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    I like discussing topics and ideas. Since it is the opportunity to learn. Discussing a topic with someone more knowledgeable means learning more. Everyone has a particular style of communicating. Which may be related to their personality or rather their personsa. Why are people posting, what do they expect abd what are they trying to do. Also there is objectivity flexibility experience combative. Cynique you're the top dog. The pecking order if regulars is: Cynique Mel Troy Pioneer. Although Troy can change is position more quickly. And appears less wedded to ideas than anyone else I mentioned. Mel is really informed. There are three groups of people I find very interesting Writers Rappers and Comics. Thank you. The real vs the abstract. Time vs belief. It's one of my favorite quotes. Thank you @Cynique. The real vs the abstract. Time vs belief. It's one of my favorite quotes. Thank you. The real vs the abstract. Time vs belief. It's one of my favorite quotes.
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    Well you answered you own question regarding pioneer Cynique. This line is classic; "...and they take root amidst an environment where your brain is on lock down, imprisoned in an ego-centric cell where the bars are forged from your myopic mentality." Are you this witty in real time? I named the forum for you because your contributions are prodigious in both depth and duration. These forums exist because of your contributions. If you were not here the forums would be much less valuable. I still believe contributions are worth of a book. Your dedication deserves more than I can return. Naming the site for you may one day really mean something. I would be really nice if you can see that day. At the same time all of the regular contributors -- even Pioneer -- make this sites possible and give it life. I welcome indeed need his contributions too. So even when I disagree with him, I welcome his input. The literature site is named for Thumper. Even the address of this site pay homage to him https://aalbc.com/tc The "tc" stands for Thumpers Corner. But Thumper who posted here for over a decade has not posted here in years. This Cynique gives your contributions even more weight because of you longevity. The literature forum will always be Thumpers Corner and the Culture board will always be Cynique's Corner. Over the years we had some great contributors. I miss @Thumper, @ABM , @a_womon, Yukio, and so many others. I appreciate @Xeon popping by every now and then and I hope @zaji shares a bit more too. This forum is only as good as the participant's contributions. The very fact we that were are still here in the face of social media is really quite an accomplishment. When I see the success of forums like Lipstick Alley, it gives me hope for the future.
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    In 1944 Recy Taylor Was Raped By White Men In Alabama . She Was Walking Home After Church When She Was Grabbed By White Men And Raped.. The All White Jury Refused To Find,The White Men Guilty. She Was 24 When She Was Raped,By The Racist Trash White Men..She Had To Raise Her,Younger Siblings At 17 When Her Mother Died..She Died,At Age 97 . She Died 3 Weeks After A Documentary ,Was ,Released About Her,The Rape Of Recy Taylor..Another Horror,Chapter In Black History........