people with sense who might see this: We clearly explain what languages (Fon and Yoruba) we speak on our sites and we clearly state where our writing script (N'ko) comes from. So neither those languages or the script are made up. Some people don't know what reclaiming our culture means though. We haven't made up anything. Our Xotome is not fantasy and is acknowledged worldwide. The Axosu was fully and properly coronated according to Aja culture in 2010 by kingmakers from Benin. This is all there on the site. So for clarity, don't be fooled by cultural children who are DEEPLY confused and think that anyone who can see the sense in what we do as pawns to be manipulated. At this point, I see no point in trying to be sensible with this individual and won't respond to any of his or other individuals slander. I'll be posting a part two to the original post here and on other sites for those interested in learning about true Vodun and Aja culture. O daabo.
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    You're just full of crap, dude. In your other thread, you said you were an African American, a Descendant of American Slavery, when asked directly. You quickly exposed your own lie, reversed course, and now say you're from (somewhere in) Africa teaching us lost, stupid negroes in America how to be intellectual. You destroyed your own credibility with an unnecessary lie. One thing we are accustomed to is the preacher persona. You have a lot of work to do if you want your hustle to work, though. Just trying to help.
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    Delano Lol, you're welcome. What about the mind? I'm glad you acknowledge the difference between the brain and the mind! Troy Where these ideas and solutions come from is anyone's guess but I would start with the brain. Not sure where Delano was going with his question to you, but at the risk of stealing some of his thunder....what if I were to tell you that the OPPOSITE were true? What if I were to tell you that instead of ideas coming FROM your brain, much of them come from your MIND which is not only separate from your brain but your brain is actually a filter that PREVENTS most of the ideas and information in your mind from manifesting?
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    Yes I am currently looking into the 256 ifa oracles in the same way I looked at the 64 oracles of the I Ching. So I thank you for that @Azacotogan or if you prefer @Àgɛ̀lògbàgàn
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    Your question also contained assumption which I don't really do. But as a question I answer it with a resounding no. Before I proceed, I will say that OTHER people have a right to call themselves what they want. I prefer it that way because it let's me in on how they think. Thus, I know full well what I'm dealing with. Once again, it was rather unusual to hear someone refer to themselves as Afro American. Now, I hear comments like the one you made all the time. Again, OTHER people have the right to identify with what they want or say they don't have an identity. But "we" cannot include all of us because there are MANY of us now who know exactly where we come from to the tee if you will. But most black Americans or afro Americans or African Americans either are not going to make the effort often because they don't care to. I know many people who can tell you EXACTLY who they are. You used the word akata. I have gotten into it with Yoruba people about this word. I let them know, in YORUBA, that they are probably descendants of the AKATA that sold our ancestors into captivity. But truth of the matter is they use that term to refer to BLACK AMERICANS not primarily because of the identity thing but mostly because of thr lack of interest in true and authentic Afrikan culture by said group. I originally found this out while attending an event many years ago in Atl. The Yoruba were all in the living room and akata was brought up. As usual, I went to check them. As I was checking them I thought to myself "but they just said what they said in front of me knowing full well I could overstand them". The chief went on to tell me it was because they never viewed ME as an akata. I asked why. Two men stated in their own terms that it was because I had come back to reclaim my culture as a birthright. It was because I did not beg the Yoruba or worship them like black Americans tend to. It was that I demanded what was mine among some other things that were said. Of course I still checked them and they never did that in front of me again. You make a point. You stated our true identity probably cannot be expressed in English. What do you suggest? And for clarity, when WE use the terms African American and black American it is by intentional design. We use it to reference a mentality moreso than an identity.
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    I remember Brother Ferguson very well. In fact I was introduced to Colin and Dr. Khalid Muhammad around the same time. This particular post was just trying to highlight our contemporary soldiers of the 21st century. There is a whole lot of truth to this and it's an interesting observation. I mentioned Christopher John Monfort earlier in the thread. He killed a Seattle cop in October of 2009. Monfort had completed his bachelor's degree a year earlier and was in grad school when he performed his service for us. He wrote papers about jury nullification - how black people on juries should always vote to acquit other black people when facing charges for non-violent, victimless crimes. Basically he came to the realization that reasoning with white imperialists was impossible and unifying black people for jury nullification was also impossible. So he made his very loud and clear statement instead. I fear there is too much truth to this as well. But no need to beat a dead horse. At least we'll have our memories of the extinct "AfroAmerican Tribe" if you will in 30 years. It wasn't me directly that posted the "offending" content. But from the looks of the account on Wikipedia, the post was called Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Also read your article about the author Zane. It's funny how Wikipedia goes out of its way to demean black people in subtle ways. They also skirt their own rules to fit agendas. Wikipedia allegedly has a rule that murderers cannot have their own page. Thus there are pages called "2009 Oakland Police Shooting" for Lovelle Mixon, "Death of Travis Alexander" for Jodi Arias, and "Death of Caylee Anthony" for Casey Anthony. But Ted Bundy has his own page. Moral of the story - they glorify white male murderers, but nobody else. I never read Wikipedia articles unless its about math or some other indisputable subject matter that cannot be biased. We've already talked about Google bias, so no need to rehash it.
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    Confrontational? That's also interesting. It reminds me we are in an age whereas there is no fire. You have plenty of people who take things personally and ASSUME something is confrontational just because they may detect something in A question or comment that may challenge their beliefs intentional or not. Anyway, I was just curious because I don't think I've heard the term AfroAmerican in a very, very long time. In fact, it probably was from watching old footage from the 60s or something like that. Didn't know people still used that term. And I guess I've always wondered how Afro was taken from Afrikan. Thanks for answering though. It's good to know what's out here at the least.
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    Greetings to All. We look forward to seeing more interesting posts like this. Thanks for providing a forum for our people.
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    True Dat. You're on a roll my Brother! I think even Cynique would be proud 🙂
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    Don't forget Colin Ferguson....who was inspired to catch the Long Island train. https://www.thoughtco.com/colin-ferguson-long-island-railroad-massacre-972712 Dr. Khalid Muhammad called Colin Ferguson a modern day Nat Turner. Similar to Nat who grew up being somewhat priviledged to a better education and surroundings than a lot of other slaves, Colin was from Jamaica and grew up somewhat wealthy and more priviledged than the average African in either Jamaica or the United States. There's something about a member OF an oppressed group who grows up with wealth or more priviledges than others in that group that seems to inspire the biggest revolutionaries. My reconing is that when you grow up priviledged and believing that you have the freedom and power and comfort to enjoy life and then become an adult and are slapped in the face with raw oppression and humiliation.....it doesn't sit as well with you as it does with those who grow up in poverty and learn to humbly accept it. You either commit suicide out of despair or start KILLING those you feel are causing your discomfort and problems. Perhaps one of the main reasons so many AfroAmericans are in the condition they are in in this society is because they have been so accustomed to poverty and being on the low end of society that it no longer becomes "intolerable" to them to the point they would rather die (either at their own hands or while attempting to take out their oppressors) than continue in that miserable condition.
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    This song and Baez's sound reminds me of Sheryl Crow, who I really like. I'll listen to more of Joan Baez based on your recommendation. There were a lot of folksy ladies like this in the early 1990s along with Sheryl Crow. The 10,000 Maniacs (Natalie Merchant) are also high on my early 90s favorites. Truth be told, one of my first girlfriends when I was very young was a white chick who played the violin. So 10,000 Maniacs kind of reminds me of that! But I've always loved the sound of violins and other string instruments (cello, viola, etc.). Nile Rodgers in the late 1970s used them all to perfection in his music, and it's always cute white chicks playing those violins and violas! Again there will never be another 70s or 80s. The talent to compose and perform the music, the love, the respect between black and white...all that cannot exist today...sadly. We tried so hard in the USA to fix racism in the 70s and 80s. The powers-that-be just didn't want that to happen. In sum...
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    "No one wants to pay for distraction, but they will pay if it's packaged as help." (me) How help is defined is tricky. It depends on the client/customer's wants. If your prospective customer wants to escape their environment, then consider if you, the independent author have the skills, resources, and experience packaged in your book to help. If your book is the solution, then show them how it can get what they want. In this case, adventure, exotic destination, and as a bonus, a mental place where they will experience something new. If your book doesn't qualify to assist, then recommend one that can and sell it to them. Note: selling is an exchange of goods and services for currency. (Currency could be signing up for your newsletter because they value your judgment.) You can increase your market to gain their trust and sell them what they want another time. This marketing mix relies on the SAVE* strategy. When marketing your book, consider a promotion campaign that features Solution, Access, Value, and Education. S = solution - show us how your product helps us solve our problem. A = access - consider how your readers decide to make purchases and provide product info along those channels. Remember, following customers around a store doesn't work - so don't cyberstalk your prospective buyer either. Think about affiliate marketing - advertisers want to appear where they know prospects are receptive to their solution. It's soft promotion because there's no one aggravating them, allowing the candidate to seek out information for themselves. V = value - ask how does this product (book) benefit your reader. Every book is not for everyone. So first find out who reads your type of books - and then share with them how your book fits their desires. E = education knowing who your readers are allows you to share information on topics they enjoy. If your book is a romance - then romance readers would be thrilled to learn the latest - like a romance industry gossip website will bring them to you - and you can engage and build a community around mutual interests. And this how you can position your book, product/service, in a way that helps them help you. "You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want." ~ Zig Ziglar (salesperson, motivational speaker) *Eduardo Conrado, who was senior VP and the chief marketing officer at Motorola Solutions, allegedly came up with the SAVE marketing mix framework.
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    The difference is MLK posed enough of a threat to be assassinated. Obama will live a long, prosperous life. The article you linked to was deep. I definitely need to watch the videos and film. I had my own experience with racially biases Wikipedia editors too.
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    Have you previously shared info about Ganlodo here @Azacotogan? If not post a link.
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    @TroyIndeed. For many of our people yes that conquering is very much a reality. The facts you outlined are partially why we do what we do at Ganlodo. It's part of our mission. So I'll continue to be on here and other platforms showing our people it's ok to embrace your own ancestral culture. It's ok to reclaim our birthright and fix whatever issues may exist in the culture instead of ignoring them.
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    I was unaware of these Australia fires before reading this thread. Wonder what is causing them? PG&E, the California electric company, is the direct culprit responsible for many of the fires in that state. Negligence by campers and deliberate acts by criminals cause the rest of them. I honestly can't comprehend any "natural" causes of wildfires. Fires don't just start spontaneously. It's scary seeing a wildfire a mile or less from your property. I've had to evacuate twice in the last five years. It's the price you pay living in remote areas situated between desert and mountain brush.
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    DEBTOR’S PRISON is Back in AMERICA Robin Ebersohl closes her eyes as she recalls the experience of being arrested in Macoupin County and jailed for four days over an outstanding debt owed for medical bills she could not pay. (AP Photo / The Telegraph, John Badman) I just saw an article yesterday about Mississippi and it is so misleading, but nonetheless, very eye opening. The article highlighted a woman named Annita Husband but stated that Mississippi has had a Debtor Prison system for years now and alludes to a falsity in that this would be the only state in USA. But, this is so not true. The comments after the article were extremely numerous and most of the commenters applauded the system for debtors’ prison. But after I read some more articles, I realized that Debtor’s prison occurs in many states and has been for years now. Also, unlike Ms. Husband’s story, people can be arrested and jailed for many reasons. Mostly all of the articles I have read too, say that the most victims are Black people, but still, this fate has happened to many Americans and for various debts. Debtors prison: It’s back and it’s here By Jim Gallagher Jan 15, 2012 Robin Ebersohl knew she had a loud muffler. She couldn’t afford to get it fixed. When she saw a police car, she though she’d chance it and drive by. It was a mistake bigger than she could have imagined. She thought she might get a ticket. Instead, she got three days in jail and her father lost $500 in bail money. https://www.stltoday.com/business/local/debtors-prison-it-s-back-and-it-s-here/article_4683672a-3be5-11e1-a381-001a4bcf6878.html ________________________________________________________________ This woman was put in jail in Illinois until she came up with bail money that her father sent from his pension. Then they applied this money to her debt. She never knew about the warrant for her arrest and so, most people are arrested and find out about this kind of debt warrant if they are stopped for a simple traffic violation or etc. ________________________________________________________________ Prosecutors and Judges Have Brought Back Debtors Prisons A new report details how easily you can be put in jail simply for owing a company money. By David Dayen FEBRUARY 22, 2018 … over 1,000 cases in 26 states where judges dutifully issued the arrest warrants for failure to appear. In four states where they could receive full data (Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, and Utah), the ACLU found 8,500 arrest warrants in debt-collection cases. The warrants cover every kind of debt: medical bills, student loans, rent payments, homeowners’ association fees, utility bills, repairs, payday loans, gym fees, you name it. The amounts involved in the warrants were as low as $28. … https://www.thenation.com/article/prosecutors-and-judges-have-brought-back-debtors-prisons/ __________________________________________________ This articles also explains that people can sit in jail for weeks, all for not paying a bill and if they get a bail, then it goes directly to the debt-collection agency. It also said that some people jailed actually didn’t owe the debt or it had been paid off. One Texas man just got out of open heart surgery but was jailed due to his college loan. __________________________________________________ Think Debtors Prisons are a Thing of the Past Not in Mississippi Annita Husband entered the restitution center in 2015, six years after pleading guilty to embezzlement, because she struggled to make monthly payments on her $13,000 court debt. She feared she would spend years at the center trying to pay it off. ERIC J. SHELTON/MISSISSIPPI TODAY, REPORT FOR AMERICA JACKSON, Miss. –During her shifts at a Church’s Chicken, Annita Husband looked like the other employees. She wore the same blue and red polo shirt, greeted the same customers and slung the same fried chicken and biscuits. But after clocking out, Husband, a mother in her 40s, had to wait for a white van with barred windows and the seal of the Mississippi Department of Corrections on its sides. It delivered her to the Flowood Restitution Center, a motel converted into a jail surrounded by razor wire, … https://www.themarshallproject.org/2020/01/09/think-debtors-prisons-are-a-thing-of-the-past-not-in-mississippi This article goes on to explain that she embezzled money from her job when she saw her truck being repossessed and prior to that, she was jailed for writing bad checks. She worked and cared for three children and a sick husband who died years later. In this article were other stories too, like this woman: September 2018, Dixie D’Angelo worked four different restaurant jobs trying to pay down over $5,000 she owed for damaging a friend’s car. She said she struggled with depression and anxiety and got no treatment for her alcoholism. “I was in a really, really dark place,” she said. ERIC J. SHELTON/MISSISSIPPI TODAY, REPORT FOR AMERICA After hearing about this and reading about this for a few months, I don’t feel so good. Strangely so, too, I remember thinking about this years back when Obama was running for his first term. I remember seeing all of these store closings and around the same time, I remember seeing the city surveying and laying down pipelines a long the county and I was thinking, something is wrong with our economy. I remember feeling that ‘they’ were going to go after its’ own citizens. I remember how many people were walking into Black low-income subsidized communities and rounding people up to vote and seeing them standing at strip malls with clipboards approaching people to vote and walking up to peoples’ houses and saying that Obama was for women’s rights and etc. And, I felt that we were in for a strange change.
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    Two years ago I was working with a law firm that took the case of a black woman imprisoned in Texas for debt (credit cards). The Eighth Amendment clearly states that cruel and unusual punishment includes "excessive bail" and "excessive fines." It essentially means you cannot go to jail over debt. I pulled some old state-level precedent in Texas affirming this position while writing her habeas corpus brief. She was released from jail after three months. We then sued the debt collector and the Harris County Sheriff's Office. The case settled out of court. Granted we strategically got the cases in front of sympathetic judges. So this won't work everywhere despite the law being pretty clear about debt and prison.
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    @Azacotogan welcome to the forum. That ship sailed long ago. All we can do is try to reclaim was was lost, but this is very difficult. Culturally ADOS, FBA, whatever you wanna call the descendants of enslaved Africans in America, are so different we are at often at odds with each other. Amazingly, we still collectively embrace everything our oppressor creates at the expense of what we have ccreated. All the Black people on Twitter proclaiming Black independence and empowerment are a joke, for they only serve to elevate Twitter.
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    @Azacotogan much appreciated will watch the link when I have some quiet time. My astrology teacher was into this as well. He talked about the forces. Some of his family said I had connection with a cigar smoking power. @Pioneer1if you can inherit your genetics and wealth why not karma: the Kennedy's.
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    @Troy I wouldn't call what I said reasoning. I definitely didn't intend to imply that the collateral damage explanation is correct beyond a reasonable doubt. It wouldn't hold up in a criminal trial. But if this were a civil case, I think the explanation is plausible by a preponderance of the evidence. I will say that my father was a lifelong smoker and he died very young (in his 50s). My great uncle also smoked his whole life and he died in his 50s. Thus from those example, I would argue in a court of law that cigarettes do in fact harm black people more than white people. I'd be curious to see life expectancy rates for lifelong smokers based on race before going to court though. It doesn't surprise me at all that white people are the vast majority of smokers in the world. No wonder they had us slaving in fields for 15+ hours per day to cultivate their drug of choice. White people are also the vast majority of e-cigarette users; "vaping."
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    MLK jr day 1/20/2020 Many presented videos or text concerning M.L.K. junior today, the twentieth of January. As a point of note, Martin Luther King junior's birthday is on the fifteenth of January, not the third Monday of every January. I am not interested in trying to rewrite the legend of MLK junior. MLK junior like most other historical figures in the USA was made legend after doing legendary things by others, not themselves, by those with agenda. It is more important to change the message in current media than to try to change the influence of past media using current media. My issue is ownership. Martin Luther King junior, asked a simple thing to the black statian, the black community in the USA. Do not use the ways of whites on the path to ownership. It may sound simple but, it is not, historically the ways of whites have never been undone concerning ownership. Comprehend a simple historical fact. People of white European, white is a phenotypical label while European is a geographic, descent are not the majority owners in the united states of america based on positive merit, or decency, or any positive angle. Every inch of land in the u.s.a. today is owned or controlled by the u.s.a. government, itself ranked mostly with whites, or in private white ownership, through various transfers after it was originally taken by killing native americans. Absent land how many firms will exist in the USA? What will the banks or the agricultural firms be in the u.s.a absent slavery? For all the technological modifications by usa based agricultural firms or investments in Silicon Valley in the stock markets, where will any bank or agricultural firm be in the usa without their original fiscal activities involving slaveholders accounts or slave labor for growing produce. Notice I did not refer to an individual person. I am speaking to the white community. The white community in the usa used negative means to become owners and then become financially successful owners. Martin Luther King junior spoke to Black people, grow, be strong, become owners of your own community and beyond; but don't kill another for their land, don't take another person's land, don't enslave another, do not do for yourself, your bloodline, your community by harming others. This is the reality of ownership in the u.s.a. White people help themselves, their community, built on their forebears originally harming others or themselves continuing to harm others. Martin Luther King Junior did not want black people to develop a negative character, a negative legacy, to be unmerited while trying to help their own. He asked a very challenging thing. Martin Luther King junior once said, it is a crude jest to tell a bootless man to lift himself up by his bootstraps. But he also felt the bootless man should not lessen his character by stealing another man's boots. He felt the bootless man should be strong enough to merit his boots through craft, labor, or another's kindness. As a black kid growing up, in a black community, incorrectly labeled but widely labeled, the black mecca, I realized how little the black community in Harlem owned. And in parallel, I knew how much various white communities in New york city owned, more importantly how they owned them. What would the Irish or Italian or white Jewish communities be in new york city absent their mobs, correctly glorified in constant movies. It was the white jewish, italian or irish mobs, the gangsters, the rum runners, the extortionists, the thieves, that had a largest or initial role in the development of ownership in those communities in New York city. I end, with a simple truth, the Black community in Harlem, a cultural district in Manhattan in new york city in new york state, in the united states of america, owns little to nothing in Harlem, yesterday or today. The history of the u.s.a. proves all ownership in the u.s.a. comes from those who were willing to negatively, or through negative actions, earn it. MLK junior asked black people to reject that historical truth, even when we own so little. If the Black statian can keep that hope of MLK jr. alive and one day exist in a u.s.a. where Black people own more than all others, or at least enough to not need another community. It will be a testament to MLK junior’s faith. And make the Black community have a pride, worth more than all the years whites owned far more. https://youtu.be/RnKP__N7MNI Poetry or more audiobook series https://www.kobo.com/us/en/search?query=Poetry or More&fcsearchfield=Series&seriesId=06baba96-5af5-5d24-9b8a-f06360287dc9
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    Lol! Absolutely! Pittsburgh has made fine contributions to our literature. August Wilson's Century cycle and John Edgar Wideman. @Maurice with more regular contributors the forum will pick up. Sometimes I get a bit discouraged as maintenance is a chore and there of course is the expense, but i think the benefits still out weigh the downsides.
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    I want to thank everyone who took advantage of the Kindle give-away last Tuesday. See you on the other side, and GOOD READING! David doc Robertson www.daviddoc.com
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    [1] THE SUPPRESSION OF BLACK HISTORY IN EUROPE: Hidden Behind Mockery: INTRODUCTION OF WORDS; ***BLACK NAMES***, From the History Pages of Eurasia. ***A MAP OF TURKEY/ANATOLIA & parts of East Europe & the Middle East*** The meager amount of history about the Black African presence in Europe has not been apart of my formal education here in America, but nevertheless, there has been bits and pieces offered byway of various forums over the years. But based on my deeper research it has become amazingly obvious that there happens to be a wealth of hidden information about the dominant presence of many Black people who lived in Europe, not in some distant undatable time, but much more recent than we have been educated to grasp. Maybe part of the reason why Black African American descendants of slave have almost no idea of this kind of information stems from the kind of conflicts that did occur in Europe. Most of the names that identify the immense Black presence in Europe have systematically become derogatory and also, a lot of the violent conflict did include a religious basis too as well as Colorism. Today, we have been conditioned to steer almost completely away from the subject of religion and this too, was an effective method to BLACKOUT the Black African presence in Europe. Thankfully though, because Europe and our American educational system has done such a marvelous job in wiping out the incredible Black presence in Europe during major historical times through script manipulation and many other methods, albeit, today, we don’t have any connection to some of the terms that did become demeaning form of mockery. So now, perhaps through my research we may begin to open our spiritual eyes to whole truth about European history that affects us today. But however, my research has uncovered an immense amount of hidden truths that have been twisted and manipulated to the point that I wonder if it would take many centuries to unfold, maybe even a thousand years! It’s that much! The manner in which I have stumbled across some information was so unbelievable to me, in that I had never heard of it, that I became compelled to search more and more for confirmation and this process led me on a pathway that seems like a Byzantine plot! A BYZANTINE PLOT!—This phrase has become more and more of a reality in more than one aspect! Therefore, I will start with regards to this civilization, THE BYZANTINE SYSTME, as it has been well marked in time to a certain degree. I will use this civilization as a central point to introduce some very incredible words that place many distinct kinds of Black people back on the surface of many conflicts. The more I research about European history and the more I see the kind of words that have been hidden that would show a better view of the past therefore, I am beginning to wonder about the welfare of the Black African world as a whole with regards to the true nature of racism in high places and intent to harm or worse. This would be the kind of research blocked even, from the internet globally, nevertheless, I am working to publish my research now. I now question other countries in their endeavors to be on friendly terms, not only with the elete sector of America, but African Americans as well. But will we have an opportunity in a classroom setting to get a full understanding of how our country relates to other countries and the Global interactions with other countries from a neutral aspect, or are we being spoon fed and misled on issues that could be detrimental to our presence as Black African-typed people? Let me quickly provide one shocking example in the form of a head scratching question: I knew about Iran, ancient Iran and the Middle East in connections with Africa in ancient times and further, but I never knew through a formal education that Sorghatani [sp?] was Black-African!? The mother of Ghengis Khan’s son and powerful grandsons, was a Black woman!? A Hebrew Israelite!? No wonder China trained Eritrea in military education during their civil conflict against Ethiopia!? LOL. WOW What history have we been missing over here! No wonder the Young Turks of today are passionate about some issues over here. What kind of system do we live in that would deliberately strip human beings of their history and humanity due to the color of their skin or heritage!? It would not surprise me that many other Black African people today are knowledgeable of this kind of history that I have stumbled upon, nevertheless, I do share from the perspective of learning some of this information for the very first time as I can now place it on a time line and into a consecutive story format that makes sense. So, the first of many, many words that I would like to introduce within context would be more complete in connection to other references that I will also share in the religious forum as its’ origin stems from that point of view in certain timespans. In Europe during the Medieval times, it was a common word but, it has been completely maligned and its’ true meaning suppressed. These ‘BLACK NAMES’ takes Black History into a whole new realm! My first aim would be to give a summarization of my findings and introduce tidbits about the subject, then by and by, I hope to return to add the more detailed references in the attempt to gradually unfold a process and pathway on a timeline in which these terms have been manipulated to wipe out the overwhelming Black African identity and presence all across Europe and Asia. I aim to show a deliberate White Movement that has occurred and still today occurring in which a process unfolds of taking names that identify and define Black African presence, ethnicity and people and putting a WHITE FACE or a LIGHT FACE to these Black descriptive names gradually and also changing and altering the root word in that overtime even Black people accept this form of MENTAL GENOCIDE OF BLACK AFRICA. I don’t believe that we will completely understand our plight here in America without getting a better understanding of what happened in Europe leading up to the American Slave Trade System and Colonization. Even though we have been looking for our history and presence in the Motherland of Africa, I now believe we also need to look into what happened in the Eurasian continent more deeply to get a better view of our past and to also look at the other pathways our ancestors were led upon to bring us to this point today. So the first word that I will share now that comes from the history pages of Eurasia would be PECHENEG. Overtime, this descriptive name that defined a dark skinned Black African typed people placed in history especially during the time of THE CRUSADES, was a common term. The real and whole truth behind this one word might be astounding should more research unfold. The deception laid out to hide the truth reveals that the history has definitely not been written by these people! In a nutshell, they became the spark that led to the CRUSADES in the Byzantine government. But, however, the PECHENEGS were also known by many other descriptive names that today, we do not consider as being a part of our vocabulary; but these words are very close to us than meets the eye at first glance. In short; here is a riddle, when you sit down to eat your THANKSGIVING TURKEY; consider the Pechenegs! They were indeed conquered by a Black-on-Black conflict on the order of the ancient well plotted Trojan War in the very land they did come to conquer initially. These Pechenegs did come to form a massive empire that stretched from all of today’s Turkey Anatolia and all the way to the east and mainly all of Mongolia, and it lasted for decades, centuries before they were conquered, slaughtered and driven into African Slave ports and African Slavery. And to better understand the timeline when they were overthrown, the BOOK OF DANIEL in his prophecy of the CRUSADE and THE BLACK DEATH PLAGUE may help to understand the exact dates such as in Chapter twelve he gave the dates of his vision based on a fixed point; AD 1256, AD 1290 and AD 1335. * By the late AD 1400s and AD 1500s, another movement began to ‘GET THE INFIDELS OUT OF EUROPE’ began, and shortly thereafter came the Transatlantic Slave Trade. By the AD 1700s due to leaders like Napoleon, the mission was accomplished in Turkey, and ‘the Original Turks’ were mostly driven out of Turkey and Europe. But again, if this information should intrigue, then perhaps a deeper look will turn up much more shocking and hidden truths carefully intertwined amongst other rhetoric to confuse and deflect. *Reference: DANIEL Chapter 12. ___________________________________________________ MONGOLIA & Ghengis Khan's Empire was also contemporary with the Mongol-Hun Invasion in Hungaria and much of East Europe A Photo of an African-typed woman in Turkey - Anatolia in 1932. TURKOMAN! A TURKISH MAN!-- in Greek lands/WEST TURKEY. Constantinople, the name of BYZANTINE--New Rome. PHOTO c. 1900.
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