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    We are all aware of the mainstream media's negative narrative about black men. We are constantly bombarded with stories of high incarceration rates, black on black violence, deadbeat dads and of course police brutality. From the outside looking in it appears that black men are destined for failure and there is nothing that can be done to change the implied negative trajectory that black men are on. But is the media's narrative true? Are black men really an endangered species? I believe the answer is an emphatic no and I have made it my life's to work to support and empower black men to overcome the negative stereotypes and to create extraordinary lives. In order for black men to succeed the first thing they must do is understand how societal conditioning contributes to creating a negative mindset and attitude about what it means to be a black man. Too many black men feel hopeless and powerless as a result of the constant barrage of negative images and stories coming not only from the white biased media but also from the black media that definitely contributes to the negative narratives about what it means to be black. So what can be done to support black men in overcoming the multiplicity of challenges they face on a daily basis? How can we help change the mindset of black men and empower them to know they have unlimited potential and the future is extremely bright for those who are willing to put forth the effort? I believe the key to resolving a large percentage of challenges facing black them is to support them in changing their own inner narrative about themselves. The good book says; "be ye not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." Herein lies the key to transforming black men's lives. We must be willing to encourage black men to examine the internal negative beliefs and perceptions they have about themselves. We must engage them in a dialog about what they believe, how they feel and what they think about being black. Too many times their inner dialog about themselves is so negative they have no choice other than to act out that negative internal dialog. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to change their inner dialog by providing resources that support them in changing their negative mindset and attitude. This can be accomplished through things like workshops and seminars, reading books, listening to audio programs and creating support groups that provide safe spaces for them to speak openly about the highs and lows, joys and pain of being a black man. When we help them change their inner dialog about themselves it will give them a sense of optimism and hope for the future which will then encourage them to develop a positive mindset and attitude that will keep them from falling victim to negative media generated narratives about who they are. It is definitely possible for any black man to live an extraordinary life. We are all capable of creating inner peace, dynamic health, great relationships and financial abundance. To do so, a black man must be willing to take 100% responsibility for his life turning out the way he wants it to. The only way to do this is through changing his inner narrative about himself and recognizing that he has the capacity to do anything he sets his mind to.
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    I actually attended Quincy Troupe's reading on Tuesday. It actually was an interesting event in park... Well it is not really a "park" in the sense anyone outside of NYC would think of one, but it is an oasis a break from the density popular concrete that surrounds. The park is near iconic FlatIron building (the former home of St. Martin's Press) and very close to where I teach Baruch College (which is why I went).
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    Read. 400- Years. Ago 1619 ,Slave. Ships. With. Kidnapped. Africans,Begin. Coming. To. America. . The. Slave. Ships. That. Did,Not,Sink... .Not. To. Forget. The. Slave. Ship. Jesus..There Is,Confusion Among Black People ,When Black People Became,Christians. Myself And Other Black People ,Belief,Christianity. Was Forced Upon Black People. Slave Owners,Used The Bible To. Justify Slavery. . . How ,Many ,Black,Preachers,Preach About Slavery In The Bible? Bible,Supports,Slavery,War,Murder,Abortion ,Rape,Child. Rape..How,Many. Black. Christian. Bible. Readers,Want. Reparations ,For. Slavery. ? Bible. Supports. Slavery.. Listen. To. The. Ojays Song-Ship. Ahoy It's. About. The. Slave. Ships....
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    I sold a book on Sunday (Sept 15, 2019). No promotion. No strong-arm selling. Simply, PayPal notifying me I had cash. Here's how it happened. A LinkedIn acquaintance messaged and asked if I would consider purchasing a short story he was selling on Amazon dot com. It would cost me .99 cents. But he'd know if there was activity on his amazon kindle account. I messaged him back and asked if he had one available in print. He said he'd have to do a collection of stories for the minimum print pages. I told him I understood. I want to make a short story available for sale on Lulu.com, too. But I need to do some creative packaging to make it 32 pages. He asked where was my story on lulu.com. I told him I believe in direct sales. But I'd also consider working with distributors who give me the best deal. Amazon doesn't qualify. So, I shared with him a link to my website store to show him how easy it is to sell a digital book direct...and bam he buys one. I thought more about the transaction when I read Seth Godin's blog post, "The relationship with the customer." (Sep 1, 2019) It's worth a read. But here's my takeaway. My associate and I met through a professional networking site, providing us a way to connect. I prepared my digital platform (a website) for such interactions allowing people to engage with me and buy directly. My associate asked me to buy his book. I did. Sadly, the request reinforced my commerce relationship with Amazon dot com. BUT his book-buying relationship, with me, is direct. He said dealing with amazon means they have "skin" in the game. Ultimately, amazon dot com's skin in the game allows them to benefit the most from an author's copyright license. Amazon dot com takes a 65% sales commission on books priced lower than $2.99 and above $9.99 Bottom line: I offer independent author-publishers this insight for their revenue model. If an author-publisher maintains their own basic wordpress website complete with security certificate from godaddy; it would cost less than $200 a year. A WooCommerce plugin and MailChimp mailing list plugin is free (for a small customer list). [not an endorsement - for description purposes only] My royalty was $4.99; which is the price of my digital book. PayPal took .44 cent in transaction fees. I purchased his book for .99 cent. I gained a new customer while he sold a book and earned .35 cents royalty.
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    @Mel Hopkins he's misinterpreted "skin in the game," which mean one has taken on risk. Amazon assumes no risk when they provide an author with self publishing services. Amazon makes money, no matter what, because the author pay Amazon every step of the way. That aside, everthing you decribed is perfectly valid. You can simply make more money without Amazon. For the direct online sale of books I've used two systems. PayPal and Square. There is no recurring cost and you pay a small transaction fee. These system are ok for small budgets and a small number of products. I find Square to be slightly better, than PayPal but the differences are not substantial for POS and online sales. Now that I'm selling thousands of products PayPal and Square do not scale up. After using and evaluating Big Commerce and Shopify; Big Commerce was far and away the best option. I'm going write more about this soon. ---- You can get a free SSL certificate, but Godaddy does not allow you to use it on their webservers (last i checked) I have a website on a host that allows the free SSL certificate and i save a ton of money using it: https://letsencrypt.org/ My web host is ifast.net. The plan I have is 19.99 for the year: https://ifastnet.com/portal/sharedhosting.php one can get a free .co domain so now we are looking at less than $20 a year including the SSL certificate. I have been running this site https://cis3630.org for almost 5 years for less than 30 bucks a year (Im paying for my domain name https://domainsforauthors.com) There are actually free web hosting options out there and used one with my students though these may not host Wordpress very well.
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    Only found about this Netflix documentary. Watching it right now. Saw the trailer first on You Tube and read some fairly strong comments there amongst others.
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    You sure do judge a lot of book by their covers. My Reagan/pedophile article - you dismissed because the first thing you saw at the top was an image of the Washington Times and did not read beyond that because you didn't like that one image. "64 Years" was published in 1995. Nobody started questioning the authenticity of the Willie Lynch speech until the mid-2000s when said speech was first circulated on the NEW internet and easily found by anyone. Alfred Ali found the Lynch speech the old fashioned way - digging through card catalogs at libraries. Jelani Cobb, who you're referencing as the guy who called the letter a hoax, had the easy job of criticizing someone else's work in 2004. There were in fact "Lynch Laws" named after a Captain William Lynch. But some say those laws were named after Charles Lynch. Some say not one black man or woman was raped by white people during slavery times too. Just sayin'. Ali's "64 Years" is a painful, but good read. We're not going to revoke all those Image Awards the Denzel Washington movie "The Great Debaters" won since it mentions the Willie Lynch speech. The movie was released in 2007, three years after Cobb said Lynch is a hoax. There's no need to condemn Ali's work just because of one page. He's a Detroit school teacher and firefighter who had the courage to write this book. Good for him.
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    To be clear, their were Africans in the Americas for THOUSANDS of years before the Great Ma'afa (Trans Atlantic Slave Trade). And while the first slaves were brought to the United State in 1619 (before it even was the United States), slavery actually started in North America around 1555. The reason there's a 64 year difference in the dates is because of a very horrible fact. In 1555 the first few boats of Africans were brought to the ISLANDS of the Carribean like Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, ect...... These Africans were beaten, tortured, and trained to become slaves and their children were taught this also. They were forced to forget their religions, thier languages, their diets.....and forced to adopt Christianity, learn English, and eat rotten food that wasn't good for them. This was called "breaking". THEN after 64 years of torture and breaking down the will and bodies of Africans and making them fit for the dehumanizing conditions of slavery then THEIR CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN were brought to the mainland to be slaves in 1619. To learn more about this process of slave-making and buck-breaking, I suggest a book by a brother named Alfred Ali called 64 Years To Make a Negro.
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    Talking of You Tube, there's a pretty good channel on there that yourself and others here might not be aware of. Reel Black is the channels name. Get you regarding your YT stuff. Probably better on here.
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    @Kareem I absolutely agree! I love what you wrote about Michael Bolton! @Pioneer1 I hope so! LOL. And, I appreciate your sources, and let me bring out some debate points: Now what was the EXACT name these original dark skinned peoples living in the area called?I'm sure it wasn't just "Cauca"...so what was THEIR name? As I have said, it was COLCHIAN, and the Biblical Magog would be a start point, but there are so many more script variations of th ese names that were used in ancient times. But specifically, I asked you OF WHOM DID THE WHITE 'CAUCASIANS' DESCEND FROM!? They did not just appear WHITE!!! These White people, CAUCASIANS, have sex and reproduce, likewise, they are hear today based upon SOMEONE having sex and eventually giving birth to their presence! You wrote: "I came to my conclusions of them not being from there but having been SENT there along with other darker peoples to guard and keep the Caucasians contained in the region from a NUMBER of sources, among them are:In Herodotus Histories Book 2 we read: the Colchians remembered the Egyptians better than the Egyptians remembered the Colchians; the Egyptians said that they held the Colchians to be part of Sesostris' army." I have read this too!!! What you are not recognizing is that HERODOTUS is making a distinction between the EGYPTIANS and THE COLCHIANS!!! As I said, the Colchians were AEGYTPOS! They are not the Orginal Egyptians! This is what Herodotus means when he says that the Colchians remembered the Egyptians better than the Egyptians remembered them! Sesostris is what I was directly speaking about! He is the 12th Dynasty Pharaoh that colonized Russia! He is the one that caused many COLCHIANS to migrate down into Egypt!!!--to become apart of his army! Yes, now we are getting somewhere! We are narrowing this history down. " ... guards to keep the wild Caucasians concealed in West Asia (where the Caucasus mountains are located)." West Asia is not, nor ever, was considered to be WEST ASIA. The CAUCASUS It is directionally defined as THE NORTHEAST. West Asia would be defined as PERSIA [ie IRAN] and ARMENIA and etc. The borderlands though define history that includes mountain ranges that border the Caucasus mountains. Also WEST ASIA is absolutely NOT Europe! the term EURASIA defines both Europe and Asia. "Now this from Nation of Islam theology supports what you said that the original people were already there; but it also supports what I said about them being guards to keep the wild Caucasians concealed in West Asia (where the Caucasus mountains are located)." This would be impossible. Even before Sesostris time, Cholchians were migrating everywhere. Sesostris just marks a movement in that he colonized ancient Russia, and at this time many Colchians became apart of Egypt. "Calling the Colchians the "original Caucasians" would be like calling the Hopi nation the "original Arizonans" or the Lenape nation the "original New Yorkers"." "I'm not exactly sure what the origins of the word "Amazigh" is but "Berber" came from a Greek term used for people who didn't speak Greek which pretty much means barbarian." Well, because of the intense history brought out about them, the term Caucasian can definitely be applied to the Colchians. I absolutely understand what you mean though, but again, their history has been well tract during ancient times, so therefore, the term does apply to them, the Colchians. They were very aggressive and dominant. Just as you wrote about the term 'Original Greeks' being wrong, this is because, today, a good connection has not been made of their transitional history of who they came to take over the land of the original people, but the Colchians have been well tract. The history is their though, about how the Classical Greeks took over and the earlier people from whom the Arabs came from, but it is not well brought out today. Yes, I understand that this term BERBER refers to BARBARIAN but that is not the original meaning! The term BERBER has been corrupted by the GREEKS!!! The term BERBER contains the very root word of one main adjective and description of the Original people of the land of Europe and Eurasia!!! ***** IBERIA----SIBERIA----LIBERIA---THE IBERIAN PENINSULA [Russia]--- the IBERIANS of Spain and Portugal**** The older term for the continent of EUROPE was BEREA--------- And this term originally did not mean Barbarian, but it meant FRUITFUL!!! The term BEREA refers to A FRUITFUL LAND, as in the word BERRY. It defines the Fruitful land of Shem. And this was a main name later, given to the descendants of Joseph--EPHRAIM-- the BARIAHS-- ANd Ephraim is a fruitful bow... As I said, the English language is suspect, and this is why it was written in scripture that words have a deeper meaning that we must research in order to get to the origin or as far back as we can to get a fuller meaning. We cannot supercede the lies and deceit if we don't go back over script and get the earlier meanings of which will help us to better understand how we have been deceived and dumbed down. "Now what do you mean by the "original Seth" people?Lol, if Adam (the archetypical white man) wasn't original....how could his son Seth be?" Now @Pioneer1 If you were correct about Adam being White then, this would contradict all science and that 'afro' that most Africans grow out of their heads. I've already broken this DNA down and it applies directly to the timespan that Adam was created. Even if you ask the African leaders and scholars over their in the African continent today, to confirm that in their lands, in their caves, and ancient ROCK ART, you will find NO primitive or ancient humans depicted with AFROES, or as Herodotus said, WOOLY HAIR, or no BUSHY HAIR... Adam is the scientific marker for THE AFRO!!! HE WAS NOT WHITE!!! So, likewise the name of SETH does not mean WHITE but guess what 'WASET' does!!! LOL! The ancient Egyptian term WASET does mean WHITE SETH!!! But the term Seth or Sety or Suti or SOUTHWORLD... refers to the ancient Seth people!!! The Egyptian god, and enemy of Osiris SETH, the BLACK PIG, in ancient script refers to THE ORIGINAL BLACK AFRICANS and Nodeastern peoples of this world!!! This term SETH would be the more correct term to define the AMAZIGH, and the CHOLCHIANS being woolly haired people from the east, and so many of Black or dark skinned peoples of the northeast world and etc. Now, I have 'inverted' some terms, like ZIGGY---GIZA---ZIGGURAT, in another thread to show that the words are actually the key to their original meanings, and likewise, I plan to do that some more to further reveal some deeper meanings that have been hidden from us today. This is the very reason why I paused for months on certain other topics, in order bring out this aspect of 'hiding ancient history right in front of our faces'.
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    Thanks the Amiri Baraka video was professionally shot and edited. The Quincy Thrope video was just me and my cell phone. But some recording of the event, for the record, is better than none. I don't promote my YouTube channel because i embed all the videos on the site and i prefer people to visit AALBC -- not YouTube -- to watch my videos. A couple of years ago I needed a 1,000 subscribers to unlock a YouTube feature. i asked people to subscribe to my channel then, but that was the only time.
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    Watched this on your You Tube channel. IT wasn't until quite recently that I actually found out your channel existed. Keep them coming. Actually the Leroi Jones/Amiri Baraka video was also very interesting.
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    Kareem Yes sir, I'm aware of the foundations of the modern police departments of the United States and their origins as slave "patty rollers" and patrolers as well as their current official status as protectors of property and property owners. I guess having grown up in a Black city (Detroit) and seeing so many AfroAmericans in positions of power like Mayors, judges, police officers, and lawyers, ect.....it gave me a different perspective on the police than a lot of AfroAmericans from other parts of the country. i didn't grow up in the ghetto but in one of the many working class Black neighborhoods in Detroit so most of the police we saw WERE AfroAmerican and for the most part only got on the silly negroes who WERE actually committing crimes and being violent. Not to say there were no corrupt Black cops, but that wasn't the norm. Most of them were like "Officer Smitty" of Sanford and Son, lol. Coleman Young who was Mayor of the city at that time FORCED a more even and balanced police department and didn't allow Caucasian officers to patrol the city by themselves. In a sense he SHELTERED his AfroAmerican citizens from the vicious racism so many other AfroAmericans around the nation experienced. Even the concept of AfroAmericans having a hard life and stuck in the ghetto was FOREIGN to me as a kid because I saw AfroAmericans living in the hardest slums of Detroit AS WELL as in the nicest mansions and all points in between. It wasn't until I got old enough to start traveling myself and seeing how MOST AfroAmericans lived around the country and what they went through that things like NWA and other rappers were talking about began to make more sense. You didn't see Black men on the street homeless or begging in Detroit when I was a kid! I didn't see it in Chicago where we used to go. The first time I saw that shit was in Ohio....lol. Now you see Black men around the country homeless and begging. As far as more AfroAmerican police officers and even more AfroAmericans in the military......... I think that if we are in able to achieve not just the grunt positions but also the positions of POWER in these institutions.....then the good will outweigh the bad. During the riots of the 60s a lot of dust being kicked up was coming from the AfroAmerican men with military training fresh back from Vietnam. If they had never went into the military, they wouldn't have known what little they DID. As long as we LIVE in this society I think it's best to seek power in it at ALL levels for our own security and survival.
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    I don't want to advertise on Troy's site like this, so I'll be vague. We started the black version of LegalZoom back in 2016. Since I'm not a lawyer and neither is my mentor/uncle who started it, we CAREFULLY crafted the disclaimer on the site to ensure we're not "practicing law without a license." We help people represent themselves in civil and criminal cases, which is your right pursuant to the Sixth Amendment and affirmed by Faretta v. California, 422 U.S. 806 (1975). We write research and write all the briefs, and write out simple instructions as to advancing your case through the system. Like you said, some settle very quickly when the Defendants see a well-argued, pro-se petition or complaint. We wanted it to help black folks. But truth be told, most of our clients are white who have enough money to afford a paralegal, but not a lawyer. I mean, we're not going to turn down the business. And there have definitely been some "wild" lawsuits we've helped them file. Their family court stuff is even crazier. But we have/had some interesting cases with black Plaintiffs too. We had a case very similar to this last year. Of course the details have to be confidential. But even I was surprised that a MAJOR company with a carefully-crafted terms of service paid off one of our clients just to go away. We charged them a flat rate to research and prepare their briefs, then take a small percentage of any settlement. Everyone was happy in the end. Essentially, if black folks want a shot at justice, we have to do it ourselves. That's what our little company tries to do. I mean, we've had to turn down potential black clients because they want everything free, which is unrealistic. They don't understand that we costs about 80% less than what they'd pay a lawyer. But that they have to put forth a lot of effort as well to prosecute their own cases with our help. Once we had a few white clients, they spread us via word-of-mouth. Now that little company and its revenue basically keeps all our blogs alive.
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    Absolutely we should, along with your suggestion of dual citizenship. We built this country. This country would not exist without us. We especially built the Confederate states. Our land here wouldn't necessarily be "sovereign." We would be a state like Utah where they make laws based on Mormonism. We could have 2 U.S. Senators and several representatives in the U.S.House and our own state legislature, our own police, our own education system, etc. We can always complete the project of "Liberia" that Russworm and Cornish started after the Civil War for our sovereign land on the Continent. We could also just use DNA and figure out our ancestry. I did mine and learned I'm 79% from a nomadic tribe in Burkina Faso. So I'd get my dual citizenship there and start businesses there. The rapper Akon said it best - the possibilities are endless in Afrika because everything is so "old." He said that he would never have been able to get into the energy business in the USA because the big oil and coal companies would have never allowed it. She told me all about my great-great grandmother (her mom), who was born into slavery. Her name was Magnolia Thurman, meaning she was probably raped at some point by Strom Thurmond's ancestors. She said her dad was killed for trying to escape. She also knew of her grandmother (my great-great-great grandmother). But she was sold from a plantation in Rome, Georgia and my great-great grandmother was separated from her mom and never from her again. It was quite gut-wrenching to document. Funny you mention that. I've got about 155 pages of my novel about this already done! Since I know I'll never see it in real life, I can use my creative juices to live it in a book. Who knows if I'll ever finish it. I started it almost 8 years ago. But its fun to escape into the words.
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    I think changing the inner narrative is a great start. A habit I had to break a long time a go and still occasionally find myself engaging in every once in a while is that "negative scenario" game where you want to do something but you talk yourself out of it by playing the same scene of it ending in failure over and over again. -You see yourself being denied the promotion you asked for. -You see that girl dissing you or laughing in your face after you ask her out. -You see the car salesman turning you down to buy that car you want. None of this shit has actually happened, but you've just played it over and over again in your mind and you figure you might as well not even try. I had to tell myself (sometimes literally) that I can plan all I want and anticipate this or that, but the fact is I don't know WHAT the outcome will be until I actually try doing what I set out to do. The biggest fight you ever have is the fight inside yourself.
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    Yeah that video of him in the Moore's pretending to drink Flint's water was outrageous. I don't honestly believe Obama is a Christian. The last Christian in office was probably Carter. Obama dropped more bombs from Drones than Bush, a real Christian would find.myrdering so many people revolting. I could care less what adults choose, and agree, to do with each other. I dont think the average homosexual is trying to "force" anyone to do anything other that treat them justly. In that regard the fight is similar to the fight for Black justice. But reasons for the injustice are very different, and because if this these fights should not be lumped together as if they were the same. I never use "people of color" when speaking about Black people. The term applies so broadly to so many groups it is virtually meaningless I also think it is confusing, and wrong, to lump all the alphabet people together as if being gay has anything to do with being transgender. I don't use that LGBTQIABCD+ term for the same reason.
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    Just do the opposite of what you see most people do. And I can guarantee you will be either successful or happy.
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    Alright....... Well, after seeing a particular post that you "liked" in another thread, I think I have a pretty good idea of what's going on now. It seems that once again, the "usual suspects" are applying their Tricknology tactics to divide, conquer, and break up the Black family. It seems that "Gog and Magog" (lol...you like that Chevdove?) are once again making mischief in the land among the Original people.....lol.
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    Thanks @Chevdove I like to think I think.
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    Kareem Obama was their most powerful weapon. He emasculated black Americans AND sent more troops into African nations than Bush did. He basically re-colonized Africa and diaspora Africans. But hey, at least his liberals and Zionists love him. Brother when Presidents are PLACED (not elected) into office they're usually put in that position to accomplish 2 agendas during their term: 1. A Foreign agenda 2. A Domestic agenda Obama's being an AfroAmerican served a crucial purpose for both agendas that the powers who put him in wanted to accomplish and those were: 1. For the Foreign agenda he was to convince more African nations to allow more U.S. troops in like you said. 2. For the Domestic agenda he was to get the majority of AfroAmericans to accept homophilia and transgenderism. BTW, I consider myself Liberal (in the classical sense) but I'm not too crazy about him....lol. Especially when he went to Flint and did a photo-op with a racist Republican Governor who tried to poison that predominately AfroAmerican city. You alluded to it here and in another thread. Polygamy should be legal in the USA. In fact, I'm a paralegal and prepare a lot of court documents for corporate and criminal lawyers. If there's ever a black man and 3-4 black women who all want to be married, I'd write all their court briefs for free until it got to the Supreme Court. They would have to legally recognize polygamous marriages based on the same arguments that used for homosexual marriage. They ruled that "one man one woman" was discriminatory and violated equal protection. Thus one man/three women should also be legal. The difference is that polygamy is a historically African tradition, while homosexuality is historically European. So you can do the math there. But it'd be fun to use their own words against them. The gay marriage push a few years ago would have been an EXCELLENT opportunity for AfroAmerican men to have promoted the legal right of polygamy. If we were united and on point we could have used it as political leverage for a compromise and said we would support the right of homophiles to get married IF and only IF you legalize polygamy also. Perhaps a Constitutional argument can be made about the issue. Meaning, forget about all these little local and state bullshit laws banning this and banning that....what does the CONSTITUTION allow us to do or prohibit us from doing? Maurice I think i can smell homophobia here and I've got to be honest, I don't like it. By the way, I'm straight. Lol.... Damn, you mean you're MORE offended by what's being said about homophiles (a more accurate term than "homosexual") on this site than what's being said about White people??????? I'll let Chevdove and Kareem speak for themselves, but as for me I don't think "homophobia" is the corrrect term to use. I don't fear or even dislike homosexuals as a group. I just see homophilia as a sexual abnormality that shouldn't be treated like a racial or sexual group. However personally I have no problem with them engaging in whatever they want as long as they aren't trying to FORCE their behavior on others. Also, it should be pointed out that the anti-homosexual views are not reflective of this site in general. Troy has on many occasions expressed his disagreement on my positions and comments on homophiles and homophilia in general.
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    Book. About. Class,Race,Hopelessnesss.. Book. By. Jamil. Jivani . Saw,NBC News. Lester. Holt. Talk. About. Prison. Reform. Many,Black,,Men. Behind. Bars. Some. In. There Teens. When They,We're Sentenced To Long Years In Prison...
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    This little baby arrived today. Been meaning to buy it for ages now. Getting a bit of a stockpile of books now. Hard to resist a good one when you see one. I sometimes feel I'm rushing through a book to get to the next .
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    I just don't see any difference at all between any of these people. The only President in history I have any respect for is JFK and I wasn't even alive back then. He's just the epitome of white privilege. Allegedly rape 20+ women, rip people off for tens of millions through a fake university, profiting off the Presidency. He uses his coons quite strategically, particularly that Kandy West character and the Candace Owens one. This is just Honkeytonking on steroids, showing the extent of what they can do and what we would have been burned at the stake for. Am I missing something with this? I keep seeing people repeat this in some form. Is this because he let Kim Kardashian's grandmother out of prison as a photo-op? Exactly. Again, if your paychecks come from white people, you are forced to obey them whether you want to or not. That's the main reason why all black celebrities (except Chappelle) are alphabet bandits or shoulder monkeys. That's why Kaepernick is so admirable. He stood on principle. I don't know what he's getting paid via Nike or what the NFL settlement was, but he took a stand and gave up white NFL money for black principles. A black agenda top three for me would be: 1) Reparations in the form of a $150,000 cash payment to each black American who can prove they are descendants of slaves. Its not that hard. My great grandmother lived from 1898-2001. Glad I had the wherewithal to pick her brain before she passed away and she was very sharp up until her death). 2) Reparations in the form of sovereign land within the USA. Annexing about 15,000 square miles in southern Mississippi, Alabama and the Florida panhandle would suffice. It would be the 51st State. That way we have a seaport. But only married black couples with kids or wanting to have kids are allowed on the land in the beginning; so likely about 3 million of us total. Goal is to preserve our heritage. It would need to be far enough inland though so it cannot be in the direct line of fire from hurricanes. We'll call it "New Nubia." 3) Annually $4 billion payment to New Nubia for our National Guard, construction and education costs. They do that for Israel already, so they can do that for us. New Nubia and its citizens are also exempt from federal taxes for the first 100 years of its existence. We're also exempt from US Gaming laws so we can have casinos to draw tourism dollars from white people. The total package would be about $5 to $7 trillion to get going. The US military would have to get the white inbreds out of our land initially and we'll take it from there once we've built our National Guard. Anything less than all this is simply an insult to our intelligence.
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    Another book I have to add to the site.
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    Hey @Dak I see you already discovered The State of Black Science Fiction club here on AALBC all is needs is some participation. Sometimes you have to help create the thing you want. Here are some sci-fi authors to check out @Valjeanne Jeffers is on the list. You can chose related categories to find even more. Here is a list of Black book sites, some maintain blogs that may be wirth checking out: https://aalbc.com/booksites/ Here is a list of Black blogs: https://aalbc.com/blogs/ Admittedly it is a neglected portion of the site, but you might find something there.
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    I thought it only fitting to leave a departing message since I've contributed a lot comments to the culture, race & economy forum. It appears the conversations here have deteriorated into hateful and fearful rhetoric, zero-sum comparisons and nothing good comes from those ideas. So, I bid this forum adieu. I'm signing off here but not AALBC's readingblack.com ✌️
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