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  1. Well, good luck with your book. I think you have seen a cross section of views and opinions of what you are trying to do. Personally myself, I welcome any literature that illuminates the often overlooked involvement and contributions of blacks in the American military. I think your effort should be encouraged since there is no overwhelming public interest in literature that documents the history of blacks in the military. If you peruse the major popular non-fiction top sellers listings, I don't think you will find historical books about blacks in the military cracking the top ten week after week. Obviously, hoping for fame and fortune could not be a major factor for writing about such a topic. So, your interest seems genuine and sincere to me. And yes, the accomplishments and dedication to duty of these black soldiers warrants exposure. These men existed and performed admirably in one of the most discriminatory and racist periods in American history. Again, good luck with your book……
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