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    @Troy thank you! @richardmurray I don't see it -here in either. I sent a message to @Wendy Jones for assistance too. It's a great feature to follow the topic.
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    I dunno @Mel Hopkins. Try asking @Wendy Jones. After I perform the next upgrade I'll take a look and get back to you if you do not learn before then.
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    A few Black owned dispensaries do not make up for the damages that has already been, and continues to be, done. @Pioneer1 you be pleased to know most of the Black women involved in the cannabis indurstry profiled in the article @Stefan shared are "lightskinded." 😉 Al Harrington says at least 70% of professional athletes and owners use marijuana. I have nothing against ganja, but I think too many of us invest too much energy and time in getting high.
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    I despise trolls as well.
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    Thanks Mel you are right in that the money I make contributes to Black writers not just in the form of book sales but for reviews, editing, and other assignments. I'm going to have to out source the book order processing I simply can't do the work. I think I have a compensation model that will be worth it to someone looking to earn a little extra money and get some free books.
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    My books are available from my website and most all book venues due to my distribution with Ingram. If it's not on the shelf, which it most likely isn't, you can talk to the manager and ask them for the title. I know for a fact that I'm in the Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million catalog.
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    @Mel Hopkins you don't allow comments on your site? The difference between Anazon and everone else is that Amazon does not have to generate profit from the sale of books. But it does mske sense to use Amazons data and tactics whenever the possible i know i do 😉
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