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    My Inspiration to Physical Fitness . . . ======================================================================================= I have a long, long way to go. I haven’t even started yet . . . Well, actually, I have actually started . . . and started . . . and then started again and again and again . . . I am still trying to get a handle on my craving for chocolate . . . and my habit of drinking grape soda . . . Pioneer, please pretend that you didn’t read this post! . . . LOL. You’ve probably seen and heard about these amazing stories, but I don’t believe I will ever get bored of reading about them or seeing these amazing women. Anyway, I call these women; Doves’ Beauties of the Day . . . ======================================================================================= Beauty #1 ***Ernestine Shepherd*** Meet the 81-year-old woman who can bench press 115lb I’m always asked for bodybuilding advice in the gym Ernestine Shepherd 23 April 2018 Health & Wellbeing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EARNISTINE SHEPHERD I get up at 2.30am every day. After my devotions and meditations, I have breakfast then I’ll go for a run (with a bit of walking thrown in) in my hometown of Baltimore. A typical day sees me usually exercising at the gym by 7.30am. Then I’ll teach a workout class with up to 45 people until around 11.30am before going home to eat, have a nap and see my husband, Colin. I’m usually back at the gym for 5.30pm, training people aged 20 to 86 until 7pm…. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bbcthree/article/bb27dc63-acda-4bb8-981f-988866ace2fd ========================================================================================== Doves’ Beauties of the Day . . . Beauty #2 ***Wendy Ida*** Wendy Ida is her name and yep, she is 60 years old. She could pass for forty or even younger than that! HER Story: How 65-year-old Wendy Ida changed her life with fitness By Kristen Stephenson /Published 15 March 2018
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    Rock and Roll, Jazz are synonymous with £uck!ng
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    Couldn't resist. Everybody enjoys a good fuck now and then... 😱 Talk about a Freudian slip. 😧 When i was growing up, radio was the main way to hear music. And you could dial from station to station. To me, i liked what i liked, whatever the genre; anything that had good lyrics and a strong melody grabbed me. My choices were made for me. 😑 Symbols are silent messages that trigger a conditioned response in the brain. American flags make patriots emotional. Swastikas stir pride in white nationalists. A raised fist logo spikes aggression in black people. Crosses calm Christians. Traffic symbols instruct drivers. The silence of symbols is loud. Letters are symbols that when arranged a certain way inspire sounds that have meaning. Symbols are cool. 🙂
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    In the year 2018, the whole structure of the family has changed. It can be made up of same sex partners in addition to female headed households, as well as ones run by single dads. Those who say the traditional way is best because it facilitates a balance that creates a better society, are the ones who are stuck in the past. They feel their view is supported by how much better things were back in the "good old days". But is this true? Maybe for men is was. But women weren't always content being confined to the role of subservient wife, selfless mother and dutiful homemaker. The way the divorce rate escalated under these circumstances doesn't say much for how great things worked out with society assigning roles to the sexes. Now that women have broken the mold and are about being equal partners in a relationship, some men want to slap them down and lecture them about how much better things work when women are not strong - something male chauvinist feel is equivalent to being domineering and argumentative. Secure men, however, don't have a big problem with smart, strong women. If a wife, for instance, is better at handling the finances, and a husband is as good a cook as his wife, then sharing responsibilities makes for a stable home environment. "A happy wife means a happy life". Also, a loving environment, no matter what the sexual orientation of the parents, is an acceptable alternative to a tense hostile atmosphere generated by heterosexual parents constantly at each other's throats. Time brings change. Those who can't adjust to it are out of touch. For an unattached man like Pioneer, who has never been married and therefore unqualified to speak on the subject, to advise a single black woman who is "soft, warm, beautiful, argumentative, opinionated, and intelligent" that she is, in effect, better off if she plays into the role of being emotionally and intellectually weak, in order to enable men to be strong and smart, is something that calls for a rebuttal.
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    Obviously, you control how you see or interpret something. However, if you see a spider and interpret the spider as 'a person who is' untrustworthy it is your choice to do that, but it doesn't alter the reality that what you see is, in fact, a spider, yes? That makes your interpretation or your perception toothless in the face of 'free will.' Hence, is more probable people think they have free will. The authors of the U.S. Constitution did the best humans can do, not out of free will but because it was simply the best they could have done, a document by any other means is simply the opposite they could have done; also free of will; the same as if they did nothing at all. Love you sister, Cynique, but how dare you sum-up in a short paragraph what the truth is of this matter!!!
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    I could draw the conclusion from this discussion that "freedom" is an unnecessary word, because it is a status that does not exist. Implicit in all the individual contentions is that nobody is totally at liberty to do anything they want because extenuating circumstances come into play and corrupt the purity of the word "freedom". Choices and decisions are rejected as being examples of freedom because of what motivates and influences them . Freedom, if nothing else, is a paradoxical state of mind wherein people are free to believe anything they wish because freedom isn't a reality. .
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    @Kalexander2 Because words matter. Some confuse the words “choose” and “ decide” . We are free to choose but deciding is limited to the options available. Case in point, the origin of choice is “perceive” . If we go back to the old english meaning - choice actually meant “free will” so to choose is to exercise free will. The origin of decide is “cutting off”. In fact when you look at the Proto-Indo- European root word caedre - from where decide originates - we see the origin is to “strike down” - as in getting rid of the options. Therefore, a man or woman chooses to run for president. We, the electorate, decide whether he or she will represent us.
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    @Pioneer1Watta crock. There you go with a ridiculously generalized statement that you modify by saying that "every woman is different", an assertion you further dilute by injecting the word "most" into the mix, all of which totally voids the viability of your vacillating statement. - a statement that doesn't hold up in its implication that "generally speaking" although "all men are different", "most" of them are mentally and physically stronger than women. Men may have brawn, but their superior brain power is not a given. It depends on the area of expertise. Emotionally speaking, maturity remains elusive in the male development. Biologically speaking, the reason women are the ones who bear children is because they are better-equipped both physically and mentally for this ordeal. Women routinely handle illnesses better than men, who are big babies. Women are also pliant, able to adjust to loss and tragedy wherein men are brittle, - hard, but easily shattered . As for balance, it's not about one sex acting one way and the opposite sex acting the other way; it's about relationships in which both members do what they are better at in order to maintain a stable working partnership. Roles are no longer assigned to gender in today's world. The era of hunters and gatherers has gone the way of primitive homo sapiens. BTW, nobody likes an individual of either sex who is "domineering, combative, and argumentive". Nor does nobody respect a male who is timid, inept, and wimpy. To my sister who said: "I am a black woman and this is how we are cast in this world but I have Feelings, and am soft, warm, beautiful, argumentative, opinionated, and intelligent. Is it so wrong to be a black woman who is strong?", - I say "no". You go, Girl!
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    Yes @Kalexander2 people are indeed free here in America. This should not be up for discussion. Now, of course, many people, perhaps most, don't exercise their freedom. Freedom as they say is not free. In fact, exercising one's freedom can often be quite difficult. @Delano you mention who else has a forum? Very few do, because it is hard. I could go to Facebook like everyone else and talk there. My life would be much easier. I would not have to worry about the maintenance, cost, or even promotion of this forum. But I would be a slave to Facebook, a true slave as I'd be subjecting myself to their (and their advertisers) behavior modification algorithms. (I thank y'all lately for, exercising your freedom, by helping to make this forum possible.) Most Americans don't have passports and very few have been to more than a few states. I've been to all the states and all the major cities that I wanted to visit. Last month I visited Birmingham AL and Jackson, MS for the first time. This takes time and money. People in many other countries simply don't have the freedom to travel the world they way we can. Freedom is also the freedom not to exercise it, so if people want to spend their time on Facebook and never leave their back yard -- they are free do so. We are slaves only if we choose to be. This has always been case, except when you dont know you are a slave. I feel many authors are slaves to Amazon. Most dont see it and the ones that do are unwilling to take the simple steps to free themselves from the big A's yoke -- mostly because they are afraid of losing money. The desire for money enslaves many of us.
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    May i inject the idea that freedom is an abstract idea and is also relative in that it involves choices. There are personal freedoms and public freedoms. Tangible ones and intangible ones. Mental ones and physical ones. i am free to think anything i choose; free to express an opinion about any subject. i am free to not believe in or worship "god". i do not revere the American flag and i am free to burn one in public, I am free to choose not to vote. I am free to call another black person a nigger/nigga. i am free to kill a person in self defense. Death and taxes are actually the only restrictions in my life but i can choose to not do things that will endanger my life, and even free to not make enough money to pay taxes. It just depends on what challenges you face in life and what decisions you make in regard to them.
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    @Chevdove, red tide is indeed a serious problem -- devastating to those financially impacted. I'm just pointinging out, as with all bad news, the media exaggerates these things, making it hard to gain perspective.
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    Man @Pioneer1 this is an interesting point. Would it be more accurate to say start with those with nothing to lose? Is there a difference? Too bad they don't let you eat bacon and drink a cold beer every once in a while....
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    Lol! @Pioneer1 for you Brother I will concede the race debate to you as well. To be clear, that does not mean I agree with you. I understand the are instances were reason, facts, and logic are ineffective. You and Del have helped me learn this lesson, so I sincerely thank you both.
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    @Delano I already conceded you won, I gave up.
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    @Delano, OK Bruh, I give. Of course not. We clawed our way out of enslavement because of strong Black women. Students of the civil rights movement know women were largely responsible, though unsung, for it's success. Even this website exists because of strong and supportive Black women. A cartoon, racist or otherwise, can not change that unless we allow it to.
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    My point is that Trump is a Black Swan. There is no comparison. However we shall see
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    Thank you, Brother, and you're welcome. Me, I'll wager twice that much DT's presidency won't last to the New Year!
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    Interesting, I could see whether you might feel Black people are ignorant or stupid, but I think this is more a consequence of centuries of racism. I hope none of the incidents you are not judging Black people on is not based upon the Cardi v.s. Nicki fight 😉
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    @Troy Yes, this may be the underlying reason. @Mel Hopkins Whew! You know there are so many times I have witnessed scenes where in the case of a customer complaining about an employee that the management will support their own employee, but not when it comes to a Black woman. And the insensitive comment of the quote you put, shows how pampered Europeans can be and how supremacist they are in their viewpoint, when it comes to Black women. @Troy I don't know..... I don't think you would see White women lynched...and so even though Black men have a jump ahead of women across the board for some things, however, not for all things, even with the right to vote.
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    The pecking order white male white female black male black female. The White Male is the main character in history and culture, everyone else has varying levels of invisibility. You can also add sexual orientation and cultural/country to the mix. Gay white men would be situated between straight white men and straight whute women. So men talk down to women and whites talk down to blacks. So the more powerf you have the easier it is us to dismiss those below you or simply not validate their existence. Even insults are asymptomatic
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    Yes but who leads, or rather whose vision is followed.
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    Sounds like a good idea in theory @Pioneer1 but in practice I can't see how it will work -- especially here in America, were there is so much diversity and individuality is a prized characteristic. The other problem is we look outside our community for validation.
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    I can't believe I'm writing this, but the rationale for the lament I am about to make is that you miss a toothache when it's gone and I miss my "frienemy" Chrishayden! He really did contribute a lot to this board with the strident opinions he laced with ridicule and wit. But who could really hate a fella who hated negroes who hated other negroes especially when the other negroes happened to be negroes he liked. Watta guy! I can't believe Crissy didn't cross over. Maybe he's still trying to access the old board, totally confused as to what happened. He was a very knowledgeable dude but - well, you know, sometimes what was obvious didn't register with him or maybe, like me, he doesn't dig the change. Could it be that our boy is aimlessly strolling around the mean streets of St. Louis, dodging muggers, stepping over drunks, and winking at hookers, wistfully reminiscing about the Internet soap box he has abandoned. COME BACK, CHRISHAYDEN. ALL IS FORGIVEN! Your Mayberry Maven, CYNIQUE

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