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    @Pioneer1, you should research the subject of white supremacy. At least earn a bit more about it's origins, you then see many of your conclusions are baseless. I was not trying to make a point. I was just trying to discern how much you knew about White Supremacy. It is interesting given your admittedly limited knowledge on the subject that you feel perfectly comfortable making grandiose statements like, "White Supremacy took these evils which were rather local and isolated and MAGINFIED them into a world wide system of exploitation and misery previously unknown to humanity." This characteristic makes it difficult to have a reasonable dialogue about this subject with you, because you'll say anything with nothing to back it up. A cursory knowledge of history would give you ample examples to the contrary. Think about religion for example. Religion predates White Supremacy and has been the cause of a great deal more suffering which continues to this day. Wouldn't you agree? BTW regarding the video, people can have dual citizenship i.e. have two nationalities. For the upteenth time, there is only one race. You can't look at someone and determine what you understand to be their "race." As far as the brother is concerned; he struck me as perfectly normal. It is not surprising that he would get a little tongue tied when a stranger sticks a camera in his face and asks deeply personal questions in public.
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    @Delano, because I was thinking that it wasn't regarding screenwriting. I seen most of the post were about other fields of writing. I'll look back into it though. @Cynique, Even though it's not much stuff in my field on here, I like the idea of being in something a little different. It's good for balance, my balance anyway. And absolutely, I've had lots of criticism and feedback. Since I first started back in 2012, lol (boy we came a long way). And all of it has made me the writer I am today. I do have like two screenwriters that's familiar with my work that I share with. One recently praised my writing. I even used a script consultant one time (won't be anymore) who I kept in touch with. And when I went to Full Sail University (graduated June 2017), which was where I was in a hands-on environment and they treated the classrooms like the professional writing spaces. There was lots of critiques and feedback flying around. Regarding my writing, I write character-driven drama films focused around the young black man to give our society a different viewpoint of who we are and to show that we’re living humans like everyone else. I don't see the young black man's voice reflected on screen, unless it's something along the lines of slave, drug dealer, dead-beat, victim, killed, poor, ignorant, buffoon. There's so much more to us than those things, and I want to be the one who leads the charge in reflecting all the other aspects of the young black man and what we're capable of. I also want to tackle issues within our culture.
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    What is it about White men that you two love so much? I mean...seriously? If you look at this board, most of the men....Black men...are complaining about what White men are doing to the world. Now granted, Troy hasn't come out and said "White men" have done such and such. But he DOES complain about the problems of Wall Street, and Jeff Bezos and others who are White who he feels is making problems in the world. But YOU TWO........... You ladies RARELY talk about White people being racist and the problems racism is causing. Instead you speak in vague GENERAL terms that seem to implicate EVERYBODY like:   "Oh the world is in trouble." "Look at all this poverty and hunger" "My my my what is life all about, why doesn't society accept people being who they are" You want to include EVERYBODY in problems that have their origins in being caused by a specific group of people. And to make matters worse, you'll turn around and run to the SAME people who caused the damn problems.....looking to THEM for a solution! For example..... Mel does a video about poverty where she's hyping a movie by some White man from France as if HE has the solution. Cynique is publishing videos of various White men with dreamt up philosophies as if THEY have somehow uncovered the meaning of life. I'm making this an issue because what I'm seeing with you two is indicative of what is happening in the Black community in general. Black men seem to recognize racism as being a major problem and few Black men have problems pointing this out. But too many Black women DO NOT see racism as a problem...they see BLACK MEN as the problem! And they'll make every excuse in the world to blame and criticize the Black man while either ignoring White men who cause these problems or actually seeing the White man as the problem SOLVER who will rectify everything. Now am I mistaken? Am I deluded? Is this all in my own mind? Or has anyone else noticed this "unshakable faith" that so many...not just Black women...but women of color in general STILL have in White men to solve all of their problems?
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    @Cynique Thank you for sharing Franz Fanon. I hadn't heard of him. Have you heard of Edward Bruce Bynum, PhD - I found Dr. Bynum after he commented on an "Experiment" (crowdfunding website) where one of my BTHS classmates was doing an experiment on dreams. From her response to him, I learned Dr. Bynum is well-researched in the field of consciousness. I have two of his books - but they are so dense -I had to put them aside so that I could finish projects related to my livelihood. Dark Light Consciousness - Melanin, Serpent Power and the Luminous Matrix of Reality is one book and The African Unconscious: Roots of Ancient Mysticism and Modern Psychology is the other. I've started the first one and read the foreword on the latter and both are mind-blowing.
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    Perhaps Pioneer can shed some light on this for you.
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    @Pioneer1 @Pioneer1 Have you even read anything I've written? Remember me, “the overachiever” you once called me? I find solutions to my own problems. Nope, I’m not a damsel in distress looking for a knight... So, what the heck are you talking about? If you haven't watched the documentary "End of Poverty? then we can't have a conversation about it... As for the rest, you're the one who seems to be in love with white men. You give them all the credit for all that's wrong in the world. You are the one who speaks about "white supremacy" as if it’s enough to impact the lives of 6+ billion lives on this planet. And you're the one who wants to be the premier authority on white supremacy. I don't give white folks credit for anything. Ok, sometimes I blame an individual white person for some of the shenanigans. I will, however, give credit to individuals who are focused on making this world a better place for all to live in. Their color doesn’t matter to me. But back to this idea that I look to white men as saviors. Remember all the stats I posted about President Barack Obama's administration? Yes, his mom was from Kansas, but I admire him... You on the other hand talked down the first black (biracial) president of the United States. ... But if you've reviewed anything I've written here; if you were really paying attention, you’d see a pattern of those I admire most are black women, then women of color, then women... I find us fascinatingly strong and game changers and have been since the dawn of modern civilization. So, if there's anyone who is going to save us, my money is on black women. Not being racist or a misandrist, I just believe black women are fabulous. Then black men because, well, we create them, then give birth to them and raise them.
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    Pioneer giving up on you is not the same as giving in to you. Your comment is both queer sounding and rapey.
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    Yes, yes, yes. For somebody who is so slavishly devoted to this country and who constantly chides me about hating it, why would you ask this silly question? It should be obvious that i hate all white men of Trump's ilk and am indifferent to the rest of them who populate and run this BS country. Plus you had a fit because i backed Colin Kaepernick; guess he wasn't black enough for you. i happen to be interested in esoteric subjects and ancient wisdom. Besides Franz Fanon i don't know of any black men in these fields.
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    @Pioneer1Puleeze. Why would you think that any of this warmed-over hash would be new and enlightening to an 84 year old woman who loves language and is an observer of society? Of course Fuller would blow your mind because his spiel reinforces everything you believe and constantly parrot. But I've heard it all before, a lot of it at the knee of my father, and i filter it through my own transcedent philosophy of life and my personal concept of reality. It's not that deep; a lot of this is just common sense black people have been saying about each other since way back in the day. Moreover, just because something captivates you, doesn't mean that everybody else should be awe struck and inspired to abandon their approach to life. And what i believe is not necessarily in conflcit with what this glib guru says. He speaks in meta-physical terms. BTW, the reason Fuller has never been able to find his quote about what Mahatma Gandi said is because he didn't say it. There are other reports out there about Gandi being a racist who put black people down. Google gandi's quotes about black people. Yes, i know who Frances Cress Welsing is. i went to U of I with her sister, Lorne. She's a physician and author who drifted off into anthropology after embracing Afro-Centrism. Her theories are just theories. Have you ever read the "Miseducation of the Negro" by Carter Woodson?" His is the original. Fuller just recycles him and the black is beautiful movement, whether he wants to admit it or not. My final thought on the subject, is that White Supremacist are supreme at seizing and maintaining power. And that's the bottom line.
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    @Pioneer So True. Thank you.
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    I haven't had a lot of time to read through this entire exchange but let me say................. It seems to me that Antonio had a DUAL purpose for coming to this site and coming to this section of the site. To seek advice on writing AND to seek comfort and understanding from among people he feels SHOULD be getting both from....other professional Black people! There's nothing wrong with that...in my opinion. For one thing.... From what I see the Culture, Race, and Economy section is the most popular section of this site and has the most traffic, so OFCOURSE someone who is looking for the most attention for what they have on their mind would come HERE to get their issue addressed by as many minds as possible. It only makes sense. But more to the companionship and the solace of finding other Black people, especially professional Black people to share your frustrations with.....where else can Black men and women go to get that?
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    @Antonio Ingram Actually you would be a better fit in the literary forum on this site. People here don't engage in a lot of discussion about books or writing careers. We can offer suggestions and sympathy but not much more that what you already know. Sometimes, a writer gets too close to their work and can't recognize its flaws. Have you had any of your manuscaripts critiqued by someone who will give you a honest opinion and make constructive suggestions? Are you writing for a particular audience? And do you tailor your work to this demograph? Is your work original or is it just a trite carbon copy of what's already out there. These are the things that a critic or a genuine literary agent would look for in assessing your manuscripts. There are vanity agencies out there who require a fee and who will tell you what you want to hear because they want your money. As i said, writing is not an easy profession to break into. But you need to be ready if an opportunity comes your way. @Troy As you know, the large cities of the midwest were where blacks from Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama and Arkansas headed for during the Great Migration. They brought their ways and traditions with them and passed them on to the next generation. My parents came to Chicago from Kansas and Tennessee. i did notice subtle difference between them and those who came to this big city from other places. My father never tasted chitlins until he came to Chicago. i never had grits until i got married. (They were a favorite of my husband whose family was from Mississippi. ) There were a lot of other things that were common to people from these states that were not common to my family.
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    @Antonio if you wanted to connect to writers why didn't you post to Black Literature or any of the other forums, which are about writing or promotion. Which are your two concerns ?
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    Thanks for sharing your perspective aSexual. We hear so much about the transgender, gender non-conforming, gay, hetero, etc we never talk about asexuals. I'm sure there are more than a handful of you out there. I know many people have simply opted out of having sex for any number of good reasons and don't miss it. I suspect however if you engaged in the activity, with an open mind, with someone sufficiently skilled, you may change your mind
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    @TroyI've been thinking about this. Do you equate a "great" movement with being a "good" movement? And the lasting effect of a movement is also a factor. Aside from the Civil Rights movement, i'd think about the Harlem Renaissance Movement because it was multi-faceted in that it involved literature, arts, theater, and politics. Many positive, enduring things came out of it. Then i'd even give some thought to Nat Turner's movement which culminated in a slave revolt. It ended in failure and tragedy but it provided black people with a genuine hero and a much needed inspiration because, to this day, the struggle continues. The Hip Hop movement significantly allowed younger generation to uniquely express themselves in style, and music and attitude and it has had longevity. I really can't just choose one movement as being the "greatest". Music is important because it is associated with certain eras and the movements that occurred during them.
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    @Pioneer1, please answer this simple question without a long winded diatribe. When did white supremacy begin?
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    @Mel Hopkins I found a copy with English subtitles. When I finish will post. Stubbornness is not the cure for ignorance. - Delano Strachen.