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    Sorry, alidawriter, but you lost me on this one. Politicizing a black woman's womb is a double edged sword, and as far as I'm concerned, not a subject that men of any color are qualified to speak on. Wanton breeding, - having one baby after another by different fathers is by anybody's standards ill-advised. Continuing to bring children into the world who you can't take care of is just plain stupid. And it has wide ranging consequences since it involves trying to raise fatherless children. If we're going to apply all of the cliches about the hidden agenda of black genocide when it comes to birth control, then let apply one more cliche about the black-on-black crime that is a blatant overt example of self genocide, and it can be linked to the birth patterns among the black underclasses. If a sexually-active black woman is responsible enough to protect herself by using birth control, that's her prerogative and no man has the right to tell her what to do with her body. All of these Catholic cardinals and evangelical preachers and political candidates and - black males who have not earned the right to deny a black woman her rights, need to just back off. Motherhood should be a choice, not a punishment for what hypcrites consider a sin. When it comes to abortion, and the contrived semantics that pit pro-choice against pro-life, the bottom line is that a woman is entitled to order her prioirities and when it comes to terminating an infant/non-viable fetus, or a baby/ non breathing entity, then that's between a woman and her personal belief. Everybody is not religious. Who has the authority to judge her? She is not breaking the law. Lecturing black women about their self esteem is also becoming a little tired. Reminding them that they are despised and rejected and manipulated and abused is a downer. Telling them they are Nubian queens rings a little hollow considering the shape the motherland is in. The resilence that black women are noted for is what should be celebrated. Black woman, like women of the other ethnicities, are out there doin their thing, wearing weaves or wigs or Afros, styling in their stillettos, designer purses on their arms, earning their college degrees, ascending up the corporate world, making inroads into the literary field, and starring in the show biz arena. Down at the club, pleasingly plump sistas in their WalMart finery are shaking their booties drinking their Hennessey, taking a break from their minimum wage work-a-day worlds, having a good time. Sometime the obligation to be a long-suffering martyr gets to be a drag. No, the lives of black women are not perfect and their status not top but they are not as down-trodden and guilible as you think. Ignorance is bliss? There's something to be said for bliss when stress is the alternative. In the final analysis, we are all just doing the best we can in a nation that is controlled by greedy, powerful, white men How would making black men extinct benefit these modern day plantation owners???
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    Remember just before Christmas when I said Santa was bringing me a Kindle but I was unsure if I really wanted one? Well, it’s taken a couple of months but I’m liking it! It’s still not pretty like a book but the convenience of carrying a 500+ page book in my purse along with LOTS of other books just waiting for me to read – SCORE! I got the Kindle Reader and the giftor acknowledged that the Fire would be overkill for me and I crocheted a cover for it so it wouldn’t be quite so ugly. Next up – some sort of ‘smart phone’ I guess. Not that I really need one but I’m tired of telling folks to stay out of my business when they talk about my antique flip-top phone. Santa, are you listening? Crystal
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    Boitumelo, I'm not sure if I understand the point of this post, but it doesn't matter...you never reply anyway. But since you brought up Whitney, maybe you'd like to check out this video. It's one of my favs...she's performing with her little girl. Love it!
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