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    Who remembers being told black folk don't read or if you want to hide information from black people, put it in a book? Lately, I found several articles that disprove those notions in addition to learning that the Pew Research Group stumbled upon the fact that college-educated black women read the most books. And it made me wonder about black women's reading habits. If you're an AA woman, please click on the link and take this 2-minute survey. When 100 respondents are recorded, everyone will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Target gift card. Thanks!! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FNGGNPB
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    a student loan paid, and your student loan is paid and your student loan is paid too... The graduating class of Morehouse College had commencement Keynote Speaker Billionaire Robert F. Smith give them a send off into the real world...but in addition to parting words he will allow these seniors to be debt-free to the tune of $40 million. Wow just wow... CNN Breaking News https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/19/us/morehouse-robert-smith-student-loans-trnd/
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    Female respondents for now. Would you mind sharing? I only need 34 more females.
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    Chev and Troy Well you two STILL haven't sold me on planets and moons being stars, but OK...I'm beginning to understand. It took a minute, but I'm beginning to comprehend how the stars and planetary alignments and their patterns can verify the times of alleged events. But this is beginning to lead to new questions for me............. These alignment patterns.....as consistent as they may be....would seem to only verify when something took place IF those who are recording the event MENTION that particular celestial alignment during the event itself. For example if a great battle took place at a particular time and those scribes looked up in the sky that night and said, "On this night Saturn is here, Venus is there, the Virgo constellation is here...ect..." I understand now. But most historical events that I've read DO NOT mention celestial alignments with them. They just say "Such and such took place" and leave it at that. So again, how can we verify the actual occurence of the EVENT when the alignments aren't even mentioned as is the case with MOST historical events we read about?
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    @Pioneer1 the reason no one is trying to prove this is because no one made that claim. The idea is obsurd; why you keep forcing the point is lost on me. Now the alignment of the moving stars (planets) and fixed stars can tell you when something happened on Earth, but not what happened. I think that is what @Chevdove was trying to say, but she can speak for herself. Again, post the statement where anyone said what you've claimed about describing specific events based upon the relative positions of heavenly bodies. The student thinking he's ready, does not make so.
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    Dude, no one wrote anything like this. Please provide a quote.
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    Just go back to the regularly scheduled program.
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    Merriam Webster star noun Definition of wandering star : any of the seven planets of ancient astronomy fixed star noun Definition of fixed star : a star so distant that its motion can be measured only by very precise observations over long periods. Going back to the sidelines.
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    The Moon is moving away from the earth. At some point we will no longer have eclipses. Things change.
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    Is this a serious question to me? Don't be silly 🙂 Besides @Chevdove never asserted that.
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    Jesus and the Apostles are believed to have spoken Aramaic, and Aramaic-language translations (Targums) of the Old Testament circulated. Aramaic continued in wide use until about 650 CE, when it was supplanted by Arabic.
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    Chev I can still remember as a kid going out with my family to Sunday dinners (often after church) to different Soul Food restaurants around the city. There were so many to choose from. My father would take us to different ones and you didn't have to worry about people cussing, fighting, or act a fool around you and your family. In many AfroAmerican communities today there are no or very few actual "sit down" restaurants PERIOD whether you're talking about Soul Food, Chinese, or fast food. Most of them are designed for you to walk in or drive up, place your order and pay, get the food, and LEAVE. The message they're sending the customers is: Get your shit and get up out of here.....Lol. Most of the sit down and relax, customer service oriented restaurants today are only the fancy restaurants like Ruth Chris. I think most AfroAmerican youth (25 and under) are missing out on a LOT of amenities that used to be taken for granted in our culture. Most of them don't know what it's like to go to a Black establishment and get waited on by Black people with a smile and eat food cooked with love from ANOTHER Black person. I still remember the old greasy spoons in Detroit that were Black owned and Black ran. Early in the morning as early as 6am or 7am Black folks heading to work in the morning would stop in these joints for a full breakfast of grits, eggs, coffee, pancakes, ect.....and meet up with eachother. I'm getting hungry just THINKING about them! I don't know if you remember but there was movie back in the 80s called the BLUES BROTHERS in which Aretha Franklin portrayed a waitress in a greasy spoon while performing the song "You better think". I remember Black waitresses like that who would call everybody "baby" and put a lot of SOUL in serving their customers. You don't see that today. You see Black youth walking around eating pizza or chili fries most likely made by someone who does NOT look like them or give a damn about them.
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    http://curious.astro.cornell.edu/observational-astronomy/160-our-solar-system/the-earth/seasons/74-will-the-seasons-change-due-to-precession-intermediate Due to precession, the Earth's axial tilt slowly changes over time. As time progresses, the locations on the Earth's orbit at which equinoxes and solstices occur will change. @Pioneer1
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    Chev That also means that some of our own people are a part of our self destruction for this cause of White Supremacy and so, what do we do about that!? You're abolutely right. Infact a LARGE PORTION of our people are guilty of self destruction in the community. What has worked for me and most other AfroAmericans I know who seek to improve themselves is to SEPARATE ourselves from the self-destructive elements. When I say seperate I'm talking both physically (moving away from and avoiding known trouble makers) as well as separating ourselves mentally and culturally (not listening to self destructive music, engaging in self destructive behavior, or watching movies that promote crime and murder in the Black community....Empire comes to mind) and seeking the company of those of like minds so that we can build among eachother. Ideally, the goal should be to CLEAN UP the community and rid it of those criminals and savages who engage in grossly self destructive behaviors like gang banging, pedophilia, rape, and theft. The problem is the Caucasians in Law Enforcement often times protects those who are engaging in this behavior in our communities or keeps it contained in AfroAmerican communities in an attempt to keep it out of theirs. They actually enable most of the bullshit you see going on in Black neighborhoods. If it were totally up to us without any outside intervention I believe decent AfroAmericans would have organized and ran out the drug dealers, murderers, and pedophile from our community a LONG time ago.
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    I hope you come back!!! Love you much!!!
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