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  1. Good point. Negroes are no more in danger of extinction than any other race. Yes, there may be an increase of mixtures of various ethnicities and races –so what? This so-called mixing is not restricted to just black people. All groups experience this. And the bottom line is this -they are still human beings regardless of what their ethnic or racial mixture is. That is not to say certain races, ethnicities and skin complexions do not ensure privilege in certain societies and cultures. We all know that. But it still does not exempt one from being a decent human being. A black person in America can become a judge, project manager, software engineer, federal marshal, UPS truck driver, military officer, lawyer, accountant, professional writer, nurse, policeman, artist, pilot or a taxi driver if that is their ambition and desire. The complexion of their skin will not prevent them from achieving any of the aforementioned. What they are mixed with is meaningless. The whole notion of race is unscientific. End of subject…. As far Africans being offended by the genetics of black Americans –who gives a fuck? They are last group on the planet to be strutting around spewing some kind of racial superiority and arrogance. Until they do something about their hands stuck out for international welfare (financial, medical and technological), they need to not say anything. What do they have to offer? With pandemic unstable governments, never ending civil wars that are accompanied by mass raping of women, ethnic genocide, political oppression, ruthless and brutal dictators, tribal strife, unstable economies, lack of technology and development, they are not in the position to criticize nor look down at anyone…..PERIOD!
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