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    Best Wishes,Respect For All The Black -Mothers,Grandmothers,Aunts, On Mothers Day..It Has Been -Said That Black Women .Are The Strength Of,The Black -Community...Extra Respect For Black Mothers Raising Children -Alone And For Black .Mothers Grieving Over their Sons --,Murdered By Nazi Terrorist Police And Street Gangs...I Think --,Cynique Is A Mother And Grandmother..A Perfect Song For -Black Mothers And Girls Is Black Pearl,By Sonny Charles -And,The Checkmates.....
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    I've been hearing so much about the surprise box office hit, "Get Out" written and directed by comedian Jordan Peele, that I actually bestirred myself to go see it. I give it a thumps up! It was quite well done, good acting, great comic relief; a satirical romp with a sly take-away. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I was amused by its off-beat plot.
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    Well I was drinking 40s long before Ice Cube glamorized the behavior. I do agree with you about the very negative impact of gangta rap music had on Black youth. Anyone one with eyes could see this. This the reasons I loss respect for many of these cats, because they swore up and down there was no impact and they were just telling their stories. They were lying and in it for the money. Back to Aires; I'm not sure why you'd put Aries in the same category as a gangsta rapper and call him "dangeous." That is a tremendous and unsupportable leap. Pioneer you and MrsMommy apparently associate being from the 'hood as all negative. Everyone is the 'hood is not creating the slum conditions their, doing crack, on welfare, or from single family households. Aires did not say anything about that. You are saying this and THAT is the danger Bruh. You are applying your own stereotypes onto the 'hood, associating them unfairly to Aires and vilifying hm for it. It does not sound like you heard a word he said? Del and I came from the hood, but neither of us present 'hood. Del and I both graduated a top business school. You can be in the 'hood and not be ghetto. The point Aires is essentially making @Pioneer1 is that Key and Peele are not as culturally Black as you or I and this informs their comedy. Do you agree with this assessment?
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    I liked the movie. And I disagree with Aries. All black people are not going to hang out with people in the hood and be "down." There are some black people I would not like to hang out with. 1). Hood people who are ignorant and have no hope. 2). Boogie black people who are not real with themselves and think they are above all other black people. I came from a rough city. There are those who referred to themselves as "niggas" and stayed where they were. And there are those who fought their way out through education and work, who would have nothing in common with the people who chose to stay "down" and to stay "niggas." Aries makes it as though all black people naturally gravitate to a rough crowd, and those in the rough crowd are the more authentic black people. I beg to differ.
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    Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael Key had a weekly comedy show on Cable TV which I watched regularly. They did not in anyway shy away from "ghetto" humor and many of their skits dealt with "niggaz", characters they were very adept at portraying. To me, their biting humor was comparable to Dave Chappell's. They spoofed white people and made caricatures of black ones. I don't think they catered to white audiences. White audiences responded to them because their humor was quirky, Both races were entertained by their Obama and his ghetto interpreter bit. "Keanu", the movie Peele and Key made together didn't make a big splash maybe because its humor wasn't edgy. Keegan Michael Key, who is also "bi-racial", was a cast mate of Aries Spears on Mad TV. Rumor had it that Spears left the show because he was not particularly happy with the ensemble comedy format so he went solo. But because Spears was just a run-of-the-mill black comic his career never really blew up big. Peele's huge success has to pour salt in his wounds. The fact that "Get Out" evokes so many different reactions from people is a tribute to its "genius". It's like the Rorschach inkblot test. Influenced by their subconscious, everyone views it in a different way.