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    I'm reading 2 books right now: 1. A collection of essays by Emerson 2. Russell Simmons' book "Do You". I didn't know the brother practiced Yoga.
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    REDEEMER: Glitch Part 2 12DEC We now continue the celebration of the release of my latest urban science fiction novel, Redeemer, with Part 2 of Redeemer: Glitch, the episodic short story based on the book. Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers – the story is an alternate timeline, told from the point of view of our hero’s younger, wilder, vengeful self. So, sit back once more and enjoy part two of Redeemer: Glitch! REDEEMER: Glitch Part 2 Glitch: A minor malfunction, mishap, or technical problem; a snag Danny Sweet forced a smile as he sat across the table from Virginia and VirgilCarver – the notorious Carver Twins – the only threat and obstacle to Sweet’s total domination of rap and R&B music in the South and the Southeast. Norm and Detective McGraw stood, menacingly, at Sweet’s back. Z sat alone in an apartment across the street – one of Sweet’s safe-houses – monitoring the closed circuit cameras and microphones that he and Norm had planted in the restaurant the night before. At the Carver Twins’ backs were two men who Z recognized as former Navy Seals, Manny and Steve. The duo had been securing the Twins since Old Man Carver was still alive and running the family business and the twins were in high school. “This is my favorite spot,” Sweet proclaimed, his voice crystal clear in the microphones hidden in the lamps, wall panels and power strips throughout the room. “The food…the ambience…perfect!” “My husband – God rest his soul – proposed to me here,” Virginia Carver said. “Ah, the memories!” “And I banged my first piece of ass here,” Virgil snickered. “In the restroom. Ah, the memories!” Virginia punched Virgil in the arm. Virgil winced from the pain. “Ow!” he screamed, rubbing his aching bicep. “Please, forgive my brother,” Virginia said. “So, what exactly, did you want to discuss with us? It sounded urgent on the phone.” Sweet took a bite of the steaming, fried catfish that lay on the plate before him. He licked his lips and pointed at the fish with his fork. “That is some good fish!” Sweet then pointed the fork in the direction of the Carver Twins, shaking it as he spoke. “For ten years, we’ve been rivals…” Sweet sucked a piece of fish from between his teeth and spat it into a napkin. “We first competed on these streets and now, in the music business. Congrats on signing Point Blank, by the way…he’s sure to win Best New Artist at the Hip-Hop Awards. Hell, he might even give my boy, Skinz, a run for his money for Best Album.” “Thank you. We’ll see,” Virginia replied. “Well, we’ve been bitter rivals,” Sweet continued. “But we’ve never broken the peace with each other. There has been no violence between our families and we’ve all grown because of that.” Virgil glanced at his watch and then yawned. Norm glanced at the young gangster. Virginia shook her head. “Look, Sweet,” Virgil began. “I’ve got a date with a certain supermodel talk-show host in a couple of hours, so, if you don’t mind…” “Virgil!” Virginia shouted, as she placed a firm hand on her brother’s forearm. “It’s okay, Virginia,” Sweet said, struggling to maintain his smile. “You’re right, Virgil, I’ll get straight to the point.” Sweet took a deep breath. “Two nights ago, someone killed three of my best men. One of them was a Lieutenant. A reliable source describes the killer as some kind of Special Forces, ninja-type motherfucker. Me!” Virgil shrugged his narrow shoulders. “So, what does that have to do with us?” Norm stepped to the table. His face twisted into a manifestation of pure rage. “We’d fuckin’ like to know if you set it up, you disrespectful little wanker! That’s what!” Virgil pounded his fist on the table. Plates jumped and a few forks fell to the floor. Virgil glared at Sweet, not once acknowledging Norm’s presence with his eyes. “I am Co-Boss of the Carver Family, Sweet! Since when do you allow your Captain to speak to a Boss at a sit-down?” “Since when does a Co-Boss who rides the coattails of his sister – the real Boss of your family – disrespect the Boss of Bosses?” Sweet spat. “The Boss of Bosses?” Virginia said, shaking her head. “You go too far, Sweet.” Sweet took another bite of catfish and spoke as he chewed. “Look, we both know that there isn’t a Boss in the Southeast who will stand with you against me.” Sweet sprinkled hot sauce on his fish and took another bite. “But, if you have broken the peace, Virginia, the other Bosses will side with me against you. None of them like the idea of a female Boss, anyway. Me? I’m more progressive.” Virginia scooted her chair away from the table and stood up. Virgil rose almost in unison with her. Manny and Steve stood at the Carver Twins’ flanks. “This sit-down is over, Sweet!” Virginia said. “Did you order the hit on my boys, Virginia?” Sweet asked. “Goodbye, Sweet,” Virginia said, as she walked away from the table. The Carver Family sauntered out of the restaurant. “Fuckin’ wankers!” Norm shouted. “What do we do now, Sweet?” McGraw asked. Sweet stared out of a large window, which ran from floor to ceiling in a wall near his table. The Carver Twins were hopping into their limousine. His upper lip curled into a sneer. “We prepare for war.” TO READ THIS STORY IN ITS ENTIRETY, PLEASE VISIT: http://chroniclesofharriet.com/2012/12/12/redeemer-glitch-part-2/.
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