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    It is inconceivable that someone of Trump’s limitations would be in the position he is today. Unfortunately, here we are. Since 2008 and Obama’s improbable victory and subsequent second term in 2012, the privileged class and its political establishment has sought to delegitimize the Obama Presidency. Beginning with the clandestine Republican meeting within days of his inauguration, Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Leader, declared it’s primary legislation objective was to obstruct the Obama administration’s agenda. It is no coincidence that the first black president has faced such extraordinary vitriolic resistance, e.g. Tea Party, Congress, “you lie” during State of the Union and Fox News. I think it is unprecedented resistance because of cognitive dissonance (intellectual disorientation). How can a black man be president, given our ingrained conscious and unconscious perceptions? Enter Trump, his journey began with the birther movement that proclaimed President Obama’s election as unconstitutional. He is the leader to redeem the divine and legitimate authority, wealth and power that was wrested from the privileged/advantaged class. It is not progressive or future oriented; it is a throwback prior to President Obama, coded as “Make America Great Again.” This is a clash of tectonic values (culture and demographics). Larry Wilford of Comedy Centrals Nightly Show aptly describes the movement: Many Americans are eager for more than an end to Obama’s presidency but what they sense is the ascendancy of nonWhite Americans, their concerns, interests and experiences. “unblackening” is a political moment… The “unblackening” is happening now, or is it? Your thoughts about our future and past Check out my book Other Side at reduced sales prices. Available at: https://www.createspace.com/6178731 https://www.amazon.com/author/rayhollargregory
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    That skit was very funny and interestingly enough would have never been done just a few years ago as SNL didn't have any black women. Kennan actually had to hold his own personal boycott against wearing another dress in a skit which forced SNL to find Black actresses. I haven't weighed in on this very much. First I think Leslie doesn't look bad when she's made up. I also think her character or the roles she plays are entertaining. What I've always had a problem with is Black folks and their inability to allow Black actors/actresses to play the roles that are available to them while they wait for the characters that could be more thought provoking and challenging. It's very hard to get work as a Black performer and when a woman gets a chance to be in the not ready for primetime crew that has launched the careers of a number of Black entertainers then she should take it. I don't think she demeans or perpetuates anything. People are going to think what they want whether she plays these roles or she doesn't. Since this is about her looks, she is boisterous and loud. I think she can be attractive if she wants to be just like I always thought Whoopi Goldberg could be attractive and was in some instances. Then again, I was one of the few people who thought Grace Jones was stunning, just as much as I think Halle Berry is stunning. I have friends who wouldn't date dark skinned women at all. I think guys who focus on certain looks as beautiful are guys that have the ability to focus on certain looks. I never thought of myself as a catch so I was always more open to women who weren't stereotypically beautiful and I think this whole conversation has missed my voice. Although Troy did make the statement that beauty is only skin deep. I agree with him, but I guess I would add that it is really that way for guys who don't feel that they can "pull" a woman that looks like the "ideal" beauty.
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