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    I am soul searching wondering if when it comes to the current political climate i am descending into a state of cognitive dissonance. Facebook has become a twilight zone for me, exposing me to types of people who i cannot for the life of me change my negative opinion about perhaps because l defer to my gut feeling instead of my rational brain. I cannot change my opinion about the harm religion spawns or can i rein in my revulsion for right-wing fascistic conservatives. I cannot accept that these hypocrites and racists are people with integrity. Even Liberals have started to turn me off with their empathy for the neglected, resentful bigots who put Trump into office. I have no tolerance for these deplorables because they plainly are self-absorbed whiners. All the requests for the nation to pray for the unfortunate victims of Hurricane Harvey strike me as silly. Pray to whom? Why would an Omnipotent Being allow this disaster to happen and if this being is "working in mysterious ways", then what good will prayer do? When religious people explain that the catastrophe in Texas is god's will, this is simply a way of implying that he is punishing the enemies of whomever utters this phrase. To those who think it is the beginning of the end, then, again, i ask: "what good will prayer do"? I'm sure all of the people who are responding to this disaster with financial contributions and hands-on aid feel good about themselves for doing this. Me, i feel terrible for these unlucky people because they were all at the wrong place at the wrong time. Their lives have been changed forever and me sending 20 dollars to the Red Cross will not change this. Life is not fair. If it was, rich exploitive people like Donald Trump and Joel Osteen would've been swept away in the flooding. I fear i am moving past being cynical and evolving into a misanthrope. Black people exhibit so much stupidity and ignorance on FaceBook that i have lost patience with them. Lucky for me, i like solitude and am content to be alone in the company of myself. Me, myself and i deserve each other, i guess. But at least the option of shutting out what has become an annoyance to me is available Music from the days of yesteryear, and watching documentaries that deal with historical and scientific subjects are great pass-times. And binge watching past episodes of Game of Thrones is good escapism. For all of this i am grateful. In reaction to my rambling you ask: "Who cares?" In response i answer, "I don't know." And i don't really give a damn. I'm done.
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    Yes Troy, afromerica is my site and we still around. We were on hiatus for awhile but came back last year. Google has filtered some sites but we started back in 2000 so the Internet has not spit us out yet.
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    Seriously, one of the reasons I don't do much on Facebook is that it gives you a distorted perception of humanity, reality even. I've spoken to too many people who have told me that they feel worse about themselves simply because everyone else's life looks so much better on Facebook. If you judged humanity by our collective activity on Facebook, or any social media platform, you would become a misanthrope. Your ramblings interest me @Cynique, like any good memoir it tells me as much about myself as it does about you. I've come the conclusion that we are all just human, flawed creatures, susceptible to manipulation, and doing the best we can with the cards we've been dealt
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    What a great time I had @Decatur Book Festival! I spoke to lots of people about teaching their children about the dangers of firearms in addition to positive interactions with police. If you have an opportunity purchase Brownie Bear Teaches Gun Safety and/or Rules of Engagement: Mending Citizen/Police Interactions at Amazon.com .
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    Nonsense you care about truth. And you are brutally honest. No its ugliness that you find repulsive and it is increasingly on display. That's my take.You make me think more or wider about thinking. I am very grateful for that and you. You are the heart, Lady Leo of this forum.
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    Fear is tool that provokes are real-life response. Fight or Flight... Prolonged fear leads to mental breakdown. It's not easy to just resist because most people are approaching psychotic breaks. Most people of EVERY color. We are not just humans; we are human animals and animals all react differently when they're afraid. Some animals play dead, faint and poop when they're afraid and there are animals that make themselves bigger when they're afraid and if pushed to their limit, they will attack. This is where we are today - you can't use a weapon without expecting a weapon to be used against you. Use of fear has pushed everyone to mental instability. Danger is real and it also provokes the same response as those experiencing fear... Fight or Flight. There is another way to combat danger and its through the use of CHAOS... Clear Head Assess Observe Situation then respond. Response requires training. Those who are in imminent danger are usually not of the mindset to survive the danger... especially those who have experienced duress due to prolonged fear. So first we must learn how to respond to a situation. However I suggest first locating the fire (the danger) because fighting smoke (fear) is a waste of resources.
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