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    @Mel Hopkins yes I was beautiful, and as a gymnast the athleticism was not lost on me. Yes I remember doing the "Freak," but we were not filiming it and watching it constantly. Did you think the freak was appropriate? I know at least one guy that ejaculated while freaking (no it was not me 😎). So while I don't disagree with anything you wrote Mel, I find it hard to believe you would host a party where your teenage daughters were dressed and dancing like that. Would you you let them "freak" or dance "rub-a-dub style" in the basement with the lights off? @Pioneer1 if you are familiar with those dance styles, same question.
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    David doc Robertson's new book Body and Soul was named for the classic improvised lyrical phrases of the Coleman Hawkins jazz performance of the same name. On the first page of the story, which opens in 1940, Peter Daniels plays the song loud enough to drown out the humming tubes on his living room phonograph and dances with his wife to celebrate the birth of their first and only grandchild, Adam Daniels, the story's protagonist. Right away, Robertson's sensitive description teams with Hawkins' tender jazzy lyricism and allows the reader to see the couple in step and undeterred by improvisation that makes it so seductive. This vision presents the structural purpose of the book, which takes the reader beyond the story and into the novel itself as participants. Doc parallels the ballad by appealing to a body's senses, including smell, taste, etc. "If a character smells fresh bread or falls in love, I want the reader to savor the aroma or experience the emotional sensation." He points out that the novel shares a variety of feelings and reactions, both joyous and painful. Though Adam's birth provides joy for his grandparents, it hurts his mother since her son was born bi-racial in 1940 Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The story descriptively outlines the standards of the time and even takes a look back into the early 1900s. After the look further back in history, the book details Adam's journey into manhood where he starts a family and a career in law. But like Hawkins improvised with unanticipated riffs in his song, Doc improvises Adam's life story in unexpected shifts that changes the setting to El Centro, CA and even into Mexico. Through it all, the story emphasizes the importance of family and the strength one gains from the connections whether through blood or embraced by choice. And like Hawkins' music, it ultimately demonstrates a new way to tell an old story, ending with a sense of glowing satisfaction.
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    Extraordinary Women in Publishing a Conversation Hosted by Tori. Tracy Sherrod, the editorial director of Amistad; Yona Deshommes, Associate Director of Publicity at Atria Books; and Cherise Fisher, a literary agent at Wendy Sherman Associates Literary Management. All of these Sisters are have been supportive of AALBC for years and provide keen insight into the publishing industry
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    A few moments ago I was hunting around my Google Home app trying to figure out how to change my "assistant's" voice. Google presented me with the following video. The video's preview image -- which is carefully crafted -- grabbed my attention for, what should be, obvious reasons. I watched the video in it's entirety. I'm not alone; the video was posted less than 24 hours ago and has almost 3 million views. Normally, I'm pretty good at ingoring the stuff that social media throws at me, largely because I actively avoid exposure, but this one hooked me. I don't think I'm being a "gruppy old dude" by complaining about Google's use of videos like this. I just can't image being a kid today, regularly exposed to videos like this. It must be hard not to objectify women when you see these images all the time. Now this is the same Google that banned my old discussion forums from displaying ads because of content, but they can push this in front on millions of people. I've posted a similiar video on Nicky Minaj sometime ago, so I know these video are not unusual. What seems unusual to me is that no one seems to think this is a issue. Maybe it is just me... I guess I have to ditch my Google Home too.
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    I've just created a page where I will compile lists of Top 10 Book Categories. I'm really looking for overlooked, unusual, and creative categories for which to creates lists and the books to go with them. I put a started a category for "Black Girl Hair" and "Steampunk," but am looking for many more along with titles to go with them. I have not shared this project with anyone yet, hopefully some of you out there who read these forums but don't contribute will be moved to share some ideas. Really trying to raise awareness of breather of out literature beyond the regular run of the mill categories. I'll happily include those but I want to make it much broader.
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    😆 @Pioneer1 Yes Kim Coles also graduated from Brooklyn Tech with me and Troy. Best. High. School. Ever. And yes - haven't you noticed we fight about and agree with each other on the topics dealing with the subject of "Social Engineering"... It's as if you and I both believe that we humans are consistently being programmed and hacked to behave a certain way. Sexuality goes right to the top of the social engineering ! Early Anglos found out how to harness and supress sensuality, sexuality and sensuosity and use it to create super soldiers /killing machines . In short, suppress sexuality you kill creativity and then you can create monsters. @Troy In a way, I agree but how we use our experiences is what's at odds. As a woman, I learned sexual boundaries in the safety of my parents home. When you are under a watchful eye of your caregivers - they let things go but so far. We've seen on social media where at some of parties teenaged boys and girls have gotten drunk and some boys have gone as far as gang raped girls. A lot of times these parties were not chaperoned - and what's worse those children didn't learn boundaries and popped like corks under pressure. Now the girls are scarred -and the boys have to register as sexual offenders for the rest of their life. My friends and I played RCK (run catch and kiss)- as young as 11... by the time we were teens - we knew boundaries. Boys knew sexual contact in varying degrees wasn't off limits because girls liked it too - but we all learned no means no. As society progressed - I guess some parents didn't have time for children anymore. But when I was growing up we all had parents to consult in the absence of our own (for the moment). It did take a village. Most of the kids I grew up with - played kissing games, bump and grinding when we were teenagers, and none of us ended up as sexual predators. When the child learns how to exercise their personal agency it will later serve them as adults. My body and persona doesn't belong to my parents - it's mine. My children's bodies doesn't belong to me or their dad. They learned this from the time they were toddlers. While they were under our care we had to let them determine their boundaries or they would never learn. Or worse, learn when they were older. If you wonder why some women exist in abusive relationships while some women NEVER experience that life;-it's all due to learning. We all have to learn - it just depends on when.
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    Troy "Harm" many not be the right word. So I can't answer your question as posed. Sure you can, your answer was actually "no"...lol. Because nothing in this video harms children in any way. It may make ADULTS feel uncomfortable if they are around children when it comes on, much like frank sex talk makes parents uncomfortable when their children (of any age) are around....when that same talk wouldn't bother either if they were by themselves. And it all originates from people NOT having honest and frank talks about REAL sexuality to begin with, but instead hiding or ignoring it....suppressing it. And as is often the case, when something is suppressed it comes out with much force and discomfort from being kept into such an unnatural state. dunno man, I can only imagine what the average teenage boy wants to do after seeing this video I got news for you my brutha, the average teenage boy DOESN'T NEED videos like this to get him going....lol. When I was a teenager my erections WORK ME UP like an alarm clock.   Look, scantily clad women gyrating in this manner were around when I was a teen too, but you had to go to a strip club to see this stuff. Now come on man, you grew up in Harlem in the late 60s and 70s! Are you telling me all those pictures I saw of prostitutes on the street half naked and every day girls walking around in miniskirts, halter tops, sting tops, and hot pants, braless, ect....was just on television? You didn't see women walking around shaking what their mama gave them in REAL life? I know when I was a kid growing up in the Midwest in the 70s and 80s when it got hot women and girls were wearing clothes about as skimpy as what you see in that video.   Yes I remember doing the "Freak," but we were not filiming it and watching it constantly. Did you think the freak was appropriate? I know at least one guy that ejaculated while freaking   So while I don't disagree with anything you wrote Mel, I find it hard to believe you would host a party where your teenage daughters were dressed and dancing like that. Would you you let them "freak" or dance "rub-a-dub style" in the basement with the lights off? @Pioneer1 if you are familiar with those dance styles, same question 1. When I was coming up we were doing the same thing but we called it "grinding". White folks called it "dry humping". All it was was having as something as close to sex as you can with your clothes on. 2 . I did grind on a lot of females at parties and clubs and altough I don't remember "busting" in my pants, most of the time I DID feel a little "pre-cum" come out. I'll stop right there rather than get too graphic....lol. 3. Not only did we do this as teenagers but now that I think on it even back in elementary school at 7 and 8 we used to chase girls around getting out "squeeze" on all over them. We called it "hide and go get some". What you're seeing in the video as well as what you saw growing up is African youth behaving the way we NORMALLY behave when nature is allowed to take it's course. Before Caucasians came and influenced our thinking with their prudish anti-sexual religions and philosophies most African and Dravidian societies had "sex cults" where the entire community would come out to have sex with eachother in mass.....nothing to be ashamed of. You can read in the Bible where the Israelites (Caucasians) tried to stamp it out in the different lands they conquered. 4. To answer your question: No. As open minded as I am about the idea, no I probably wouldn't let my teenage daughter do it. Why not? Irrational male over protectiveness. But my decision is an emotional decision, not a logical one. You were a gymnast? I bet you were strong as hell! I've met a few male gymasts and them cats had muscles like wire cables.   Mel The dancing in this video is beautiful! And look at all those chocolate young women and men!~ They are beautiful! Not only do I agree with you but I absolutly LOVE seeing attractive and physically fit AfroAmericans be sensual and express their sexuality. I'd much rather see them do THIS than fighting and pulling guns on eachother. I'lll promote Black on Black love over Black on Black violence any day.   Alright.....you've been agreeing with me so much lately I'm getting suspicious! What are you up too....lol. BTW...when you say "Kim Coles" do you mean you went to school with Kim Coles the actress from Living Singles?
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    Ive quite a few books on Hendrix but as yet not this one but I'd like to share this for any fans of Jimi.
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    The dancing in this video is beautiful! And look at all those chocolate young women and men!~ They are beautiful! Thank you for sharing! It reminds me Janet Jackson's "IF" video but with a majority of beautiful black people. And @Troy don't you remember how sensual we were as a teenagers and young adults? Google can't promote what comes naturally - Young people are sensual, curious and carefree with each other. This choreography just communicates this age but with pure athleticism mixed sensuosity and grace.
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    Created in the image of he that created all The Goddess or deity stands in heaven’s halls, Making her way into places many fear to go, Her desire for knowledge surpasses excellence, While her story remains untold Her experience is apparent, it is found in every facial fold, Her beauty defines her fortitude; your future is her Goal To see tomorrow’s child and watch their dreams unfold To understand the fight yet venture past the obviously unknown The Goddess is the spirit that mothers from afar, Who lifts the broken hearted and with love helps us to embrace the scars. She is in essence that voice that says it is okay, she allows us to breathe, she sees each of us as special, this just seems to be her way. She is the smile, the butterfly, the call from an old friend, the encouragement that we needed to press pass what we deemed the end. She is that gentle touch of God, the directions in the dark, she watches from afar, but resides in every heart. She is as divinity, one that cannot be explained, so she is titled the Goddess but she goes by many names, some will call her mother, others see a friend many see a soldier, her names have no end, her attribute can be found in Proverbs 31, she as the deity is the wish each mother has for a son. Created in the image of he that created all, the Goddess or deity stands in heaven’s halls. Making her way into places many fear to go. Her desire for knowledge surpasses excellence. While her story remains untold. Genesis 1: 26 And God said let us make man in our image. Let them have Dominion over all (sickness, finance, relationship, ect, ect. Ect) 27: So God created man in his own image, in the of God created he him, male and female he created them, (We are products of he that created us, but how often we forget)
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    Troy Oh don't get me wrong, I totally respect the right for whoever to get themselves all tatted up if they like. But I don't like this "monkey see monkey do" attitude of just because you see a lot of Caucasians doing something you feel an automatic urge to imitate them even without knowing the meaning. Infact, I make the same complaint about so many AfroAmericans wearing suits and ties as so-called "business" attire. Common sense should tell us that one's ability to do good business pertains to what's going on in their head and their ability to sell their ideas and effectively communicate.....and as long as their clean and neat whether or not they have a suit on should be irrelevant. But since the founders of this society (Caucasians) established that you should wear a suit and dress shoes to business (and church) many of our people just go along with it unquestioned. ....but that's another topic all together, lol. Listen, I'd lke you to think about my question carefully....... Exactly what (as in what scenes can you point to) in this video do you think would actually harm a child by them looking at it? There is no nudity. No one is even having sex. It's just a bunch of people dancing and shaking and showing a lot of skin (and tatoos). How could this be detrimental to a child's development or psyche?
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    From Authors Publish “These publications accept creative nonfiction, including personal essays and memoir. Most of these outlets accept other genres also, like fiction and nonfiction. A few also publish translations and artwork. All of them pay writers, from token to pro rates, and are listed in no particular order.”
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    Turning into a book recommendation thread. How about this. Soul food with a difference. It's vegan. 😀
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    One of my kids turned me onto this show on Sunday and I've been spending 4 hours a night watching. I just finished season 3 (perhaps the best of the 1st three) and am about to start season 4. I highly recommend it.
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    YOUR WEBSITE!!! First, thank you for updating and managing your digital platform. We book lovers, and avid readers enjoy visiting you and purchasing your books directly. We like finding out about your appearances and events. We appreciate your photos, videos, blog postings, and podcast. We especially like updates such as information on when you'll release your next publication. Those of us who don't use social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc., like knowing we don't have to sign in just to read your thoughts. We trust you with our email address, and we appreciate that you won't track us throughout the internet. Since we're on the topic of email addresses, did you know if you don't secure your website - you leave us, visitors, vulnerable? An unsecured site makes it easy for bad actors to get our information if we visit and purchase anything from your website. Now, before you say it, yes- big corporations are hacked all the time; this is why I'm asking you to secure your website. Visitors are hack-weary and if we see a not secure notice on your site - we may bounce. Let's make it easy for your supporters to do business with you. PLEASE SECURE YOUR WEBSITE with a digital certificate such as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate. More on Digital certificates from Verisign. https://www.verisign.com/en_US/website-presence/online/ssl-certificates/index.xhtml
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    GoDaddy (AALBC's hosting company) is simply wrong for not allowing the use of the free SSL certificates. I'd go broke if I had to pay for SSL certificates on all of my websites 🙂
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    You took the words right out of my head! 😆 I didn't want to give google or godaddy any airtime it would interrupt my flow. Thank you for the added information! (Quiet as kept, I counted on you adding it! lol)
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    Basically the program tells the story of a couple of Junior College (JUCO) football programs. The teams roosters are made up of guys (mostly Black) who failed to make, or were kicked out of, Division 1 (D1) football programs. The guys all talented athletes with a menagerie of stories who are trying to make it back to the D1 level and ultimately to the pros. They battle with keeping their grades up and dealing with the challenges that landed them at a JUCO in some all-white-one-horse town. It spoke to my experience on some level. I could relate to the young men. I also used to teach guys this age, and background, trying to help them get a GED and it was not easy, so I could relate to the teachers that were trying to help these young men graduate. It also, indirectly, speaks to the business of collegiate football and how it really screws up the lives of so many people -- mostly Black -- without them really understanding what is happening. I don't watch sports, unless I have money on the game or am hanging out with my boys, but the way they edited the program made all of the games very exciting. Season #3 was particularly good in this regard. See I'm the kind of guy the will travel to Mississippi or Kansas just to watch these team play live and check out the communities covered. It was just a well done human interest story that speaks to the experience of everyday folks in a way that I'm not accustomed to seeing. My daughter who turned me onto the program told me not to get carried away -- "it's not like it is better than Game of Thrones." I loved GOT, but if I had to pick one. I'd pick Last Chance U.
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    Search engines, like Google use also use this as a ranking signal. In other words, all things being equal the site that uses https will out rank a site that simply uses http (not secure). https uses end to end encryption, which means the communications between your device and the website you are visiting is scrabbled and unintelligible to the bad guys lurking in cafes looking at your data over an unsecured wifi network. As far as I'm concerned all of the websites on the Internet should use https. You can get a free SSL certificate from https://www.sslforfree.com/ unfortunately greedy website hosts, like GoDaddy, do not allows the use of this free SSL certificate on the websites they host.
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    I missed you, you were here and then gone, no one even saw you go, you didn’t wave, I just didn’t see those eyes anymore, and yes it was lonely, wondering what it was like to have someone like you, I felt like I think a piano would if some keys were missing, I could get threw some of the melody but a lot of it was messy, the keys didn’t flow right, I fought for the right tune, the correct tone, but with the origin of the stokes missing the melody changed, it was gone. It was rough, there are times I forget you, but I always at the same time knew you were missing, I heard myself asking questions to turn for an answer to almost hear you whisper as your silhouette faded into the sky, I was trapped on the other side of us fighting to get to that familiar place that I knew existed within me as child, I hear myself calling out your name in my sleep to wake to a hand that was empty, my strolls long and colorless where fraught with battles that I thought I had to fight alone, I was missing me in you because you made me think, we, us, two, but I was one, sister without a sister, looking and being blessed with sisters learning that no sister can be a sister within a sisterhood without the strength of her sisters, I want to hear those songs again, the ones that sounded so out of tune when you were no more than a memory, I want that melody, those walks and talks, and sleep overs and moments, I want to move forward, because at some point I think I stopped, hoping I did find you, hoping you’d catch up, hoping you see me walking past a store and notice my movements and remember and say to yourself in that childlike voice I remember her, I had a sister like her, she was one of my first friends, my first confidants, she played in my hair and took my dolls, we colored and danced and fought our brothers and dare them to tell if they hit us back, I pray for you always, hoping you’d run up behind me and pull my skirt tale just to look into those eyes again, what moments I have lost, what moments I have missed, what a different world I would know, if I had gotten the opportunity to watch this little sister grow, sorry it took so long, but today is now and we get to move on. So what, to my sister that have keep me sane for you, who have held me up when there was nothing I could do, I thank you all and ask you to continue to be the best, yes you are the very best part of me, the voices, that help me make the choices to live life not allow life to live me, I love all my sister and pray I could be as good a sister as some of you have chosen to be. It took 30 years to find my sister
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    Me too. Sometimes the source does not tie ti the citation or it support a different conclusion
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    Well I can't speak to "acuracy," cause anytime you put cameras on front of folks you change things. But the stories were still compling. Let us know what you think @Mel Hopkins One of my boy's sons, played on the same high school team, in Titusville, with one of the players highlighted. My boy and his wife have graduate degrees (his mom has a PhD), but the kid's mom on the show was locked up for 4 years when he was a kid. So it is a "slice" and not the full African American story. *I know you know this Mel, but I emphasized the point for other readers who might not know.
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    “The Authors Guild’s 2018 Author Income Survey, the largest survey of writing-related earnings by American authors ever conducted finds incomes falling to historic lows to a median of $6,080 in 2017, down 42 percent from 2009.” Read the conclusions drawn from the survey here. There are many additional reason for this decline, not mentioned by the authors guild, because as a bookseller I see the problem from a different angle. During the same period my revenue from the sales of books has declined as well. This is the reason there are fewer booksellers online, or offline, than there were 10 years ago. The major reason: Amazon. I sell books anyway they can be sold; I sell books directly; send readers to the author's, publisher's, and even other indie booksellers; and I sell books as an affiliate of Amazon, IndieBound, and Barnes & Noble. The vast majority of readers chose to purchase books from Amazon. Last year Amazon cut affiliate commission in half to 4%. Effectively cutting my book sales revenue in 1/2 overnight. Amazon also pressures authors, through their KDP Select program to give away free books for a period, to keep ebook prices below $2.99 (99 cents is not uncommon), and to give Amazon the exclusive right to sell their ebook (this would normally be laughable if Amazon were not a monopoly). Authors do this in exchange for some "promotion" and higher "royalties." As a result, I'm increasingly earning 4% on the sale of a 99 cent eBook. My commissions earned from Amazon, on the sale of books, have plummeted. A question for the author: What incentive do I have to sell an ebook that I will generate less than 4 pennies in revenue? What am I doing about it. I'm working to bypass Amazon completely and to ultimately drop all of my Amazon affiliate links. I've already turned down listing books of authors who have given Amazon exclusive right to sell. But I'm also working with some of these authors to sell their book through their own websites. I'm also working on a commission model that allows both the author and any bookseller to make more money on the sale of a book than we would if we went through Amazon. Let's be clear: Amazon has a monopoly on the sale of Black books. When we give a corporation that much power over our culture, we are all impoverished not just economically but spiritually.
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