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    O black woman, do you know who you are? It is you for whom the birds sing when the dawn opens itself for inspection. It is the glow in your eyes that the stars imitate when they sparkle. It is the color of your flava that makes the rainbow dull in comparison, and it is via your beauty that we can physically witness God’s artistry.-Gibran-• O black woman, do you know who you are? You are the secret that only reveals itself when a man is truly ready to experience the joy of having his dream transformed into reality. You are God’s private blessing to men who know what to do within the point between birth and death. To dwell within the kingdom of YOU is where heaven begins. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are both the starting point and the finish line for everything I could ever aspire to be. You are a force of nature that has broken my shackles so that I can walk freely. You have erased my doubts so that I can think clearly. You have repaired my broken wings so that I can soar beside you. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are the magic that awes the universe, the splendor that amazes the earth, and the glory that makes men heart beat with pride when they attempt to possess u. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are the beautiful gift that God left on the doorstep of my heart. You are that special moment in time when nothing else matters but most importantly, you are YOU! Unmistakably YOU! -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are the sunshine that lights my life from within. You are the fire that warms every fiber of my being and that illuminates my path so that I am never afraid of the darkness. -Gibran- • O black woman, did u know that when I stare in the skies the stars spell your name? I feel your touch in the wind and I see your face in the clouds. And when I stand under the shadow of your smile, I find shelter from the storm. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who you are? You are that warm safe place where all roads lead at the end of a day when I have slayed all my dragons and find that all of my strength comes from you. You melt on my life and I become complete. -Gibran- • O black woman, do you know who u are? You are chocolate, dipped in mystery, a specially-designed flava whose smile is brighter than the rainbow. -Gibran-
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    There are so many............ These aren't in any particular order of importance and I'm sure there are some that SHOULD be included in the top 10 that I'm not thinking of right now but here are 10 just off the top: Message To The Black Man (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad) Up From Slavery (Booker T. Washington) The Phantom Tollbooth Black Labor White Wealth (Claud Anderson) Mein Kampf (Adolph Hitler) The Bible The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Alex Haily) Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill) Time Machine (H.G. Wells) Life After Life (Dr Raymond Moody) It's been years since I've read them and I don't have the best memory in the world to remember every detail of them, but I do remember how much I got caught up reading these book and just thinking about them still brings comfort to this day.
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    Best Wishes,Respect For All The Black -Mothers,Grandmothers,Aunts, On Mothers Day..It Has Been -Said That Black Women .Are The Strength Of,The Black -Community...Extra Respect For Black Mothers Raising Children -Alone And For Black .Mothers Grieving Over their Sons --,Murdered By Nazi Terrorist Police And Street Gangs...I Think --,Cynique Is A Mother And Grandmother..A Perfect Song For -Black Mothers And Girls Is Black Pearl,By Sonny Charles -And,The Checkmates.....
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    AALBC.com is continuing to expand. We are just a few months away from providing book printing services. I'm excited about this because this is one of the final pieces needed to becoming a full service publisher. The other great thing is that I'm working with an established Black owned printer who is producing a quality products at competitive prices. I'm setting up the website now (which is slowing up the AALBC.com upgrade, but it is worth the effort). I also plan on publishing great books that agents can't find publishers for, I'm about a year away from this, but there's some great potential here that I can't wait to begin working on.
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    Well, we were acquaintances, not friends since we did not run in the same circles because she was, as we used to call them, "sanctified", a member of the Church of God in Christ which back then forbade its women to wear lipstick, and frowned on drinking and smoking and dancing and playing cards. So her life was pretty much what it would've been had she been raised as a member of the NOI. Her name was Beatrice and she was an attractive girl and a choir soloist with a beautiful singing voice and a pleasant personality and was cherished by the congregation of her father's church. But her life took a detour when she was not only whispered about for being a daughter of Elijah Muhammad, - something that didn't come out until we were in our 20s when the black Muslims had become well known - but for what happened later when she again became the subject of more gossip after she was left "standing at the altar" in her white wedding gown because the groom never showed up for the rumored reason of being gay. She never wed and became an evangelist and died young, in her early 50s. i have no idea how she felt about the circumstances of her birth but she did have kind, loving adopted parents. There were a lot of little interesting back stories and skeletons in the closet among the black population in the small town where i grew up...
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    Discovering that Elijah Muhammad had a harem of young girls, many of whom he impregnated, was what drove Malcolm to leave the NOI and start his own sect. I personally knew a girl in my hometown who was fathered by Elijah Muhammad and was later adopted by a local minister of the Church of God and Christ, and his wife. Also, according to Malcolm's biography by Alex Haley, Malcolm was a pimp in his days before he went to prison and converted to Islam. Of course, Alex has proved to not always tell the truth in his books. Recently there have been reports that in 2010 Farrakhan became interested in Scientology and began to explore its concepts and encourage followers to study the disciplines of Dianetics in order to become coverts and learn the "auditing" procedures utilized to recruit and monitor others. i also read where Farrakhan has converted to Christianity, accepting Jesus Christ as his savior. I read about the Muslims and Dianetics in Wikipedia, which of course, draws criticism from certain people on this board. But i have always found well researched information there, and since the living people and the heirs of the dead people it profiles have an option to challenge and correct information about themselves or their works, i assume that what i read there is as good a source as any for information. As far as what i believe about black men automatically defending their women, i don't think doing so is a priority of theirs or something they do as a custom. Individual ones may do so in the course of protecting their families, the same way they would do if it came to their car or any property they valued. It's not something i dwell on. i remember a while back when one night my husband and i were awakened by a noise that made him wonder if someone was trying to break in. He immediately got up with the intention to go down stairs and see. i protested, asking him what did he think he could do? He continued out the room, saying he didn't know but would think of something when he got there. While i had my hand on the phone, i think he grabbed an object before he made it down the stairs where it proved to be a false alarm. So i guess "situational ethics" can trigger impulses. 😏
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    DUH. i think your response was highly opinionated. But not the expression of a self-centered person. What i said about me being self-centered was that i thought this was how others viewed me. i don't view myself as self-centered however because i am too busy focusing on contradicting what others say. So i guess that kind of ties in with Troy said. Note that i never bother to capitalize "i" when it stands alone and this is for a reason... Once again i have a confession to make. i didn't join this thread until late because sometimes i stay on the sideline and just let others go at it, especially when it involves videos because as i've gotten older my attention span is short, and both spoken and written comments have to instantly grab me or i lose interest. So, when Del asked my opinion on black women marrying white men and Chevdove shared her thoughts on the exchange between Malcolm and Evie, i back tracked and checked things out closer, which is to say i actually watched the video. And it was, indeed, like going back in time. In 1961, i was 28 years old and immersed in the blooming civil rights struggle. This was during Martin's and Malcolm's hey day, their friendly rivalry kinda like a Michael and Prince thing; different sides of the black coin, one edgy, the other smooth. This was also when TV had really come into its own having just started to command a wide audience in the mid 1950s. So "M"&"M" were superstars, thanks to the exposure granted them by the MEDIA of TV as well as talk-radio which was also an up and coming outlet. The thing about what they were both saying back then was although it was revelatory to white people, it was familiar to blacks, and when these 2 started spreading their messages, black folks immediately identified with them. They weren't saying "Oh, Wow", they were nodding "Right On". The things Malcolm was saying about whites i had grown up hearing to my daddy say, something that was common in all black families who lived in a racist society. i never had any illusions about the guilt of whites but my particular environment also enabled me to see benefits of what Martin was saying about integration. As soon as i heard Malcolm's resonate voice on the video, telling it like it was in response to the shrill, high-pitched enunciations of Evie, the years fell away. Now, as then, i have mixed emotions, - which is what it means to be black in America...
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    Hmh.......... Let me see .......... When my high school history teacher and football coach seemed to turn up in places when I got off the city bus in big ole San Diego, way on the other side of the city ....... there he was in his van------ offering me a ride...... when he told me I had to do after school study or I'd fail and could not graduate, and even though I took my friend with me..... he demanded that she leave because she was passing and then, she left....... he pressed against me..... i was 16 years old..... a virgin...... and I beg him to get off of me..... and later find out that he did this before and was basically just 'slapped on the hand' and sent to another school......my school.... to do it again!!! Fortunately, he did not continue and he did leave me alone that day.... or 9 months later, I would have had a half White-Italian baby. I was terrified. I did not like it at all. I felt like Kizzie..... as this was the rage during that time. Yes, I do find assertive men attractive, but not creeps. In college, too, and like this situation, there are many creeps. But to do this to ARiande Grande on such an occasion, is unbelievable. Come on, @Pioneer1 on national television! Yes! That is awful. Did you see how he was holding her? That was just ridiculous. Is he married? If he is, then how would you expect his wife to respond. I would completely flip out.
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    @Troy Join Tiger Woods and Jim Brown who both just said Trump was being unfairly treated by the media who doesn't respect the office of president, and pounces on his every word, constantly criticizing him. BooHoo. I've predicted that 45 will pick up more and more support because everybody has a gripe and he will eventually get around to bitching about one that matches up with one shared by someone who doesn't like him. Multiply this by a thousand and the numbers will groooooow. i give up. Let the chips fall where they may.
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    @ChevdoveI'm trying to figure out why this conversation is necessary. i have on numerous occasions expressed a disinterest in Africa and on other occasions kidded about my RH negative blood. You seemed to have taken my latest musings on this subject personal, and pioneer, who is one of my least favorite people in the world, decided to inject his obnoxious self into the proceedings doing what he does best which is to spout his made-up versions of things, - lies that are rarely grounded in truth or fact. But, rest assured that you can agree with him to your heart's content, because i couldn't care less, contrary to what he imagines. This site needs all the contributors it can attract and other people's approval is not required when it comes to posting things. I'm glad when you and Mel come aboard because you both always have input of substance. So keep on doing what you do, You're a welcome addition to this board. And thank you for your kind words.
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    I would argue that the work had two protagonists: Hurston herself because of her goal to keep Kossola talking and thereby transcribe his life to text, and the other being Kossola because the text was his story, and wow, what a story. There was so much grief in such a small work – loss of family, loss of community, loss of health, and the loss home. And equally as painful as the grief was Kossala’s remembering the part Africans / Dahomey played in the slave trade. Kossala’s goal was to stay alive, and his antagonist was the Peculiar Institution of American Slavery with its long reaching and lasting tentacles of racism. He was kidnapped, placed in a barracoon, a slave ship, and on an auction block (all life threatening situations) due to American slavery. I believe, the establishment of Africatown, was his strongest blow against the reaching effects of slavery; freed slaves reestablished an African community on hostile American soil; that was miraculous. Kossala didn’t die due to slavery, but he suffered during and after; the lashes of racism ripped at his spirit and his body most of his life. Kossala was never able to return to Africa, and this denial was directly linked to slavery’s tentacles. The main message the text left me with – was that culture was king. Kossala’s culture was his strongest and consistent weapon. He relied on his culture and African traditions his entire life: in the bowels of the slave ship, he and the other kidnapped youth cried through traditional songs to ease their burden, as soon as he and other recently kidnapped Africans were freed they danced a traditional dance, throughout his youth and senior days African parables and fables guided his actions. When his family was taken, his culture remained; he took on the traditional role as griot for Africatown before the loss of family and remained in the role after the loss as an elder. Motifs in the text included valuing family, adapting to change, self-sufficiency, and surviving despite oppression. The text was loaded with descriptive language but what remained me was Kossala calling his wife his eyes, and when he lost her/then he was finished. The most memorable scene was the image of the Dahomey attacking his village; woman warriors entering the village beheading elders while the men blocked the exits kidnapping those who tried to escape the carnage. I believe the work will become one of the most important slave narratives in the canon. Hurston brought the skill of a fiction writer to the task of recording a biography; she converted Kossala’s biography into a story. In addition, Plant’s editing is informational and instructional. I will continue to read both writers. https://ndigo.com/2018/06/27/barracoon-wakeup-reading-paul-king/
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    @Delano Since I spent several years in broadcast news - I don't trust anything I hear on the radio/television. I understand how broadcast news works. If it's of interest to me or if I need the information for survival - I verify with the proper agencies. I know not everyone does that but when you work in news you have to get your information from primary sources - second at best. So if I hear on the radio there's a case of salmonella contamination with the current crop of romaine lettuce chances are I'm not going to purchase romaine lettuce. I haven't tested it - nor do I have the tools to confirm or deny there's contamination but since I got a notice from Georgia's department of agriculture stating there is ... I'm going to trust it.. So yes, outside of opening up my own lab in the basement, I'm going I trust the departments we've set up to check our food. Is it an objective fact? Who knows maybe another type of test will turn up no contamination - but I'm simply going to avoid all romaine lettuce for awhile. By the way, isn't saying there are no objective facts, is in fact an objective fact?
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    QueenX, I wonder if you would feel differently if Bill drugged and sexually abused you, or your daughter, or your mother?
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    The ongoing discussion blowing up the board, started out with the question "is science the new religion", and proceeded to morph into a slugfest over whether science espouses religion. As a debate, it exemplified the "irresistible force meeting an immovable object" axiom. The passion with which participants proselytized their arguments was akin to religious fervor, with everybody trying to exorcise the demons of those with opposing views. From another perspective, the heated exchanges were also a war of words, aiming verbal weapons that missed as often as they hit their targets. Truth was twisted and facts were bent. What had an equally interesting effect was the side-liners who chose not to enter the fray or take sides, not to mention a mediator who injected challenges. In the end it was, not surprising, me against Pioneer. Me, trying to rise above my ad-hominem arguments, to say in so many words that they're 2 sides to every question, and Pioneer probably sticking to his guns. This brouhaha was more of a showcase for a clash of personalities than anything. Very little was resolved before the subject meandered off on another tangent, asking whether acknowledging religion was on a par with accepting it. Conflict seems to be a very dominant factor in human interaction. Most people are not only looking for reinforcement of their views but for conversion to them. Everybody wants to be right and in the process the end doesn't always justify the means. Kudos to those mature enough to be open-minded good listeners, and who make enlightenment their priority. When i grow up, i want to be just like you. This is knowledge i have come to comprehend and it's going to the top of my bucket list.
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    Say what you will about the blockbuster film Black Panther, love it or hate it, I could care less, you cannot deny it’s brilliance. And that brilliance begins with the emergence of Erik Killmonger. A young man driven, not just by his hatred of the oppressors of black people, but by the animosity of those that live with peace in the private kingdom of Wakanda. I believe a lot of writers could learn a great deal from a character like Killmonger. Marvel purposely set out for everyone to feel compassion for the bad guy. That was a new twist in itself. Marvel wanted you to understand, to relate, to fear the bad guy’s demise. They gave Erik, what so many others did not have, a soul. How many of us walked out of that movie theater believing ol’ boy had a point? How many Killmongers do you think is out there right now because of the injustice of black people in America? How many black families feel left behind by other black families that found a way out of the ghetto? You see my point? We can relate to his assessment. We understand his compassion for revenge, for validation. So many novels, fantastic novels, lack the character growth of their villains. You never care about why they are trying to take over the world, you just know they need to be stopped, by any means necessary. And usually, if not almost always, the bad guy’s reasons for the hostile takeover is for self gain. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, is better than reading a story that involves an antagonist with a heart. An antagonist that is so complex and conflicted with himself you begin to question your own beliefs. Erik Killmonger may not be the greatest bad guy of all times… but he damn sure is the most relatable one.
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    I forgot to add to my previous post that I prefer science to religion, because science consists of examination and enlightenment, and religion is about instruction and obedience. Science stimulates; religion stagnates. Religion claims the power of prayer, but to me, praying is an exercise in energizing positive thought waves, and has its counterpart in the "wishing" indulged in by the non-religious. Whether prayers or wishes come into fruition depends upon Fate, which is not wedded to the hopes of mere mortals because it is fickle. A meme which always pops when a national disaster occurs. Just substitute "Florida"' for "Texas".
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    When I was ready my astrology teacher was looking for a student.
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    @Delano, Yep! choice and freedom go hand and hand. Freedom, to me, means I'm exercising the right to act on my behalf. I have a sense of agency. If I'm only allowed to make decisions then someone is acting as an agent thereby usurping my freedom.
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    @ Antonio, you aren't the first newbie to react the way you did to the tone of this forum. They all seemed a little shell-shocked, and soon faded away. i like how you handled it. Hang in here. We can all learn from each other. My grandchildren are all millennials, and we are rarely on the same page. I think it's because everything new to them is old to me and i've become jaded. My screen name is a derived from the word "cynic". Over time, i have gravitated toward being an iconoclast and in discussions, i frequently take on the contrarian role which requires people i am debating with to examine and defend their beliefs. And this is beneficial to both me and them because we can both learn something. As an aspiring writer you should always be seeking truth and authenticity.
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    This was a fluff piece, to get my foot in the door. Later my submissions were much more militant, so much so that the newspaper was flooded with complaints from whites, something the op-ed editor loved, assuring me that they wanted to provoke reader response. I also got a lot of hate mail that scorched my ears...
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    @Elva D. Green of course, it is! where would society be without its optimists. By the way, I'm the " pragmatic" Pleased to meet you!
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    Cynique I have a few parallels with your story. I was always seeking truth. The light and the truth seemed indistinguishable or oerhaps two sides of the same coin. And now I want to embrace love but more importantly for me compassion. My phone sometimes will type phrases, call people or refuse to show me the bottom of a page
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    This could be considered an unflattering picture of Viola. But it is an untouched candid photo of her taken taken at some time on some happy occasion of her life. And millions of black women look like this. The idea that dark women shouldn't grin or wear red lipstick resonates with Uncle Tomism. Implicit in this caveat is that black skin should be muted by dull colors so as not to draw attention to it, and this is a form of self-hate. Nowadays black women wear their hair any style or color they want and many are not hesitant about celebrating their lips with bright red lipstick, no matter what their skin color.Welcome to 2017! I, myself, hate dread locks and spiked hair that looks like its owner stuck their finger in an electric socket, but I realize that it's a new day and standards of "beauty" have changed and are in the eye of the beholder. TIME's selection is only racist if black people buy into the idea that black women who look like Viola's picture are someone to be ashamed of and ridiculed. To ignore TIME's blatant slave master gesture is to thwart their contemptuous mischief. At a recent awards show, Viola sported a bright yellow gown and noted that there was a time when she wouldn't wear bright colors because of her dark skin but that she had moved past that negativity and was now proud to finally accept herself as she was and wear whatever color she chose. She was also wearing red lipstick when she said this.
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    You can theorize something unknown by the effects it has on the known. Which is how yhe outer planets were discovered. Philosophy, Logic and imagination are useful in navigating the unknown. There's a few questions in philosophy that may be unknowable: Is reality a simulation is one of them. Since it is difficult to think outside of your consciousness. However I like your methodology @Mel Hopkins
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    Troy, this is the overall issue with using third party platforms. As I told you I went from making 30-50K a month with Amazon and one change in the system and now I'm driving Lyft as I redesign my website and build it in a way to garner some of the major money being floated around in the sneaker industry right now. People have integrated third party sites so thoroughly into their lives that it's very hard to overcome without considerable consumer education. The consumer/user is the only person that can stop the bleeding and unfortunately comfort and ease of use rules the day. I need to explain how I was wiped out, but I have done videos discussing how I was setting myself up, but I couldn't stop like a junkie and I eventually was forced into rehab. I probably already talked about this, but it has to be presented again. Amazon a month ago decided to make all items over 35.00 bucks require free shipping. If your items did not meet the requirements for how they wanted free shipping presented, your listings were removed. I went from having almost 1000 listings available on Amazon to zero listings showing up. I contributed slow sales to post holiday hangover and I didn't check my inventory. After a week of zero sales I looked into my dashboard and realized that the listings were Active but not active in the buying area. Every listing had to be deleted and recreated. This would take countless man hours and I realized that I'd waited too long to build my website up because I was mainlining Amazon so hard I was shooting up between my toes and in my dick; which I had been cutting off by using third party platforms to reach my customers all of these years. When you talk about being hijacked by Google, it's the same thing Amazon has done by mining data provided by third party sellers and then releasing their own private labels to sell what is hot. Amazon and Google are genius business models and pure capital engines. They exist as a medium providing no inventory of their own until they have mined the data to make sure that success is a certainty. Once they make the decision to replace you or change the rules, you are doomed if you haven't been building up your platform first. I commend you for taking the time to rebuild. It inspired my current work and while the benefits aren't 30000 a month, I will drive Lyft until I work through the process of garnering the revenue that is flowing through the sneaker biz at this moment. My website growth has been tremendous since I've started the work which shows that people are looking for information. In February of last year my ARCH site had 2000 Unique visits. This Feb 2017 my site got over 17,000 Unique visits. I'm selling a few shoes through the online store and the checks are coming faster from Adwords. Ultimately the goal is to garner media sponsorships from Verizon and other sites as I push the Uniques towards 100,000. You know like I know one endorsement could do this overnight, but more than likely like AALBC I will be working towards this on my own.
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    You can derive a proof that no one understands. Versus something that is unknowable. What ishe nature of consciousness may be unknowable. Since we have to use consciousness to answer thr question about itself. Unprovable may be because currently the technology is non existent. The difference is one is a matter if time or knowledge. Although I may have to give it some more thought.
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    @Pioneer1 @NubianFellow Talking about someone’s appearance makes $$$ millions for Wendy Williams and her talk show but that’s cheap entertainment. Nagging about another’s appearance, which gay men have turned into an art form, is a weak and ineffective showing of black masculinity. In fact, when I was growing up in Brooklyn - dudes called that a “bitch” move. An actual sign of Black masculinity would reflect first in a man having control over himself, and then working to better his physical environment. And that’s the bare minimum.
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    @ChevdoveI do owe you my notes which I'm still gathering to package. In the meantime, I found this some time ago and used some of the information to create the "fictional" events in my novel. I haven't verified all these accounts but it appears you have; so you might find this interesting - HISTORIA AFRICANA calendar that begins in 100,000 bce to the present. http://www.africanfront.org/calendar.php Just in case someone changed some, I copied and pasted every single page for my files. And I posted it here too http://thedailymindf-ck.blogspot.com/2011/10/historia-africana-part-i.html http://thedailymindf-ck.blogspot.com/2011/10/historia-africana-part2.html http://thedailymindf-ck.blogspot.com/2011/10/historia-africana-part-3.html http://thedailymindf-ck.blogspot.com/2011/10/historia-africana-part-4.html
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    @Cynique 🎤 -drop This is a powerful statement! The truth of it hit me unexpectedly -I got tears. Damn!!! This right here is the truth of all of us ....and the truth is in its simplicity.
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    @Pioneer1 The author of the article I referred to would disagree. He wrote that folks who believe your view are misinformed about the moors. My world travels also point to the fact, that moors were first in europe and then were conquered. This is why it is important to read books but also travel the world to see for yourself. Further, according to historical reports Moors existed all throughout europe and africa They left their stamp in architecture and practiced all types of religions included none at all. Also when you look at Queen's artifacts (sceptre jewels et al) its designs are straight out of the motherland. , Also there's this article in the guardian. "It was initially assumed that Cheddar Man had pale skin and fair hair, but his DNA paints a different picture, strongly suggesting he had blue eyes, a very dark brown to black complexion and dark curly hair. The discovery shows that the genes for lighter skin became widespread in European populations far later than originally thought – and that skin colour was not always a proxy for geographic origin in the way it is often seen to be today" Still, since none of us were there; I tend to go with scientific proof... although I can be swayed stories that fit the narrative I subscribed to - lol
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    Interesting @zaji I find magnets much more fascinating. You see sound I can understand intuitively. Sound travels over a media. So no sound it space, but it travels faster in water. In the cheap seat in the stadium you can observe a ball being hit before you hear it. All of this makes sense to me indeed I could reason this out on my own. But magnets never made sense until it was explained to me how they worked. Indeed electromagnetic force is far stronger than gravity and propagates infinitely. This is not something I could have intuited. @Cynique, maybe given how evil some people are.
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    One person's wall is another's window.
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    @D.E. Eliot, we all make mistakes. I'm glad you took the feedback as it was intended. There are many options for indie publishers to get books into the hands of readers without using Amazon. At the end of the month, I'll be giving a workshop for indie authors and publishers at the National Black Writers Conference in NYC, with Paul Coates, founder of Black Classic Press and BCP Digital Printing. We will help writers with every aspect of producing a book from editing, design, printing, distribution, and marketing. For example, I provide book printing through AALBC Prints Books and manuscript editing through Edit 1st. There are many other professionals out there, but we tend to give one big corporation all our business. Amazon's ability to secure the exclusive right to sell an author's book was just brilliant on their part, but hurts authors collectively. In fact, last year I was considering organizing a boycott of Amazon -- only then did I realize just how dependent so many authors were on Amazon -- their books could not be purchased anywhere else! That realization gave rise to #readingblack. Yes, @Mel Hopkins is absolutely right. The #readingblack platform is a place where we can share mistakes so others can avoid them, and good ideas so that they don't have to reinvent the wheel. I hope you will consider participating. BTW, if you made $10K in profit selling one book you are doing GREAT. Maybe you'll share some of your successful strategies at #readingblack.
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    @Cynique now see this is similar to what Sheldrake talks about with his morphic resonance theory. What if I did pick up on your thoughts and it was you who spoke to me while I slept... There's no way to test it. However, the fact that there was an occurrence ( and I don't believe in coincidences) there's more going on in nature than we really know. Maybe we shouldn't put it in the science category because there's no instrument to "test" it. Maybe this is what people speak of when they say keep an "open mind" There are people I shut down and shut out immediately. I believe stupid is contagious, Yet, I have no proof . Doesn't matter to me though, I shut out people who prove to be stupid. I especially don't listen to talk radio because I don't want to tune into that frequency. You are wise, so my mind is open to sharing your perspective and learning from your experiences. So maybe I can actually "hear" you. Maybe I tune into frequency such as yours and others who I believe I can learn from. Maybe I can hear people like you all the time even when you're thinking.
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    Zaji I understand what you are saying (I've have heard from Pioneer and others). There is no gene for race. Now if you do not believe this, all of the opinions you form will be flawed, and nothing I say will make sense to you. Saying there are numerous physical characteristics is no better than saying rce is a function of skin color. Humanity is so diverse you will always find people who are Black but would fail your more complex "brown bag" test. Of course there are genes (and environmental causes), which explain the differences in the way people look. But people are not cats, unless you want to talk about humanity in terms of different breeds. Lion are as different from tigers and cats as humans are from bonobos and chimps, because all "Black" people and "white" people are all Homo spaiens. Now, if we want to continue to use the word race to describe phenotypic differences between people fine. I do it in the course of informal conversation myself, but I also have no problem acknowledging someone who presents as "white" as a Black person, because because given the history of rape in this country "Black: people are all colors of the spectrum. This is perhaps one reason why "Afro-American" is a better term than "Black" to describe the so called Black American, particular ones descendant from enslaved Africans. Leonce and Pioneer use this term as well; I think for similar reasons.
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    I've learned from videos like this and in conversations here that I have to change the way I communicate with the general public on technical issues. Sharing data with graphics and charts really does not work with people unfamiliar with the domain in which you are speaking. You have to appeal to people on an emotional level. In the video Van Jones said; I know this to be true from personal experience because people have no problem saying they don’t care how much education someone has when they disagree with them. They’ll argue with climatologist easily dismissing what the scientist knows in favor of what they themselves feel. I have a talk coming up in a couple of weeks on the impact of Facebook, Google and Amazon on the web and I'm going to consider these factors when I address the audience. We'll see how it goes. In the video, also bt VOX they talk about the environmental cost of ordering online with the next day shipping. Amazon is the obvious culprit. As long as Amazon make their owners money, this behavior will never change. Amazon own the legislators and even the Washington Post who should be reporting on their activities. The only way this will change is if people change their behavior and I see little evidence of this happening.
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    Del was a good idea: Fun with Dick and Jane A Snowy Day World Book Encyclopedia Dr. Seuss Books (all) Charles Shultz Peanuts (all) Encyclopedia Brown (all) Alice in Wonderland Cane Beloved Who Owns the Future I know it looks like a crazy list; only 3 of the authors are Black and I've only added 4 of the books to this site. All of these books (and more) have stuck with me for one reason or another. #1 was the first book I remember reading. #2 was the first book I ever saw with a Black boy in it and I recall being surprised by the that--and I was really very young at the time.
  39. 2 points
    Del I was wondering if you have consciously changed your style? I've always been direct and linear. But because I'm an idealist, most of what I post about are the problems I've observed in society and what my ideal solutions are, so you probably don't see my linear or analytical side much. Also, because I'm not too smart or too educated (academically) I've learned the best thing for ME to do is not to get too fancy but to stay focused and on the point. If I tried to argue the way you, Troy, or other highly educated people argued....I'd get lost....lol.
  40. 2 points
    Thanks for sharing your perspective aSexual. We hear so much about the transgender, gender non-conforming, gay, hetero, etc we never talk about asexuals. I'm sure there are more than a handful of you out there. I know many people have simply opted out of having sex for any number of good reasons and don't miss it. I suspect however if you engaged in the activity, with an open mind, with someone sufficiently skilled, you may change your mind
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    This is where you lost me. I snagged on what seems perfectly natural to you; that being the idea of black women being solely responsible for raising our black women and men of tomorrow. What about black men? Hybrid black women developing their own version of what is natural, are not nearly as much a problem as the abdication of black men in their roles of helping to provide for their children and exemplifying good role models for their sons! Black men who are seduced by the eye candy and status attached to white girlfriends and wives are as big a problem as black women tightening their weaves. When the "brothas" hold up their end, then talk to me about the role of black women. To me, Afrocentrism is an idea whose time has passed. In America, slave descendants have created their own unique culture, much of which has been borrowed and incorporated by the dominant white culture. So whose influencing whom? And women of all color strive for the perfect paragon of womanhood that is just as elusive among Whites and Asians and Hispanics as among Blacks. Who gets plastic surgery, who embraces strict diets, who bleaches their hair and enhances their boobs? And i'm not convinced that black women hate themselves. Many respire with confidence and boldness, not overly-conscious about their weight, perfectly at ease with their perms, smiling and strutting and seducing down at the club. And, yes, many of them are wearing variations of natural styles, coiffures they spend a lot of money and time on to get what can be classified more as a trendy fad than racial pride. In other words how black women present themselves, is really about the individuality they've earned the right to express. It's time for a new scenario relevant to the year 2017. Time to file all of the old self-hate rhetoric away because it 's not applicable in a diverse country where everybody wants to be something more than what they are. People of color are a mixed breed, and it's the men of this species who need to get on board and participate in parenting their progeny to compete in a nation that in the future will be more about class than race. IMO.
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    I remember seeing the my children's mother 7 years before we met. Why I remembered someone I didn't talk to is a bit of a mystery. Funny, since my current partner and I seem to have some past life connections. Pioneer you are mistaken your life for Life. Which puts all of your statements in perspective.
  43. 2 points
    . and even in science, there are no absolutes. Anything we claim to know today and be changed if proven otherwise. The truth of the matter is that we know so very little. Sure we know vastly more than we knew 300 years ago, but we knew almost nothing then beyond making weapons and growing crops. I would not be surprised if we knew more about the way the world works thousands of years ago than we know today, particularly as it deals with spirituality. I agree with Cynique that people should defend their convictions. But I also believe that these convictions must be subjected to tests where applicable, this is how improvement comes about. It is the same thing with Trump as president. People disagree on Trump's qualifications to be president. Tests or proofs to the contrary are meaningless, people are "religious" in the convictions (read: irrational). I do believe people by nature do not test their beliefs or subject what they to evaluation (the way we do here). It is just hard to have your ideas challenged and this is simply something most people do feel like doing. Plus people generally don't think deeply about many things--including themselves and their own motivations--this takes effort. For the religion, faith is all that is needed. indeed alternative perspectives are avoided and even violently eliminated. People might debate whether Lebron is better than Jordan, but it really does not get much deeper than that for most folks... @Delano, you might observe that they both wear number "23" and see a more profound significance and I might be perplexed at why we are spending so much money on professional basketball, making the owners fantastically wealthy it the expense of our community. To me the significance of Jordan being better than Lebron is as significant to me as your preference of pie over cake... Now why do I think that way? Largely, I suspect, it is a result of running a small business selling books.
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    @Pioneer1 Most likely, but I don't know. He never informed me. At the least, let me know who the women are just in case they'd tried to run up on me. When I was married and my oldest daughter's father " and his wife came to visit our daughter and us; my ex had a fit. In fact, Ex was extremely jealous of my close relationship with him. My daughter's father and I were not and are not sexually involved. So I figured our marriage was closed. I was attracted to other men but I didn't act on it - if I wanted to I would've told my X-husband. It's mutual respect especially for those you love that is the foundation of all relationships. In fact, those are the type of people I associate with closely. I have respect for my daughter's father's wife and she for me, I suppose. She knows I wouldn't do anything with her husband without her consent. He has actually come to visit his daughter (us) with their children and she's remained home. Thinking about now, I realize that I just deal with very mature men and women who have no time for sneaking around. Which brings me to this. It's not about negotiating; it's about informing. The consequences be what they will. No one can tell an adult what they can and can't do. Now if there's a law against adultery on the books in the state that one lives in - then no amount consent will avail. If not, however, then engaging in intimate relationships might help with one's growth.
  45. 2 points
    Cynique I assume that people want to challenge their beliefs and do original thinking. I would say your synopsis or is it analysis, is on the money. There aren't too many places where you can have a provocative dialogue. The question is not what do you think about or how do you think. But what happens while you are thinking. My initial feeling was thinking is a mysterious process. Since you don't feel anything and then the answer pops out.
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    @Frederic that's Dark Magic. He is one type of Magician. Everything has a cost.There is high and low magic, dark and light. If you have defects in your character magic only amplifies them.There are rumpurs that the lost years of Jesus were spent acquiring esoteric knowledge.
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    To what all of you have written... YES!!! My journey into the occult began with the scriptures .... Those scriptures not recognized and canonized reveal so much - After a deliberate search, the words had me wondering if it were a handbook for angels. If a magician has a specialty, mine would be oneiromancy (dream interpretation); psychography (automatic writing) and I can, as it seems to be the case with @Cynique and @Troy , read energy. It extends beyond presence to include when someone thinks of me. I can pick up the vibration accurately. It wasn't until I was watching a movie that I realized that each of us has a distinctive rhythm to our heartbeat... So that may be what I'm sensing. EXCEPT... that heartbeat rhythm stays with us when pass on. I can tell when I'm in the presence of a loved one that has passed on - or even an energy of a stranger. I believe we all have these abilities but I think many have allowed them to become latent. @Delano Interesting that you mentioned we haven't transited into the age of Aquarius yet. So these labor pains continue - oh my! What's your take on Ophiuchus, the 13th sign - is its appearance responsible for the delay? Or no?
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    IMO the polls did not show an ethnicity breakdown.They could only rely on the old census population. I don't trust polls. That said, there are several reasons but I won't get into all of them. I watched the news comparing the 2008 & 2012 numbers turn out for President Obama against Clinton's 2016 polls. Wrong! All black generations and ages voted for the first black man to run for president. Many had no idea how Washington actually worked and didn't care. They just wanted their "son" elected to the highest office in the world. Many African-Americans did not see that wall erected against this "Negro." One of the oldest Republican politiations made the remark, ok he's in but he will not see a second term, but he did. And that's when that brick wall became stronger. Back to Clinton’s campaign. Her managers refused to admit that she was the wrong color in comparing turnouts. And that some black folks remembered how President Clinton waged war against black men and the poor. Her managers were in denial. Yet, President Obama understood, read the tea leaves, and campaigned for Hillary to the point of exhustion. In unspoken words he said, if you love me elect Hillary Clinton. He was fighting for two issues , his legacy and blocking Trump. Finally the Democrats realizing that Trump had his finger on the pulse of America and jumped in too late to help Hillary Clinton. I supported Bernie Sanders until the Democratic Party smothered him to save Hillary. Then my only choice was Hillary. What I learned is nearly half the nation is indeed prejudice. Trump doesn't care about what he sees happening. What he realizes is that he now has power to go along with his billions. He is a businessman and a smart marketer. Nevertheless, someone had better step in and block those campaign promises he made before America is "drained."
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    I guess my frustration is in knowing that hard work can often accomplish very little and that doing the right thing results in the same amount of accomplishment. I don't spend much time worrying about how well or what White people are doing. I don't care to be honest. What they are doing has very little effect on my way of life.What I realize ultimately is that money wins more often than brains or talent. The person who has access has more opportunities. The roadblocks are there and will always be there, so talking about roadblocks does little to help overcome those roadblocks. If people actually spent an equal amount of time on the positive or things that help others to overcome then Blacks would be in a better place. Unfortunately misery loves company and a complaint garners more feedback than a solution. In my head I think the way to fix Black folks is to frame the solution as a negative and push it out there. At that point people begin to benefit because undoubtedly the "negative" solution will garner more interaction than the positive solution. Black life is a paradox.
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    So @Pioneer1, if you had children you would not get them vaccinated? You believe vaccinations are a conspiracy to destroy Black people? Man, we need Black journalists now more than ever. If not for anything else to lay these rumors to rest (or prove them to be true). Conspiracy theories die hard even in the face of facts and truth. Recently I decided to focus on the dispelling the Willie Lynch Letter as a hoax. This was a hoax I pretty much thought was dead, but once I started promoting a book, Death of the Willie Lynch Speech: Exposing the Myth by Manu Ampim, which explained and proved the letter was a hoax. I was surprised by the number of people who reacted by saying it does not matter if the letter is a hoax, it is the "message" that is important. This reasoning nonsensical to me. But the reality is that issues likes these are completely emotional and reasoning does not apply. As result, we are stuck on stupid and make no progress--in fact we regress. I thought about removing the book, The Willie Lynch Letter And The Making Of A Slave, from my website because I was helping to promote the lie. Instead I thought it would be more impactful to post the following on the books page: "AALBC.com Note: Despite the popularity of this title on our website, the Willie Lynch Letter is a hoax" Despite the disclaimer, the Willie Lynch letter book outsold the book dispelling the letter over the past 30 days. Obviously conspiracy theories are not limited to Black folks. Even white people believe vaccines cause autism. There are communities where devastating diseases that were eradicated are now on the rise, because white folks are not getting their kids vaccinated. This puts us all in danger. But I understand why people don't trust the government. The government has largely proven itself to be untrustworthy. White folks believe the government is causing autism due to gross incompetence, negligence, and being owned by the pharmaceutical lobby. Black people feel it is genocide. These are all plausible given our government's behavior. We are so grossly misinformed, by the shallow, sensational, revenue-seeking, social-media-driven, news cycle, we are suspect to believe anything. Two days ago I got a social media update the Chinua Achebe recently died....
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