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    The Hurricane Dorian situation had me a bit down emotionally the past few days. The fact that this storm roars into a category 5 hurricane and heads straight for the U.S. and then STOPS in it's tracks over the Bahamas and stays there for nearly 2 days before making an "L" and moving north as it loses strength is almost unbelievable. No one can tell me this was totally co-incidental and simply part of nature. For one thing, storms don't STOP in the middle of their rack and do a little dance for 2 days before moving on. Also, since when do storms make sharp "L" movements? They may curve and make wide turns, but head west only to stop right there on the shore of Florida and then go straight north is almost unprecedented. Different people have had opinions and explainations about it from HAARP to climate change, but the bottom line is this Hurricane hit those small Black islands and stood away from Florida as if a shield or force field was blocking it. When was the last time you heard of these disasters happening in Europe, Canada, or even Australia? When I look at this ALONG WITH what happened to Haiti with the earthquake and New Orleans with Katrina earlier, it makes me wonder who is looking out for the African collective on this planet.
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    I am reading The Complete Ali by Ishmael Reed.
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    The depths ancient civilizations went to in order to preserve their cultures never ceases to amaze me. I'm from Iowa. My great uncle and the rest of the family walked up there from southern Arkansas in the 1940s to escape all the feral white-isms down south and work in the meat packing plants. He's no longer here on Earth. It was always interesting hearing him and my other great uncle and aunties talk about the migration, being drafted into Vietnam, and their childhoods. I understood very well why they moved to that little white town and the opportunities we had because of it.
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    @Mel Hopkins I was asking about that specific video (linked below). All of the points you mentioned are subjective and have meaning in context. A simple thumbs up or thumbs down on the specific Cardi video I shared would be helpful to understand where you draw the line. I don't think the problem with this Cardi B. video is consumerism. It take my concerned about the Normani video to the next level. It is being viewed at a rate of 1 millions views a day since it has been posted thanks to Google profiting off concert tickets sales and God knows what else. Many of these very same people also voted for Obama. People are desperate for change -- for things to improve. But even these people were not in the majority. Remember 45 lost the popular vote by about 3 million votes if memory serves. So you don't think money had anything to do with Universal's motivation to create these "slutty" videos with our sistas shaking their butts non-stop? Of course an utterly complete disregard for how we are represented in the global media makes this possible. Shaka Zulu?! Staring David Hasselhoff? Ni99a phulese! Next you'll be citing marvel's Black Panther representation of Black culture. Greedy rich white people will do anything for money. White people will murder us at a clip 1,300 (mostly other white people) through the sale of cigarettes -- far-and-away eclipsing opioid overdose by a factor of 7! The people running the NFL, UMG, Facebook, Phillip Morris, whoever, only care about money. Any harm done to Black and white people is purely incidental. Of course they will use race to keep us at each other's throats, when the need arises, to keep us distracted while they poison us, destroy the planet, and fleece of all our wealth.
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