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  1. HOWDY YAWL! Whatsup... what's shakin'... how's it hangin'? It's been a while - huh? Well I just noticed that this portion of the discussion board has been named Cynique's Corner. That's great, she deserved it. Yeah... I remember when. Anyway, I dropped this on the other board but after seeing her name over here, I thought, well hell, let me drop this at her doorstep. Btw, that title is actually my motto. You know, I've danced with the devil (and loved it) and kissed the sky, but today i'm just happy to be alive, hence "What about a time called now"? Okay, here we go, my thoughts on election day 2012. --> Sorry for the intrusion but HEY HEY HEY... IT'S ME, A FLASH FROM THE PAST, Mr. CareyCarey :-) . Greeting all. It appears I've arrived a little late for this party -- ongoing discussion. However, I only stopped by to gloat . That's right, for those who are new to this site, on several occasions since president Obama took office, Troy, Cynique and a few others have debated our presidents' chances of gaining a second term. Well, on several occasions Cynique and Troy implied it was a done deal. Yep, Troy thought he (Obama) was one and done (I believe he said he wouldn't vote for him). Now, on the other hand I was persistent in my opinion that he's a lock for a second term. So now I am coming back to gloat.... HOW YOU LIKE US NOW ! You know, let me remind you guys that I always asked the question "if not Obama than who?". But nawl, Troy and his sidekick always ran from that question. Anyway, now that the out-of-touch Mr. Get-Rich Romney is the Republican's choice, there's no turning back. Now we have that clown sticking his foot in his big rich mouth, overseas and at home. Consequently, this election is a done deal. When he slapped practically every middle-class American with his 47% remark, the fat lady stood-up to sing. And please, don't even think about the upcoming debates.... SLAM-DUNK... LAY UP... this will be like taking candy from a baby. Listen, President Obama is arguably the best orator of the last 50 years. Heck, in my opinion he's in the top 5 of ALL TIME! So, as I've said in the past, most people vote by their hearts, not because of their concerns on the issues ( i.e, Obama's stand on medicare, the jobless rate or tax issues) . Therefore, since Romney is plastic, wooden and basically a flip-flopper, the debates will only add to -- expose -- his out of touch with the average American persona. Now I am sure you guys have heard the saying "what leaves the heart will find another's". Well, in short, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but Romney has stuck his foot in his mouth one too many times. The upcoming debates WILL NOT be his saving grace. Lights out and game over... landslide victory forBarack Hussein Obama, the 44th and current President of the United States. Having said that, it's now time for me to sing a few words from a song by the Ohio Players," IT'S ALL OVER" --> Put that suitcase down, darlin' we ain't leavin' town, they know they need us around. It's all over - but the shoutin'.
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