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    From whence do Latinos derive? The Hispanic community. Unless you know something I don’t Spain is populate and controlled by White skinned Europeans. Those Europeans were next to the worst of slavers. The only reason why we are speaking English is because we were born or live in Anglo territory. The Latinos are a creation of the Hispanic territory. Their bias against English speaking Blacks is well known in many communities where they interact.
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    The history of China is a long a bloody one. I can't tell you the number of Asians who have killed other Asians or Africans who have killed all sorts of people. 6000 years of Chinese murder and counting. 12000 years of Black murder and counting. The Empires of the Niles were not Kissy Kissy. The Ashanit Empire and The Mali Empires were also bloody. Once again Color has no bearing on violent tendencies. The advent of Gun Powered is credited the Chinese. The mathematics used by the Americans to build the bomb came from the Africans. Our world is not about Black and Whites. Whites have only been a periphery in history.
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    This is a new rule that I will, when I get a chance, post where more people can see it. I've starting removing hyperlinks to Amazon's website. Posters are encouraged to link to an indie bookseller, their own website, or AALBC when promoting a book -- but not Amazon. Why? Amazon has never allowed their visitors to link to AALBC and while AALBC has sent several million visitors to Amazon's site over the years. When Amazon allow links to AALBC, I'll consider changing the rule. Besides, I'm engaged in a complete (professional and business) boycott of Amazon's services. They have wrecked enough destruction in the Black Book Ecosystem, I can no longer contribute to this on any level.
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    Henry Field (December 15, 1902 – January 4, 1986) was an American anthropologist and archaeologist. On page 154 of his book "Fieldmuseum of Natural History" (1939), Field states:"Physical anthropologists are certain that Mesopotamia was the eastern borderline for Semitic types of individuals and that the Semites, whom we know as the brown Mediterranean peoples who invaded Mesopotamia from Arabia, did not inhabit Iran at an early date. […] Nor did Nordic peoples speaking an Indo-Iranian language dwell in Iran in early times; the earliest evidence indicating their entry is dated to the beginning of the second millennium B.C. and is based on the mention of Indo-Iranian deities among Kassite gods.""Fieldmuseum of Natural History" by Henry Field, page 154 (1939) Field Museum of Natural HistoryFieldmuseum of natural historySo who were these "brown Mediterranean" people that he was speaking of? In case there was any doubt or confusion as to who these brown Mediterranean people were, an arm of the United Nations, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization -- UNESCO -- has already ruled that they were in fact Negroes, just like the ancient Egyptians who were related to them: "The point about all these conclusions is that despite their discrepancies the degree to which they converge proves that the basis of the Egyptian population was negro in the Pre-Dynastic epoch. Thus they are all incompatible with the theories that the negro element only infiltrated into Egypt at a later stage. Far otherwise, the facts prove that it was preponderant from the beginning to the end of Egyptian history, particularly when we note once more that 'Mediterranean' is not a synonym for 'white', Eliot Smith's 'brown or Mediterranean race being nearer the mark'. 'Elliot-Smith classes these Proto-Egyptians as a branch of what he calls the brown race, which is the same as Sergi's 'Mediterranean or Eurafrican race'. The term 'brown' in this context refers to skin color and is simply a euphamism for negro. It is thus clear that it was the whole of the Egyptian population which was negro, barring an infiltration of white nomads in the proto-dynastic epoch...""General History of Africa: Ancient civilizations of Africa" by G. Mokhtar, page 29-30 (1991) United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, International Scientific Committee for the Drafting of a General History of Africahttps://www.sahistory.org.za/sites/default/files/file uploads/general_history_africa_ii.pdf
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    Yes... all great info indeed. Regarding ancient Egypt, the UNESCO source even goes onto say: "...Be that as it may, it is clear that anthropology is far from having established the existence of a white Egyptian race and would tend to suggest the opposite. Nevertheless, in current textbooks the question is suppressed: in most cases it is simply and flatly asserted that the Egyptians were white and the honest layman is left with the impression that any such assertion must necessarily have a prior basis of solid research. But there is no such basis, as this chapter has shown. And so generation after generation has been misled. Many authorities skate around the difficulty today by speaking of red-skinned and black-skinned whites without their sense of common logic being in the least upset." "General History of Africa: Ancient civilizations of Africa" by G. Mokhtar, page 29-30 (1991) United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, International Scientific Committee for the Drafting of a General History of Africa https://www.sahistory.org.za/sites/default/files/file uploads /general_history_africa_ii.pdf
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    @Pioneer1 your bias against Whites distorts you view of history. My father was a Black Merchant Marine in WWII. Blacks servers in most branches of the US during that war. Unlike the Europeans the Asians would have fought to the last man if they hadn’t been confronted by massive overwhelming destruction. The good thing is we now have Godzilla movies. PS if the Europeans didn’t create the Atomic Bomb the Asians would have. I am more inclined to believe that the African Hegemony ran it’s course.
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    @Pioneer1 No I didn't consider the Arab the worst. They are just the greatest number of practitioners today. I was referring the the Black Codes that the Spanish had in place. Most of it I speculate was a reaction to the two invasions by the African Muslims(Moors). @Chevdove The planet Earth is a merciless place. It has taken people to do all sorts of things which offend our modern sensibilities. There is no difference in the degree of violence which people commit based on skin color.
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    Black. Woman's. Beauty, Her. Spirit. Like. The. Sun. Glows.. Knowledge-And. Knowledge. Of Self. Important. She. Knows. Not. Hair. And. -Designer. Clothes. . Passion. And. Compassion. In. Her. Heart. And. Soul. . Uplifting. Her. People. She. Proudly. Shows. And. The-Essence -Of Her Beauty A Poet. Or Writer Could Easily Compose.....
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    100 New Audio Books You’ll ♥ When I started my boycott of Amazon over a year ago. I was fully prepared to completely give up my stream of income from selling books online. The boycott forced me to consider other options and that was one of the top 3 things I ever did with this website! I not only did selling books directly dramatically increase my revenue through online book sales, I also get my customer information which Amazon kept for themselves -- never sharing with affiliates. Sure, it is much more labor intensive physically, and administratively, selling books directly, but the revenue, from book sales, is an order of magnitude higher -- more sales and larger orders. I've hired someone to do the extra work. I'm able to sell audiobooks through a partnership with Libro.fm. I've already made more money with Libro.fm, in less than 6 months, than I did selling Amazon's Audbile ebooks and subscriptions in the past decade! Libro.fm shares customer information with their partners too! I recently started working with Hummingbird to sell ebooks. Unlike Amazon's ebooks, which you can only read on a Kindle; you can read your hummingbird's ebooks on ANY platform -- including the Kindle. Libro.fm may begin selling eBooks too. If they do, I will like switch over to them. As far as buying books that are not showcased on AALBC, you can always use Bookshop.org. They share 10% of the book's price with AALBC. You do not need Amazon. Boycott them for your book buying needs and improve the book ecosystem -- especially for Black books. Look, the pandemic is going to kill some Black-owned bookstores. A miracle occurred in late May, and white folks flooded Black owned bookstores, like AALBC, with record levels of sales. Some stores, overwhelmed, could not handle the surge, and did not benefit from the store-saving business. To be clear we will still lose some Black owned books stores, due to the pandemic. Bookshop.org helped some stores by giving them a platform to sell books on the web, but those sales do not benefit the stores nearly as much as being able to sell books directly. Unfortunately, most Black-owned bookstores do not have the ability to sell books on the web, if they do, they don't have the ability to scale. Over the long term Black-owned book stores and websites like AALBC continue to need your business not just to survive but to grow. The last 12 month has been phenomenal for AALBC. Records in every measurable category: traffic, book sales, and advertising -- during a global pandemic no less! This is ONLY because some of you have chosen AALBC over Amazon -- full stop! This has allowed AALBC to improve tremendously! Readers, authors, and publishers all benefit for having an additional platform celebrating Black literature.
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    I enjoyed the interview. I will have to listen to it again. I hope you are working on fleshing out your organization. The biggest short coming of the Black Business Builders Club was that it was totally run by the founder so with his death, the site didn't continue. One of my biggest failures.
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    You'll have to study history, because there is clearly nothing I can write to convince you otherwise. @Chevdove, racism, colorism and white supremacy are relatively new concepts; slavery is much, much older. Racism and its spawn white supremacy justified the American "peculiar institution." It was "peculiar" because of the racist component.
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    In Rome Slave could become citizens. The US use Matriarchal lineage, so that any slaves born of a slave were also Slaves. I believe that was unique to US's system of slavery.
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    Yes, I do agree. Definitely (a) Racism More correctly, the term is not actually 'Racism' though, but Colorism and White Supremacy, that came first before slavery. The motivation comes before the act. Slavery is a response to the issue of hating Black people and people of color.
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    The Answer is Slavery, Slavery goes back a long ways. However the American Slave trade create the concept of White Superiority to justify slavery. So in the South you have White Women being the ideal and being seen as chaste. With Black Men being seen as sexual brutes, and Black women being temptresses. However that falls apart because White Plantation owners were raping Black Women and selling their own offspring. So you have a situation where Black Men can't protect their women, Black women are seen as sexually loose, and White women having to reconcile their perceived status with the reality.
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    Interesting video........... My thought on it is that while it IS interesting and informative to a certain extent, we must keep in mind that it's being presented to us by a CAUCASIAN.....so stop right there. Anytime you have information being presented to you by a member of a group of people WELL KNOWN for being masters of confusion and deception, you must take it with a grain of salt and be very suspect of all of the information being offered. 1. He starts off with confusion by referring to Europeans as "Westerners" when geographically speaking Europe as just as far west as Africa. If you mean "European" or "White man" then SAY THAT, and stop masking it up in confusing terms! 2. He focuses on Africa and why Europe was so successful in conquering Africa but only makes passing references to those same Europeans being able to conquer Asia as well as both American continents EVEN MORE thoroughly than Africa! What were his intentions in making it seem as if Africa was an anomaly, when the rest of the world shared the same fate under the Europeans? He does a half-way decent job disproving what Jared Diamond says in his book but when it comes to explaining what HE believes is the reason why Europe was able to dominate and colonize so much more of the planet than any other group he doesn't offer an alternative answer. In fact, he dismisses it by saying that we may "never know the answer" at the 1: 25 minute mark. And we know that ALL questions have answers. Which makes me wonder if the THINKS he has the answers to the question but doesn't want to reveal them. But on the flip side I DID learn something from this video. I learned about the Great Benin City! Although I knew of Benin as an empire, I hadn't remembered even hearing of Benin City until this video. Now I'm going to do more research on this great West African pre-colonial city. Thanx for the video.
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    She has the straightest hair I have ever seen. 😐
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    White oppression by elites predates white supremacy -- by centuries. Race (or, absurdly "acting") does not have anything to do with this.
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