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    @Pioneer1 Really!? LOL That's funny. I don't like to argue, but I love to debate! @Delano Good question! You know, I think that when a confrontation shifts to personal insults and personal attacks on someone's character that keeps on going, then it may be time to temporarily avoid... People are going to have a difference of opinion, but it should not resort to tearing someone character down. Nevertheless, even if someone has the best of intentions towards others, offenses will still occur. We should at this point, learn how to address offenses respectfully as possibe, and then keep it moving...
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    I gave this some thought and have decided to ne neutral
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    That is just it @Delano you have no problem shooting down what the guys on this forum say, but never reveal what you actually think. You don't answer questions but instead obfuscate with incongruous follow up's. Your belief (or not) in the virgin birth or Christ or the or the asexual production of a male child from a female does matter. Are you really being supportive of @Chevdove by not revealing what you actually believe? Just because I disagree with Chevdove on this issue and the commingling of science and Christianity in general, does not mean I don't support her. In fact, I submit I'm more supportive of her because she knows my position and I'm willing to hear hers. You are confusing patronization with being supportive. No one knows what you think Del. Do you believe in the virgin birth or Christ or not?
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    Del Which is it, avoidance or confrontation. Can you tell me how to decide. You should take a "line item veto" approach.....lol. In some cases you should confont a person and engage them in argument if you think it will be productive, and in other cases when you feel no progress will be made you should avoid them.
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