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    Black. Father's. Day. Respect. For. Black. Fathers Who. Are. Responsible,Caring. And. Loving . Those. Responsible. Black. Men,Over. Shadowed. By. The. Irresponsible. Black. Fathers.. . Dealing,With Daily Racism And Poverty,Crack Sellers, ,Gangs,,,Pimps .,..White Media Shows Black Men Who Desert Their ,Families,,Not,Black Men Who Are Responsible....News,Black. ,And,White. Democrats Trying To Get The Black Vote In South-Carolina. . Today. Waiting To See Them Slither. In. Black. Churches,Like. Snakes.. Flint. Water. Scandal. The. White. Political,Who. Was. Guilty. ,Charges. Have. Been. Dropped. Not,Surprised. The. Republicans. Responsible. ,Might . Be. ,,Charged,Again. Or Not. . For. The. Irresponsible. Fathers,,1972-The,Temptations. ,Papa. Was. A Rolling. Stone. Grammy. Winner!!!!!.
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    @Chevdove my distain for the woman is irrational I'm sure. It is rare for me to dislike people from jump, but she is one...
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