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    Never in my wildest dreams (and yes I have wild ones) would I think a short observation would spur such a nourishing conversation! Thank you @richardmurray, @Troy and @Kalexander2 for you evocative perspectives!
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    The irony of this article dated May 7, 2018 appearing here as a post is that I believe it was inspired by awesomelyluvvie article - dated April 17, 2018 - 😐 Still, It drives home the point that unless a black woman's feelings are echoed by a woman of non-color - then those words are just another "fart in the blizzard." Further, tears of woman of non-color are assigned as the attributes of all women especially black women. And if we don't cry at the drop of a hat then we are labeled Angry black women. Or we're not women at all, or rather we're acting like "men"...because we don't act weak. When in reality women are not weak at all - but women of non-color just play men that way. Now, they've joined the me-too movement to kick men out of their offices all the while playing victim but getting the corner offices in the process. All I got to say is "well-played women of non-color; well-played. 😛
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    @richardmurray: Doubt sister Hopkins meant where that's going, but i'll leave it up her to check it up!
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    @richardmurray ... OMG!!! this is true of everything we create. Understanding the creator reveals the creator.. I knew this to be true of my writing ... to read me is to know my heart - (good bad or indifferent). BUT now looking from your perspective I'd say this is true of what we consume. @Kalexander2., "It's not that I have something to hide. It's that I have nothing I want you to see." ~ANON (Netflix) @Kalexander2 If I understand this premise correctly, if the state is receiving the money - then why aren't officials distributing the HUD funds based on needs - rather than using the cash to integrate communities. One challenge, however, is to make sure millionaires such as Fox News Sean Hannity don't get the HUD money and then fix up buildings in areas - and charge exorbitant amount of rent for each apartment. https://www.11alive.com/article/news/sean-hannity-under-fire-for-allegedly-using-hud-money-to-help-buy-housing-property-in-georgia/85-548596246
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    That would pretty much be anyone with a smart phone. Even tbe senior citizen with all those plastic rewards card attached to their keyring. It is hard not to freely share your information.
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    Yes Troy, afromerica is my site and we still around. We were on hiatus for awhile but came back last year. Google has filtered some sites but we started back in 2000 so the Internet has not spit us out yet.
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    Happily ever after is the problem, in literary terms. I will reply to your personal query but after I speak on the problem with the entire modern relationship genre. The first problem is where happily ever after came from. It came from a change in european fairy tales. Originally fairy tales were meant to refer to tales concerning the magical. A fairy traditionally is not positive or negative, in literary terms fairies is a magical label, how the magic apply to humans or the human world depend on the fairies, the humans, the various natural aspects. Most of these fairy tales were variations on pre christian stories from various places in europe that were becoming or would become heavily christian, at the zealot level. The christian clergy to their part, maintained the original christian method, making non christian things negative. This is why the word villans means criminal or peasant is low class compared to urban, where the christian church started, in modernity.Originally fairy tales had many unhappy endings. Some meant to scare, some meant to educate, others cause the story was good. But, over time, as books were being created, some writers decided to omit the unhappily ending fairy tales and only include the happy ones, or convert the unhappy ending ones into happy ending ones. This was the way in the european literary world; that coincided to the european global colonial age. The funny thing is that many of the conquered peoples native to <using commonly used geographic nameplace, not appropriate ones>: Africa/Asia/America had their own fairy tales which reflected the same style that the original european fairy tales did; but, these non european or non white fairy tales were barely transcribed or remembered or recalled through enslaved or genocidal histories. This lead up to modernity, in the united states. The U.S.A. media traditionally likes an inhuman position. From davey croket <is that the correct spelling> to the founding fathers , whether referring to real or unreal history the u.s.a. puts a happily ever after spin on all tales. When, the world wars are ended, the USA through its relatively advanced media machine, spread the happily ever after style and embedded it in films or entertainment. Artists who tried to reject this had to be independent or their work was undermined in advertising. The original scarface black and white film/comedy shows on early television/tales from the crypt comic books are all examples of media in the u.s.a. where someone was telling a story that did not end happy ever after and in each genre rules were set up to enforce a happily ever after product. From the movie ratings to comic code to prewritten shows on television. The artistic goal was blocking unhappily ever after from being experienced. Now, in modernity, the film industries technological capability has allowed an audience to see some of the most fantastic written elements absent reading or use of their imagination. The non science fiction or high fantasy fiction genre's like relationships or biographies are where books are making the most money. And, with centuries of happily ever after saturating the media in anglo led ,u.k. then u.s.a. , humanity you get to the current scenario. Now to answer your query, I believe in being happy in the now and not expecting anything tomorrow. Time is a teacher, treasure each moment you live, hope for the better tomorrow, praise the best from yesterday. Expectation is the enemy to a happy life, cause humanity live in nature, not dominate it, nature will give sad days, unhappy days, and nature is no sinner for it.
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    I don't have a Valentine's album per se, but I do have a collection on apple music called "bittersweet soul." I like soul music which I've recently learned is secular version of gospel music. I kind of knew that though. "This must be heaven" performed by Brainstorm and written by Lamont Johnson is less romance and more like a love song to THE ALL.
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    @Troy The action is here! Some of Independent authors here seem to echo the same thing "I didn't know how to market my book." Except, they do. -It appears they're not strategic in their marketing practices. I was the same way with my first novel - I knew what to do but I didn't work my plan. I like how you call it a (book marketing )"clinic" because it is! We, independent authors, already know what's wrong - we just aren't consistent with our "outpatient" care. I'm writing this out for me too. I believe this is one the best places for original content on the subject. By the way, I like that I don't even have to repost it to my profile - the software keeps track of all my postings as long as I'm signed in. Oh! I'll check out @dtpollard. @Troy OMG @hen81 is my writing "hero"! He didn't come here to play with us one-book every 20 year folks !!! 65 titles according to his last post! 😀
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    You are giving a clinic now @Mel Hopkins. DT PollarUsed to posr here quiet regularly. He really was cranking the ebook several a year (or so it seemed).
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    well done @Mel Hopkins and thanks for the information in the comments
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    This was a made up example but Gladys (Brown) West is the "hidden figures" of the GPS. I don't think her biography is complete but I read her story recently
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    Kobo Audio books- Kobo has set up an audio book system. It is straight forward. I already had audiobooks in their system but they were accessible through the kobo app, which i mentioned in their description. I made versions that I will link to in the newsletter and this post in the near future. Video Article https://kobowritinglife.com/2019/09/27/breaking-news-kobo-writing-life-launches-direct-audiobook-upload/ you see the video, it is that straight forward, I am considering continuing my sport audio blog through it now. @Mel Hopkins @Troy Kobo Audio FAQ Direct Audio FAQ Can I publish audiobooks in other languages? Yes! The interface is currently available in English, and will become available for additional languages by the end of 2019. However, you can publish is whatever language you like. Do I have to be exclusive with Kobo? Never! We believe in reaching readers wherever and however they want to read, and we encourage you to make use of the many platforms available to you. How should I price my audio titles? We want you to have complete control over your pricing. Take a look at other audio titles in your category and consider length and production cost when setting your price. What is the payment rate for audio content? For audiobooks, you will receive 45% of the list price for a-la-carte purchases, provided the list price is greater than, or equal to $2.99 USD. For subscription downloads, you will receive 32% of the list price. For more details, click here. https://kobowritinglife.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001056548-What-will-my-earnings-be-?utm_source=Kobo+Writing+Life&utm_campaign=c381073e6f-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_10_01_03_31&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_d7d32e9e8b-c381073e6f-31135551 I don't have an audiobook tab on my dashboard! The audio tool is being rolled out slowly and it not yet active on all accounts. If you would like us to enable the tool on your dashboard, please email us to request it. writinglife@kobo.com Can I opt my titles out of the audio subscription program? We want to offer audiobooks however the reader wants to purchase them, so all Kobo audiobooks are offered via the subscription programme as well as a-la-carte. Can I distribute my audiobooks to libraries? We are still in the beta stage at the moment; however, we are working hard behind the scenes to offer authors the opportunity to distribute their content via OverDrive. Stay tuned for an update coming soon! I'm already selling my audio content on Kobo. Are there any benefits to uploading my audiobooks directly? We are working closely with our merchandising team on future audiobook promotion opportunities, which will be available for all authors who upload directly. Keep an eye out for audio promos in the near future! How do I listen to a Kobo audiobook anyway? If you haven't already, get thee to the Kobo store and sign up for a free audiobook trial! Download the free Kobo mobile app, and you'll find all your eBook and audio content right there, in one handy place. Happy listening!
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    Gazette Fragments 62/63/64/65/66 Edition 62 excerpt The mouth - a tragedy, enjoy the trailer Edition 63 excerpt Alien the play - This was quite enjoyable, the special effects:) , the video is embedded in the article, but the link is below Edition 64 excerpt Perler - A cosplayer makes outfits using perler beads. as a samus fan I like it https://makezine.com/2019/04/26/constructing-cosplay-armor-from-perler-beads-with-cosplamy/ Edition 65 excerpt Mickey - yes that mickey mouse, love the cover viewed in this excerpt of a new bande. https://www.glenat.com/sites/default/files/liseuse/9782344034972/index.html Edition 66 excerpt Much Ado about nothing - what first comes to your mind? italy, spring, shakespearean speech? This version says it is an all black version but I think the creator missed a trick, that lays that claim false. HE made an all black cast but kept the context, italians side spaniards. … He could had made it an ethiopian Ras, maybe Ras Pero, ala Duke PEter, or Don PEdro and his military retinue can come in for a visit to Agordat, the setting is after the first ethiopian-italo war, which was won by Ethiopia. Then the rest is the same, he missed a trick. https://shadowandact.com/nycs-shakespeare-in-the-park-to-include-all-black-production-of-much-ado-about-nothing-ledby-danielle-brooks
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    We @richardmurray you are familiar with your story so the images have context. Without that context, at least for me, they were random, uninteresting, images.
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    Richard Murray https://photos.app.goo.gl/6Xf56Bb391NQuBo66 Black meaning the most ancient black peoples aside the current black people, Red meaning the forebears to the current black people, Green meaning the history from the forebears cover one Brown fist pairing each. Brown for the skin that link nearest all black people. A yellow text phrase the black/red/meaning colored for the bind between the sun side the soul. The blue is the water in which all black peoples have forebears who were forced in through slavery or war by others. Ann-Michelle Thurmond Powell A shield of peacock feathers symbolizing strength, power, wisdom and peace, 4 teal, purple, gold, green. Cream represents the unity of black people unbounded by their shade of skin or internal biases . https://photos.app.goo.gl/RnsG4hc5CR5ojdcj9 LeQuenta Marshall butterfly on a thorny rose. Butterflies represent transformation. The rose, commonly associated with classical beauty and romance, but it protects itself with the thorns. Purple is her favorite color/signifies royalty. Yellow is bright and signifies hope and sunshine. Sky Blue for clarity, calmness, & peace. https://photos.app.goo.gl/39B1oq9zyzcy1oR29
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    The Tiger inspired from The Tyger from William Blake Tiger Tiger, burning bright, In the fairway's grown in night; What media mouth or statry, Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant green's or tee's, Burn from fire in thine ease? To what break's dare he conspire? What the hand, dare seize the iron? And what ankle, & what art, Could twist the sinew's of thy heart? And when thy heart began to beat, What dread hip? & what dread feet? What the driver? what the wedge, In what furnace burn'd all hedge? What the blade's? what dread club, Dare the deadly dimple's snub! When the bet's cash'd in their doubt's And water'd clicker's with their eclout's: Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the Lamb's make thee? Tiger Tiger, burning bright, In the fairways grown in night; What media mouth or statry, Dare frame thy fearful symmetry? The Lamb https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/43670/the-lamb-56d222765a3e1 The Tyger https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/43687/the-tyger
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    @Mel Hopkins not you think , you know or,at least, you are 100% correct . And, yes, I am not suggesting,100%, that making money must have criminality but I am telling that 99.9% does, not in alway straight but it does. Excellent example: Robert Johnson sold something worth more than any price long term and sold it for fiscal profit, and was glorified from like minded folk, black or non- black, after doing it. Many hip hop artists did likewise, betraying their youth or their home life for the imagined gangster rapper imagery, that white owned corporations preferred over social critiques or artistic mobilizers. The problem is simple, define morals. Morals are not set in stone. Second, more importantly, function. Said black folk are looking to reject or deny function to remain in some ruleset, morals, while making money. At the least, that does not serve the function of making money to the best ability or serving a communities needs.
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    You could have started and stopped right there @richardmurray
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    @Mel Hopkins Everyone,I repeat everyone, in the usa is in a mental conditioning program to suggest merit not making money is the key. My pleasure, but we all suffer from that. As someone who prefers efficient municipal structure, I do not know how many time I spoke truth to inefficiency in the usa /nys/nyc municipal structures when in truth i wasted and still waste my breath; cause said systems are not meant to be efficient but tools for those who have the most money to control. The true answer is always in the usa, very simple. Make money and do what you want. Crude, inefficient, non sustainable but that is the way in the usa. When DT first went bankrupt who saved him. new jersey and the banks led by goldman sachs who held his real estate transactions as well as alot of atlantic city property. If DT went bankrupt the first time, like many fiscally common folk <red/black/white/or other or any> Atlantic city would had plummeted in value and caused a severe depreciation in the banks. Whom we all learned later had too many DT -esque deals they were holding which is why the federal elected official class did to the banks what the banks side the elected officials class from the state of new jersey did to trump, made the later too big too fail. Sequentially, Donald trump did not strictly go bankrupt the first time and the last two were mere repetitions to the first. DT calls it the art of the deal when it is simply modern global fiscal capitalism. People who have money are deeply connected and will protect each other's finances to protect each other's finances. I don't know what they gave obama/clinton/emmanuel/et cetera for that blank check but they all paid when trump was elected as president. the party of lincoln party elders lost leadership to a man who has allegiance to nothing but his personal benefit. the party of andrew jackson was exposed as internally deeply dysfunctional. Returning, DT's fiscal condition is about protectionism from the fiscally wealthy and people do not admit it, though it was said enough to be common knowledge. We all know the truth behind DT yet we do not say it. We all know the truth behind the too big too fail but we do not admit it. Obama himself talked about the system falling down. that is a lie and we all knew. the banks falling down side all but one from the major usa car companies falling down would not had caused chaos. but it would had deleted many fiscally wealthy people's finances. And, those people used their money or power from money to maintain their fiscal wealth. Does it mean the banks or car companies are educated? how educated are the people in the banks in the center to the global empire when they have every advantage to make profit while be stable and failed? how educated are the people in the car companies when they are in the center of the global empire and yet fail to make a cost efficient technically superior automobile? How many people in the banks or car companies merited their job or were given their job? Many people allude to merit to everything else but having money and being cutthroat or coercive to keep it, no matter what.
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    Part to the end of this article is what I would had written otherwise, you wrote: "The reason, however, is this; Apple is run by people whose goal is to make money by any means. So, if you find you're in a place far different than you'd envisioned for yourself. Stop doing what you've always done. Lose the fear and do whatever it takes to allow you to live your dreams." I would had rewrote the last line:"Lose the fear and do whatever it takes to allow you to live your dreams." as "Lose the fear and make money whatever it takes to allow you to live your dreams." I know just one simple part. But, when you talked about apple's fiscal profiteering, your point is true. The USA or the european colonies that preceded it,financially, is a place for money makers. From those early whites, to the white murderers to red folk or enslavers to black, to later yellow or black folk in the fiscal illegal world, money making is the way it happens in the u.s.a.. Labels and rank don't have a value that you may find in parts to europe/africa/asia. I think sometimes people in the usa, do not speak bluntly enough to that. That is how donald trump went bankrupt three times but and came back financially from each.
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    Justina Ireland, an editor at FIyah magazine , stated the following: Are people really that mad that they stripped Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name from an award? That’s silly. She’s dead. It’s not like she cares. And it’s not like her books changed the world for the better. ... The Little House on the Prairie books reinforce the idea of white exceptionalism and the inherent benefit of colonialism without contending with any of the moral and physical drawbacks of such exploitation. Also, they are boring as fuck. Someone replied: First of all not true. And if you find them boring as F*&#.....maybe that says more about your attention span. Now, while the personal attack toward ireland is unwarrant or a false claim, the reality is, ireland's original position has flaws. First, Art does not have to be liked or admired by all to be admired by many. IReland ask, are people really that mad? yes. fans of wilder's work are. Some fans to any artist like said artist to be adored, admired, honored in ways like titling awards. IReland is an editor to a writing magazine and stated, that wilder's book didn't change the world for the better OR it reinforced idea's of white exceptionalism and amendments. Her first point is artistically sinful. The artist creates. The artist create from the soul, the charlatan does not. Wilder created from her soul. And like any artist, I include myself or Ireland side Wilder, it is up to others to feel beauty or wisdom or an infinite set from other states to anything we create. Not everyone likes the sistine chapel ceiling, but Michelangelo emitted his soul. And like mein kampf, the declaration of independence, or the revolution will not be televised, did these artistic entries change the world or were reflections to the world changed. If people like your work, they do, and your lucky. Poe died penniless, his art did not change the world when published. yet, after his death, epiphany amongst the readership. In similarity to the work from phillip k dick. If Wilder's soul wanted to emit white exceptionalism and inherent benefit of colonialism without contending with any of the effects from exploitation toward others... then she may have succeeded. But, that is her soul's business. I don't like little house on the prairie, mein kampf but others have the right too. Art is not meant to reflect one viewpoint or one lifestyle, art do reflect all lifestyle. USA is over 300 million people, ten percent is 3 million. I imagine wilder can get 9 million. I recall a show that was on tv for a long time called little house on the prairie, which i was not a fan to either, so many liked the books. ... In the end, Ireland's argument is to question why the uproar, but her position, at least the position i read, is absent any value. WIlder's work has fans who are mad at her name being treated as unworthy, or to said fans her work has influenced their life to various grades, or from her soul emitted a culture that many <enough to make a media uproar> like. In the USA organizations from private to public are trying to please a growing populace that has historically been bereft honor from private or public organizations and want to see those who emit what they do not like or who have insulted them be taken from acclaim, through naming buildings, statues, award names. If I had power over the award I would had replaced Wilder's name a while back, cause she is not the best in my view. But, an argument does exist. Is it wise to change these labels now? It is not true to state that a large populace in the usa is white and do not like non white. That is an honest statement. And, most people in the usa are white. Are these delabelings values from the collective soul or a lie covering truth? What say you? ... If I had my choice I would call the award, Association for Library Service to Children for best children's book, call me silly but why give one artist the title to an award that will be throughout time. it is not a one off. https://twitter.com/justinaireland/status/1011251924757352456
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    Okay, here is my Jaeger submission. I had three conceptsm first which i liked alot but didn't really fit the narrative was Old Jaeger Park. The second was the Legendary Central Park Five, whose story I wrote, and comic, whosei did not finish. The last idea was a superway. In each idea, i wanted to do something else with JAegers, old used Jaegers/another kind of interwoven wireless neurological system using also history revisioning, and lastly, just another kind of city. In the films, like most big mecha or being films, cities seem designed ignorant to these things running around that will create damage. so, instead of a regular city, what if New York City has a run way, or walk way, that is above the street mostly, sidewalk somewhat, and thus Jaeger can use it to travel fare more easily through the city. This also coincide to my particular Jaeger, the Parkour Jaeger, yes, not a well thought of name. But, the idea is this Jaeger has joints that allow for more comlicated acrobatic movement than other Jaeger. Most Jaeger are designed on the human body but when you are facing things that are reptilian or insect in variance, i think you need more flexibility. the ability to turn through momemtum three hundred and sixty degrees. Thus, the nodes you can see in the image, are as large as the limbs, they make the Jaeger taller than average but also allow for that flexibility. In the image, the ParkRei Jaeger... better name right?... is holding on to a section of the superway while it flicked another Jaeger whose beam cannon tip we see at the top. I could had colored but I wanted to really focus on my inking as it connect to other plans going forward. The other element in the rules was to depict a place where you live. I took photos for reference all about new york city. For the Old Jaegers I took for a local park. For, the legendary central park five i took empir estate building or world trade. For Old Jaeger park or Legendary Central PArk five i didn't have the photos I liked. i needed another angle for reference, especially as I had wrote up the concept. But for the last one, ParkRei, i used rockefeller center. The structure of Rockefeller center worked in terms of my vision. It has a central urban feel while also some true space to get the angle i liked. Well for my emailers, you will have image stills. For all look to the creating videos below, yes I am still getting used to being recorded while I draw, angle wise. The official submission is in my deviantart page. Enjoy, i wonder what ideas you have. Development videos part1 https://photos.google.com/b/116457345954364049850/album/AF1QipMlgm4ZrJBANbLMQ96eN21sSgxD1ZMycF9HoOY0/photo/AF1QipNJ4BpEYDumGd4hNFPnneEF8-loPXrkIsMV9Onx part2 https://photos.google.com/b/116457345954364049850/album/AF1QipMlgm4ZrJBANbLMQ96eN21sSgxD1ZMycF9HoOY0/photo/AF1QipP4azkVA2IPqDxV_0OgYXlR5lQksZ8RRAVGuTM7 part3 https://photos.google.com/b/116457345954364049850/album/AF1QipMlgm4ZrJBANbLMQ96eN21sSgxD1ZMycF9HoOY0/photo/AF1QipO4WtTc7fJ-pJqyVYkuOy52B2GEWYJ3lV0olbaM part4 https://photos.google.com/b/116457345954364049850/album/AF1QipMlgm4ZrJBANbLMQ96eN21sSgxD1ZMycF9HoOY0/photo/AF1QipMQZnJTsDGvm4l6bIFC-MUVBNz2EYO4bzJmmI8I DeviantArt Submission https://hddeviant.deviantart.com/art/ParkRei-Pacific-Rim-Jaeger-Submission-749463275?ga_submit_new=10%3A1528836929 I wish more had joined me:) I will see you next time
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    @richardmurray , In all the fiction, I've read I don't have a nomination for a "best mother" If I go by memory , then most of the mothers have been largely forgettable. However, I felt comforted by mother-figure in The Shack by William P. Young
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    Who is the best mother in fiction? any phenotype/religion/genre/language/age/species apply. @Mel Hopkins @Troy @Cynique @Kalexander2
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    @Troy and for some corporations this is absolutely their modus operandi! This is exactly why I look for businesses that have sustainable development at its core.
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    @Mel Hopkins our pleasure... I bet one of the wild dreams has an opening line... it all begins with honey:)
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    one thing @Kalexander2 carson /trump all said they would do these things if elected
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    Fair-housing advocates plan to file a lawsuit Tuesday against the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Secretary Ben Carson for suspending an Obama-era rule requiring communities to examine and address barriers to racial integration, The Washington Post reported. Three fair-housing groups have signed onto the lawsuit, which claims the suspension was unlawful because it didn’t provide proper public notice or a chance for public comment, the Post reported. The 2015 rule required more than 1,200 communities receiving billions of federal housing dollars to draft plans to desegregate their communities — or risk losing federal funds. Carson, who described efforts to desegregate American neighborhoods as “failed socialist experiments,” suspended the rule in January, allowing local and state governments to continue receiving HUD grants without compliance with the full requirements of the Fair Housing Act, the Post reported.
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    *What is the best fictionalized account referring the annihilation native american peoples suffered that led to the birth and modern united states of america?* Between 1776 and 1887, the United States seized over 1.5 billion acres from America's indigenous people by treaty and executive order. Explore how in this interactive map of every Native American land cession during that period. To watch the United States expand across the continent: click the icon in the top right, then See Video; Or use the tool at the bottom of the map to manipulate time and watch how things changed year to year. Click on any area of the map to see who ceded the land and when. Popup boxes contain links to treaty text. Find your home or a different address using the 'Find Places' search at the top of the map. Use the "Find Nations" tool at the bottom of the map to find all cessions by the Cherokee,the Sioux, or others.<br> Use the tool to switch the basemap to the source maps; nineteenth-century maps of land cessions. Use the tool to manipulate layer visibility Interactive map http://usg.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=eb6ca76e008543a89349ff2517db47e6 The annual Shinnecock Pow-Wow, Long Island Alison Toon
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    History is a great teacher when channeled through truth. Most potent is when a history can be truthfully known from an infancy. I remember when no Internet existed. I remember the early years when only a fortunate few had access, and later when it blossomed and later when it matured and to now, when it is mutating, into something. In the end of the day, the problem in the Internet is ever present in the miniature Facebook. Looking back, three thing did not occurred that needed to occurred. The first thing I will mention, based on mere typing chance not value or temporal occurrence in my mind ,Bill Clinton placed the lines that connected the early web and standardized the internet protocol addressing system through the IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Bill CLinton made one key error, that he had the power to change. He made the addressing a free for all, a fiscal capitalistic venture that served only those who had money. To be blunt, every single person on earth can have their own ip address. Why does it matter? The entire addressing system to the internet is where all the power reside. Most people never realize that accessing the internet can not occur if a map does not exist from you to wherever you address. These maps are controlled by the united states federal government; others who warrant through necessity or power have smaller segments from the maps, either governments or firms. But these maps you have to pay to be added into, and this is how firms control the internet. For example, someone like myself does not have an ip address, time warner does, they have many in a block and they use them to connect to the ip address centers. When I get online like most I am using an ip address from my internet service provider. Thus, when we talk about facebook or any online site owning identities, the firms you connect to the internet with from the mobile phone provider to whomever at your home owns your identity. Your credit card information, your name, your address, sent through their network which is how you connect to the internet. Not your own system through your own ip address. If everyone had their own ip address, the system through which people access the internet can be importantly other. Where people can choose to connect to each other through less steps, in a more secure fashion. To be blunt, if you are reading this post, then many firms have your personal data already. Facebook only is a target, like madoff with the banks, cause they are a less potent abuser. The heaviest abusers are too big to fail. The next thing I will mention is lawyers side bankers. Many people know but few comprehend the negative relationship internet firms have to banks or lawyers. To say it simply, banks/lawyers took over every single internet firm at some point, but not in ownership, in administration. Microsoft/Apple/Facebook/Twitter all have many bankers from when they needed money and had none or lawyers from when they needed legal aid and had none. Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs did not control every aspect to their firms and definitely did not have control over the daily operation; this matters cause when AOL started they basically piggybacked off phone networks, which was the earliest abuse. Firms have benefited from the first thing I mentioned and the people who run them, will not go against it cause they lose money or power absent it. The last thing I will mention is computer scientist o engineers. When I was in college I weekly had a speech on inefficiency in the entire electromechanical sphere. From computers to the Internet, I said everything was wrong to my fellow students. But, the truth is we were all complicit in the problem. Do you know what separates engineers? It is not mentality or wisdom, it is financing. Show me an engineer in history who created vastly and I will show you financing in some form or another. The reality is, the larger quantity of engineers in the electromechanical world never came together and made alternatives. From browsers to operating systems, some tried to create public alternatives, free for all; all those things are now for profit, in one way or another. The security people want through the Internet or in their home systems will require an entire overhaul to the basic structure of the Internet or the computing systems that connect to it; outside a complete overhaul, only a viable alternative will suffice. Sadly, an alternative today will require more work than ever before, but that is the true solution. The modern global electron based computing system is based on providing information about yourself to use at its core. The only way you can connect to the internet is to have an ip address which requires government agencies to know who you are or use another who has to know who you are. Photographer: Alan Grinberg LINK Lightning on the Pacific Ocean Caption: I waited 10 years to take this photo.
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    Thank you for thinking of me, Richard. I will have to pass as I have a lot on my table now.
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    my pleasure @Mel Hopkins Well, I was thinking a set of us aalbc writers can each submit something and then get it translated into portuguese. I know some native portuguese speakers. @Troy I do think an aalbc story book will be good for this community
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    I say, "may" because of the time I spent with her from during her trial involving the San Quintin Six (United National Community to Free Angela Davis and Political Prisoners), her disposition of Black professionals and politics. Yes, she is very insightful.
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    @TSegal, I'm not sure how I missed this post. I just created an account and have uploaded a video: http://www.afroblock.com/social/user/aalbc I have also added this to the list of Black owned websites that I track: https://aalbc.com/top_black_websites/top_black_sites_list.php#Afro+Block
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    I shared your main page @Mel Hopkinshttps://melhopkins.com cause I didn't want to share a page that had less to eye catch
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    OVerdrive is a system that allows you to access EBooks through it like a traditional library system. IT is a member of the Rakuten family, which owns my publisher Kobo. Each page to a book linked below has a sample page. Enjoy. are your already published works on overdrive? @Troy @Mel Hopkins @Cynique *My books* Sunset Children Stories https://www.overdrive.com/media/3670145/sunset-children-stories Looking West and West https://www.overdrive.com/media/3670099/looking-west-and-west The Visasiki https://www.overdrive.com/media/3670180/the-visasiki The Janidogo https://www.overdrive.com/media/3670162/the-janidogo Overdrive library location https://www.overdrive.com/libraries app for overdrive https://meet.libbyapp.com *For Writing life authors* Once your eBook is live on OverDrive, spread the words to your fans so they can request your eBook at their local library. OverDrive also launched a great free app, Libby, where users can browse eBooks right on their devices. As you can see, the process is incredibly simple and a fantastic way to get your book out to a new market—and help you increase your earnings! If you’d like to enable OverDrive distribution on your account, send an email to the KWL team now and we’ll get you set up.
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    I don't think it should be labeled as a comedy. Should be more of a psychological thriller more than anything because it's very much psychological. They just want to downplay the veracity of the matter @richardmurray
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    my favorite trigger is "unmasking"
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    @sabine ziya As always, the best thing to do is submit your work to any publisher when the time comes. You have to be pure to your story and then , resubmit it accordingly if need be. I checked fifty shades of grey, it is listed as contemporary or romance so... at least in kobo you can categorize your work as such. but you should check the publisher you will use for your book
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    Well that is great news! Please share something you think will appeal to readers of Black literature, that is on your site, and I'll see if I can work it into my newsletter. Welcome back and keep us posted on what new.
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    @richardmurray Thank you for an alternative perspective. There are as many in our history as there are people. Still the key to balance is being aware that our differing angles exist.. Thank you!
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    I finally listened, your voice is so sexy, if i ever do a read for a female character, you will be one of the fertile ones:) @Mel Hopkins
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    Call for Submissions Killens Review of Arts & Letters Fall/ Winter 2016 Embracing Difference Please send your submissions no later than June 17, 2016, to “Fall 2016 Killens Review” (in the subject line) to writers@mec.cuny.edu. The theme of the Thirteenth National Black Writers Conference, “Writing Race, Embracing Difference,” is indeed an engaging and inviting one. Writers of the African diaspora have worked in earnest for decades to compose text that represents African-American experiences in its complex and various conditions. As stated with regard to the National Black Writers Conference: “If one is to write what one knows, then that writing will represent their perspectives and points of views of racial, cultural, and geographical space in the world.” More recently within genres such as sci-fi, mystery, historical fiction, and biography, writers of the African diaspora have connected the experiences of Black America with a broader appeal. Pulitzer Prize-winning writer James Alan McPherson, author of Elbow Room and Hue and Cry, once commented in an interview: “I’m going to be called a Black writer until I die. But the point is that when I write at my best I try to look for the human situation….” The programming for the 2016 Conference came about as the result of wanting to examine how and whether Black writers “write texts” knowing they are creating works out of spaces that are constructed by race i.e. is race at the core of the works of Black writers, no matter how candid or subtle. For the Spring 2016 issue of the Killens Review of Arts & Letters, we want to continue that exploration of “writing race, embracing difference” in the works of Black writers. Under the theme “Embracing Difference,” we seek submissions of fiction, essays, poetry, memoir, and artwork in which writers and artists create works that embrace race and differences with regard to the aesthetics, belief systems, politics, sexual identity, and cultural heritage that are reflected in the narratives and texts they compose. The Killens Review of Arts & Letters is a peer-reviewed journal that welcomes Black poets, novelists, short story writers, playwrights, journalists, essayists, scholars, yet-to-be discovered writers, and artists whose literature and artwork speak to the general public and to an intergenerational range of readers represented throughout the African Diaspora. http://centerforblackliterature.org/2016-killens-review/ The Killens Review of Arts & Letters Is Currently Accepting Submissions for the Fall/ Winter 2016 Issue THEME: "Embracing Difference" The theme of the Thirteenth National Black Writers Conference (NBWC) is "Writing Race, Embracing Difference." Writers of the African diaspora have worked in earnest for decades to compose text that represents African-American experiences in its complex and various conditions. As stated with regard to the National Black Writers Conference: "If one is to write what one knows, then that writing will represent their perspectives and points of views of racial, cultural, and geographical space in the world. Pulitzer Prize-winning writer James Alan McPherson, author of Elbow Room and Hue and Cry, once commented in an interview: "I'm going to be called a Black writer until I die. But the point is that when I write at my best I try to look for the human situation...." For the Fall/ Winter 2016 issue of the Killens Review of Arts & Letters, we want to continue that exploration of "writing race, embracing difference" in the works of Black writers. Under the theme "Embracing Difference," we seek submissions of fiction, essays, poetry, memoir, and artwork in which writers and artists create works that embrace race and differences with regard to the aesthetics, belief systems, politics, sexual identity, and cultural heritage that are reflected in the narratives and texts they compose. #JOKReview2016 The Center for Black Literature at Medgar Evers College, CUNY Phone: 718-804-8883 E-mail: writers@mec.cuny.edu Like us: Like us on Facebook Center for Black Literature Follow us: Follow us on Twitter @Center4BlackLit www.CENTERFORBLACKLITERATURE.org Submission of Materials: The Killens Review of Arts & Letters is published once or twice a year by the Center for Black Literature at Medgar Evers College, CUNY. The Killens Review seeks book reviews, essays, short stories, creative nonfiction, art, poetry, and interviews related to the various cultural, sociopolitical, and historical experiences of writers and artists from the African diaspora. The aim is to provide well-known and lesser-known authors as well as educators and students opportunities to create and expand the canon of literature produced by people of color. Please submit to only one category at a time: essay, fiction, interview, poetry, prose, and art. We aim to respond to your submission within two months. Electronic and Postal Submissions Kindly e-mail material to writers@mec.cuny.edu and CReynolds@mec.cuny.edu with "Killens Review" in the subject heading. Please include a brief introduction of yourself and of the work being submitted. On the first page of your submission be sure to include: 1. Your name 2. Telephone number 3. E-mail address Please make sure the pages are numbered. Please visit our website detailed submission guidelines at: centerforblackliterature.org/2016-killens-review/
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    DEEP SOUL IN THE TEMPLE Monday, April 25th at 7:30 p.m. DEEP SOUL IN THE TEMPLE will feature 4 plays by Nina Angela Mercer in excerpt directed by Ebony Noelle Golden and Candis Jones. The four plays featured in this showcase are Mother Wit & Water-Born, Itagua Meji: A Road & A Prayer, Gutta Beautiful, and Gypsy & The Bully Door. This is more than a stage reading. It's an environmental workshop performance with some music, dance and song. We will also facilitate a community conversation following the performance. RSVP at Facebook Event Link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/241740509511203/ https://www.facebook.com/NationalBlackTheatre/events?__xt__=33.{%22logging_data%22%3A{%22profile_id%22%3A38771499619%2C%22event_type%22%3A%22clicked_view_events%22%2C%22impression_info%22%3A%22eyJmIjp7Iml0ZW1fY291bnQiOiIwIn19%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22www_events_permalink%22%2C%22interacted_story_type%22%3A%221628857644061911%22%2C%22session_id%22%3A%22MCAwLjY5NzM1MjAwIDE0NTQ0MjYzOTYgMjc4MjAyNzA3%22}} When Monday April 25, 2016 from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM EDT Add to Calendar Where National Black Theatre Inc. 2031 5th Avenue New York, NY 10035 Nina Angela Mercer https://www.facebook.com/nina.a.mercer The Center for Black Literature at Medgar Evers College, CUNY Phone: 718-804-8883 E-mail: writers@mec.cuny.edu Like us: Like us on Facebook Center for Black Literature Follow us: Follow us on Twitter @Center4BlackLit
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    http://artscenterlive.org/artscenter-stage/10-by-10/ Call for Submissions – 10 By 10 in the Triangle Plays Accepted between January 4 – January 31 2016 Ten 10-Minute plays showcased on The ArtsCenter’s Main-Stage Theater In performances July 8-24 2016 Submission Request: 10 By 10, ArtsCenter Stage is interested in presenting thought-provoking plays. Submitted plays may be humorous or serious or any where in between. The Submissions: Email new, original 10-minute plays with minimal set requirements to 10by10submissions{at}artscenterlive{dot}org. Plays that have had no prior productions or limited prior productions are preferred Musical submissions with little or no accompaniment are accepted Plays that have been published are not accepted Monologues are not accepted Playwrights may submit up to 2 plays in standard format in Word or PDF Send a separate email for each play submitted. Do not zip the files Read more Submission Guidelines under Email Submissions below These guidelines must be adhered to for qualification Be advised: We cast an acting troupe of 10 actors – 5 Women and 5 men Not all ten actors are in every play; they are cast in multiple plays Plays can have a cast of 2, 3, 4 or 5-6 at most Age range of actors is from early 20s – 50s+ (2 20 somethings, 2 50s+ somethings, and everyone else in between) Very dark or profanity heavy plays tend not to be produced for our audience Email Submissions 1) The subject line MUST be 10 By 10 Submission followed by the title of your play (Example subject line: 10 By 10 Submission Fighting Mr. Right) 2) The body of the email MUST contain the following contact information: Title of the play Playwright’s contact information including Full name Full mailing address Phone number(s) Email address 3) Attach the play to the email in word or pdf. The title of play on the attached document must match the title of the play in the subject line Example subject line: 10 By 10 Submission Fighting Mr. Right Example attached play: Fighting Mr. Right 4) IMPORTANT: Contact information These are blind submissions No contact information can be on the scripts submitted Do not attach contact information Contact information must ONLY be included in the body of the email Contact information on the script will lead to the automatic disqualification of that play All plays go through several round of readings and these are blind readings so, again, no identifying contact information can be found on any script submitted. You will be sent an automated response thanking you for your submission. If you do not receive that automated response check the submissions email 10by10submissions{at}artscenterlive{dot}org or contact Jeri Lynn Schulke at jlschulke@artscenterlive.org. Do not send submissions to this email. Submission Dates: January 4, 2016-January 31, 2016 (deadline at 10:00PM EST) Plays will not be accepted before January 4, 2016. Submission Deadline: Submissions must be received by 10:00PM EST on January 31, 2016. Plays will not be accepted after this date and time. We will notify the semi-final playwrights by email and post those titles on our website We will notify the 10 final playwrights by email and post those titles on our website We cannot contact individual playwrights outside of the semi-finalist and the finalist lists We will announce the final 10 productions by May 30, 2016 The Award: Playwrights receive an award of $100 The final ten playwrights will be invited to attend our Playwright Gala on July 16, 2016 Playwrights wishing to attend the Gala will receive an additional $100 travel stipend The Space: Our main-stage theatre is a 325-seat house with basic lighting and sound capabilities. The Producer: ArtsCenter Stage provides 10 directors, 10 actors, designers, and technical crew for the festival. The directors will contact the playwrights at the beginning of the rehearsal process. For more information about The ArtsCenter, please visit our website:www.artscenterlive.org. The Dates: Performances July 8-24, 2016 Playwright Gala Saturday, July 16, 2016 The Production: All final ten plays will be presented together as an evening of theatre. All ten shows run each night and are performed by an ensemble of five men and five women. Not all ten actors are in every play; actors are cast in multiple plays. Cast sizes range from 2, 3, 4 to 5-6 characters. There are a total of eleven performances. Playwrights Gala: Participating playwrights are invited to attend the Playwrights Gala on July 16, 2016 which includes an overnight stay at a local hotel and a $100 travel stipend. If you have questions, please contact jlschulke{at}artscenterlive{dot}org Do not send submissions to this email address.
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    Copied the link and I'm sharing it today!
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    Interview to N.K. Jemisin from GoodReads Excerpt, link to full interview below Goodreads: In The Fifth Season the world is at the whim of apocalyptic earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides—and the select few who can control them. What inspired such a natural disaster-focused fantasy? N.K. Jemisin: I had a dream of a woman doing the "badass power walk" with a mountain falling behind her. And at that point I had to come up with an explanation: Why does this woman have a pet mountain? Why does she look like she's about to throw it at someone? And why do I get the sense that she can throw it at someone? And I've always been fascinated by seismic stuff in general, probably because I have grown up in parts of the country that had no mountains and no earthquakes. And volcanoes are cool as hell. Geysers are cool as hell. The idea that Yellowstone is this ticking time bomb is fascinating. Horrifying but fascinating! And I'm usually fascinated by horrifying things. It's a wonder I'm not a horror writer. Full Interview to N.K. Jemisin from GoodReads is below https://www.goodreads.com/interviews/show/1052.N_K_Jemisin?utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=2015-08&utm_content=jemisin
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    Troy Thank you to providing the link. I concur wholeheartedly that the Kobo program will not be welcomed in the Black reading community wholesale. As I said to Myspace (in esocial environment), Kobo will be around forever in the same way. The global fiscal capitalistic model combine to modern media demand any firm that reach a certain level can retain a place as long as they are breaking even. Kobo will be around so, even if people trickle in, I am content in Kobo being around; that lead to the only issue Kobo has as a publishing house, the writers in house. As a writer, I feel writers have to do better. In the end, a publishing house is only as fiscally profitable or as well known balanced to the various author in it. Kobo was started late; it serve a particular market, a non english speaking market; it grew a little, remaining a minnow, and was bought into the Rakuten media empire, which is based in the non english speaking market. Inline, I comprehend the two main problem to Kobo: their general market is against the functional (whether accepted or not) global language, or their market is small. As a Black writer in their house, I have to cognize that in my books; my current project will be more considerate to this. Though, I am lucky to accept what all writer must accept: Poe only made profit from one work, his poem the Raven. No matter the literary quality in any work, the fiscal return need not reflect it. All a writer can do, in any house, is keep writing. And, so we push on Troy:) us minnows.
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