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    In news of profound emotional significance for the world's first black republic, the only known original print of Hayti's declaration of independence from France has been discovered in an archive. The pamphlet is titled Liberty or Death. Although transcriptions of the text survived, no copy of the declaration itself had ever been found by modern historians. For context, watch this video of Raymond Alcide Joseph, Haitian Ambassador to the United States, speaking the day after January's catastrophic earthquake. He starts off by rebuking Pat Robertson for his infamous claim that the black republic was created by Satan, and then (and more to the present point) talks about what the United States and the nations of South America owe to the slaves who liberated themselves in 1804. For those unfamiliar with South American history, Simón Bolivar only succeeded in freeing the continent because he was supplied and re-supplied in the beginning with arms and men from FREE HAITI.
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