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  1. Politicians Want. Juneteenth To. Be. Holiday. Juneteenth When ,,Slavery. Was. Ended. .Slavery. Has. Never. Been. Over.. Slave,Owners. Used. The. Bible. To. Justify. Slavery. Christianity. ,Was. Tortured. Forced. Upon. Our. Slaved. Ancestors., Black,Preachers. Preach. Christianity. For. Money. .Christianity ,,Enslaved. The. Mind. ,Spirit. Of. Black. People. .Poverty. ,Poor,Black,Communities. Comes. From. Racism. Discrimination ..White. Democrats. ,Republicans. Racist. Evil. As. The., Slave,Plantation. Owners .Black. Communities. Are. Enslaved. By,,Church. Crack. Sellers. Crack. Houses. Pimp Houses ,,Black,Politicians ..What. Is. Juneteenth Being. A. Holiday Going ,To,Do. .? ..
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