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    Hey all! Just getting the word out. I started a writing blog on my author website. This month I am focusing on a three part series on the writing process for first time authors. Please check it out and leave your comments.
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    @Troy us old-school Journalists believe in attribution. My copyeditor at EBONY was real old-school (she was writer/editor for Playboy back in the day) - and she checked every line of my 3800+words in those last two articles. If we couldn’t verify we took it out. All this to say, your information would have made it into the article - but unless the article was about aalbc - we wouldn’t have contacted you. We would have attributed to the article and publication we got the information. But thinking back on how she hazed me with those two articles. Never mind, Rema probably would have made me contact you! 😳😄
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    Yeah I recently described Marus as my favorite book store. They do not sell coffee and danish, but they had tables of books and people who were willing to talk about the books and culture. The books they carried were not in any of the chain store or white run independents. They were one of the few stores of the type left in the country. There are a number of stores with online campaigns. The local community needs to step up. -- they are the ones who will lose the most if these stores fail. @Mel Hopkins maybe Google will save them too 😉
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    Yeah I like the Guardian too. To clarify: There were almost certainly never 200 Black-owned books opened concurrently in America. The number open today is still closer to 50 than 100. I indicated this, in error, in the past. The Guardian did not reach out to me for comment. If they did I would have told them. (Hey @Mel Hopkins in Journalism's heyday would this have fallen into the purview of fact checking to confirm the quote attributed to me? Or it okay to just say that, "AALBC said, blah-blah-bal?" Is it OK to leave it up to the reader to determine if I actually said that, or if it is even factually accurate?) My list, includes stores that are not all Black owned and stores that have closed. Stores are MUCH more likely to email when they open or not on the list,, and never email when they close. Here is a link to Marcus Books funder rasier: https://www.gofundme.com/f/marcus-books-anniversary-fundraiser
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