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  1. On The. News ,Chemical. Castration. Alabama. Wants. To. Have. ,Chemical. Castration. Upon Men. Who. Rape,Molest. ,Children,While,They. Are. Behind Bars,And. Continue. Getting. ,Chemical,Castration After They Get Out.. I'm Sure This Would ,Be,On. Black Men More Than Any Other Race Of Men.. .Some,Black Conservatives Might Suggest ,Black. Men With ,20-Plus,Children ,With More. Than 10- Women Should Get ,Chemical,Castration ,Since They Cannot Buy A Box Of Condoms. Today June 6- ,Is. The. Late. Great. Singer. Levi. Stubbs. ,Birthday,.He,Was. Lead. Singer. Of . The Four. Tops. . Play Some. ,,Four. Tops. Music.. My. Aunt. Lucy. Favorite. Singer,Levi. Stubbs....
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