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    The Dynamic and Historic Eastern Region of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc present the Delta Authors on Tour. The tour will be held in Baltimore, MD on Saturday, March 21st at Owings Mills Mall from 12:00pm - 4:00pm. Presenters include distinguished Delta Authors. ● Brandelyn Castine,– “U.G.L.Y” ● Melissa Clarke, MD,– “Excuse Me Doctor! I’ve Got What? Taking Ownership of Your Health and Making Healthcare Reform Work for You.” ● Francesca Cook,– “Fourth Sunday: Journey of a Book Club” ● Maxine Bigby Cunningham, – “Power Walking, A Journey to Wholeness.” ● Brenda Jackson,– “A Man’s Promise “ ● Victoria Christopher Murray,– “Forever an Ex” ● Brenda Lane Oliver,– “Creating the Million Dollar Leader: 52 Lessons to Attract the Life You Want” ● Ramona Rene,– “The Colors of Friendship” ● June Sweeney,– “Five Days of Darkness” ● Ruth P. Watson,– “An Elderberry Fall “ The daylong free public event is part of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated National Arts and Letters Commission’s effort to promote literacy and entrepreneurship across the country. The Baltimore Metropolitan Alumnae Chapter (BMAC) is proud to serve as the host chapter for this educational, entertaining and enlightening event. Delta Authors on Tour features literary ladies from Maryland, Washington D.C., California, Georgia and Florida
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    Cynique do you see the image I posted and Blue and Black? I think ISIS, would be OK with making SNL, they have truly entered the zeitgeist. This type of humor does have the effect of minimizing the seriousness of ISIS. It is sort of like watching Hogans Heroes, without and understanding of history (like most folks). You'd never really appreciating the fact that at least 50 million were killed during that war, as they gloss over the whole conflict depicting a prison camp as a cool hangout spot and the Nazi's as a group of bubbling, but good nurtured idiots. Why not a have humorous sitcom on the Rwandan genocide, or American slavery, who see my point? As you may know I teach a class to prepare adults to obtain their High School Equivalency. I mention the fact the the U.S. nuked Japan (twice). There were people in the class that was not aware of this!? People can find humor in pedophilia, rape, even ISIS, but does that mean we should do it? I dunno where you draw a line, but I think there should be a line somewhere, don't you?
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