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    @Pioneer1 You are giving the Babyboomers credit for what my generation, the Depression Babies, accomplished. At the height of the civil rights movement and barrier breaking during the mid 1950s and all through the 60s, Babyboomers were children. We passed the torch to the Babyboomers who barely kept it burning.
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    https://socialjusticebooks.org/about/why-boycott-amazon/ A review of 190 articles from the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and the Bezos-owned Washington Post over the past year paints a picture of almost uniformly uncritical–ofttimes boosterish–coverage. None of the articles were investigative exposes, 6 percent leaned negative, 54 percent were straight reporting or neutral in tone, and 40 percent were positive, mostly with a fawning or even press release–like tone. The last major investigative piece we found in any of these three publications was a 4,500-word critique of Amazon’s labor practices in the New York Times (8/16/15) almost two years ago. Considering that Amazon is the fourth-most-valuable company in the world, with a 43 percent (and growing) share of all US online commerce, it’s a striking absence of journalistic scrutiny.
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    Cynique The Depression Generation were part of the problem....lol. Infact, THEY were the some of the ones that the Baby Boomers were fighting against! Generation X is a lot like the Depression Era generation in many ways. Overworked, taken advantage of, brainwashed, and refuse to stand up to the system that exploited them. But the Millenials are "sort of" like the Baby Boomer generation in that they don't want to turn out like their parents and they want a "new" way. But I say "sort of" because although the anger and frustration is there, there is too much substance abuse and I don't see them as focused on a common enemy as the Boomers were. Troy Every job on Wall Street that I ever got was because of white folks. Well, that answers atleast ONE of the questions I put to you in the other thread....lol. Delano So true Troy. It wasn't about my colo ur just green. Yeah, I've heard THAT tired line over and over again.....lol. If you think that your clients could care less about your race as long as you were making them money...... Start dating one of their daughters or sisters and you'll find out quickly how little the "green" you made them really mattered. Sure they don't mind you helping them to make money. That makes THEM richer. But you still knew your place and didn't cross the line.
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    Wikipedia In 2004, a 2m statue of the dancing Shiva was unveiled at CERN, the European Center for Research in Particle Physics in Geneva. The statue, symbolizing Shiva's cosmic dance of creation and destruction, was given to CERN by the Indian government to celebrate the research center's long association with India.[47] A special plaque next to the Shiva statue explains the significance of the metaphor of Shiva's cosmic dance with quotations from Fritjof Capra:
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    Everything in a New Age shop and more Astrology to Yoga .
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    @Cynique, Regarding the Baby Boomers ABSOLUTELY. @Antonio Ingram, don't sleep on the White organization. Every job on Wall Street that I ever got was because of white folks. I know it is a different industry, but I'm sure it is not much different. One day when you are in a position of power perhaps you'll change that. If you do you will be making a much needed change.
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    It's not so much that millenials feel "entitled".....I think what they feel is a NORMAL reaction to a world of injustice. I think the Millenials were born to finish what the Baby Boom generation WANTED to get done but the Generation X'ers messed up....lol. The Baby Boomers fought for a lot of rights and priveldges in society that we still enjoy today. They challenged the system, got out in the street, and FOUGHT for those rights and priveledges. But a lot of right-wing conservatives came along in the 80s and TRICKED the next generation ....which would be Generation X....into believing that these rights and priveledges were bad and corrupt and undeserved. So Generation X'ers grew up feeling that no one "owed" them anything and that they should tolerate all types of injustice without complaining. As a result they lost a lot of their rights, wages went down, and living conditions deteriorated because of Generation X's refusal to confront the powers that be. Now the Millenials are coming of age and looking at their parents...Generation X....and wondering what was all the sacrifice and hard work and "not complaining" good for. They're starting to take to the streets again and demand more respect and benefits. They're basically finishing where the Baby Boom generation left off. And they're angry because of the mess that their parents (Generation X) LEFT for them to clean up.
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    Lol, you know what, I knew that was wrong. I kept looking at that word. My eyes tired, I've been writing all day today. Thank you. Let me see if I can edit it.
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    Antonio, the word should be "insight", not "incite". Little errors like, are red flags in submission cover letters. Tidy up your syntax, too, babe. This sentence reads betters as; "you make the third person who has told me". Just an observation. Your writing has a conversational tone, so being a playwright is probably your forte. BTW, "Cynique" is my screen name, not my given one.
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    As someone who has paid many writers over the years. I've never asked a writer to write something for free. If they offer that is another thing--even then I provide some form reciprocity. It is just how we do in my community. Now having a piece in the Atlantic is a big deal for a writer, but seriously, The Atlantic should be ashamed of themselves for saying they can't pay--sure they can pay they just chose not to pay that writer. You see when publications get big, and writers get desperate, they will write for free (exposure). The Huffington Post famously took advantage of this imbalance by not paying their bloggers as part of there business model. Of course Ariana began fantastically rich and the writers got left with a HuffPo byline. When writers write for large publications for free they actually make it harder for all writers to earn a living, because they reduce the value of their work in the market place. I wrote an article the same year as The Atlantic article above “5 Things Writers Must Do To Survive Online.” One of the 5 things was don't write for wealthy sites for free. It also depresses wages for all writers by making it impossible for smaller publication to survive, because that can not compete against the likes of The Atlantic who can get writers to write for free. I know publishers of several magazine --all defunct--who complained that writers would reject the paltry sums their magazines offered to pay, meanwhile these same writers fought to write for Ariana for free. All that said, if I were a writer looking to make a name for myself today, I'd have to take the offer of writing for The Atlantic for free--at least once. You can't change the world by yourself. But I would absolute retain the copyright for ANYTHING I gave someone for free. That where i draw the line. @Antonio Ingram, I would network and get to know other writers and those in related professions. Get to know people many if not most opportunities in any career emerge because of who you know. Join a scriptwriter organization (surely there is one). Consider unpaid internship, volunteer if no opportunity exists and work a 2nd job to pay the bills. If you don't have a Blog start one. If you are going to write for someone for free, let it be yourself. Even though it is harder than ever to attract readers their is not better way to make you work available to others. Besides, if you are able to generate some traffic you can earn a living with a Blog. On my list of the top 50 Black owned websites several are blogs--all of them should generate enough revenue for someone to live on and some do far better. Earning a living writing is HARD. But if it is what you love and you have some talent you can make it work.
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    Writing is a very lonely profession not to mention being a very crowded and competitive one. It's like the NBA where only a chosen few make it to the pros. Your one consolation is that you are not alone. The world is full of talented writers who don't get lucky. Community theater may be a venue to have your plays produced and performed. This might lead to something bigger or at least give you some exposure and a little self satisfaction. Sometimes, just when you think all is lost and you switch your focus, Fate steps in and you become an "overnight success". The stuff of dreams.
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    So if they create a little Big Bang. So they want to create a singularity . That replicates the moment space and time were created. So if it goes critics and expands what can they do to stop it.