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  1. Man,  used to live within walking distance from the Chicken Box. It just moved last week, but they are still a vital part of the eatery scene in Charlotte. My oldest daughter goth er doctorate at UNC so I was there on campus a lot while she was attending. Charlotte is really feeling herself now due to all the growth. Right now  in Charlotte, there is a black mayor, a black fire chief, a black police chief, a black city manager. It ain't quite like Atlanta but we trying to grab some power. But they are pushing all the blacks way out of the inner city, to get us away from the downtown area. Once this is where we were concentrated. Now, they have pushed us out in the boondoocks. Essentially, it is the same ol story. If you wh.ite, you alright. If you brown, stick around. If you black, stay black. Man, learn that poetry as a kid. Ain't nuthin' changed

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