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    O black woman, do you know who you are? It is you for whom the birds sing when the dawn opens itself for inspection. It is the glow in your eyes that the stars imitate when they sparkle. It is the color of your flava that makes the rainbow dull in comparison, and it is via your beauty that we can physically witness God’s artistry.-Gibran-• O black woman, do you know who you are? You are the secret that only reveals itself when a man is truly ready to experience the joy of having his dream transformed into reality. You are God’s private blessing to men who know what to do within the point between birth and death. To dwell within the kingdom of YOU is where heaven begins. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are both the starting point and the finish line for everything I could ever aspire to be. You are a force of nature that has broken my shackles so that I can walk freely. You have erased my doubts so that I can think clearly. You have repaired my broken wings so that I can soar beside you. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are the magic that awes the universe, the splendor that amazes the earth, and the glory that makes men heart beat with pride when they attempt to possess u. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are the beautiful gift that God left on the doorstep of my heart. You are that special moment in time when nothing else matters but most importantly, you are YOU! Unmistakably YOU! -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are the sunshine that lights my life from within. You are the fire that warms every fiber of my being and that illuminates my path so that I am never afraid of the darkness. -Gibran- • O black woman, did u know that when I stare in the skies the stars spell your name? I feel your touch in the wind and I see your face in the clouds. And when I stand under the shadow of your smile, I find shelter from the storm. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are that warm safe place where all roads lead at the end of a day when I have slayed all my dragons and find that all of my strength comes from you. You melt on my life and I become complete. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who u are? You are chocolate, dipped in mystery, a specially-designed flava whose smile is brighter than the rainbow. -Gibran-
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    All of these observations are something i can relate to. Of late i am consumed by melancholy and jolted by the relentless thud of another one biting the dust. As A.E. Housman so succinctly put it; With rue my heart is laden, for golden friends i had, for many a rose-lipped maiden, and many a light-foot lad. By brooks too broad for leaping, the light-foot lads are laid, And the rose-lipped maids are sleeping in fields where roses fade...
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    This is the first time I've ever heard this song. It's a combination of gospel and blues, if that's really a distinction. Can't say I like it. This strikes me as field slave coping music! Granted we needed this back in the day. But it ain't groovy or nothing! 😀 I think the 80s was the most perfect age of music. I wish time stood still in that decade. It was the first decade of the 20th century without war or recession; and the music reflected that. Lots of fun, heartwarming, unity music from the 80s. But the 70s was the last decade for true black creative music, meaning when black people wrote, produced and performed MUSIC. Janice–Marie Johnson and Perry Kibble (Taste of Honey) are so sexy playing the guitar and bass guitar in "Boogie Oogie Oogie." I love disco and funk so much because they were so US...so groovy and so soul-cleansing. Black people writing, producing and creating music was the norm in the 1970s. We played and perfected every instrument. Rap and vocals overall took over music in the 1980s. @Maurice if you've never seen it, you will appreciate this Jimmy Hendrix interview on the Dick Cavett Show in 1969. We'll never see another Hendrix. We'll never see another 70s or 80s either. Both decades are essentially considered politically incorrect these days. All those 80s odes to women by men, and women singing odes to men will never happen again. This society doesn't want men loving women and women loving men anymore. Whitney Houston's first great song, "All At Once," didn't even chart in the USA in 1985. But itt was top 5 in Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. I think this is Whitney's greatest song of all time! Don't get me going on music though! LOL!
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    Listen to an Interview of AALBC.com’s Founder and Webmaster, Troy D. Johnson with by E. Ethelbert Miller host of the “On The Margin” radio program which airs on WPFW’s 89.3 FM, Washington D.C. Your browser does not support the audio element. E. Ethelbert Miller is actually an accomplished and critically acclaimed poet who I have admired over the years. I ran into him at a party last year and he told me how important the work I was doing is. I was floored because I wasn't even sure if he knew much about me. I was honored that he invited on his radio show. I'm not sure how I come across on these interviews. Honestly, I don't even have the guts to listen to it. I've asked some people to provide feedback, but it is a big ask since the interview is an hour long -- thought it felt like 5 minutes to me. If any one has any critical comments I'm open to them, so please share them here.
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    @Mel Hopkins Will do! @Troy This would help me.
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    Del It just occured to me that this "new era" or change in my attitude has occured one day AFTER the May 17th date you made mention of.
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    @Delano perhaps your knowledge of astrology can be of use here. I think when planet go retrograde they appear to stop for a moment before seemingly reversing direction. all planet move in the sky. stars appear fixed relative to each other. This @Pioneer1 is why you can determine when something took place. I believe the age of pisces corresponded with Jesust the Christ's birth for example, which is why Christians drive around with the fish symbol on their cars. I remember pointing out Venus to a sister in the night sky. She was surprised. In fact I doubt she believed me. You can see several planets with the naked eye. Most people mistake planets for stars.
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    {Looking around like the last guy on Earth surveying his surroundings after a nuclear holocaust or the Rapture.} Since @harry brown has posted recently, I presume the site is not broken. Indeed, in the time that it took me to write this 16 people have visited this forum: I guess the period between Palm Sunday and Easter is really slow around here. Maybe everyone is on spring break (actually mine starts Friday). Or maybe, more ominously, social media's domination and control over the online conversation is now complete. Does that mean I can't communicate with my people unless I go to Facebook... Lawd help me!
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    @Pioneer1 you've missed the point. Don't you see that the video I shared is part of a strategy to get a wage increase? You are speaking as if the professors are complete morons without agency. In the short time I've been teaching my wages have increased twice once retroactively resulting in a 4 figure check. Not a ton of money, but what i make working part time, from home, is the more than what some wage earners make working full time. The adjuncts are unionized. I posted the video because the claim we make poverty wages is hyperbolic and I thought it might be interesting to share my story of poverty 🙂 Look, no one will get rich being adjunct, but poverty is a bit extreme. Again, it is a part time job and if it is your only source of income, living in NYC, then yeah, you are in for a world of hurt.... Of course I also feel more resources should be directed to education.
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    I feel that two things are essential being able to see and changing your mind
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    An Australian man travelled to New Zealand and killed 50 Muslims and mentioned Trump and how he was protecting the future of White people. We are in the midst of huge geopolitical shifts for the next 5 years.
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    You’re welcome! Between you, Cynique, Chevdove , things are never stale!
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    This is powerful! We do protect a black man’s image, don’t we? I think this is why so many are having a negative reaction to the R Kelly saga... Black women have covered black men for so long - that many (mostly men but women too) are shocked that a black woman produced and directed the film that gave his alleged victims a platform. Many black women have normalized the horrible treatment they’ve receive at the hands of black men, they call men “soft” who treat them well. Go on social media and you’ll see some black men say they are supposed to be “Future” to their “Ciara”. Instead of being kind to their woman; as Ciara’s husband “Russell” is to her. Those are the same black men who believe Ciara will tire of how well her husband treats her and her son with Future and she’ll come crawling back to Future. That’s how brain damaged some of young black men (and black women) are today. But I digress. I know some of my experiences with black men aren’t for publication either. And I can tell you, it’s those stories that haunt me; making it difficult to finish my second book. Some times, I tell myself that I’m being too sensitive or maybe I deserved it - but then I realize that is exactly how battered women rationalize their relationship experiences. So, yes I’ve been sorely disrespected by many black men. None of it deserved. But those experiences afforded me a lot of painful life lessons too. And now I know what it is like to experience kindness. Yet, I absolutely understand your position.
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    Don't worry @Cynique things are looking up, GOT kicks off next month! @Delano I believe I corrected problem where text on the buttons were hidden. I just installed a patch that clad things up).
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    Lol! Yo @Pioneer1 you gonna let him punk you like Dat?! Just playing but it was funny though... Y'all think we can elevate the conversation reminds me of Facebook 😉
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    @Chevdove, interesting! Thank you for that perspective! Yes electromagnetic radiation (see electromagnetic spectrum: for more on light wavelengths) must pass through matter to capture the image of the skeleton! Yet, our crude method of this concept (x-rays) can cause cell damage leading to cancer. My dentist took extra precaution to protect mt thyroid when I worked as a flight attendant - he said i was already getting a large dose of radiation flying the friendly skies lol! This also reminds me of a documentary I watched where some biologists observed that fasting from food for several days even a week - causes the cells to change its structuee to protect from radiation damage ... after a observing the outcome on many patients they concluded the cells changes was a throwback from when we didn’t EAT all the dang time! It allowed us to survive with little food. The thing is it didn’t turn off - so today some believe our diseases are due to not periodically fasting for a few weeks - even a few days lol. But I digress. I also remembered from scripture, Jesus, as a human, did a lot of fasting... So maybe, he knew who to rearrange his physical make-up to move through matter without damaging his body’s building blocks (atoms/adam) smile... Thank you for sharing thought-provoking concepts! I see you have a book & blog in you! Have you ever thought about using the aalbc blog feature too!
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    LIke I said, she was referring to her husband, . . . who chose her! That's her personal choice. But I understand that you are saying that she picked him because he was White. @Pioneer1 I feel that you are cherry picking. You are ignoring her statements in how she had bad relationships with previous men, that were Black. Now, I am going to read into this statement, because I can relate, as a BLack woman; I feel that I know where she is coming from, in that in many cases, Black men do not respect Black women, and that is putting it mildly!!! I don't understand why you are conveniently ignoring this truth!!! But as for me, yes, I have found a BLack man that, though not perfect in the beginning, but adores me, is kind to me, and etc. I have had many positive relationships with Black men and so, I personally, made a hard decision that I wanted to marry a Black AFrican-typed man or else, I was simply not going to get married. But, I tell you, I see several Black women married to White and other men, and they are a match, for certain. @Pioneer1 Well, I have to say, that when I hear Black men justify Black women, negatively as the reason they want White women, I do NOT like it at all. But, I would never attack someone personally, who has stated that he had bad relationships, was treated badly, and etc. This too, is true, IMO. There are some Black women that behave very disrespectful to Black men. I makes me cringe. Oh but yes you are. You are putting this label on her, IMO.
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    Yeah I hear you @Cynique, but Steve Harvey is not any funnier than Monique. Sucess is never really is about pure talent in the entertainment industry. Do you think the striper turn rap phenom, Cardi B, is the most talented female rapper? Do you think Colin K. lacks the talent to make a pro team? Steve is great at working the system, Monique despite the Oscar sucks at it. It was probably not a good idea for her to be managed by her husband. That has obviously not worked well....
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    @Pioneer1 @NubianFellow Talking about someone’s appearance makes $$$ millions for Wendy Williams and her talk show but that’s cheap entertainment. Nagging about another’s appearance, which gay men have turned into an art form, is a weak and ineffective showing of black masculinity. In fact, when I was growing up in Brooklyn - dudes called that a “bitch” move. An actual sign of Black masculinity would reflect first in a man having control over himself, and then working to better his physical environment. And that’s the bare minimum.
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    It is in Pioneerville, a place that he founded and is located inside his skull.
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    Yes. If you make an objective judgment, not a moral one. Look for parallels in nature among the animal kingdom. Superiority is what it is.. What escapes me is why black men can't figure out that sistas are not preoccupied with the origins and implications of their hair style. They have more important things to worry about. i think Nubian Fellow is entitled to his opinion and his determination to bring about change is a sincere one. Nobody will be the worst for wear if he succeeds. @ time-honored artifacts of black America's rich culture.
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    @Troy The action is here! Some of Independent authors here seem to echo the same thing "I didn't know how to market my book." Except, they do. -It appears they're not strategic in their marketing practices. I was the same way with my first novel - I knew what to do but I didn't work my plan. I like how you call it a (book marketing )"clinic" because it is! We, independent authors, already know what's wrong - we just aren't consistent with our "outpatient" care. I'm writing this out for me too. I believe this is one the best places for original content on the subject. By the way, I like that I don't even have to repost it to my profile - the software keeps track of all my postings as long as I'm signed in. Oh! I'll check out @dtpollard. @Troy OMG @hen81 is my writing "hero"! He didn't come here to play with us one-book every 20 year folks !!! 65 titles according to his last post! 😀
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    I do not understand the hype about Tupac, either, and I did listen to some of Nipsey's music and understand his platform, therefore, I think the two are absolutely different. Nipsey me the leader of Eritrea, and was about to do some kind of business venture. He also began to promote STEM for young black kids and etc. His music was intense for me, but, I understand his platform. Nipsey was definitely political but not sure about Tupac.
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    Serving Writers and Readers: African-American Literary Organizations by Diane Patrick Features our own @Troy and AALBC.Com leading the pack of several organizations that help books by and for African Americans thrive. The Publisher Weekly's article lists African American Literary and Culture Society, Cave Canem, The Center for Black Literature, Harlem Writers Guild, and Hurston Wright Foundation. For more of what each organizations offers writers and readers visit Publisher's Weekly November 22, 2019
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    PATRISSE CULLORS NAMED FACULTY DIRECTOR OF NEW SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL ARTS PRACTICE MFA PROGRAM AT PRESCOTT COLLEGE Prospective students will be able to complete the program online with an optional residency in LA at the Crenshaw Dairy Mart Today, Arizona’s Prescott College announced the unveiling of their new Social and Environmental Arts Practice MFA program helmed by Patrisse Cullors, artist, activist, educator/public speaker, Black Lives Matter Global Network co-founder, founder and chairperson of Reform L.A. Jails, as the Faculty Director. The program, strategically designed by Cullors and Prescott, is the first of its kind in the nation to focus a curriculum on the intersection of art, social justice and community organizing that extends beyond the page — creating a pathway to positively respond to social and environmental issues in ways that inspire and mobilize community-based solutions. Students enrolled in the 48-credit online MFA degree have the option to complete a residency in Los Angeles, California at The Crenshaw Dairy Mart, a studio where Cullors and many of the faculty that teach in the program work. Cullors was intentional in every aspect of the program design, with classes lending themselves to evaluating nature, culture, society, and the environment through the arts. Core classes to complete as part of the curriculum include “Art as Social & Environmental Practice”, which introduces students to the fundamental theories and concepts of art as social and environmental practice; “The Rise of Performance Art in the Fine Arts World”, which will look at the ways social practice has evolved from 1960 to present; and “Studio Practice”, which is course work that can be fulfilled through mentorships and/or online courses as approved in the student’s degree roadmap. To learn more about the program visit: prescott.edu/mfa
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    @Pioneer1 Before I address everything else, I want to point out another black cop story. "Officer" Gerald Goines (Houston) shot and killed two white people in a raid last month. He was IMMEDIATELY charged with murder. https://abcnews.go.com/US/houston-police-officer-gerald-goines-charged-counts-murder/story?id=65165276 I don't want to keep beating this horse. But I think its foolish for black people to join these imperial gangs. We all know if Goines was white, he would be sitting at home on paid vacation. Is what it is. You don't need a permit in Arizona to open-carry. In fact you don't even need a permit to conceal-carry in AZ. I don't even bother with their little "2nd Amendment." I own several firearms and never had a background check. All private sales, which is legal in Arizona. You and I both know laws in the USA are fickle at best. Further all so-called "gun control" has ALWAYS been about keeping guns away from black people. California was an open-carry state until 1967 when former GOP god before Trump, Ronald Reagan, signed the Mulford Act into law as governor, banning open carry. He had the full backing of the NRA. He did so specifically to disarm the Black Panther Party of Self-Defense and stop their armed Copwatch patrol and stop them from walking around with their guns. In other words, white people will sacrifice their precious "2nd Amendment" laws allowing open carry to ensure black people ONLY use firearms to kill each other; not for protecting themselves against imperial government.
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    Turning into a book recommendation thread. How about this. Soul food with a difference. It's vegan. 😀
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    @Maurice no apologies needed! I laughed because reading it - really highlights the absurdity of it all. Like, yes - who shoots up a “Garlic Festival?”
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    You Matter. Do you ever look around and wonder what others are going through, do you wonder do they wonder about you, do they concern themselves with your struggles, do they know you are in pain, the song talks about the painted on smile, I hear voices telling me to kick back and relax stop thinking so hard and chill for a while, but how do you relax when every morning the flood begins again, you lift your eye lids to the perils of a nation, as small of a piece of the puzzle you are, it still takes that small piece to complete the picture, no one seems to think that their presence is significant but she said all of us, she meant you and I, not them and they, where do you separate yourselves when we a representatives of the atom, need molecules to form anything larger then ourselves, many wonder why I think this way, perhaps because I have been wrestling with some form or another of discomfort for the majority of my life, but the sad part is so have you, we see ourselves so different, when the only real difference is the day you decide that your contribution to me is derived from the moment you elect to look inward and embrace and heal yourself beyond the appearance of mistakes, I learned you in the moment that I said I won’t anymore, I stretched and tried again even when the friendship seemed to end, the roads changed to highways and I walked on alone but I never saw you watching I just assumed I was on my own, feeling sorry for myself, because my companionship was gone, but we are not intended to walk out here by ourselves, money doesn’t bring contentment, friendship is the greatest wealth, networks of people connected for a common goal, they walked around Jericho and they watched the walls unfold, one can set 1000 enemies fleeing 2 ten thousand so the bible says, we are like the sands so our impact would be quite something else when like links of a chain we connect, we are bound in strength the difference we can make, united on a journey, miles we will travel when, we pick up another stranger and they become a friend, a nation of friendship begins when two souls decide to connect, and peaks and valleys attempt to part them but chain that bonds refuses to play in regret, so even though some days it feels like tug of war, I will be there to pull you thought till we all stand at Heavens Door, it begins with one.. are you the one, you matter. .
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    Every little bit helps. Readers must patronize the business they are interested in seeing not just survive, but thrive. Far too many of us, who express an interest Black books don't support the business that produce Black books. Instead we invest of money in Amazon a business that has clearly demonstrated that all they want is our money and if they have to obliterate every Black-owned publisher, printer, or bookseller to do it they will. I'm part of been part of the problem too, but working hard to correct that.
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    Chev and Del We all appreciated Cynique's presence here, including myself. But like Troy said about the site's future....that's life. I'm sure you've had loved ones in the off-line world that have literally died.....passed away. You don't like it but life goes on and you continue to evolve because you don't have much of a choice. It's a similar concept with an "online" family or friendship. People stop posting or sites shut down for various reasons and people you've kicked it with for years disappear on you. I remember one site I had been kicking it on for 7 or 8 years and then one day the owner came on and announced he would be shutting down it in a few weeks...and I almost cried, lol. Some of them said they were going to facebook too, but I refused. I still wonder where some of the characters I used to build with are.
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    Even science is an opinion. That is until there's consensus through experimentation that result in the same outcome for everyone who uses the prescribed method. Unfortunately, that still doesn't make it gospel as many theoretical scientists are learning today. While repeating the same method may get the same outcome but when someone else comes along using a different method and gets yet another outcome we're left with more questions. Any way the scientific method is still young (17th century) and it rest on the fact that we have is agreement since we're taught not question authority. I imagine if civilization last another millennia - they are going to look back at us like we're barbarians.
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    My suggestion for the August Book would be "Blissfield" by Heather Neff. This book is a coming-of-age tale of a girl named Bethany who arrives in Blissfield, NC to live with her grandmother and befriends two young misfits in the town named Gideon and Nina Price. All three of them have been traumatized by their upbringing and form a bond that is shaken to the core by events that happen in the book, as they grow into adulthood
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    Hey @Dak I see you already discovered The State of Black Science Fiction club here on AALBC all is needs is some participation. Sometimes you have to help create the thing you want. Here are some sci-fi authors to check out @Valjeanne Jeffers is on the list. You can chose related categories to find even more. Here is a list of Black book sites, some maintain blogs that may be wirth checking out: https://aalbc.com/booksites/ Here is a list of Black blogs: https://aalbc.com/blogs/ Admittedly it is a neglected portion of the site, but you might find something there.
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    In modernity many Black people speak to finding roots or gaining reparations or many other thing offline that require a collective power that does not exist or an individual power that does not exist. I am not suggesting said power will not become to a black group or black individual offline. But, I am certain it is easier for a black collective or individual task online to be successful. To that end, I cognize a nice way to show who black people are today, that can have value tomorrow , collectively or individually, is through individual sigils. The data storage for the sigils will be linked at the postend to this article. The comments to this post will be links to each sigil made, which is composed of the graphic, name, and url to main place online. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HXbBwMv3DtSogJnh7
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    There used to be a legendary herb shop in Harlem the Hardest Hard. Even one of the Kennedy boys went to Harlem for dope. In 1979, David Anthony Kennedy, a son of Robert F. Kennedy, was found after having been mugged in what police described as a shooting gallery at 116th Street and Eighth Avenue in a place called the Shelton Plaza Hotel. Mr. Kennedy was not charged with a crime. He died of an overdose of cocaine and other drugs in 1984. That's from NYT https://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/02/21/a-notorious-harlem-shooting-gallery-goes-condo/
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    @Chevdove you have to take @Pioneer1's time scales/frames with a grain of salt.
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    I'm not sure what the big deal is..... So-called "prince" Harry is White and so is the so-called "princess" Meghan (I don't care how Black her mother is) . Two White folks having a White baby, what's new?
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    Is your book club interested in Afrofuturism and the Black Fantastic? Contact us today to learn about our book club discounts! E-mail us at mv_media@bellsouth.net for more details. MVmedia: The Best of the Black Fantastic
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    Hi! My favorite platforms are my own websites. melhopkins.com; theleadstory.org;, the leadstory.net; and more …. I use either wordpress org (open source content management system) or wordpress.com for my websites. (wordpress.org is not for punks -It requires a lot of attention outside of blogging. I'm thinking about getting rid of it.) I use a mailchimp list builder and wordpress' "follow by email" button. I've also been active on the internet since 1995 and I've added to my contact list since that time. If you use, yahoo, gmail, outlook, hotmail et al ; you also have a contact list you can export into a email marketing management system - or you can just send out messages manually. Now to answer your question. You're in the process of building a community and it has to start somewhere. So, NO you don't NEED a substantial mailing list or subscription list to get started. Consider beginning with one or two people you can tell about your movement. Think about the content you want to send in that email to get them interested, i.e., make it exciting and shareable. Ask them to buy your book. If they show interest ask them why? If they show no interest, ask them why. Then build on the feedback. Update your content then ask them to forward the message to anyone who might be interested. Repeat this process in person too. My favorite social networking site is Instagram. I hate that its facebook property because it's so good. You can build a following; collect email, sell products, tell stories etc...If I were starting out today - it would be the only social networking site I'd use. It's important to choose ONE social network and get good at it. You'll be spending your time cultivating an audience and routing them to your email list... so pick the one that you believe you can send your message accurately AND collect contact information. Here's a link to the black enterprise article that featured me. They interviewed me because I sold my first book fairly easy (2006) because I used xanga, myspace and was beginning to sell on facebook too. But it all started with my radio buy button on my email. Every time I sent an email, -information about my book went out with it. That's how I sold my first book and built a great community too. I ended up giving my community away (for free) so when you build yours - don't let anyone have it. Even the IRS considers your community an asset...yes it's that serious. LOL https://theleadstory.org/newsroom/
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    i'm not an avid fan of EMPIRE. It's just a show about show business. It has drama, comedy, and music. The homosexual aspect is marginalized in its plot because homosexuality is not unusual, especially in the entertainment industry. Homosexuality is simply a brain-wired sexual orientation, an anomaly that has always been around and it's not going away. i take it in my stride, and people do have a choice when it comes to watching shows that have gay characters. Furthermore, homo-sexuality exists across the board among all races so i don't buy it as being something that whites are seeking to use as a spell to cast over black men via the media. Paranoia is rampant in the black community. i don't think white people have to plot against any rich and famous black man seeking to acquire a piece of the action. They just have to wait for these celebs to commit stupid acts of sexual misconduct for which they are easily found guilty. Then all the "white powers-that-be" have to do, is sit back and leave black folks to exist in a perpetual state of suspicion about conspiracies that gnaw away at their minds. The crimes for which innocent black men are found guilty exacerbate this black mindset because African Americans can't relinquish their high expectations from a country they can't stop loving.
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    Mel looking forward to the explanation of consciousness and free will
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    Too bad the burden of your ongoing frustration with the media comes with the territory of the idea you are defending. I usually find live TV interesting to watch because you never know what's going to happen; especially on award shows There were a lot of surprises last night, and black folks made out pretty good. They won Oscars in both the male and female categories of best supporting actor category for their roles in black based movies. Two black female nominees won for best costuming and production design for their work on the movie "Black Panther". "Green Book", the film based on black jazz pianist. Don Shirley, won for best picture, and Spike Lee got an Oscar for best adapted screen play of his black based movie, "Black Klansman". The acceptance speeches of all the black winners were worth hearing. I also dug the show's opening act featuring 2 famous hits by the rock band QUEEN, whose movie based on its front man, Freddy Mercury's life was a nominee for best picture. Also liked checking out all the "hits and misses" among the gowns worn by the female celebs strolling the red carpet.
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    After reading this speech I could not help but think: Why the hell was this speech even necessary -- were people really that evil?! It seems incredible -- even by today's standard that someone had to explain why lynching other people for kicks is a terrible idea. She must have been speaking about the behavior of some really retarded and or immature demons. To call the people who participated in these atrocities "devils" is an insult to Satan. These words would have no impact on anyone evil enough to lynch a child. Lynch Law in America by Ida B. Wells
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    @Pioneer1 and @Troy The timeline that this scripture references is 1400s BC and goes along with all publications of this time period that refers to Black Enslavement. So, therefore, you Black relish in what the White man has interpreted about it NOT being Blacks that were oppressed. You mock and joke about a well dated time period in Africa whereby Black AFricans have been thrown down due to White Supremacy. Playbook for Caucasians Even though this Biblical entry is about Blacks overthrowing White Supremacy and dealing with foreign presence, nevertheless, you have a proble with the Bible in this regard!? LOL. Well that is conformity to the highest degree. You are not admitting that Black people gave over their strength to White Supremacy. The poor, weak, BLacks, were overpowered, deceived, and dominated by these powerful 'Caucasians' and so, we now are better off under the US CONSTITUTION. okay. I will accept this from you all, but as for me, I will not agree. AGain, you are rejecting that Black had it given to them directly, but they gave their books to a foreign presence. Brother, I understand this point here, in you believing in your belief's. AGain, you refer to 'RELIGION'. I have not ascribed to any religion. Not based on these present RELIGIONS, no i do not. Again, I have NOT ascribed to any religion. This is the problem. Many Black people are accepting false religions and doing the work of White Supremacy in pushing some false religion on other Blacks. I don't ascribe to any religion of today. I don't loathe religion in all of its forms of indoctrination, specifically because today, many of these religions are built of false premises, but that doesn't mean that in the past, religion was practice in this way. ALso, I respect other peoples choices to work out their own belief system as long as it is not oppressive to others. Well, @NubianFellow If the god-like character that you believe sends Black people to enslavement under White Supremacy, I can understand where you are coming from. But, when are Black people today, going to take responsibility for their part? probably never, for most of them. Most Black people, as in the past, find it easier to blame Black oppression on some god-like character and not themselves. Therefore, IMO, they have submitted to being under the rule of others, continually. That is a good question and I hope that you will find some script of which to work with, because this is the key: script. iF THERE IS NO SCRIPT that we can use today to get at the truth, then I too would just be spiritual in a physical enslavement under White Domination. But, I believe that through researching these mess up scripts, the true meanings will come to the surface.
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    @Chevdove At least braids are not imitating anyone else. If you wore braid extensions then I don't see what the problem was. I feel that when black women wear hair that is not native to their appearance, they are indeed disguising their hair. If a sista feels the need to wear an Afro wig or black textured weave like braids, I do not have a problem with that. Other women don't get a pass. They simply don't count. And I believe that this is what we truly disagree about. Weaves and wigs are not enhancements. They are not enhancements when clowns wear them and they are not enhancements when black women wear them either. The natural hair is the enhancement. It's just too bad that enough black women don't realize that. And for the record, sistas aren't wearing Afro's to parade them around white people. The sistas who wear their hair natural are doing it because they value their natural hair. It makes plenty of sense sista! If black women wear hairstyles to attract black men, then black men have a duty show black women that we appreciate them as they are. Black women were made specifically for black men. It's not a natural occurrence for black men to reject the natural supreme beauty of black women. I don't believe that black men have oppressed black women by not wanting them to wear weaves. I also believe that if black men started to wear wigs or weaves that looked like Brad Pit hairstyles, black women would not be oppressing black men if they protested. But I am pretty comfortable in saying that I don't think black women would like that and I can only hope that I am correct by assuming this.
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    If that is the case what is stopping you from saying any old crazy thing just to make a point... ah nevermind in your case their nothing stopping you LOL! What? Are you confusing reality with relative LOL! We agree that perceptions are different. I'm saying perceptions are reality. Therefore reality is relative to the perceive. What you believe is a objective relativity is just your perception. You are just egotistical enough to believe it THE only reality and that everyone else is delusional (or mentally ill). That is just the point no one can "prove" it. They just know our understanding of gravity does not explain it. This is true for the quantum world too. Man if it were not for books you'd be running looking for a virgin to sacrifice to placate the Gods who have brought cold weather to your area. What do you know really know about reality?
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    I've soured on the associates the commissions are now negligible. As a monopoly for online booksales Amazon does not have competition to worry about a competing bookstore paying affiliates more. I guess the data is valueable -- what little Amazon shares. There are others not willing to sell on Amazon. But third party sellers easily subvert the author/publishers desires which Amazon encourages.
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