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    Cynique Were most of the men "coming on" to you Black? If so.....that may explain in part why they didn't harass you or get more aggressive after letting them know you weren't interested. Black men are usually BOLDER than White men when it comes to approaching women but we USUALLY (but not always) draw the line with rejection. Rather than sit there and harass the same woman over and over again who's made it plain that she doesn't want us, most of the time we'll just move on to messing with the next woman and will probably even go through DOZENS of women until we nail one.....lol. Some people don't like that approach, but it's one that has worked for ME and many other Black men who aren't considered the most attractive men in this society. There are exceptions to the rules and you have all types of Black and White men, but generally speaking most Black men like to play games and charm women into sleeping with them. We also tend to sleep with A LOT MORE women to increase the odds of "getting lucky" and staying that way. Where as most White men like to demand or coherce women through their money and power or sense of obligation and often times tend to focus on ONE woman at a time and maybe a second "mistress". Because of their status in society, many White men feel ENTITLED to women and find it very frustrating and almost intolerable that a woman would not want to sleep with them. Most women don't understand this mentality and are often surprised when they encounter it. On the other hand, most Black men in this nation are so used to being dissed and rejected that it really doesn't bother them as much. It becomes a NUMBERS GAME to them and they will shrugg off a rejection to move on to another target.....lol.
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    Poor movie mogul, Harvey Weinstein, the serial molester who has supplanted Bill Cosby as the poster boy for horny ol lechers. Why am i not outraged by his being outed by all of the mostly white damsels in distress coming out of the wood work, making accusations My entrenched cynicism no doubt. Or maybe, i feel rejected because I could not add my name to the swelling ranks of the "me, too" sisterhood of sexually harassed females. More likely because the "casting couch" has been a long standing joke in the movie business, wherein ambitious young starlets anxious to advance their careers, submitted to the sexual overtures of powerful Hollywood tycoons. Now all of a sudden, ambitious women who remained silent because they didn't want to derail their careers are coming forth, playing the victims. I've always considered any woman who was surprised at a man wanting to get in her pants as being naive. But perhaps "vulnerable' is a better description. In looking back, i couldn't think of any incidents that qualified me for membership in the "me, too" sisterhood of sexual harassment. Many men flirted with me on my job, but i took it in my stride and if i didn't respond, they moved on. Only once did a guy make a lewd suggestion to me and after i laid a few choice words on him, he grinned sheepishly and never bothered me again. i suspect because black women usually cuss out or blow off men who bug them and because most of these men aren't powerful enough to impede their progress, this latest feminist outcry doesn't resonate with them as much. Of course, rappers like Dr. Dre are the exception. Dating back to slavery days, black women have had to deal with sexual aggression and they've learned how to be just as manipulative as their predators. Of course, rape and domestic abuse put all women in jeopardy. I'm sure many would dub me as "old school" and would disagree with my view point. So be it. I'm so sick of everything that's going on in the world that i've become desensitized.
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    Again, I feel you Pioneer. Cynique, men use the lewd approach, because they are crude, and don't know any no better, but it works from time to time. So the tactic persists. I have never used the approach; It is just not my style, but again I know it works for many guys.
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    @Troy Oh no, that's been there. I didn't know that's what you meant. I did put up a widget for popular content and since yours is one the most popular - it's listed on the front page. I'm still bummed out about VSB... Maybe they just wanted the money and job with bennies. (oh well smh)
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    Third World Press Celebrates 50 Years in Publishing - ...I'm a man of action and two, that ideas, and the creative carriage of ideas can change lives. I didn't go out there deciding to start a book publishing company. But I knew, I'm not going to be digging ditches for these bad boys." Dr. Haki R. Madhubuti , Publisher - on what inspired him to found a publishing company in 1967.
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    The only places I was encouraged to think was at home and at Fordham Preparatory High School. If you want people to think or be treated fairly your life will end. .. like Socrates, Gandhi. King, Shabazz.