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    I love Octavia Butler's Mind of My Mind because her characters use telepathy in an interesting way. I have believed for some time that it was possible we once only used telepathy, and verbal language has been a degeneration away from our purer state of communicating. Basically, something ruined us. Maybe processed food, bad air, bad water, or a disaster on Earth, dunno. Just some thoughts/ideas I play with. @Cynique I learned not too long ago that effect is the proper word when writing effect change. I went through several grammar websites. Effect change means to "bring about" change. Specifically, bring about a different state of affairs. So yes, it was deliberate. I want to bring about change....change the state of affairs in this world. @Delano I'm glad it's not odd to you! I have had a couple writer friends tell me it is strange since I love to write! LOL. But that is the nature of communication. There are some things one cannot get folks to understand. No amount of words anyone told me over the course of my life could get me to TRULY understand the pain that is child birth. I was told it is horrible, it hurts like hell, it's the worst pain ever. But hearing all of that STILL didn't instill in me an understanding. It would have required telepathy for me to understand them prior to having my own child. When I had my own children, THEN I understood. LOL. So it is with many things I want to get folks to understand. I am fully aware that they won't, because they do not understand the way I think. I believe I think in 7 dimensions. LOL. How do I explain some of the off the beaten path ideas I have to people who have the ability to think in 7 dimensions, but have been trained by this world (all of us were) to think in only 2 or 3 dimensions. I believe we ALL have the ability, but so many are stuck on following the status quo and repeating what talking heads say, and the news says, that they can never escape the trap of their dimension. This is why i tossed my television in the trash over 10 years ago. I saw what it was doing to me...keeping me stuck in a single dimension. When I got rid of it, my learning increased 1,000 fold. I began to see things differently, I dreamed differently, colors looked different. Everything changed for me by the single act of not letting something else think for me, speak for me and provide me with images of the world. Images that always remain the same across all news sources. New questions were never asked. I began to know more about the world than those who watched television. LOL. I also began to realize what I needed to know, what was important, rather than what the television told me was important, and I needed to know about the world by its reports. Anyhoo, I ramble again. But yeah, again, glad you don't think it's odd.
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    There is an old saying. "Words don't have meaning; people do." I don't know where is comes from, but it is true IMHO. I don't even think telepathy would be any better. How people perceive is a function of the individual. The only way to truly communicate the pain of childbirth is to experience it. However, I doubt every woman experiences childbirth the same exact way. If sharing the same exact experience in not perceived the same universally, had can anything be community universally through the written word -- or even telepathy? I think getting rid of television is a worthy goal for some people. Similarly I think getting rid of the large corporate run social platforms is probably a good idea for most people too. But this all or nothing approach is heavy handed... ... because I also think social media and TV are great things . In the right hands, used wisely, both can provide tremendous socal benefit, like a good bottle of wine. Used in excess wine, like TV and social media, has and will continue to create great societal harm. This is the state we are in today, so I just presume that we ditch all of it and err on the side of caution (provided we keep the wine around).
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    I knew a wizard that used to read people's minds. And talk as if the were speaking. As you can imagine a lot of people didn't like it.
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    Clairesentience would work better than telepathy. Perhaps it should have regulations akin to alcohol. Since it appears to alter the emotional state.
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    The bad news is that knowing someone can read your mind, would inhibit your thoughts. Me, i wouldn't want others to be aware of what i'm thinking, especially if it was unflattering to them. This is a natural reaction and if taken to the next level, mental telepathy could be stifling. The "good" news would be that telepathy could lead to training ourselves to only think good things which could lead to a silent Utopian world inhabited by people, all of one mind, on their way to returning to the supreme intelligence from which we originated... Our facades are the costumes we wear in the Masquerade Ball known as Life. Private thoughts are what keep us in touch with whom we really are. IMO, this double-consciousness is inherent in the human condition wherein we shift between these 2 existences. We may not have come here talking, but it is where we went to in the course of forming social groups so necessary for survival. Introspection is a haven that offers a respite from a chattering society. TV and social media are my windows to the world. They offer a broad view, and this allows me to be discriminating when it comes to what i watch. For about the first 20 years of my life, there was no TV or any computers, and hence no social media. Those were idyllic days but, in my declining years, i'm glad to have these arm-chair diversions. @zajiThanks for clearing up the effect/affect thing; yet another example of language evolving. I learn something new everyday, and - "that's a good thing".
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    Words can get in the way. Thoughts can be things, and maybe at some day in the distant future, we will have evolved to the point where we be able to read other's minds and not have to verbally communicate. @zaji i would be interested to hear if you deliberately used the noun "effect" instead of "affect" which is a verb?
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    No problem, twin. It is not odd to me. I got into the occult because I was looking for some keys. After a while I realised that was pointless. Or wasn't the purpose of the occult for me. Which radically changed me and my relationship with the occult.
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    As I writer, I use words to effect change. Yes. Interestingly, it has been this writing life that has led me to see words as a hinderance. Odd, I know. But it is what it is. From what I have observed, the more words we create, it seems there are more problems in the world. The dictionary got bigger and wars increased. But, that's just how I see it. Others may see something else.
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    @Delano I just finished writing something similar to someone! I was sharing with him how the words will help people make the change. Or as I said, "people will get used to the concept if they see the words as I've written them. " Thank you for co-sign. even if you didn't know it
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    Black Panther ,Black Super Hero.. Another Black Super Hero.,Black Lightning A TV Show. Unfortunate ,There Are No,Black Super Heroes ,That Could Take On Street Gangs,Pimps ,Crack Sellers ,Thugs , Racist White Police ,And Neo Nazi ,Klan .. Savannah ,Georgia ,Not Chicago ,But Violent,Idiot Black Males. Someone Was Shooting At The ,Funeral Parlor ,Boy Was Shot Later ,Died. Seems Weekly ,Somebody Shot ,Black Men Arrested.. Preachers Marching ,Upon The Streets For Violence To Stop ..... ..Racist White Police Killing Unarmed Black Males ,Black Men Violent ,Killing,Black People. Future For Black People ,Unity ,Is Gloomy....
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    This right here is helpful @CDBurns ! And when ever you get a chance to map and share the process -that would be helpful too! Thank you!
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    @Mel Hopkins It is interesting that you posted this. I just responded to something stating that we shouldn't get hung up on the words when it comes to certain things. I have had long discussions with folks on the difference between definition and meaning. This culture is focused on the words in a dictionary and keeping us trapped in that. When in many old world cultures, meaning was what was primary. I try to think in terms of meaning, rather than merely words. Words sometimes confine us, cage us, and keep us unable to see beyond the word itself. We tend not look within because we don't trust our own thoughts, ideas and meaning. So many need words to ground them in ideas. I don't. Meaning, in my opinion, is a far more enriching way to live and understand each other and the world. It opens us up to myriad thoughts and ideas unconfined by the words we let dominate our thoughts and emotions.
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    Race is fiction. Racism is real.
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    I can't entertain stereotypes -- indeed they are racist. Hey @Mel Hopkins, can you make a graphic of a bald headed brown skinned man lying prostrate from exasperation. Like the woman you posted recently?
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