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    1600's. Kidnapped. Africans. Chained,Shackled. Forced. To. Be. Slaves,We're. In Motion. Slave. Ship. Jesus. ,One. Of. The. Slave. Ships,That. Crossed. The Ocean. Christian Slave Owners Bible,Scriptures,We're Tortured Upon Our Ancestors ... Slaves,With,A Sincere Heart And Fear ,Obey Your Earthly Masters... Black People Have Embraced Slave. Owners Christian Religion For ,Generations.. Present Time Black People Are In Mental,Spiritual,Bondage ,Like Our Ancestors Were In. Bondage,On,Slave. Plantations..... Black.Christians. Embraced. Slave,Owners. Religion. Of. Christianity. Then. Protest. About. ,Unequality,Racism. From. White. Supremacy. All. Around, White. Christians , Live. In. Comfort. And.Joy,They. Say. They. Have. Been. Blessed. Black. Christians. Live In. Poverty,Despair. And. Oppressed.. As. Christian. Black. Preachers, Buy Mansion. And. Rich. Cars,,From,Stealing. Christian. Church. Tithes... White. Christian. Are,Plotting. Our. Black. Race. Genocide....
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