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    @Chevdove you were probably to young to remember tbe concert Wattstax. They made a documentary film in the 70s with same name. I saw the film in the theater and I recall wnjoying it a great deal. I own the DVD -- check it out
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    Looking for a good read this weekend? Look no further! Take a space bakkie ride to Cape Town to encounter aliens, Africans in space, gender bending shamans, and enchanted waters. Set in post-Apartheid South Africa, no fiction collection is complete without a story or two about Nelson Mandela with an Afrofuturistic twist. Feminist and womanist, Colin Cloud Dance's strong African women characters create a new South African future. Colin Cloud Dance's Cape Town Curios is a collection of stories which transports readers into the heart of South Africa. These are Urban Fantasy tales of the weird, the supernatural, and even the alien...Cloud Dance's Cape Town Curios is an Afrofuturistic collection which I highly recommend. - Valjeanne Jeffers, author of Immortal and Mona Livelong. The cover is certainly a standout in this collection of South African stories infused with speculative fiction...If you’re curious about African culture and how it might morph into the speculative, Cape Town Curios is a book for you. -Eugen Bacon, author of Claiming T-Mo and Writing Speculative Fiction. Available now from MVmedia and anywhere books are sold! #afrofuturism #blackscifi #urbanfantasy https://www.mvmediaatl.com/
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