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    @Pioneer1 Social change is the result of movements. What you credit to the Anti-Establishment Baby Boomer movement in the 1960s doesn't erase the gains instituted by the Civil Rights movement that was launched by the Depression generation whose accomplishments ended segregation laws and opened up doors for black people. In the 1960s Anti-Establishment movement, Baby Boomer hippies consisted of white kids rebelling against their middle class upbringing, and this movement exulted free love and promoted drug experimentation. Their black counterparts, the Panthers were about a violent revolution which never got off the ground. There was also the Feminist movement, again the brain child of white women who wanted to step down from their pedestals and be on a par with their men.This is the torch these Baby Boomers passed on to the detriment of the generations that followed. And to add insult to injury, as they grew older, the white hippies of the counter culture movement grew up and became a part of the racist establishment they were rebelling against, leaving behind the irresponsible social changes they had introduced. Meanwhile, the Black Baby boomers didn't maintain the positives gains made by the Civil Rights movement because they were too preoccupied with material acquisitions and superficiality. The Feminist movement never really caught on because of the perceived notion that it was the creation of lesbians. Today, it along with Gay Rights is still struggling as evidenced by the "me, too" movement and the AIDS specter. Bottom line is that all social change is not for the better, and whether or not what is passed on to the next generation is good or bad, is debatable. In response to your question, grammar is about correct usage of language, sentence structure, and punctuation. It is not about misspelling or incorrect use of words. Del is guilty of not editing his work. He cleans up well. @Mel Hopkins and @Troy, you 2 really have a handle on the situation. Blacks are stuck on, maybe even dependent on making racism the culprit. And they will get irrelevant solutions when focusing on the wrong problem. The ongoing litany about black unity and white villainy is just marching in place. Using black supremacy as a weapon against white supremacy is a short-sighted exercise in futility, and being preoccupied with this takes on a zeal comparable to religious fanaticism. New strategies are, indeed, needed. And as you both suggest, different goals set.
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    Neither reason nor logic will convince fundamentalists.
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    @Pioneer1, you believe the white people in control like Bezos, Zuckerberg, et al, are motivated by racism. I believe they are motivated by power and greed. People motivated by racism are either stupid or ignorant. I don't think Jeff Bezos is either. Now the 45-voting white boys you are likely to encounter on a daily basis probably are more likely to be racist. This might explain your world view. This site was created in reaction to racism. Obviously I believe racism is a problem which needs to be addressed. But, Jeff Bezos adversely impact more white people than Black. Indeed many Black people don't even appreciate what is happening. It is white folks who are trying to stop him. They are not reacting to Jeff's racism, they are reacting to his greed and overwhelming control.
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    Thanks for sharing your perspective aSexual. We hear so much about the transgender, gender non-conforming, gay, hetero, etc we never talk about asexuals. I'm sure there are more than a handful of you out there. I know many people have simply opted out of having sex for any number of good reasons and don't miss it. I suspect however if you engaged in the activity, with an open mind, with someone sufficiently skilled, you may change your mind
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    Agreed @Mel Hopkins and this reveals the problem with all of our collective strategizes to date and why they have all failed to eradicate racism. We are dealing with symptoms not the underlying cause. Black people fight racism, when the problem is our entire system; a system in which racism can actually grow--think about it: We have access to more information than EVER yet we have people who are stupid enough to believe racism makes sense. How is that possible in 2017? Of course corporate owned social media profits from misinformation so we have as much good information as bad and it is getting harder to figure out which is which. Of course we are left to do this on our own because we don't have enough journalists to help sort though this stuff, so false information propagates a easily as the truth. In fact false information propagates faster because it is so much easier to generate--no research or fact checking is necessary. Why aren't people, like 45, who fan the flames of racism laughed off the podium? The answer to that question will explain why there are still white and even Black supremacists.
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    Working in economic development - I learned the first thing you do is determine your goal. Once you determine a goal and how to achieve it, that's usually when you can identify a problem. So, if racism is the problem facing the black community - this would mean solving racism would allow the black community to achieve its goal. What goal will the black community achieve when the racism problem is solved?
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    Pioneer do you understand what an accountant does. Because it doesn't seem like it from your comments. Pioneer spell check or proofing my post would fix my deficiency. Fixing your unrealistic assumptions and faulty logic is a bit harder. Accountants count money. Trading Brokerage and Sales make money.
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    Cynique People commonly point to the 60s as the pinnacle of massive social change in America. They also give most of the credit to the YOUTH of the 60s who were the vanguards of this massive social change and spearheaded it. If you are part of the YOUTH (25 and under) in the 60s.....then that means you had to be born in the 40s and 50s. Meaning POST Depression and post World War 2 era. Commonly refered to as the BABY BOOMERS. Now there are people of EVERY generation who made valuable contributions, but if we were to COMPARE one generation with the next..... Clearly the Baby Boomers were more instrumental in agitating social and political change that previous generations. BTW... Why do you find the time to correct EVERYBODY on their grammar and spelling mistakes EXCEPT FOR the person who seems to need it the most....lol? Del Pioneer in can talk intelligently to Wall Street, Main Street and the Street. Because I listen and think. "in can"?? You clearly weren't listening in GRAMMAR school....lol.   Pioneer how did you arrive at your opinions about Wall Street, comics books? Specifically..... WHAT opinions did I have about Wall Street that were wrong? Pioneer I worked as an Profit and Loss accountant for a $2 Billion Mortgage Backed SecurI ties Portfolio. Which was one of the most complicated securities at the time. And when the market had the largest percentage loss ever my boss was confident in me. Even though it was my first job. But I also was cool with the sister who were secretaries and the brothers in the mail room. Most people respect knowledge and integrity. So here's a need flash I was respecteducated for my knowledge and my ability to get the job done. No bitching and moaning. That's beautiful ((clap clap clap)) Now, in all of that bragging about how much money you were making White people..... I was looking for the part where you went BACK to your old neighborhood in The Bronx and built a school or started a program to help mentor and teach Black boys and girls how to be financially successful too. I couldn't find it. Could you please.....sir....point it out for me. I mean.... I KNOW you just didn't hop on a plane and fly off to Australia without helping out the people you grew up with in your old neighborhood. Surely.... If you're so good at making money for White people and White firms, surely coming from an impoverished community such as The Bronx you would recognize the need to help YOUR OWN people also. Troy   when I wrote, "Every job on Wall Street that I ever got was because of white folks." What question of your's did I answer? I'm sure I missed it. You said that Wall Street was bringing the world's economy on the brink of collapse and I asked you what did the men who were IN CONTROL of Wall Street look like. In other words, what COLOR were they. I believe your statement that every job you got on Wall Street came from White folks answered my question. And further proves my point.......... That this world's economy is controled by the WHITE SUPREMISTS. Antonio I feel you bro. For years and years I wondered why Black people fought and argued with eachother so much and why we just couldn't unite and get along. I now realize that the biggest problem we face isn't disunity. The fighting and disunity is a SYMPTOM of much larger problems. On of those problems is a LACK OF TRUST or LACK OF HONESTY among eachother. Black people for the most part don't unite with eachother because most of us don't trust eachother enough to form close bonds with. And one of the reason we don't trust eachother is because growing up in this society we are so used to White people telling us what to think, what to do, and how to feel....most of us are out of touch with out TRUE feelings. For example in male/female relationships...... One of the biggest reason Black men and women don't get along is because most Black women don't trust Black men.....because so many Black men have been caught having multiple sexual partners while claiming to have only one. Many Black men resort to lying about their sexual behavior because White men taught us that for a man to have multiple sexual partners (something common in Africa) is morally wrong. So many of us lie about it and when caught it sets up conflict and mistrust between us. Another reason Black men and women don't get along is because most Black women are frustrated and angry with Black men their seeming inability to protect and provide for Black women like White men do for White women. But most don't vocalize this....instead this anger and often HATRED may manifest itself in different ways totally unrelated to this fact....which confuses a lot of Black men. The key to unitity in the Black community is HONESTY.
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    Thank you, Troy, for embedding the program. I haven't taught myself how to do that yet. I don't have time to discuss this tonight, but here is a related topic. Manjoo mentioned robotics. The Robots are Coming ! The Robots are Coming! The Robots are Here. This doesn't have to be bad news if we plan ahead, use our imaginations, and put the common good above profits for the few. Here is a link to the latest article, If we spread the profits around, smart robots can work for ALL of us, from The Hightower Lowdown, the newsletter written by Jim Hightower: https://hightowerlowdown.org/article/robots-ubi/
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    I was talking to a lady just this weekend. She sounded just like Pioneer. Again I understand him because I encounter many people like him. The Sister, who like Cynique, is old enough to be my mothers, was going on about White racism and how that Black man is genetically superior. She absolutely did not want to hear anything about the fiction of race. She was firm in her beliefs and was not interested in hearing the science or facts--nothing. I gave up. Fundamentalism is a scary thing. Now earlier in the conversation we agreed about the need for Black owned media and she was well versed on how the lack of it had misinformed our community; so we have some common ground. But when you disagree on the cause of a problem the solutions will naturally be different.