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    Clearly not everyone. I have heard two types of criticisms : it's fantasy let's look at black history. It is an Africa that never existed. It meets a need that the film Malcolm X didn't. Some say it changes the image of how Blacks are seen others say it is fantasy. I would say it is both. The film is a fantasy because we are riding a Chimera we call reality conciousness life maya. Is the film important? yes and no depending on your perspective. Is it historic? Yes because it has shown us images and characters we haven't seen and the world was thirsty. It was half of tickets sold. And that is historic. China is saying Wakanda Forever.
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    @Delano, I get it, a lot of people saw the film. But even the writer of the article pointed out that this film will "cannot reverse generations of negative imagery and distortion." The point you are missing and that was overlooked in the article is that first and foremost this film is a vehicle to make money. If someone did an analysis to see who will make the most money from the film this will be plain to you. Look I wish all of the ills heaped upon Black people globally would disappear as a result of this movie, but it is woefully idealistic to believe this will be the case. I'm surprised you would hold this position. Do you think this film will change 45's attitude toward "the Blacks?" Do you think Colin with get he QB job back. Do you think they will ever let more than 10 Black people into Stuyvesant HS? Do you think all the trigger happy Po-Po will stop gunning down unarmed Black people? Do you think more than a handful of Black people, if any will share proportionately in the fantastic profits generated by this film? Or will our role continue to be that of consumer; continually forking over our dough to people the owners of Disney who we have allowed to create our Mythology. You don't see Native Americans running around talking about how great Pocahontas was for the indigenous people of North America. The few that are left have more sense that we apparently have. You do realize that The Hollywood Reporter article you site, and well as all the other sources --including the NFL, is part of the same propaganda machine that made this film so fantastically popular. This material is created to get you to think exactly the why you are thinking. It is good that you visit sites like AALBC so that you are exposed to ideas not beholden to the same propaganda. that has figured out a way to both define your culture reap great financial rewards from it.
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    TRYING IT AGAIN!! (May have been "user error!!!!!" LOL Sister Mel, that was quite an introduction!!! Impressive. This is my first post, so bear with me if I don't quite fit the format here. By way of introduction: Native New Yorker - African in America Slightly active in Civil Rights - picketing, etc. in high school Attended Howard University and graduated in 1966 Married college sweetheart US Air Force and found that Air Power and Black Power do NOT mix "Taught" a Black History class at McNeil Island Federal Penitentiary (Visiting Prof, though!!!) My 'students' educated me!! Ever grateful, Ron Ben jar, Leo 10X, Pep and others!! Graduate school at Cornell University (1970-72) - in the aftermath of the armed student takeover of the Student Union bldg Protested murder of Brothers at Attica State Prison Co-led Operation: STOP - the student-faculty divestment organization - to persuade Cornell to sell its Gulf Oil stock; succeeded in doing so. Returned to Howard to work in Student Affairs - 32 years, including 14 years as Dean for Residence Life (student housing) Active with African Liberation Support Committee and Ujamaa Shule and Watoto Shule Former Member of the All African Peoples Revolutionary Party Retired from Howard U in 2004 Relocated to the highlands of the Republic of Panama Conducted Family Heritage research and discovered AMAZING info about my maternal great grandmother Mariah Otey Reddick Was inspired to write a historical novel inspired by her life. My wife Ife, a twice-published fiction writer, is Contributing Author Finishing the first true "First Draft" and now seeking an Editor Glad to be here and to meet all of you. Sisters and Brothers!! Damani
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    i'm having a cynical reaction to how the term "God" is being bandied about in the ongoing discussion about religion and science. Some people obviously think Christianity has a monopoly on god, having based its religion on someone calling himself the son of god. Judaism says, "not so". Islam stammers "maybe". Inscrutable Oriental gurus and swamis and lamas have their own version of god in keeping with their cultures and philosophies. The ancient Greeks figured, "By Jove, we'll create mythical gods for every situation!" The Romans chimed in with a "Sounds like a great idea!" God is moreorless a generic term co-opted by groups who have turned mysterious forces into familiar objects of worship. I, like a lot of other people, posit that men with ulterior motives have personified The Universe as a Being who they have created in their own flawed image, subsequently integrating this entity into belief systems known as religions. Religions whose credos adhere to the idea that everybody is wrong but us. I say all of this to argue that God is not a religion. Mel, Troy and i have all advanced the idea that belonging to a religious denomination has nothing to do with one's profession as a scientist. Being a university founded by Christians has nothing to do with what scientific knowledge is gleaned at this place of learning. It behooves others to separate religious individuals from their secular professions. Would you consider the findings of a scientific person to be influenced by dough just because he ate bread? The Forces of Nature stand on their own. Religion didn't create them, they were simply discovered by individuals who happened to have worshiped idols. As someone who embraces the concept of god as a spirit which transcends man-made religions, the only concession I make is that science and religion are both pillars of society. Those who exercise their right to believe differently are wasting time seeking to convert me to their way of thinking. And so it goes.
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    Please share this video and subscribe to The Tea's YouTube channel -- they produced the video.