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    Hi Li-Li. good to hear from you! "Unity" is an abstract concept just like democracy and freedom and - even race. They are all theories that reality dissipates. What would be required to unify African Americans? For all of us to share common goals and work together to achieve them? As usual, we are expected to conform to demands that Whites are excused from. White people aren't unified but this doesn't hamper them. Other ethnicities in this country get ahead not because they are united but because they are independent and ambitious. Blacks achieve as individuals but the worst among us drags us down and the lack of jobs and education bring out the worst in us. Unless something is done to rein in the element among the Millenials who, because they have no respect for life or authority are killing each other off, the black race will continue to be mired in problems. Unity begins with the family unit which should be a matrix to prepare children to opt for the best life has to offer. But the black family, like the black race, is fractured. Unity would spawn the control that stems from groups organized to demand better schools, a key in upifting the race. When such power is acquired, however, corruption comes with it and diverts the funds that never trickle down to those who it need it most. I'm motivated to make all these observations because of what is happening in the typical urban environment of Chicago where not a week goes by when a young black person isn't senselessly murdered by other young blacks who'd just as soon kill someone as to look at them. During the holidays, marauding crowds of aimless black youngsters have caused mini riots in shopping malls and at Navy Pier, Chicago's Lake front entertainment complex. The black school superintendant earns an exorbitant salary and the public schools remain in dismal shape. The black aldermen and other politically-connected leaders are prominent among those constantly being exposed for using taxpayers money to feather their nests and finance their lavish lifestyles while doing little to serve their constituencies. And, of course, the tension between cops and Blacks is an ongoing situation, pitting irrational, unarmed perpetrators against panic-stricken, trigger-happy cops. Closer to home, I am totally dismayed by the things that my 23-year-old grandson who is my "street" contact, tells me about the kind of demeaning behavior young black inner city girls are engaging in, aided and abetted by FaceBook. They all seem to be desperate, loved-starved "thots". And too many of the dudes are fatalistic, adopting an "if I die, I die" attitude when it comes to the street violence. Saddest of all is that the ghetto sub-cuture of teen-age pregnancy and gang warfare perpetuates itself and this complicates things. I hate all those conservative black Republicans saying what their white counterparts want to hear, but I just wish black youngsters wouldn't make it so hard for me to defend them. As for black people seeking to get a piece of the pie via entrpreneurship and business, lotsa luck in this capitalistic country, controlled by the monopolistic fraternity of white corporate America. The rich are not interested in spreading the wealth unless it's to bribe senators and congressmen. I wish I could be optimistic. Black unity? As the year 2015 looms ahead, I will turn this hope over to the multitudes of religious black folk. Pray for it. Nothing else seems to help. Maybe Jesus will take pity of the most faithful among his diversified following and perform a miracle.
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    I think your reaching way to broad in your comments. I 500% agree about Carson and Barkely the rest not so much. Hi everybody long time no see
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    Wonderful!!! I know you are proud of him...
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    Nice ad. He's a good-looking man.
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